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Date of Ap Place of Residence. Salary. pointment.

St. Vincent... Lieut.-Governor..... A. Musgrave, Esq. May 10, 1862 Kingstown...........£1,300
Lieut.-Governor..... Cornelius H. Kort-
right, Esq...... Nov. 16, 1856 St. George

1,300 Tobago ............... Lieut. Governor..... J. V. Drysdale, Esq. April 1, 1857 Scarborough...... 1,300 St. Lucia .......... Administrator of the Government. Jas. M. Grant, Esq. Mar. 12, 1862 Castries....

700 Antigua and Lee- Gov'r and Com- Ker B. Hamilton, ward Islands.... mander-in-Chief

Esq., C.B..
Apr. 25, 1855 St. John's..

3,000 Montserrat ........ President and Se

nior Member of
the Council ad-
ministering the
Government ...... W. Robinson, Esq... Mar. 31, 1862 Plymouth

500 St. Christopher..... Lieut.-Governor..... Sir Benj. C. 'Camp

bell Pine, Knt.... May 2, 1859.. Basseterre ..... 1,300 Nevis................. President and Seal

nior Member of Sir Carlo Arthur
the Council ad- Henry Rum-
ministering the bold, Bart....... Feb. 5, 1857.. Charlestown

500 Government...... Virgin Islands..... President and Se

nior Member of

James R. Longthe Council ad

800 ministering the

den, Esq......... Oct. 25, 1861. Tortola..... Government ...... Dominica............. Lieut. Governor..... Thos. Price, Esq... Oct. 21, 1861. Roseau ......... 1,300 British Guiana..... Governor and Com- Francis Ilincks, mander-in-Chief.. Esq., C.B........ Dec. 9, 1861.. Georgetown

5,000 Trinidad

Governor and Com- Robert William

mander-in-Chief.. Keate, Esq...... Nov. 11, 1856 Port of Spain....... 3,500 MEDITERRANEAN AND AFRICAN

Gibraltar... Gov'r and Com-

Lieut. Gen.Sir W.

J. Codrington,
K.C.B...... May 5, 1859.. In fortress..

Lieut.-Gen. Sir J.
Gov'r and Com-l

G. le Marchant,
G.C.M.G.. Apr. 10, 1858 Valetta....

4,500 Cape of Good Hope Governor and Com- Sir P. E. Wodemander-in-Chief.. house, K.C.B... Nov. 2, 1861. Cape Town............ 5,000

Lieut.-Gen. R. H.

Wynyard, C.B.. Mar. 10, 1859 Graham's Town..... 1,000 Natal......... Lieut.-Governor..... John Scott, Esq.... July 15, 1856 Pieter-Maritzburg.. 1,200 St. Helena ........... Governor ............. Sir Edw. H. Drum

mond Hay, Knt... Mar. 30, 1855 James Town......... 2,000 Sierra Leone........ Capt.-Gen') and Go-Col. Stephen J.

vernor-in-Chief ... Hill, C.B....... Nov. 21, 1854 Freetown ........ 2,000 Gambia............... Governor and Com- Col. Geo. Abbas

mander-in-Chief.. Kooli D'Arcy... June 22, 1859 Bathurst,St. Mary's 1,000 Gold Coast. .... Governor and Com

mander-in-Chief.. Richard Pine, Esq.. 1862 Cape Coast Castle.. 1,200 Lagos

Governor and Com- Henry Stanhope
mander-in-Chief.. 1 Freeman, Esq. Mar. 13, 1862 Lagos.




New South Wales. Capt.-Gener'l and

Gov'r-in-Chief.. S Queensland ........

Capt.-Gen'l and Go

vernor-in-Chief ...

(Right Hon. Sir

J. Young, Bart.,

K.C.B., G.C.M.G. Mar. 5, 1861. Sydney
Sir G. F. Bowen,

G.C.M.G.......... June 6, 1859. Brisbane............

7,000 4,000

* Receives also a salary of £500 as Consul.





Date of Ap- Place of Residence. Salary. pointment.

Tasmania. Capt.-Gen'l and Go- s Col. T. G. Browne, vernor-in-Chief ... C.B.

Mar. 13, 1862 Hobart Town........ * £4,000 South Australia ... Capt.-Gen'l and Go- Sir Dominic Daly, vernor-in-Chief...

