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146,170 Supreme Court.

Interest on railway debt.

Interest on debentures, &c. Chief Justice'... .Sir James Carter, Knight. Lunatic Asylum...........

... 45,364

16,000 Master of the Rolls.........Hon. Neville Parker.


9,734 Judge..... ......Hon. Robert Parker. Penitentiary...

7,200 ...............Hon. S. Ritchie. .........Hon. L. A. Wilmot. Public Debt-The public debt of the Province

appears to be divisible into three classes, as fole FINANCES (1862). The receipts for the year were low $668,197; and the expenditures were $675,189.

Punded debt.................

$398,733 Principal Sources of Revenue. Floating debt..........

649,553 Railway impost..........


Total of debt proper. Import duties 515,000


4,739,880 Export duties....

Railway debt....

55,000 Casual revenue, &c.

20,000 Court fees.......

Aggregate .....

$5,788,168 Proceeds of seizures ............................

1,000 Auction duty..


The railway obligations were incurred on ao

count of aid extended to the Faropean & North Principal Items of Expenditure.

American Railway and the St. Andrews & Quebec

Railway. Civil list...........................................

$58,000 COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION (1862).—The total Legislature.....

................. 47,343 values of the exports and imports of the Province Judiciary.............................................. 12,130 in 1862 stood as follow :-Exports, 53,856,538; imCollection of revenue............................ 40,346 ports, $6,199,701. or the imports, $2,960,703 were Post-Ofico.......................................... 26,400 from the United States, and of the exports, Public Works..

124,290 | $889,416 were to the United States.

TABLE showing the Total Commerce of New Brunswick with all Countries for Eight years, and showing

the Commerce with the United States separately for the same years. The values are in pounds sterling.

[blocks in formation]

The number and tonnage of the vessels belonging to the Province for the same years are shown in the following:

[blocks in formation]

The principal exports of the colony in the years 1860–61-62 were the following :

[blocks in formation]



$5,288 Deaths


PUBLIC SCHOOLS.- From the Report of John Religions :
Bennett, Esq., Chief Superintendent of Schools, Presbyterians....

36,072 we compile the following statistics, exhibiting the Methodists...

25,637 condition of the Public Schools of the Province Congregationalists.

1.290 for the year 1862:


1,326 Whole number of children between the


646 ages of 6 and 16.


559 Attendance during the year....

All others.....

773 Number of Teachers..

Deaf and Dumb..

166 Provincial expenditure on account of

Blind .....

172 Schools...


Insane or Idiotic..............
Amount of local contributions

Births in 1860

8,722 Total expenditure for Schools $200,961 Marriages in 1860...

905 Expended for Superior Schools

2,390 Superior Schools in operation. 23 Dwellings (inhabited).

33,700 Number of Pupils in Superior Schools 1,16+


1,537 Average annual salary of Teachers in

Houses building.

1,695 Superior Schools.... $566 Stores, barns, &c........

46,464 Number of School-Houses built, 1862 ..... 68 The increase of population in the Province in In the Superior Schools, Greek was taught in 2, or the whole population, 49.76 per cent. are agri

the 10 years from 1851 to 1861 was 30.05 per cent. Latin in 15, French in 9, and the Mathematics in cultural, or very nearly one-half. 21.71 per cent. all. Besides the foregoing, there is a Training are laborers ; 15.90 per cent. are mechanics and School for educating teachers, into which 167 ap- handicraftsmen; 4.48 are engaged in commerce; plicants were admitted after passing an examina- 3.93 in the fisheries and at sea; 1.85 are profestion,

at which 27 applicants were rejected. There sional; and the remainder miscellaneous. are also 12 Grammar Schools, in which there were, in 1862, 397 pupils. Latin and the Mathematics

Agriculture (1860). were taught in all these schools; Greek in 7; Wheat, bushels....

279,775 and French in 8. MILITIA OF THE PROVINCE.—The return of the

Barley, acres.....

5,227 bushels..

94,679 enrolled militia for 1862 is as follows:

Oats, acres.....

96,268 Volunteers


2,656,883 1st Class.-Single men, and widowers with

Buckwheat, acres

41,936 out children.

bushels 18,859

904,321 2d Class.--Married men, and widowers with

Indian corn, acres....

