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Circuit Courts and Attorneys.







Ist Dist. C. S. Marshall..... Bandville..
2 R. T. Petree..... Hopkinsville...
* Jas. Stuarts

4th * A. W. Gralıam Bowling Green.....
5th * J. E. Newinan... Bardstown..
6th * F.T. Fox...

Danville... 7th P. B. Muir........... Louisville.. 8th G. C. Drane.... New Castle. 9th Jos. Doniphan..... Angusta...

L. W. Andrews...... Flemingsburg. 11th “ R. Apperson, Jr.... Mt. Sterling 12th " G. Pear).

London... 13th “ W.C. Goodloe..... Lexington. 14th

W. P. Fowler....... Smithland.

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10th "

* The stlary of a Circuit Judge is $100 per animüm, ani au Aiiriiey is paid to besides his fees.

In Kentucky, all judges are justices of the peace, I ment of dower, and of ferries and mills. Justices? and the principal court officers are elected by the Courts have exclusive jurisdiction of actions for people. The judges of the Court of Appeals are money or personal property not exceeding $50. The elected by districts for a term of eight years, one | County Judge who holds the Quarterly Court is an every second year, and the judge having the ex-officio Justice, and hence his jurisdiction in shortest term to serve is Chief-Justice. The

cases not erceeding $50 is concurrent. Circuit Court Judges are elected by districts for Pleadings, dc.- In the Circuit Court, and in the six years, and justices of the peace for four years. Quarterly Court in cases of $50 and upwards, the

The Court of Appeals is the Supreme Court pleadings are written, and, except in certain cases of the State, and has appellate jurisdiction over where action or defence is founded upon a writing, the final orders and judgments of all other courts or for divorce, or damages, the pleadings must be of the State in civil cases, except where the sworn to. In such cases the procees must be amount in controversy is less than fifty dollars, or served ten days before court. In Quarterly and in cases of judgment granting divorce, or on a Justices Courts where the aniount is less than $50, judgment of an inferior court from which an the pleadings may be oral, and process may be appeal is given to the Quarterly or Circuit Court. served but five days before court. It holds two terms annually, commencing on tho Criminal Jurisdictim.-The Court of Appeals first Mondays in June and December, continuing has appellate jurisdiction, on questions of law, in each term about seventy-five days.

prosecutions for felonies, and in penal actions and The Circuit Courts have original jurisdiction prosecutions, where the fine is $50, or over that of all actions and proceedings for the enforcement amount. The Circuit Courts have general jurisof civil rights or redress of civil wrongs, except

diction for the trial of all offences which may where exclusive jurisdiction is given to other be prosecuted by indictment, and all prosecutions courty, where the amount in controversy is $50 and penal actions, except where exclusive jurisand upwards; also appellate jurisdiction of the diction is given to other courts. The city and judgments and final orders of Quarterly and police courts have jurisdiction within corporate Justices' Courts, where the mattor in controversy limits incident to such courts, concurrent with is of the value of twenty dollars or more, and of other courts, where the punishment of a free per. judgments and final orders of the County Courts son is a fine not exceeding $100, or of a slave not in all probate business and other matters of local exceeding thirty-nine stripes. The Justices and concern to the county, ench as roads, passways, Quarterly Courts have exclusive jurisdiction where &c. There are also Quarterly Courts, which have the punishment of a free person does not exceed jurisdiction of actions to recover money or per- $10, or of a slave twenty stripes, and concurrent sonal property not exceeding $100 in value; and jurisdiction with Circuit Couris where the punishappellate

, jurisdiction from justices' courts where ment of a free person is a fine not exceeding $100, the matter in controversy is $5 and over.

or of a slave, not exceeding thirty-nine lashes. The County Courts have jurisdiction of the pro- City courts of Lexington and Louisville have bate of wills, &c., guardians, settlements with fidu- the larger jurisdiction suitable to the wants of ciaries, bastardy, division of lands and slaves, allot- cities.

The following statement of the finances of the On account of Sinking Fund,
State of Kentucky to October 10, 1863, is com- On account of School Fund.
pilod from the Report of Mr. Garrard, the State From clerks of counties.....
Treasurer, date November 4.