Nov. 2, 1861.. Adelaide

4,000 Victoria ............ Capt.-Gen'l and Go- Sir H'nry Barkly,

vernor-in-Chief ... K.C.B... Oct. 9, 1856.. Melbourne ............ 110,000 Western Australia Governor and Com- John S. Hampmander-in-Chief.. ton, Esq....... Nov. 2, 1861.. Perth

1,800 New Zealand........ Governor and Com- Sir George Grey, mander-in-Chief.. K.C.B.. Aug. 12, 1861 Auckland


7,000 7,000


Mauritius........ Governor and Com-Sir Wm. Steven-

mander-in-Chief.. son, K.C.B..... May 16, 1857 Port Louis...... Ceylon ....... Governor and Con- Sir Chas. Justin

mander-in-Chief.. MacCarthy,Knt. Aug. 28, 1860 Colombo Hong-Kong Governor and Com- Sir H. G. R. Ro

mander-in-Chief.. binson, Knt.... June 22, 1859 Victoria

Jeremiah Thos.
Labuan ...............
Gor'r and Com-

iz-GO Cal-

laghan, Esq-... Apr. 14, 1862 Labuan .... Falkland Islands.. Governor and Com-Capt. Thos. E. L.

mander-in-Chief.. 1 Moore, R.N..... July 6, 1855.. Stanley Heligoland. Lieut-Governor..... R. Pattinson, Esq.. Mar. 7, 1857.. In the town.

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XXII. GREECE.–Kingdom. Area (including Ionian Islands), 19,250. Popu- | under the title of George I.; and on the 6th of lation (1861, including Ionian Islands), 1.330.933. June, 1863, that prince accepted, as stated above, Government, Constitutional Monarchy. Legis- with the condition that the Ionian Islands should lature, composed of two Chambers. Capital, be reunited to Greece. On the 27th of June, the Athens. Religion, Greek Confession.

National Assembly at Athens declared King The reigning sovereign of Greece is King George, then in his nineteenth year, to be of age. George I., who was born 24th of Dec. 1845, and Upon his arrival in Athens, the young king mado accepted at Copenhagen the crown of Greece on proclamation as follows:the 6th of June, 1863. He is younger son of the HELLENES :-On ascending the throne to which present King Christian of Denmark. The princi- I have been called by your suffrages, I feel the pal events which led to his election as King of the desire to say a fow words to you. I bring to you Greeks were briefly as follow :-On the 13th of neither experience nor wisdom, qualities which October, 1862, Otho, the late king, departed from you cannot expect at my age; but I come to you Athens, ostensibly for a tour in the Pelopon- with confidence and sincere devotion, as also with nesus. On the 19th a revolution, having for its a firm belief in the prosperity of our future, to object the expulsion of the reigning dynasty, which I promise to devote my whole life. broke out at Missolonghi, followed on the 20th at I shall respect and conscientiously observe Patras, and on the 22d at Athens. On the 23d, a your laws, and especially the constitution, that Provisional Government was formed, and a pro- keystone of the Greek edifice. I shall also en. clamation was issued announcing the overthrow deavor to love and respect your customs and lanof the dynasty of King Otho, and the formation guage, every thing that is dear to you, as I lovo of a new government; which was followed, next you already. day, by a proclamation of King Otho, date dat I shall collect around me the best and the Salamis, declaring his departure from Greece to wisest men among you, without any regard to prevent the effusion of blood. The country re- past differences. Assisted by their intolligence, I mained under the control of the Provisional Gov. shall endeavor to foster the numerous and happy. ernment and the National Assembly until June, germs of the material resources of your noble 1863. Meanwhile, on the 30th of March, 1863, country, which henceforth is mine. the National Assembly proclaimed Prince Wil- My ambition is to make Greece the model Stato liam of Schleswig-Holstein King of the Greeks, of the East.

* An allowance of £2500 has been granted for contingent expenses of Governor's establishment, under a local act, which has been confirmed by the Queen.

| Under the Constitutional Act, an allowance of £5000 in granted for his staff, travelling exponses, &c.

The Almighty will give strength to my weak- | mentioned, 7 were steamers, of an aggregato ness and enlighten my efforts. He will aid me force of 415 horse-power. not to forget the obligations which I have con- COMMERCE OF GREECE IN 1860.--In the year tracted towards you.

named, the exports were of the value of 26,931,413 Whereon I pray God to have you in his safe drachmes, and the imports were of the value of keeping.