635 children


17,420 Sedentary militia (over 45).................

3,944 bushels...

57,504 Total............

Potatoes, acres..

37,667 bushels..

4,041,339 CENSUS OF 1861. Flax (scutched), lbs.

4,501,477 Butter, lbs....

218,067 Inhabitants, males....... 129,948 Wool, lbs...

633,757 females... 122,099 Pork (slaughtered), lbs..

....... 9,692,169 Maple sugar, lbs.....

230,066 Total. 252,047 Hay, tons....

324,169 Native born...


[The materials and documents from which the Foreign born..

62,602 foregoing article on New Brunswick is compiled Indians

were courteously furnished by the Lieutenant

1,112 Colored...


Governor, through Hon. S. L. Tilley, Provincial

Secretary, Captain Harry Moody, Aide-de-Camp, Religions, Catholics....

85,238 and J. Q. Howard, Esq., U.S. Consnl at St. John, Baptists ....

57,730 to each of whom the publisher and editor make Episcopalians.....

42,776 | grateful acknowledgments.]


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3,714 Rye, acres



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Newfoundland. One of the British North American colonies.

Executive Council, or Ministry. Settled, 1608. Area, 35,850 square miles. Popu- President of the Council lation, by census of 1857, 122,638. Dimensions of

(in the absence of the the Island: extreme length, about 420 miles; ex


Hon. Lawrence O'Brien. treme breadth, about 300 miles. Astronomical Attorney-General............ Hon. Hugh W. Hoyles. position, between latitudes 46° 40 and 51° 39' Colonial Secretary (actnorth, and between longitudes 52° 44' and 59° 31' west from Greenwich. Seat of Government, St. Receiver-General............ Hon. John Bemister.


.Hon. Robert Carter, R.N. John's.

(Without office)... Hon. Nicholas Stabb. GOVERNMENT, January, 1864.

Postmaster-General (apGovernor, Commander-) His Excellency Sir Alex- pointed for life, but not

in-Chief,and Vice-Ad- ander Bannerman, a Cabinet officer).........John Delancy, Esq. miral.

Knight. Governor's Private Secre

The Governor is appointed by the British Crown tary .... ...Captain Coen.

authorities, who prescribe his salary, but the colony Governor's Aide-de-Camp. Edward L. Jarvis, Esq. pays it. While in offioe, the Governor is the ro

presentative of the sovereign. The Executive capital £50,000. There is also a savings-bank at Council is chosen by the Governor from the St. John's, with deposits to the amount or £180,000. majority side of the Legislative Assenıbly, the Chamber of Commerce (St. John's) and U.S. Conviews of which majority control the policy of the sulate.-President, Walter Grieve; Vice-Presidents, Government.

John Bowring and Stephen Rendell; Secretary, COLONIAL LEGISLATURE.-The legislative power Ewen Stabb; U.S. Consul for Newfoundland, Couof the Colony is exercised (subject to the revision vers 0. Leach, Esq. of the Crown) by a Legislature, composed of a Legislative Council and a House of Assembly.

Cexsus or 1867 (the last taken). The former consists of not over 15 members, ap

er foundland French Shore. pointed by the Crown, to hold office during Her Males

62,490 Majesty's pleasure; and the latter consists of 30 Females

56,814 1,556 members, chosen every four years by the qualified electors of the Colony. Householders for one Total.................. 119,334 3,331 year are voters. The qualification for a member

Church of England.... 42,638 1,647 of the House is that he shall have been a house


55,309 1,586 holder for two years and possess property of the



85 clear value of £500, or have a net annnal income

Church of Scotland.... 302 of £100. Officers of the Legislative Council, Hon.

Free Kirk.....


16 Lawrence O'Brien, President; Hon. George H.


347 Emorson, Clerk and Master in Chancery Officers

Other Denominations.. of the Ilouse of Assembly, Frederick B. T. Carter, Esq., Speaker; John Stewart, Esq., Clerk. The

119,301 3,334 next election for members of the House is to be held in November, 1864.

A census of Labrador, taken by James L. Pren

dergast, Superintendent of Fisheries, estimates JUDICIARY.

the number of residents from L'Anse Sablon to Supreme Court.