From all other sourcos...

Total receipts........
Balance, October 11, 1862..

5459,708 30 From sheriffs, for taxes, &c............... 1,133,753 38

$806,433 84 320,578 00

68,639 97 474,889 80

$3,254,003 29 Payments from October 11, 1862, to October, 1863. to attorneys. Faluation of Property from 1862 to 1862, inclusive. Carriages, Watches, Clocks, Plate, and Pianos.1958..

$7,362 29 appropriations, August called ses. sion, 1862.....

17,746 48 * advance pay to nine-months men.. 10,000 00 * Blind Asylum.......

7,538 29 clerks' services......

17,017 41 Commissioners of Tolx..

25,261 51 contingent expenses.....

16,156 04 * criminal prosecutions.............. 27,107 38 * clerks paid trustees...

29,536 70 " Deaf and Dumb Asylum....

6,394 76 * Eastern Lunatic Asylum.

25,250 00 Institution for Feeble-Minded and Imbecile Children.....

9,594 26

18,805 45 jailers........

36,391 38 interest on Sinking Fund Loan.... 28,883 27 Legislature, August called session, 1862.

34,524 75

To Military Fund............................. $384,745 61
" public printer...

13,330 33
paper for public printer........ 4,230 00
public binding......

3,125 65 · Revenue Supervisors......

1,412 00 “ red foxes

1,604 00 " slaves executed.................... 6,500 00 * salaries ....

68,160 96 “ School Fund, revenue department. 180,256 92 " Sinking Fund, revenue department 338,613 90

stationery for public use.............. 3,303 29 * sheriffs paid trustees ......

17,072 73 " Sinking Fund Loan....

100,000 00 " Sinking Fund proper.

742,416 30 “ School Fund proper...

179,350 61 " Trustees' Jury Fund...

9,852 98 “ Western Lunatic Asylum...

59,250 00 “ miscellaneous objects.............. 10,821 14 balance............................................. 808,387 00

$3,254,003 29


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Aggregate receipts from October 11, 1861, to October 10, 1862..
Aggregate of warrants paid

Balance, October 11, 1862...
To which add balance of Sinking Fund....
And balance of School Fund...

Balance, October 11, 1862, as stated above in the nccount for 1863......

135,04 190,066 134,598


State Debt, as per Auditor's Report of October 10, 1862. Amount of 6 per cent. debt due and outstanding...

$35,402 00 Amount of 5 per cent. bonds unredeemed.

466,000 00 Amount of 6 per cent, bonds unredeemed...........

2,837,000 00 Amount of Military Loan, 6 per cent.....

1,485,000 00 At thirty years' date, bearing 6 per cent. interest, and dated August 9, 1840...

$24,000 00 At thirty years' date, bearing 6 per cent. interest, and dated Jannary 16, 1840.

21,500 00 At thirty years' date, bearing 6 per cont. interest, and dated January 1, 1840...

22,000 00 At thirty-five years' date, bearing 5 per cent. interest, dated January 18, 1810..

500,000 00 At thirty-five years' date, bearing 5 per cent. interest, dated January 22, 1810.

170,000 00 At thirty-five years' date, bearing 5 per cent interest, dated

5 Jannary 22, 1840.

180,000 00 Bearing 5 per cent. interest from January 1, 1818, and made

payable at the pleasure of the Legislature, and dated De-
cember 20, 1818....

.. 308,268 42 Amonnt of bond issued for balance due for interest on State

bonds, and same dated July 5, 1850, and made payable at
the pleasure of the Legislature, and to bear interest at the

rate of 5 per cent. per annum from 1st January, 1850........ 101,001 59 Bond issued by the

1,326,770 01
vernor for surplus due the several counties, dated
231 August, 1855, held by the Board of Education..

42,894 72
Bond issued by the Governor for surplus due the several counties, dated
21st February, 1857, held by the Board of Education...

12,107 30 Total State Dobt....