GEORGE. 53,979,899 drachmes. The effective force of tho ATHENS, Friday, Oct. 30.

merchant marine was 4070 vessels, measuring

263,075 tons. The number of Greek seamen was FINANCES, ACCORDING TO THE BUDGET OF 1862.-23,812. The arrivals for the same year were 77,958 The estimated receipts and expenditures for that vessels, measuring in the aggregato 2,298,158 tons; year were as follows: receipts, 22,000,000 drachmes; and the departures were 78,107 vessels, with an expenditures, 24,785,797. The drachm is about aggregate tonnage of 2,321,048 tons. 1718 cents of American money. It is stated The

exports of the Ionian Islands in 1862 wero (as ir by authority), in London, în 1863, that the of the value of £1,108,519, and the imports wero revenues of Greece may be increased to 35,000,000 of the value of £1,273,134. drachmes, and that the expenditures may be reduced to 19,500,000 drachmes.


47,723 ARMY AND Navy.-In July, 1863, the army wns Hermopolis (Island of Syra).

35,000 almost entirely disorganized. Thé navy, in 1861, Patras

20,000 consisted of 32 vessels, carrying 154 guns, and Zante (town)..

20,000 manned by 1225 men. or the 32 vessels above Corfu (town)


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XXIII. HAMBURG. - Republic. One of the Free Cities of Germany. Area, 135 COMMERCE, NAVIGATION, &c., 1862.-The importasquare miles. Population (1860), 229,941. Govern- tions into Hamburg for the year named are given ment, Republican Legislature, Senate and As- as follows: sembly.

By sea.......

331,832,930 marcs banco. GOVERNMENT, 1863.

By land and the Elbe..... 309,009,030 First Burgomaster and

President of the Senate..Nicholas Ferdinand Hal- Total imports...... 640,841,960 Second Burgomaster....... A. William Lutteroth Le- States the value of 12,997,300 marcs banco. The

of the importations there was from the United gat.

marc banco is about half a thaler, or about 36 Syndics ........

Charles Hermann Merck, cents of American money. Since 1857 no accounts
Hermann L. Behn.

of exportation can be given, owing to changes in LEGISLATURE. - The Senate is composed of 18 Se- the commercial regulations at that timo. The nators, chosen for life by the Burgherschaft, or sea-going vessels of Hamburg, in 1862, were as Assembly; and the latter consists of 192 mem- follows:-Sailing-vessels, 486, measuring 128,442 bers, chosen for six years, 84 of whom are elected tons, and 20 steamers, of the capacity of 10,306 by a direct vote of all the people, 48 by the voters tons. The arrivals for the year were 5083, meahaving a limited property qualification, and the suring 1,299,822 tons; and the departures wero other 60 are chosen by the colleges and guilds. 5054, measuring 1,288,128 tons. One-half of the Burgerschaft retire every threo

POPULATION. years. The President (1863) was J. Wolffson. FINANCES, 1862.-According to the budget of Hamburg City (1860).

175,683 1862, the expenditures were 4,112,172 tbalers, and Geestland (1855).

25,613 the receipts were 4,532,217 thalers. In 1863 tho Marschlande (1854)

16,669 expenditures and receipts were estimated, each, Ritzebuttel (1851).

6,035 at 4,178,753 thalers. The total of the public debt, Bergedorf (1857).....

5,941 January 1, 1862, was 29,568,183 thálers. This thaler is about 73 cents of American money.



XXIV. HANOVER.-Kingdom. One of the States of Germany. Aren, 14,600 | Minister of King's Housesquare miles. Population, 1,888,070. Government, hold.....

..Charles O. de Malortie. Constitutional Monarchy. Legislature, two Ch Minister of Interior........ William C. de Hammer bers. Capital, Hanover. Religion, Evangelical.


Minister of Public Wor-

..Charles W. Lichtenberg.
King George V., who was born May 27, 1819, Minister of Justice ......... Louis Windhorst.
and succeeded his father, King Ernest Augustus, Minister of Finance....... Charles A. Erxleben.
Nov. 18, 1851.

Minister of War .... Baror. de Brandis.