Sandwich Bay at 1650, of whom 1331 aro Pro

testants and 319 Catholics. Chief Justice ....... .Sir Francis Brady......... EDUCATION.-Education on this colony is sec Assistant Judge.... ..Hon. Philip Francis Lit-tarian, so far as the Church of England and the


Catholics are concerned. The money voted by Assistant Judge.... .Hon. Brian Robinson.

the Legislature is divided according to population Attorney-General....... .Hon. Hugh W. Hoyles. between the two denominations, the expenditure Solicitor-General....... ..John Hayward, Esq. for the common schools being under the control Chief Clerk, &c..............Matthew W. Walbank.

of Boards of Education, appointed by the Governor The spring term of this court commences May in Council. In St. John's there are several clas20, and the autumn term, November 20.

sical academies, endowed by the Government,

under the control of Boards of Directors taken Ecclesiastical Authorities.

from the principal religious bodies, viz. :Church of England........Right Rev. Edward Field, Catholic (called St. Bonaventure College).

D.D., Lord Bishop of Church of England Academy.

Wesleyan Academy.
Catholic Church.............Right Rev. J. T. Mullock, General Protestant Academy, and several other

D.D. Lord Bishop of schools.

St. John's. Methodist Church ...........Rev.John S. Peach,Chair- In Harbor Grace and Carbonear (the two next

man of the District. towns in population to St. John's) there are Church of Scotland.. .Rov. Donald McRae, St. grammar schools established by act of the Legis


lature. The Colonial Church and School Society Presbyterian Church....... Rev. Moses Harvey, St. have a number of schools in the Colony. There


are very few private schools. By the Colonial Congregational Church.... Rev. Charles Pedley, St. Act, 21° Vic. cap. 7, provision is made for the


training of teachers, and also for two inspectors,

-one Catholic and one Protestant, who make FINANCE, COMMERCE, BANKS, &c.—The revenue an annual inspection of schools; but education, of the Colony for the year 1862 was £116,929; and from the smallness of the teachers' stipends in the expenditure for the same year was £138,056. the outports, and the peculiar pursuits of the The revenue is derived entirely froin customs, people, is not far advanced. The following will there being no other tax of any kind. The colo-show the condition of the schools, 1863 nial debt is £173,612. The value of the exports from the Colony (1862) was £1,171,7:23; and of the


Schools. Scholars. Attendance. imports, £1,007,082. The number of ships owned Protestant.......... 152 8,613 5,400 and registered in Newfoundland was (1863) 1386, Catholic............ 90 measuring 87,030 tons. The number of arrivals

4,801 2,957 was 1345; departures, 1159; vessels built during Total

13,444 8,357 the yoar, 26." of the imports in 1862, the value of £315,797 was from the United States; and of (For the information contained in this article the exports, £47,729 was to the United States. the publisher and editor are indebted to Convers There are two banks at St. John's,-the Union 0. Leach, Esq., U.S. Consul for Newfoundland, and Bank, capital £50,000, and the Commorcial Bank, I to the Colonial authorities.)

....... 242

Nova Scotia. One of the British North American colonies. IMPORTS, EXPORTS, SHIPPING, &c., 1862.- In tho Ceded by France, 1711. Area, 17,279 square miles. year named, the gross value of the exports was northeast and south west, 260 miles; breadth, 60 $8,445,042 The number of registered vessels

. , to 104 miles. Astronomical position, between 340, measuring 277,718 tons; and the num43° 70and 45° 03', and between longitudes 590 ber built during the year was 201, measturing 38' and 66° 20' west from Greenwich. Seat of 39,38 tons. Government, Halifax.

This is all the information of recent dato that

could be obtained from Nova Scotia. The same GOVERNMENT, January, 1864.

means were used to procure it from this province

as from the others, but without avail.)
Lieut.-Governor, Com. (The Right Honorable
mander-in-Chief, &c.

Earl of Mulgrave, since
23d of January, 1858.

