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XII. WEST VIRGINIA. Formerly part of the State of Virginia. Separate State Constitution framed Nov. 26, 1861. Ratified by the people May 3, 1862. Consented to by Legislature of Virginia May 3, 1862. Amended Constitution ratified March 26, 1863. Admitted into the Union June 20, 1863, by authority of Act of Com gress of Dec. 31, 1862. Capital, Wheeling. Area, 23,000 square miles. Population, by Cansus of 1860, 393,234.

Government for the year 1864.

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By the act of Congress admitting West Virginia of the Alleghanies and the Ohio River, covering an into the Union, the new State embraces the fol- area of about 23,000 square miles, and embracing lowing counties of the old State of Virginia,-viz: a population which numbered, in 1860, 834,927. Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, Marion, The EXECUTIVE power of the State is vested in Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Tyler, Pleasants, a Governor, elected by the people, to hold office Ritchie, Doddridge, Harrison, Wood, Jackson, for two years. At the time of voting for Goveruor, Wirt, Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, Barbour, Tucker, an election is also to be held for a Secretary of Lewis, Braxton, Upshur, Randolph, Mason, Put- State, a Treasurer, an Auditor, and an Attornernam, Kanawha, clay, Nicholas, Cabell, Wayne, General, to hold office for two years. The general Boone, Logan, Wyoming, Mercer, McDowell, Web- election for State and County officers, and of memster, Pocahontas, Fayette, Raleigh, Greenbrier, bers of the Legislature, is held on the fourth Monroe, Pendleton, Hardy, Hampshire, and Mor- Thursday of October. gan. In addition to these, the Constitution of The LEGISLATIVE power of the State is vested in West Virginia makes provision for the admission a Senate and House of Delegates,-the former of the following counties also,-Berkeley, Jeffer- consisting of twenty-two Senators, elected for two son, and Frederick; and these counties, having, at years, and the latter of fifty-seven Delegate, an election held for the purpose, adopted the Con- elected for one year. The Legislature is required stitution of West Virginia, only require some pre- to meet once a year, the regular sessions to begin liminary legislation to incorporate them with the on the third Tuesday of January. Sessions are new State. The boundaries between the new and limited to forty-five days, unless otherwise ordered the old State can be traced upon the map by re- by two-thirds of both houses. The pay of Senatons ferring to the above list of counties. The greater and Delegates is $3 per day, and ten cents per mile part of the territory lies between the main ridge of travel going and returning.

JUDICIARY. The judicial power of the State is vested in a felony or misdemeanor in a Circuit Court; and Supreme Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts, and such other appellate jurisdiction as may be precertain inferior courts. The Supreme Court of scribed by law. In addition to the foregoing Appeals consists of three judges, elected by the jurisdiction and powers conferred by the Consti. poople, to hold office for twelve years, one to go out tution, the Supreme Court of Appeals is invested every fourth year. This court has original juris- by an act of the Legislature (passed July 20, 1863)

, diction in cases of habeas corpus, mandamus, and with all the jurisdiction and powers, original and prohibition; and appellate jurisdiction in civil appellate, which, under the laws in force on the cases where the matter in controversy, exclusive 19th June, 1863, could have been exercised by the of costs, is of greater value or amount than two Supreme Court of Appeals or the District Courts hundred dollars; in controversies concerning the of Virginia respecting any suit or proceeding title or boundaries of land, the probate of willa, within the limits of West Virginia. The salary the appointment or qualification of a personal of the judges of this court is $2000 per annum. representative, guardian, committee, or curator, Two sessions of the Supreme Court of Appeals are or concerning a mill, road, way, ferry, or landing, required to be held orery year at the seat of gor. or the right of a corporation or county to levy ernment (Wheeling), beginning on the second toils or taxes; also in cases of habeas corpus, man- Thursday of January and the second Thursday damus, and prohibitinn, and cases involving free of July, respectively. The officers of the court dom or the constitutionality of law; also in crimi- are appointed by tho court. Dal cases, where there has been a conviction for