$6,205,234 03 Assets and Sinking Fund. The State holds stock in various road and na-17, 1863, speaks of the financial prosperity of Ken. vization improvements to the amount of $1,830,475. tncky in strong terms. Notwithstanding the fact A large number of items of revenue are set apart that many counties of the State have been overrun for the Sinking Fund, and from these there was by invaders, guerrillas, and maranders, tho finauces derivert in 1863 the anouut of 5635,574.

are in a most gratifying condition, as will be seen Governor Bramlette, in his message of December by the following statement

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Balance in the Treasury, Oct. 10, 1860.......$126,518 Repaid by the U. S........... $861,221 12

1861..... 280,112 Credit for quota of U.S. di-
1862....... 459,708 rect tax......

1863....... 808,387

Total repayments and credits by
Expenditures on account of the War.

the United States..... $1,466,221 12 In the Governor's message of December 7, 1863, Balance due from the U. S...... 730,390 71 the following statement is given under this head:Advances to the United States to 31st August, 1863....

$2,106,611 83 Advances to the United States from 31st of August to 30th November... 90,000 00

Total advances....................... $2,196,611 83

VALUATION OF PROPERTY IN 1862 AND 1861. TABLE showing the Valuation of Land, Town-Lots, Slaves, Horses, Mules, Cattle, and Stores, and the

Numbers of each, in Kentucky, in the Years 1861 and 1862.

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These articles of personal property were valued, in 1839.


1862, for purposes of taxation, as follows:- Car1860..


riages, of all kinds, $1,420,771; watches and clocks, 1 .

$9:20,415; gold and silver plate, $504,380; pianos,

461,472,036 1862..


351,562,350 Tax Lary.-For 1862.

$1,107,251 Interesting Miscellaneous Statistics.—The Report 1861

989,089 of the Auditor for 1862 contains the following in

teresting statistics, partaking of the character of a Increase of levy, 1862..

$128,182 census:

TABLE showing the following particulars relating to Kentucky for the Years 1861-2,-the Number of

White Males over 21 years old, of Children between 6 and 18 Years old, of Enrolled Militia, of Slares erer 16 Years old, of Free Negroes, and of Blind, Deaf and Dumb; also the Tobacco, Hemp, Hay, Corn, Wheat, Barley, Pig-metal, and Blooms produced in each of the two Years.

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Number of Acres of Land, and the gross Value, and Value per Acre in 1861-2.)

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Total land lying in the State of Kentucky, and value (as per returns)......
Average value per acre, for 1862...

$ 824
for 1861.

10 31


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Statistics from the Report of the Superintendent, R. Richardson, dated December 31, 1862. of the one hundred and ten conntjes in Ken- schools was 82,718. The lowest number at school tucky, one hundred and eight officially raported to Wils 27,992. The average munber of children in the Superintendent for the school year ending attendance on the common schools throughout December 31, 1882.

the State, during the year, was 43,651.
The whole number of children living in dis- The whole number of districts in which schools
trict, in which common schools were duly taught were taught (each city and town being considered
three months and over, in conformity to the gene- one district) was 22:25.
ral law, for the year, was 158,989. This number The whole number of children of the school age
embraces the children living in a few districts in in the State, as reported to the Auditor, was
which schools were taught for a period less than 219,1:22.
three ruonths during the year 1862, --such schools The number of children in the districts where
bovin. bern broken up or discontinued in conse- schools were open, and the number attending

of the invasion of the State. The highest during the seven years preceding 1863, are pre-
of children actually attending the district i sented in the following exhibit:-