Prince Edward's Island. One of the British North American colonies. qualified electors of the colony, by districts, to Area, 2137 square miles. Population, 1861, 80,857. serve for a term of four years. No property Settl’ed, 1715. Conquest from the French, 1758. qualification is required to enable persons to vote Dimensions of the island, -length, about 140 miles; for members of the Assembly. Officers of the breadth, from 15 to 34 miles. Astronomical posi- Legislative Council,- Hon. Donald Montgomery; tion, between 45° 34' and 47° 10' north latitude, Clerk, James Barrett Cooper, Esq. Officers of the and between 61° 58' and 61° 38' west from Green- House,- Hon. T. Heath Haviland, Speaker ; Chief wich. Seat of Government, Charlottetown. Clerk, John McNeill, Esq. GOVERNMENT, January, 1864.

JUDICIARY. Lieutenant - Governor, His Excellency George

Court of Chancery. Commander-in-Chief, Dundas, Esq., appoint


The Lieut.-Governor. Vice-Admiral, dc. ed Jan. 1859.

Master of the Rolls ......... Hon. James H. Peters. (George Dundas, Esq., formerly an officer of the Rifle Brigade; retired from the army, 1841; repre

Registrar ............ Charles Des Brisay, Esq. sented Linlithgow in Parliament, 1847–1868.]

Supreme Court.
Executive Council, or Ministry.

Chief Justice ................

Hon. Robert Hodgson Hon. Hamilton Gray, President; Hons. Edward

Assistant Judge ............ Hon. James H. Peters.

Puisne Judge ...........John Barrow, Esq.
Palmer, James Yeo, John Longworth, James C.
Pope, David Kaye, James McLaren, Daniel Davies,

Clerk and Prothonolary..Daniel Hodgson.
and William Henry Pope. Clerk of the Executive Besides the foregoing tribunals, there is an In-
Council, Charles Dos Brisay, Esq. Assislunt Clerk, stance Court of Admiralty, of which the Chief
Donald Currie, Esq.

Justice of the Supreme Court is Judge; a Court

of Probate of Wills, &c., of which Hon. Charles Principal Executive Officers.

Young is Surrogate; and a Court of Marriage and Colonial Secretary....... Hon. Wm. H. Pope.

Divorce, composed of the Lieutenant-Governor Treasurer ......... George Wright, Esq.

and Executive Council. The terms of the SuAttorney-General.... Hon. Edward Palmer.

preme Court commence on the first Tuesday in Comptroller of Customs ... Hon. Francis Longworth. January and May, and on the last Tuesday in Commissioner of Crown

Juno and October. Lands and Surveyor- Hon. John Aldous.

ECCLESIASTICAL.-Church of England,—The Lord General.

Bishop of Nova Scotia, Right Rev. Hibbert BinPostmaster-General ........ Lemuel C. Owen, Esq.

ney, D.D., has jurisdiction of the island.

Catholic Church, --Right Rev. Peter McIntyre, The Lieutenant-Governor is appointed by the D.D., Bishop of Charlottetown. Crown, and is the royal representative in the FINANCE, COMMERCE, &C.-For the year ending colony. The Executive Councillors are appointed January 31, 1863, the revenue of the colony was by the Lieutenant-Governor from the majority side £25,861 sterling, and the total expenditure was of the Colonial Parliament, and they are respon- £34,451 sterling. At the close of the same year sible for the Government while in office.

the public debt was £54,803 sterling. The exCOLONIAL LEGISLATURE.—The legislative power ports for the year amounted to £150,519, and the of the colony is exercised (subject to the revision imports to £211,240. In 1860, sixty-six vessels of the Crown) by a Legislature composed of a were built, of the aggregate value of $309,225. Council and a House of Assembly. 'Formerly There are two banks at Charlottetown,-tho the members of the Legislative Council wero Bank of Prince Edward's Island, and the Union appointed by the Crown for life; but they are Bank. The capital of the latter is £30,000, now (since Feb. 1863) elective. They are 13 in $120,000 number, chosen by the property-holders of the AGRICULTURE.-By the census of 1861, it appears colony for a term of eight years.-of those now that in 1860 the products of some of the staples in office to retire at the end of four years, -80 were as follow Whoat, 346,125 busheis; barley, that one-half the Council may be renewed every 223,195 bushols; oats, 2,218,578 bushels; buckfourth year. The members of tho House of As-wheat, 50,127 bushels; potatoes, 2,972,235 busbels; sembly ere 30 in number, and are chosen by tbs' turnips, 348,784 bushels; bay, 81,100 tons.