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The judges of these courts are elected by the First Circuit.—Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, and Mar. people of the respective circuits. They hold offico shall counties. for six years. The judge must reside in his cir. Second Circuit.- Monongalia, Preston, Tucker, cuit. The Circuit Courts have jurisdiction and and Taylor counties. control of all proceedings before justices and other Third Circuit.- Marion, Harrison, and Barbour inferior tribunals by mandamus, prohibition, or counties. certiorari. They have (except in cases confided Fourth Circuit-Wetzel, Tyler, Pleasants, Rito to other tribunals) original and general juris- chie, Doddridge, and Gilmer counties. diction of all matters at law where the amount Fifth Circuit.-Randolph, Upshur, Lewis, Brax. in controversy, exclusive of interest, exceeds ton, Webster, and Nicholas counties. twenty dollars, and of all cases in equity, and of Sirth Circuil.-Wood, Wirt, Calhoun, Roane, all crimes and misdemeanors. They have appel Jackson, and Clay counties. late jurisdiction in all cases, civil and criminal, Serenth Circuit.-Kanawha, Putnam, Mason, and where an appeal, writ of error, or supersedeas may Fayette counties. be allowed from the judgment of an inferior tri- Eighth Circuit.-Cabell, Wayne, Boone, Logan, bunal. Other jurisdiction may be conferred by Wyoming, and Raleigh counties. law. A Circuit Court must be held in every county Ninth Circuit.-Pocahontas, Greenbrier, Monfour times a year.

roe, Mercer, and McDowell counties. The Constitution of the State provides for Tenth Circuit. Pendleton, Hampshire, Hardy, eleven circuita, which are constituted as fol- and Morgan counties. lows:

Eleventh (ircuit.-Frederick, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties.

FINANCES. Having been organized but a few months, the Virginia on her admission to the Union. Thus State of West Virginia has but a brief and very the new State commences her career with $150,000 general financial history. The report of the Au- in the treasury, and with assets embracing a large ditor of Public Accounts of Virginia for the year amount of uncollected taxes, including the taxes ending September 30, 1860, shows that the forty- of 1863. The Constitution provides that the new eight counties composing the new State paid into State shall assume an equitable proportion of the the treasury for that year over $600,000. As the debt of Virginia as it stood prior to January 1, revenue of the entire State of Virginia in 1850 was 1861; but no other debt can be contracted except but $532,661, the new State takes very respectable to meet deficits in the revenue, to redeem a pre. rank, at once, in the matter of resources. At the vious liability of the State, or for State defence. last session of the General Assembly of Virginia An act making appropriations, passed by tho (loyal) prior to the organization of West Virginia, Legislature of West Virginia August 5, 1863, con. all property owned by, and all moneys due, that tained the following: State, within the boundaries of the new State, For expenses of Constitutional Convenincluding the taxes of 1863, were transferred to tion, and of elections beld by its au. the latter; and the specific sum of $150,000, and thority.......

42,028 48 all moneys in the treasury not otherwise appro- For civil and contingent fund...

6,000 00 priated, were set apart for the benefit of West For salaries of officers of ciri! governin't 4,000 00

For expenses of the judiciary......... $5,000 00 | sufficient to turn machinery to manufacture for
For contingent expenses of the courts.. 2,000 00 the nation."
Por clerks in executive offices.

2,000 00 For expenses of lunatics.................. 3,000 00 EDUCATION.-No recent reports have been made For expenses of convicts......

2,000 00 showing the condition of the educational institn. For salary of Adjutant-General.

600 00 tions embraced in the counties which form the For janitor in executive office

150 00 new State. Virginia had no system of public For expenses of criminal trials... 3,000 00 schools such as prevails in the free States. Sho For expenses of inaugural celebration.. 301 64 provided means for the tuition of the children of For election expenses in Harrison co.... 73 00 the indigent only; and many of these, rather For commissioners of the revenue....... 3,000 00 than undergo the humiliation which attaches to In addition to the above, an act passed

such an invidious distinction, stayed away, and July 28, 1863, appropriated :

received no school-education at all. A reinedy For the expenses of the Legislature..... 10,000 00 for so great an evil in provided in the Constitution And one of July 2, 1863, appropriated:

of the new State. The Legislature is required to For arms, equipments, munitions, &C... 60,000 00 establish a thorough and efficient system of free

schools; a considerable portion of the inconie of $92,153 12 the State is set apart for a school fund; general

taxation for their support on persons and proSonL, MINERAL, CLIMATE, &c.-On these subjects perty is authorized; township taxation is required; Governor Boreman, in his inaugural address, and a general superintendent, with county supertouched, briefly, in these words :-" Here are all intendents, are to be elected by the people. The the elements necessary to make a great and prog- Legislature is also commanded to foster and enperous State. The salubrity of the climate is un- courage moral, intellectual, scientific, and agri. surpassed; the fertility of the soil is equal to that cultural improvement; to make suitable provision of almost any State in the Union. Iron, coal, salt, for the blind, mute, and insane, and for the organipetroleum, and other minerals, are found in abun- zation of such institutions of learning as the best dance; the unimproved portions abound in timber interests of general education in the State may of the finest quality; and there is water-power demand.

