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Other commissioned officers.....................
Non-commissioned officers and men............


5 107

410 17,473

Total Marine Force.........................................................................


A Return showing the Number of Steam-Ships Afloat and Building, together with the Number of

Effective Sailing-Ships, on the 1st of February, 1863.
12 February, 1863.

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Armor-plated Ships, Iron, 2d Rates.... Screw

do. Ships, Iron, 3d Rates.... Screw
do. Ships, Wood, 3d Rates.... Screw
do. Turret Ship, Iron, 3d Rates.... Screw
do. Turret Ship, Wood, 3d Rates.... Screw
do. Corvette, Wood, 6th Rate.... Screw
do. Sloops, Wood...

do. Floating Batteries, Iron........... Screw

Floating Batteries, Wood. Screw Ships-of-the-Line......

Screw Frigates.


Paddle Block Ships

Screw Corvettes..

Screw Sloops...


Paddle Small Vessels...

...... Paddle Despatch Vessels..

Paddle Gun Vessels........

Screw Gunboats....

Screw Tenders, Tugs, &c...


Paddle Mortar Ships.......

Screw Troop and Store Ships.


Paddle Yachts.....


.......................Paddle Mortar Vessels and Floats..

Total Screw............
Total Paddle............
Grand Total...

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* The building of these vessels has been suspended.



Canada. One of the British North American provinces.didate being a British subject and holding Area, about 350,000 square miles. Population, limited amount of property. Three years' resicensus of 1861. 2506,755. Dimensions not pre dence entitles a foreigner to all the rights of a cisely established, but the length usually stated native-born citizen, and aliens can buy, hold, and is about 1300 miles, with a breadth varying from sell real estate. 100 to 300 miles. Astronomical position, between JUDICIARY.--Court of Error and Appeal.-Conlatitudes 41° 47' and 52° 40north, and between stituted for the hearing of appeals in civil cases longitudes 61° 54' and 90° 20 west from Green- from the Courts of Queen's Bench, Chancery, wich. Beat of Government, Quebec.

and Common Pleas; and appeals in criminal GOVERNMENT, January, 1864.

cases from the Courts of Queen's Bench and

Common Pleas. From the judgment of this Governor-General of

court an appeal lies to Her Majesty in Privy Brit. North America, His Excellency The Right Council, in cases over £1000, or where annual Captain-General, Hon. Charles Stanley, rent, fee, or future rights of any amount, are Commander-in-Chief, Viscount Monck. affected. Judges-Hon. Archibald McLean, Pre&c. dc.

sident; Hon. Wm. I. Draper, C.B., Chief Justice Executive Council, or Ministry.

of Upper Canada; Hon. P. M. M. S. Vankonghnet,

D.C.L., Chancellor of Upper Canada; Hon. William President of the Council.. Hon. Isidore Thibodeau.

Buell Richards, Chief-Justice of the Common Attorney-General, West... Hon. J. S. McDonald.

Pleas; Hon. J. C. P. Esten, Vice-Chancellor; Hon. East... Hon. Antoine A. Dorion. John Godfrey Spragge, Vice-Chancellor; Elon. Prorincial Secretary ...... Hon. Adam J. F. Blair. John Hawkins Hagarty, D.C.L., Judge Court of Assistant Sccretary, C.E.Etienne Parent, Esq. Queen's Bench; Hon. Jos. Curran Morrison, Judge

(not of the Ministry). Court of Queen's Bench; Hon. Adam Wilson, C.W.E. A. Meredith, Esq. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas; Hon. John

(not of the Ministry). Wilson, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. Commissioner of Crowon

Clerk and Reporter, Alexander Grant. Lands..

.Hon. Wm. McDougall. Court of Queen's Bench.-The jurisdiction of this Clerk of Crown Domain...F.T. Judah, Esq. court extends to all manner of actions, causes and

(not of the Ministry). suits, criminal and civil, real, personal, and mixed, Receiver-General ... Hon. Wm. P. Howland. within Upper Canada; and it may proceed in such, Minister of Finance... Hon. Luther H. Holton.

by such process and course as are provided by Postmaster-General..... .. Hon. Oliver Mowat. law, and as shall tend with justice and despatch Commissioner of Public

to determine the same; and may bear and de Works..

..Hon. M. Laframboise. termine all issues of law, and also with the inquest Minister of Agriculture

of twelve good and lawful men (except in cases and Statistics Hon. Luc. Letellier de St.

otherwise provided for) try all issues of fact, and Just.

give judgment, and award execution, thereon, Solicitor-General, East.... Hon. L. S. Huntingdon. and also in matters which relate to the Revenue West ...vacant.)