FINANCES.--The budget for 1863-1864 estimated Minister of Foreign Af

the annual receipts at 20,001,032 thalers, and the fairs...... ....Count de Platon Haller. annual expenditures at 20,066.011 tbalers.


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PUBLIO DEBT.-The public debt of Hanover, Jan. 1, 1862, was as follows:


Inhabitants. General Debt....

15,680,762 thalers. Railroad Debt...


46,121,717 Hildesheim

366,766 Lüneburg...

367,669 ARMY.-The Hanoverian army is constituted as

Stade ..

296,626 follows:


262,316 Aurich

102,329 General and staff officers.. 32


33,391 Cavalry..

3,078 Infantry 20,464 Total.

1,888,070 Artillery

................. 2,666 Engineers.

257 Total.... 26,497 officers and men. The population of Hanover, according to rell

gious denominations, was divided, in 1881, as folThe conscripts are obliged to serve seven years,

lows: of which one year is passed among the Reserves. Lutherans..

.......... 1,555,448 COMMERCE.-The effective of the Hanoverian Catholics ..

221,676 merchant marine in 1861 was as follows:- Reformed

97,018 Israelites,

12,085 All other denominations..

1,943 No. Capacity. Total....

1,888,070 Steamers... 11 1,036 tons.

Population of Principal Cities.
Sea-going vessels.

Hanover and suburbs....

804 99,748 tons.

17,134 Osnabruck...

16,180 Lüneburg....

14,411 Celle and suburbs....

14,139 POPULATION.—The population of Hanover (Dec. Gottingen

12,452 1861) was as follows


XXV. HAYTI.—Republic. Area, 11,780 square miles. Population (1862), , frard proclaims a Republic. Faustin abdicates, 560,000. Government, Republican. Capital, Port- Jan. 16, 1859. San Domingo reunited to Spain, au-Prince.

March 18, 1861, by proclamation of General SanHISTORICAL NOTICE.

tana. Acceptance of the Queen of Spain, May 20, Spanish colony from 1492 to 1630, when French 1861. Since then an attempt to conquer Hayti, flibustiers became masters of the west coast.

and reduce the whole island to the dominion of Colony adopted by French Government, 1677. Spain, has been in progress. Insurrection of the negroes against French, Aug.

GOVERNMENT, 1863. 23, 1791. Capture of Cap François, and massacre

President .......

.........General Nicholas Fabre of whites, June 21-23,1793. Tousgaint L'Ouverture

Geffrard, inaugurat ad recognized by Directory as general-in-chief of all

Jan. 23, 1859. the troops in St. Domingo, 1794. Spain cedes east Secretary of Interior, part of isle to France in 1795. May 9, 1801, Tous

Agriculture, and Pa saint grants Constitution independent of France;

lice ......

... General J. Bance. is made prisoner; is sent to France, and dios,1803. Secretary of War and the New insurrection, headed by Gen. Dessalines (ne


..General Philippeat. gro), 1803, and the French evacuate the island, Secretary of Public InNov. 1803. Dessalines elected emperor (Jacob struction.

...General J. B. Damier. I.), Oct. 8, 1804; is assassinated, Oct. 17, 1806. Secretary of Finance and Empire divided in two parts (1808),—viz.: King- Commerce.

..General A. Dupay. dom of negroes, under Christophe (Henri I., who Secretary of Justice and died 1820), and the Republic of mulattoes, Presi

Public Worship.......... Valmé Lizaire. dent Petion. The two stateg reunite, and form

The Constitution of Hayti provides a ministry one state (Nov. 26, 1820), under President Boyer of from four to seven members, who may attend (mulatto), who is nominated Regent for life.

the sessions of the Legislature, and who may be Franco recognizes independence, 1825. Boyer de required to attend for the purpose of giving inposed, 1843. St. Domingo separates from Hayti, formation

to that body. The ministers are reand forms itself into a Republic, under General sponsible for the official acts of the President, Santana, Feb. 27, 1844. Republic of San Domingo which they countersign. recognized by France, 1848, and by Great Britain in 1850. President Soulouque assumes the title