LEGISLATION. At the session of the Legislature which commenced June 20 and adjourned Aug. 5, 1863, the follow

ing acts were passed :Chap. 1.-An act in relation to the powers and Chap. 16.-An act to anthorize the payment of duties of the recorder. 26 June, 1863.

outstanding claims for the tuition of indigent Chap. 2.-An act concerning oaths and affirma- children. 20 July, 1863. tions. 26 June, 1863,

Chap. 17.-An act defining the jurisdiction and Chap. 3.-An act in relation to the taxes as- powers of the Supreme Court of Appeals and sessed within the several counties under the laws judges thereof. 20 July, 1863. of the State of Virginia. 26 June, 1863.

Chap. 18.-An act for the relief of Milton Wells. Chap. 4.--An act to authorize the council of the 21 July, 1863. city of Wheeling to raise money by way of loan Chap. 19.- An act regulating proceedings in for the defence of the city. 26 June, 1863. criminal cases. 22 July, 1863.

Chap. 5.-An act relating to oficial bonds. 29 Chap. 20.-An act allowing further time to offi. June, 1863.

cers now elected in which to qualify and give lond. Chap. 6.-- An act making an appropriation of 22 July, 1863. fifty thousand dollars for procuring arms, equip- Chap. 21.-An act for the appointment of a ments, munitions of war, &c. $50,000 appropri- quartermaster-general, and prescribing in part ated. 2 July, 1863.

his duties. 23 July, 1863. Chap. 7.-An act for the defence of the State. Chap. 22.-An act to amend the act staying the The Governor is authorized to procure arms, &c., collection of debts. 27 July, 1863. to issue them to loyal male citizens, and to organ- Chap. 23.-An act relating to exemptions from ize bands of minute-men. 2 July, 1863.

military duty. 28 July, 1863. Chap. 8.--An act to fix the terms of the several Chap. 24.- An act to provide for the trial of courts. 9 July, 1863.

offences committed in counties in which the adChap. 9.-An act concerning the Hempfield Rail. ministration of justice niay be interrupted by war road Company. 10 July, 1863.

or insurrection. 28 July, 1863. Chap. 10.--An act to regulate criminal proceed- Chap. 25.– An act making appropriations for ings against negroes. 15 July, 1863.

the expenses of the Legislature. $10,000 approChap. 11.--An act to provide the manner in priated. 28 July, 1863. which money may be paid into the treasury of the Chap. 26.-An act providing for examining and cer. State. 16 July, 1863.

tifying commissioners' books for 1863. 26 July, 1863. Chap. 12.- An act to regulate the recovery of Chap. 27.-An act to provide for the division claims when the State is a party interested. 16 into townships of the several counties of the State. July, 1863.

31 July, 1863. Chap. 13.-An act to prevent the encourngement Chap. 28.-An act concerning the bond of surof invasions and insurrections. 16 July, 1863. veyors of lands. 31 July, 1863.

Chap. 14.-An act to provide for the appoint- Chap. 29.-An act in relation to orders of pub. ment and qualifications of deputy sheritis, re- lication. 1 August, 1863. corders, and clerks. 18 July, 1863.

Chap. 30.--- An act to anthorize the heirs of David Chap. 1.1.-A Act to provide seals for the several Allright to establish a ferry across Cheat River. marts records ni July, 1863.

3 Aug. 1863.

Chap. 31.-An act relating to the public print- Chap. 34.-An act to authorizo suits in Ritchto Ing. 1 Aug. 1863.

county, in cases heretofore cognizable in the courts Chap. 32.-An act conferring on the governor, of Calhoun county. 5 Aug. 1863. auditor, treasurer, and secretary of state the Chap. 35.- An act admitting the county of powers and duties of the board of public works. Berkeley into, and making it part of, this state. 5 Aug. 1663.

5 Aug. 1863. Chap. 33.-An act making appropriations. 5 Aug. 1863.



Censusd 1860

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4,274 8,728

61 135

8,863 41 Berkeley.. 5,299 5,290 10,589 134

152 286 10,876

766 Boone... 2,448 2,233 4,681

1 4,682 69 Braxton..... 2,533 2,352 4,885


3 4,888 50 Brooke... 2,707 2,718

5,425 24 27 51 5,476 6 Cabell... 3,901 3,790 7,691 9 15 24

7,715 137 Calhoun... 1,323 1,169 2,492


2,493 6 Clay... 924 837 1,761 3

5 1,766 10 Doddridge 2,641 2,527 5,168

1 5,169 10 Fayette 2,995 2,721 5,716

6 10 5,726 133 Frederick....