(including the condemnation of contraband or Chief Superintendent of

smuggled goods), as may be done by Her Majesty's Public Instruction, C.È. Hon. P.J. O. Chauveau Superior Courts of Law in England. Chief Justice

(pot of the Ministry). -Hon. William Henry Draper, C.B. Puisne Judges Chief Superintendent of

-Hon. John Hawkins Hagarty, D.C.L., and Hon. Public Instruction, C.W.. Rev. Egerton Ryerson Joseph Curran Morrison. Clerk of the Crown and

(pot of the Ministry). Pleas---Charles Coxwell Small. Reporter-Chris. Clerk of the Executive

Robinson, Q.C.
Wm. H. Lee, Esq.

Court of Common Pleas.-This court has the The Governor-General is appointed by the Crown, same powers and jurisdiction as a court of record, and is the Royal representative in the Colony. as the Court of Queen's Bench. Writs of sumIle selects the Executive Council from the ma- mons and capias issue alternately from either jority side of the Provincial Parliament, and they court. Chief Justice-Hon. Wm. Henry Draper, are responsible for the Government.

C.B. Puisne Judges-Hon. William Buell Richards THE PROVINCIAL PARLIAMENT.-The legislative and Hon. Jos. Curran Morrison. Clerk of the authority of the Province is exercised by a Pro- Crown and Pleas–Lawrence Ileyden. Reporter vincial Parliament, consisting of a Legislative Edward C. Jones. Council and a Legislative Assembly. The former Court of Chancery.--This court has the like is composed of Councillors, 70 in number, of whom jurisdiction as the Court of Chancery in Eugland, 48 are chosen by the qualified electors for a term in cases of fraud, accident, trusts, executors, adof years, and 22 are at present apimi bir for life. ministrators, co-partnerships, account, mortgages, The Assembly is composed of 130 members. chosen awards, dower, infants, idiots, lunatics and their from districts by the qualified clectors thereof. estates, waste, specific performance, discovery, Spetkar of the Council, Hon. Clric Joseph Tessier; and to prevent multiplicity of suits, staying proClerk of the Council, &c., J. F. Taylor, Esq.; ceedings at law prosecuted against equity and Speaker of the Assembly, Hon. Lewis Wallbridge; good conscience, and may decree the issue, repeal, Chief (lerk, W. B. Lindsay, Jr., Esq.

or avoidance of letters patent, and generally the CITIZENSHIP.-All public offices and seats in the like powers which the Court of Chancery in Eng. Legislature are open to the ambition of any can- land possesses to administer justice in all cases


in which there is no adequate remedy at law. Debentures sold

$2,039,204 Chancellor-Hon. P. M. M. S. Vankoughnet, D.C.L. Common School Land Fund.....

207,398 Vice-Chancellors-Hon. James Christie Palmer Indian Fund....

165,790 Esten, and Hon. John G. Spragge. Special Examiners—John Hector, Q.C., and Wm. v. Bacon.

Principal Items of Expenditures. Registrar and Reporter - Alexander Grant. Interest on Public Debt.

$3,774,315 ECCLESIASTICAL. Sinking Fund..


Redemption of Debt .................. 279,831 Bishops of the Church of England. Civil Government...........

486,621 Judiciary, East .........................

346,376 Right Rev. John Strahan, D.D., LL.D., Toronto.

Francis Fulford, D.D.,

Benjamin Cronyn, D.D., Huron.
Penitentiary Reformatories, &c.

155,612 G. Tills, D.D., Columbia. Legislature

433,048 J. Travers Lewis, LL.D., Ontario. Education, East...

260,299 " J. W. Williams, D.D., Quebec. Education, West..

273,271 Hospitals and Charities

307,687 Bishops of the Catholic Church. Militia, &c....

98,445 Most Rev. P. F. Turgeon, D.D., Archbishop.

Agricultural Societies


421,053 Right Rev.C. F. Baillargeon, D.D., Bishop of Tioa, Public Works and Buildings..... Administrator.

Roads, Bridges, &c.......


Ocean and River Steam-Service Most Rev. T. Cooke, D.D., Bishop, Three Rivers.

507,944 Right Rev. Mgr. Ig. Bourget Bourget, Bishop of

Light-Houses, &c.....

103,522 Montreal.

Redemption of Seignorial Rights 379,849 Right Rev. Mgr. J. La Roque, Bishop of St. Hya


436,587 cinthe.

Collection of Customs..

379,403 Most Rev. Joseph E. Guigues, Bishop of Ottawa.

Right Rev. E. J. Horan, Bishop of Kingston.
J.J. Lynch, D.D., Bishop of Toronto.

Imports. Exports.
John Farrell, D.D., Bishop of Hamilton.

From Great Britain ........ $21,179,312 $15,224,417 P. A. Piasoneault, D.D.,Bp.of Sandwich.

British Colonies..... 574,320 840,646

the United States... 25,173,157 15,063,730 Bishops of the Methodist Church.

other countries...... 1,673,844 550,252 Rev. Philander Smith, D.D., Brooklyn. James Richardson, D.D., Yorkville.

