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siding in the county hold the Orphans' Court in í Monday in March, and on the fourth Monday in each county The Chief Justice and all the Asso September;" and in Sussex county, at Georgeciate Judges, except the Associate residing in the town, on the first Tuesday after the second Moncounty where the court is in session, hold the day in March, and on the first Tuesday after the Superior Court and Court of General Sessions of third Monday in September. the Peace

The Superior Court and Court of General SesAll the judges except the Chancellor sit in the sions of the Peace and Jail Delivery are held Court of Oyer and Terminer.

twice a year in each county, commencing in SusThe Court of Errors and Appeals consists of the sex county, at Georgetown, on the second MonChancellor, who presides, and at least two of the day in April and second Monday in October; in other judges of the Stat

Kent county, at Dover, on the fourth Monday in The Court of Errors and Appeals is held an- April and fourth Monday in October; and in New nually at Dover, the capital of the State, com- Castle county, at New Castle, on the second Monmencing on the first Tuesday in June.

day after the commencement of the April term The Court of Chancery and the Orphans' Court in Kent county, and on the third Monday in are held twice a year, in each county, com- November. mencing at the town of New Castle, in New The Court of Oyer and Terminer has no stated Castle county, on the third Monday in February term, but is called when required. and first Monday in September; in Kent county, All the judges are appointed by the Executive, at Dover, on the first Tuesday after the fourth and hold their offices during good behavior.

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FINANCES. From the Report of the Auditor of Accounts for the year 1862.

$20,300 00 Balance in the hands of the Treasurer

Murderkill, Duck Creek, and Leipsic settlement..... $21,396 46 Navigation Companies.....

750 00 New Castle county

675 00 Amount received from Secretary of

Concord Academy................ State...... 513 00

300 00 Amount received from bank dividends 4,364 50

Peace Commissioners.. bank tax.

6,076 44

Allowances by Legislature........... 3,041 34 railroad bonus.. 10,000 00 County Agricultural Societies... 600 00 railroad tax...... 1,000 00 licenses sold..... 2,365 40

$40,442 17 constables' bonus 115 00

State Debt.-None. fines collected... 583 00

State Assets.--Delaware has a fund invested for miscellaneous ..

1,107 11

State purposes, amounting to $71,750.

School Fund.-This fund consists of loans to, $47,520 91

and stock in, several of the corporations of tho Expenditures.

State, amounting to $411,392. The income from

this and the fees for various licenses are distriExecutive Department...

$1,333 33 buted annually to the three counties of the Stato Judicial Department.

6,100 00 for school purposes. The amount received and Law Department

350 00 disbursed on th account in 862 was $36,857.62. Stats Department

400 00 Other means are raised by the counties for the Treasury Department...

500 00 schools,-the amounts thus collected and disAuditor's Department..

500 00 bursed in 1862, including the State funds, being Legislative Department...

3,589 50 as follow :-New Castle county, $97,931; Kent Printing and stationery...

1,828 00 county, $40,767; Sussex county, $36,910. School-districts in New Castle county... 175 00


The school statistics furnished in the published reports of the State of Delaware are very meagre. Besides the amount and distribution of the school funds already given, the following are the only particulars contained in the Legislative reports of 1863 relating to the year 1862:

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Average length of schoul-year in New Castle county, 84 months, nearly; average length of school. year in Kent county, 8 months. .

The following table will show the valuation and taxation for the year 1863:-

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Under very adverse circumstances, the State of cavalry, and 2 batteries of artillery. Other parDelaware has contributed a considerable number ticulars will be found in the subjoined table. of troops to the armies of the United States. The Adjutant-General's Report.-No report has been first regiment of three-months men was placed in published. The information contained in the the field in July, 1861; and since then, including table was courteously furnished in manuscript the three-months men, the State has furnished, in by Adjutant-General Harrington (now Secretary all, 7300 men,--of whom 999 were for 3 months, of State). Prior to his administration, there ap4401 for 3 years, and 1900 for 9 months. The pears to have been no effort to keep records of 7300 men composing the above total were organ- the military operations of the State. ized into 5 regimients of infantry, 1 squadron of

DELAWARE VOLUNTEERS. TABLE showing the Term of Service, Arm of Service, Original Commanding Officer, Number of Men, Dats

of Muster, and the present Commander of each Military Organization, furnished by the State of Delaware to the Armies of the United States, to November 30, 1863.