6,550 6,529 13,079 572 636 1,208 14,287 1,101 Gilmer.... 1,858 1,827 3,685 10 12 22 3,707 25 Greenbrier... 5,509 4,991 10,500 117 691 186 10,686 783 Hampshire.. 6,344 6,134 12,478 109 113

222 12,700

695 Hancock... 2,253 2,189 4,442

1 1 4,443 Hardy

4,217 8,521 137 133 270

8,791 547
Harrison .....
6,671 6,505 13,176 11 21

32 13,208 259 Jackson 4,237 4,003

8,240 10 1 11 8,251 23 Jefferson...

5,061 5,003 10,064 236 275 511 10,575 2,019 Kanawha.... 7,081 6,701 13,785 91 90 181 13,966 1,234 Lewis.... 3,977 3,759 7,736 19 14 33 7,769 94 Logan.. 2,501 2,288 4,789

1 1 4,790 85 Marshall... 6,611 6,270 12,911 21 36 57 12,968 15 Marion........ 6,350 6,300 12,656 1 2 3 12,659 28 Mason... 4,556 4,19+ 8,750

21 47 8,797 159 McDowell.... 774 761 1.535

1,535 Mercer.. 3,313 3,113 6,428 15 14 29 6,457

182 Monongalia..


6,516 12,901 26 20 46 12,917 42 Monroe.

4,826 4,710 9.IR 44 63 107 9,613 573 Morgan........

1,767 3,614 10 14 24


46 Nicholas....... 2,349 2,122 4,471 2

2 4,473 82 Obia............. 10,990 11,206 22,196 59 67 126 22,3:22 42 Peadleton ... 2,957 2,913


20 30 50 5,920 119 Pleasants..... 1,503 1,422

2,925 3 2 5 2,930 8 Pocahontas.. 1,887 1,799 3,686 14 6 20


137 Preston......

6,787 6,413 13,200 28 17 45 13,245 31 Putnam.....

2,833 5,708 5


281 Kaleigh..... 1,672 1,619

3,291 13

19 3,310 28 Randolph.... 2,498 2,295 4,793 7

14 4,807 88 Ritehic....... 3,528 3,281 6,809

6,809 13 Roane........ 2,722 2,585 5,307

5,309 34 Taylor.... 3,717 3,583 7,300 31

51 7,351 47 Turker. 718 674 1,392 8

16 1,408 10 Tylee... 3,334 3,154 6,488

11 6,499 7 Cpushur 3,637 3,427 7,064 9

16 7,080 103


6,601 58 Webster

833 719


1 Wetzel

3,408 3,283 6,691 1 1 2 6,693 3 Wirt..

1.807 3,728

3,728 9
6,624 5,167 10,791 36 43 79/ 10,870

85 Wyoming

1,319 2,796 1 1 2 2,797

35 Total...... 188,195 180,428 368,623 1,848 2,033 3,981 372,604 10,292

8,958 12,625 4,810 4,992 5,494 8,020 2,502 1,787 6,203 5,997 16,546

3,759 12,211 13,913 4,445 9,864 13,790

8,306 14,535 16,150 7,999 4,938 12,997 12,722 9,173 1,535 6,819 13,018 10,757 3,732 4,627 22,422 6,164 2,945 3,958 13,312 6,301 3,367 4,990 6,847 5,381 7,463 1,428 6,617 7,292 6,747 1,555 6,703 3,751 11,016 2,861

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180 362

59 101 541 1,114 48 94 72 154 58 100 125 244

7 15 115

252 36 67 299 580 29 67 95 183 25 38 38 72 65 112 10 20 11 18 109 212 85 143 2 3 7 10 14 23 91 176 29 64


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10,338 20,630 393,234

OONDITION OF THE BANKS OF WEST VIRGINIA, SEPTEMBER 30, 1863; embracing Returns from the Mer chants & Mechanics Bank and Northwest Branch Bank, Wheeling, the Exchange Bank of Virginia, at Weston, and the Fairmount Bank. Liabilities.

Resources. Capital stock $1,812,385 Discounts .................

$2,406,633 Circulation 1,668,515 Specie ....

303,878 Due other banks 104,399 | Due from banks..

670.975 Deposits.... 1,535, 136 United States securities...

411,689 Aggregate liabilities, including all not

Aggregate resources, including all not specified 5,335,486 specified.