Total Imports.... $48,600,633 $31,679,015 Augustus R. Green, Windsor.

The total of exports does not include a sum of Right. Rev. Willis Nazrey, Chatham.

$1,917,080, added in some of the Canadian ReFINANCES, 1862.-For the year named, the entire venue tables on account of an estimated short receipts of the Province were $10,629,204, and the return of the Exports for 1862. expenditures were $11,395,923.

Reciprocity Treaty.-The following figures afPrincipal Sources of Revenue.

ford a comparative view for six years of the value Customs.


of goods of the growth and product of the United Excise ..........

States imported into Canada under the RECI

500,314 Post-Office...

PROCITY Treaty :

391,443 Public Works.

383,704 | 1857... $8,642,043 1860 ............ $7,069,098 Territorial and Casual 641,087 | 1858... ....... 5,564,615 | 1861

9,980,937 Interest, &c...

398,119 | 1859. ......... 7,106,116 1862 ........... 14,430,626

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56 66

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CARRYING TRADE AND NAVIGATION OF THE PROVINCIAL CANALS OF CANADA. Summary Statement of the Business of the Welland, St. Lawrence, Chambly, Burlington, Ottawa, and

Rideau Canals, St. Ours and St. Ann's Locks, showing the Total Quantity of each Description of Property passed through and on the same, and the Amount of Tolls collected, during the year 1862.

[blocks in formation]

Vessels of all kinds 1,476,812 $32,823 1,049,230 $13,427 154,552 $1,764 286,718 $1,751 241,729 $3,021 373,325 $5,815
Passengers (No.).. 5.057

28,214 1.418 1,535 25

17,365 173 1,018

28 Produce of Forest. 238,213 26,385 381,305 13,172 87,296 5,731 47,467 3,314 212,268 3,009 316,506

9,593 Farm Stock .....

33 1.26 174 232

8 103
9 246 12

2 Animal Produce..

2,367 7.526 1,470

438 65 3.142


36 903 93 Vegetable Food... 721,149 163,918 421.265 82,96729,770 2,813 91,798


4,186 209 4,603 499 Agricult. Products

6.732 1,662
17,452 2.9371

172 5.419 642


297 32 Manufactures..... 171.977 34,746 75,022 12.052 4,876 504 20,328 5,357 5.605

251 8,665 842 Merchandise... 96,453 21.501 60,556 10,5*28 23,017 1,984 23,320

8,665 4,835 212 6,204 918


STATEMENT showing the Number, National Character, and Tonnage (computed from aggregate number of

Trips made during the Season of Navigation), of Vessels which passed on and through the Welland, St. Lawrence, Chambly, Burlington Bay, Rileau, and Ottawa Canals, St. Ours and St. Ann's Locks, during the Year 1862, and Amount of Tolls collected thereon.

[blocks in formation]

Canadian Vessels and Stoa nera.

1,537 216,915 853 138,340 932 151,297 33 5,703 3,355 511,355 $7,363 25 St Lawrence..

094,077 237| 20,968 103 13,588

10,704 1,028,633 13,271 87 Chambly and St. Ours Lock. 550 24,167 654 46,8-10 657 44,032

1,861 115,039 1,277 52 Burlington Bay. 1,164 180,798 385 63,198 286 40,157

1,835 274,163 1,677 50 St. Ann's Lock 3,707 220,675 207| 16,668

3,914 236,343

2,954 30 Rideau and Ottawa..... 6,086 370,953

2 110

6,088 371,063 5,781 68 Total Canadian Vessels.. 23,400 2,006,685 2,336 275,014 1,980 249,184 33

5,70327,757 2,536,586 $32,326 12 American Vessels and Stearnors. Welland...


5,477 558 83,449 614 99,660 2,718 776,901 3,924 965,487 $25,459 78 St. Lawrence

122 8,227 147 10,297 31 2,073 300 20,597 155 96 Chambly and St. Ours Lock... 7

358 312 18,398 330 20,211 8 546 657 39,513 486 74 Burlingon Bay..

10 963
6,575 29 5,027


74 00 St. Ann's Lock

43 2,693 43 2,693 86 5,386 67 33 Rideau and Ottawa........

29 1,859


35 2,262 33 93 Total American Vessels.. 80 8,657 1,036 116,619 1,169 138,291 2,800782,213 5,085 1,015,810||$26,277 74 Grandtot.-Canada & America. I 23,488 2,015,312 3,372 391,663 3,149 387,475 2,883|787,9162,842 3,582,396 858,603 86

An Account of the Gross and Net Revenue, from all Sources, of the Provincial Canals of Canada, for the

year 1862.

Gross Revenue from all sources.

$527,606 83 Loss-Charges for Collectors' Salaries, Look-Tenders, &c...............