number of horses was 18,765; of neat cattle, training of teachers was established. The num60,015; of sheep, 107,242; and of hogs, 71,535. ber of common schools in the same year was 260,

COUNTIES, Towns, AND POPULATION.—The island and of pupils, 11,000. In 1861, there were 302 is divided into three counties,-Queen's county, public school-houses, and 280 teachers; but we Prince county, and King's county. The whole have no returns of the number of pupils for that population of the colony, according to the census year. The amount of money disbursed from the of 1861, was 80,857, of whom 40,880 were males, Colonial treasury, in 1862, for public education, and 39,997 were females. Divided according to was £11,000 sterling, --say $55,000. In 1863, an their religious faith, there were 44,975 Protest- act was passed by the Legislature transferring a ants, and 35,882 Catholics. The population of portion of this expense to the people individually. Charlottetown was, by the saino census, 6706. Georgetown, in King's county, has a population (For the materials from which the foregoing of about 800.

article is compiled, and for much more interest. EDUCATION.-The Prince of Wales College, esta- ing matter which' limited space compels us to blished at Charlottetown in 1860, is the most im- omit, the publisher and editor are indebted to portant educational institution of the colony. It His Excellency Lieut.-Governor Dundas, and to is supported from the public revenue. St. Dun- Donald Currie, Esq., Assistant Clerk of the Legisstan's College is a private establishment near lative Council.) Charlottetown. In 1856, a normal school for the

Vancouver's Island and British Columbia. British North American colonies. Area, 236,500 C.B.; appointed Governor of Vancouver, May 16, square miles. Population (estimated)95,000. 1851, and of British Columbia, Sept. 8, 1858. of Situation,-west coast of America, north and the population, about 20,000 are estimated to be west of Washington Territory. Sent of Govern- on Vancouver's Island, and about 75,000 in British ment, Victoria. Governor, James Douglas, Esq., | Columbia.

British Colonial Governors. RETURN of the Names of all Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, and Persons administering the Govern

ments of the different Colonies, slating their Salaries, in British Momey, the Dates of their Appointments, the Places of their Residence, and the Countries or Districts over which they preside.




Date of Apo Place of Residence. Salary. pointment.




3.000 1,500



Canada.... Capt.-Gen'l and Go-

vernor-in-Chief .. Viscount Monck.... Nov. 2, 1861.. Quebec Nova Scotia ......... Lieut.-Governor The Right Hon. the

Earl of Mulgrave Jan. 23, 1858 Halifax New Brunswick... Lieut.-Governor Hon.Arthur H. Gor

don, C.M.G... Sept. 14, 1861 Fredericton. Prince Edw.Island Lieut.-Governor Geo. Dundas, Esq... Jan. 7, 1859.. Charlottetown ...... Newfoundland...... Governor and Com- / Sir A. Banner

mander-in-Chief..? man, Knt....... Feb. 14, 1857 St. John........ Bermuda ............ Governor and Com- Lieut.-Col. II. St.

mander-in-Chief.. George Ord, R.E. Feb. 16, 1861 St. Gcorge's ........ Vancouver Island. Governor and Com- James Douglas,

mander-in-Chief.. Esq., C.B..... May 16, 1861 British Columbia . Governor and Com- James Douglas,

mander-in-Chief.. Esq., C.B......... Sept. 2, 1858.
Jamaica............... Capt.-Gen'l and Go- Sir Chas. II. Dar-

vernor-in-Chief... ling, K.C.B...... Feb. 14, 1857 Kingston
Turks and Caicos / President of the

Council of Gov't. Alex. W. Moir, Esq. Ang. 4, 1862. Grand Turk British Honduras.. Lieut. Governor..... F. Seymour, Esq.... fFeb. 12,1862 Belize ........ Bahamas .........

Governor and Com- Charles J.Bayley,

mander-in-Chief..! Esq., C.B......... Feb. 14, 1857 Nassau Barbadoes & Wind- Gov'r and Com- James Walker,

ward Islands..... { mander-in-Chief Esq., C.B........, Dec. 2, 1861.. Bridgetown...



800 1,800



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* The Governor of British Columbia has received for the past year a special allowance of £1200

Colonial revenue.

rintendent of Honduras from November 20, 1856, to February 12, 1862.

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