5,335,486 THE GREAT SEAL OF WEST VIRGINIA. The disk of the great seal is two and a half forest. At his right, a sheaf of wheat and a com inches in diameter. The obverse bears the legend, stalk. On the left of the rock, a miner, indicated “State of West Virginia" (the constitutional de by a pickaxe on his shoulder, with barrels and signation of the State), which, with the motto, lumps of mineral at his feet; on his left an anvil, " Montani semper liberi” (in English, “Moun partly seen, on which rests a sledge-hammer, taineers always free"), is inserted in the circum- typical of mechanic arts,-the whole indicating ference. In the centre is a rock, with ivy, em- the principal pursuits and resources of the State. blematic of stability and continuance; and on In front of the rock and figures, as if just laid the face of the rock the inscription, “June 20, down by the latter and ready to be resumed at a 1863" (the date of foundation), as if "graved with moment's notice, two hunters' rifles, crossed and a pen of iron in the rock forever.” On the right surmounted at the place of contact by the Phry. of the rock, a farmer clothed in the traditional gian cap, or cap of liberty,--indicating that the hunting-shirt peculiar to this region; his right freedom and independence of the State were won arm resting on the plough-handles, and his left and will be maintained by arms. supporting a woodman's axe-indicating that The above is also the legend, motto, and device while the territory is partially cultivated it is of the less scal, the disk of which has a diameter still in process of being cleared of the original of an inch and a half.

WEST VIRGINIA VOLUNTEERS. TABULAR STATEMENT of Troops furnished by West Virginia to the Armies of the United States, to Nov. 18&l.

Time of Service

Arm of Service.

Original Commanding No. of


Date of

Present Commander.

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8 years.. 1st W.Va. Inf'y Col. Joseph Thoburn.. 2d

J. W. Moss 3d

D. T. Hewes .... 4th

J. A.J. Lightburn 5th

John L. Zeigler... 6th

N. Wilkinson ...... 7th

James Evans 8th

John H. Oley...... 9th

Leonard Skinner.. 10th

Thos. M. Harris... 11th

J. C. Rathbone.... 12th

John B. Klunk.... 13th

Wm. R. Brown..... 14th

Andrew S. Core... 15th

M. McCaslin...... 16th

James T. Close.... 1st Cavalry

« H. Anisansel..... 2d

Wm. M. Bolles .... 3d

David H. Strother 6 mos... | 4th

" Joseph Snider...... 8 years.. „Batt’y A, Artill. Capt. P. Daum .......... B,


F. Buell.......

John Carlin...

A. C. Moore... 6 mos....

Jas. II. Holmes..
Thos. Maulsby...

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895 Nov. 1861... Col. Joseph Thoburn. 1,031

1861... George R. Latham. 922

1861... David T. Hewes. 94 1861...

J. H. Dayton. 867

1861... A. A. Tomlinson.
1,170 1861... “ N. Wilkinson.
992 July, 1861... Lt. Col. J. H. Lockwood.
653 Nov. 1861... Col. John H. Oley.

1861... J. H. Duval.
Apr. 1862...

T. M. Harris.
757 July, 1862.. Daniel Frost
1,130 Aug. 1862... Lt. Col. R. 8. Northcott.

1862... Col. Wm. R. Brown. 919 Sept. 1862.. D. D. Johnson. 765 Oct. 1862.... U M. McCaslin. 850

Mustered out. 979 1861... Maj. Charles E. Capehart. 882 Sept. 1861... Col. Wm. H. Powell. 676

1861, '62 David H. Strother. 1,100 Nov. 1863... " Joseph Snider. 114

1861... Capt. George Fürst. 138 Sept. 1861...

K. V. Keeper
168 Sept. 1861... Wallace Hill.
Ang. 1862...

John Carlin.
141 Sept. 1862... Alex. C. Moore.
130 Oct. 1863....

James H. Holmes. 91 Aug. 1861...

Thos. Maulsby. 17,896

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Total of above table...

17,396 The new State of West Virginia, from which Recruits of all arms mustered in............... 1,175 these troops were furnished, has 50 counties, out

of which enrolment for draft can only be made in Whole number furnished by the State 19,371 ! 27, the border counties being overrun by guerrillas. Acknowledgments.-- For a great part of the materials from which tho articlo on West Virginia is

iled, the editor is under especial obligation to S. K. Hornbrook, Esq., of Wheeling; also to the authorities; and particularly to Adjutant-General Peirpoint.)

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