$125,017 35 Do. Repairs and other Incidental Expenses.....

73,980 63 Do. Tolls refunded and not collected as per Order in Council, May, 1860.. 288, 815 55

$482,513 53 Not Revenue, all incidental expenses deducted....

$44,793 35 EDUCATION—CANADA East. Table showing the Condition and Progress of PUBLIC INSTRUCTION in Canada East, for the years named.

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Census of Canada, 1861.htm

Population of some of the Principal Cities and

Towns (1861). Division of Population according to Origin.

Montreal............ 90,323 | Hamilton ........... 19,096 Canada Canada Quebec........ 51,109 Ottawa.............. 14,669 East. West. Toronto............. 44,821

Total ..........

Native born (of French origin... 847,320 33,287

POSTAL STATISTICS FOR 1862. Native born (not of French

Whole number of post-offices.............

1,868 origin)........ 167,578 869,592 Miles of post routes ........................

14,927 England and Wales....... 13,139 114,290 Miles of mail travel, 1862.......

6,992,000 Scotland ....

13,160 98,792 Whole number of letters carried 10,200,000 Ireland ......... 50,192 191,231 Revenue for the year......

$723,052 United States...... 13,641 50,758 Expenditures...

$695,514 Other Countries.....

5,634 38,141

THE CANADIAN MILITIA (1863).-Returns made 1,110,664 1,396,091 | in September, 1863, show the total militia in Up

per Canada to be 185,152, of all ranks and classes;

and in Lower Canada, 119,99_total, 305, 146. Division of Population according to Religious Another estimate in the same return makes the Preference (1861).

total militia of Lower Canada 190,000.

[The documents and materials from which the Canada, Canada, foregoing article on Canada is compiled were East. West.

kindly furnished by the Hon. Wm. McDougall,

Commissioner of Crown Lands, F. T. Judah, Esq., Catholics.....

942,724 258,141 Clerk of the Crown Domain, Etienne Parent, Esq., Church of England

63,322 311,565 Assistant Provincial Secretary, under direction Presbyterians...

43,607 303,384

of the Governor-General, and by Charles 8. Ogden, Methodists..

30,582 341,572 U.S. Consul at Quebec,--to each of whom the Baptists

7,751 61,569 publisher and editor are under great obligar Lutherans

857 Congregationalists.

4,927 9,357 Quakers, Mennonists, &c........ 121

16,348 Bible Christians and Christians 482 13,819 All others.........

16,291 55,947 Total.......

1,110,664 1,396,091

24,299 tions.]

New Brunswick. One of the British North American provinces.

Other Executive Officers. Area, 27,037 square miles. Population, 1861, Provincial Treasurer...... B. Robinson, Esq. 252,017. Dimensions: length, north and south, Auditor-General ............J. R. Partelow, Esq. About 200 miles; breadth, 100 to 140 miles. As

Controller of Customs, &c. William Smith, Esq tronomical position, between latitudes 450 05' Emigration Agent...........R. Shives. and 480 Ol' north, and between longitudes 63° 47' and 67° 53' west from Greenwich. Seat of Govern- The Lieutenant-Governor is appointed by the ment, Fredericton.

Crown, and is the representative of royalty in the province. He selects the Executive Council

from the majority side of the Provincial LegisGOVERNMENT, January, 1864.

lature, and they are responsible for the governLieut.-Governor, 'Com-) His Excellency The Ho

ment. Of the members of the Ministry above mander-in-Chief, dc. norable Arthur Hamil- named, all are from the House of Assembly, ex

cepting Messrs. Steeves and Mitchell, who are since Oct. 26, 1861. ton Gordon, C.M.G.

from the Legislative Council.

THE PROVINCIAL LEGISLATURE.-This body conExecutive Council, or Ministry.

sists of a Legislative Council, of 21 members, ap

Salary: pointed for life by the Crown (with the concurProrincial Secretary...... Hon. S. L. Tilley, $2,400 rence of the Executive Council), and a House of Altorney-General........... Hon. J. M. John

Assembly, of 41 members, chosen by the qualified son, Jr.,

2,400 electors of the province for a term of four years. Surveyor-General.... Hon. J. McMillan, 2,400 The qualification for membership of the Assembly Postmaster-General ........Hon. J. Steadman, 2,400 is the ownership of a freehold of the clear value Chic Comm’der of Board

of £300,-about $1200. All elections are by ballot; of Works....

Hon.G.L. Hathway, 2,400 and every male British subject is a voter who is Solicitor-General.. Hon. C. Watters, 1,000 not legally incapacitated and who is assessed on (Without office) Hon. E. Perley.

the registry for real estate to the value of £25, or Hon. W. H. Steeves. personal estate to the value of £100, or having an Hon. P. Mitchell.

annual income of £100.

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