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Amount and Condition of the School Fund.-The lowing table shows the duration of insanity prior present resources of the Common School Fund to admission : (Jan. 1, 1863) consist in the interest and dividends Over 20 years, 2; over 10 years, 8; over 5 years, due semi-annually on the amount of State bonds 1; over 1 year, 7; under 1 year, 17; unknown, X. ($1,381,832.03, mostly bearing interest at the rate The average age at the time of admission was of five per cent.), and bauk stock ($73,500), held by 39.62 years. In 8 cases insanity is attributed to the Board of Education; in the amounts realized the “ war excitement.” annually from a tax on the capital stock and sur- Civil Condition.—Married, 21; single, 16; widowplus of the Farmers' Bank, Southern Bank of Ken-ers, 4; widows, 2. tucky," Commercial Bank, and Bank of Ashland; Occupation of Males.-Farmers, 14; Merchants, and in a tax of five cents on the one hundred dol- 1; Gas-lighter, 1; Shoemakers, 5; Soldier, 1; Lalars' worth of taxable property in this Common- borer, 1; Saddler, 1; Boatman, 1; Theological Stuwealth, or one-sixth of the net revenue annually dent, 1. collected. A small amount also has been realized Form of Insanity.-Mania, 27; Melancholia, 6; to the Educational Fund under the provisions of the Dementia, 6; Monomania, 2; Imbecility, 2. act imposing penalties for betting on elections, and The mortality of the year was 5.71 per cent. of the act by which all forfeitures to the Common- Nearly two-thirds of this mortality had for imme wealth in actions for the recovery of money lost at diate cause pulmonary consumption. gaming are to be appropriated for the use and The following tables refer to the deceased of the benefit of the Common School Fund. The amount year:per scholar, counting the whole number reported, Curses of Death.-Exhaustion, 2: Phthisis pulallotted out of the treasury March 1, 1863, on ac- monalis, 10; Epilepsy, 3; Apoplexy, 1. count of schools taught during the year 1862, was The average ago at the time of death was 43 one dollar and five cents, a larger amount than years. has been disbursed since March 1, 1860. The Duration of Insanity prior to Death.-28 years, whole amount of funds in the treasury to the 1; over 24 years, 1; over 23 years, 1; over 14 years, credit of common schools on the lst of March, 1; 12 years, 1; 11 years, 2; 10 years, 1; 9 years, 2; 1863, was $341,528.30; and, financially, the school 8 years, 1; 7 years, 1; 6 years, 2; 3 years. 1; uit system was then in better condition than at any known, 1. previous time since the beginning of the rebellion. WESTERN LUXATIC ASYLUM OF KENTUCKY, Hop

KINSVILLE,-Dr. James Rodnan, SuperintodentKENTUCKY EASTERN LUNATIC ASYLUM, LEXINGTON, From a letter dated at this institution, December

-Dr. W. 8. Chipley, Superintendent.-Statistics 1, 1863, we take the following: from the Report of Oct. 1, 1862.

“Our last Report shows 135 inmates (72 males, 63 females). Our percentum of recoveries for sele ral years past is about 38 upon all admissions. Our Asylum is supported by the State, not relying upon private sources for any part of its support, although we occasionally receive pay-patients. Our Asylum-building was burnt Norember 30,

1861. It is being rebuilt, and will be occupied by Remaining, Oct. 1, 1861

137 100

237 December 15. It has accommodations for 3.25 Admitted since....

26 17 43 patients."

KENTUCKY AND THE WAR. Governor Bram Whole number during the year...

163 117 280 lette's Message to the Legislature of Kentucky,

sent in to that body on the 7th of December, 186, or whom have recovered.

15 10 furnishes the following figures relating to the died.....

11 16 Kentucky volunteers. Whole number of men removed.


sent to the field for thite years, 37,444; for one

year, 11,911; for nine months, 413; for sixty Romaining, Oct. 1, 1862....

137 94 231 days, 1770,- total, 51,538. Of these, the troups

furnished prior to January 1, 1863, as set forth Whole number from 1824 to date... 1,680 850 2,530 ized into 35 regiments and 2 battalions of in

detail in the subjoined table, were organOf whom have recovered..

947 fantry, 14 regiments of cavalry, and 2 companies died

970 of artillery. The organization of those placed ia removed

249 the field in 1863 had not been made public when eloped.--

133 this table was prepared (December 12, 1863). remaining

231 Enrolled Militia. - The number of enrolled

militia in the Commonwealth is 119,577, as me

turned in 1863. Of the 231 patients remaining, over 200 are non- Erpenses on account of the war. These ara paying or State patients.

stated in the account of the finances of the Or the 43 patients admitted during the year, all State, (ante. but 17 had been insane a length of time which Adjutant-General's Report.---The Report of Adalmost precluded any hope of recovery. The fol. 1 jutant-General John W. Pinnell, dated December


Der er 8 Males.

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