Legislature. of Emperor Faustin I., Aug. 26, 1849. Revolution The legislative power of the Republic 18 vested at Gonaives, Dec. 22, 1858, when General Fabre Gef- in a Senate and House of Representatives. Tho Senators (36 in number) are elected for 9 years, | Hayti in 1862 was 35,810,945 franca; the total of by the House Representatives, from lists of the domestic debt in the same year was 18,767,756 three names for each Senator, submitted by the paper gourdes. The paper gourde is about 7 cents President. The qualification for the Senatorship of American money. is that the candidate shall be thirty years of age, ARMY AND Navy.-The army and national guard and be a landed proprietor. The members of the number 50,000 men; and the navy consists of 3 House of Representatives (50 in number) are steamers and 3 sailing-brigs. chosen for 5 years by electoral colleges acting for COMMERCE, NAVIGATION, &0.-The total value of the several districts. A Representative must be the imports into the Republic in 1862 was 25 years of age and a landed proprietor. The 38,689,956 francs, of which 19,204,217 was from the House meets annually, on the 1st of April. United States. The total value of the exports for

FINANCES - In 1862 the revenue of the Republic the same year was_43,396,163 francs, of which was 1,457,682 piastres, or dollars, and the expendi- 7,429,600 was from the United States. The arrivals tures were 1,326,160.

and departures of vessels in 1862 were 1698 vesPublic Debl.-The total of the foreign debt of sels, of the aggregate capacity of 310,333 tons.

XXVI. HESSE-CASSEL.-Electorate. One of the States of Germany. Area, 4430

MINISTRY. square miles. Population, 1861, 738,454. Govern Foreign Affairs .............Conrad Abée. ment, Limited Sovereignty. Capital, Cassel. Re- Finance...

..Chas. Dedehn-Rotfelser. ligion, Reformed.

Justice ................

.Chas. Pfeiffer. The present Elector is Frederick William I., who

.Lieut.-Col. Fred. Gotlob was born August 20, 1802, and succeeded to the

C. E. D'Osterhausen. Electorate Nov. 20, 1847.

Interior ........

Chas. Fred. de Stiernberg. The population of the year 1861 was 38,930.

War ...

XXVII. HESSE-DARMSTADT.-Grand Dachy. One of the States of Germany. Area, 3761 | Justice..

Frederick de Lindelotl square miles. Population, 1861, 866,907. Govern- Finance...

..Baron Schenk de ment, Limited Sovereignty. Capital, Darmstadt.

Schweinsburg. Religion, Lutheran.


.Lieut.-General Fred. do Tho reigning sovereign is the Grand Duke

Wachter. Louis III., who was born 9th June, 1806, and succeeded to the dukedom June 16, 1848

The population of Mayence, the principal city MINISTRY.

of the Grand Duchy, in 1861 was 41,279, and that

of Darmstadt was 28,528. Foreign Affairs and Interior

.Baron de Dalwigk.

XXVIII. HESSE-HOMBURG.-Landgraviate. One of the States of Germany. Area, 106 | nand, who was born 26th of April, 1783, and suo square miles. Population, 1861, 26,817. Govern ceeded to the Landgraviate 8th of Sept. 1848. ment, Absolute Sovereignty. Capital, Homburg. The population of the town of Homburg in 1801 Religion, Reformed.

was 6987. The present sovereign is the Landgrave Ferdi

XXIX. HOLLAND (with Luxemburg).-Kingdom, Area, 13,890 square miles. Population, 1862, War....

.Major-General J. W. 8,618,459. Government, Limited Monarchy. Le

Blanken. gislature, composed of two Chambers. Capital, Colonies ......

..J. D. Fransen van dor The Hague. Religion, Reformed.

Putte. Tho reigning sovereign of Holland for the

FINANCES.-Budget of 1863.--According to the Netherlands is King Williant III., who was born budget of 1863, the total estimates of receipts and 19th February, 1817, and succeeded to the throne expenditures were, -Receipts, 98,787,188 Dutch 17th of March, 1819.

florins; Expenses, 98,020,702 florins. The Dutch MINISTRY.

forin is about 41} cents of the money of the Interior ...J. R. Thorbecke.

United States.
.G. II. Betz.

Principal Sources of Revenue.
Justice and Reformed Re-

Florios ligion... N. Olivier. Direct Taxes..................

.............. 20,679,950 Ericrior and Catholic Re


17,755,000 ligion.......... .P. van der Macsen de Indirect Taxes........

.......... 12,489,000 Sombrerf. Na rigation Licenses..

4,729,384 Nary Chevalier Huysen vai Public Domains..

1,243,800 Kattendyke. Post-Office


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