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Settled in 1634. Ratified the Constitution, April 28, 1788. Arca, 9356 square miles. Population,

687,049. Capital, Annapolis.
Government for the year 1864.

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$3600, and use

of a furnished

house. $1000


800 2500 2500

Secretary of State.... William B. Hill............ Baltimore City...
Private Secretary to Gow

John M. Carter...... Baltimore City...
Robert Fowler....
Baltimore Co......

1864. Cornptroller of Treasury.. Henry H. Goldsborough..

1866. Commissioner ot Land Office ....

Wm. L. W. Seabrook...... Anne Arundel Co. 1870. State Librarian..

Hanson P. Jordan.... Baltimore City... Apr. 1865. Adjutant-General.. Nicholas Brewer of Jno.. Anne Arundel Co. Mar. 1864, State Reporter...

Nicholas Brewer, Jr........ Anne Arundel Co. Jan. 1867.

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250 and fees. 1000 1000 $500 and pro

ceeds of sale
of printed Re-


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The Governor is elected by the people for four for six years. The general election is held on the years; a Secretary of State is appointed by the first Wednesday of November. Senators, 22 in Governor, by and with the advice of the Senate, number, are elected for four years, one-half every for the Governor's term, and removable by him; two years. Representatives, 74 in number, aro the Comptroller is elected by the people for two elected for two years. The pay of Senators and years, and the Commissioner of the Land Office for Representatives is $4 a day during the session, six years. The Treasurer and the Stato Librarian and 10 cents for every mile of travel. are chosen by the Legislature, by joint ballot, for siding officer of each houso receives $5 per diem. two years; the Commissioners of Public Works, The sessions of the Legislature are biennial, com&c., are elected by the people for four years; thé mencing on the first Wednesday in January in Adjutant-General is appointed by the Governor the even years, viz., 1864, 1866, &c.

The pre

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The judicial power of the Stato is vested in a are elected, and have been admitted to practice Court of Appeals and in Circuit Courts. The in the State. The Court of Appeals appoints its Court of Appeals has appellate jurisdiction only. own clerk, to hold office for six years, and may Its judges, four in number, are elected from dis- reappoint him at the end of that time. When tricts, by the votors therein; and they hold their any judge of any court is interested in a case, offices for ten years, unless they shall, before the or connected with any of the parties by affinity expiration of their term of service, reach the age or consanguinity within the prescribed degrees, of seventy. They must be above thirty years of the Governor may commission the requisito numage, citizens of the State at least five years, resi- ber of persons learned in the law, for tho trial dents of the judicial districts from which they and determination of the case. The Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, desig- judicial districts. There is in the city of Baltinates one of the four judges as Chief-Justice. more a Court of Common Pleas, with jurisdiction Two terms of the Court of Appeals are held each in civil cases between $100 and $500, and excluyear at Annapolis, commencing, respectively, on sive jurisdiction in appeals from justices of the the first Monday of June and the first Monday of peace in that city; and a Superior Court, with December

jurisdiction in cases over $500. Each of these The State is divided into eight judicial circuits, courts consists of one judge, elected by the people each of which elects a judge of the Circuit Court for ten years. There is also a Criminal Court, to hold office for ten years. The qualifications of consisting of one judge elected for ten years. the judges are the same as those of the Court of Clerks of the Circuit Courts in each county, and Appeals, except that they must be citizens of the of the Baltimore courts, are chosen for six years, United States, and residents for two years in their | and are re-eligible.

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The fifth circuit comprises the city of Baltimore. The judges of that circuit, all of whom reside in Baltimore, are as follow:

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Each county, and Baltimore City, elect three per-| two years. Attorneys for the Commonwealth are sons as judges of the Orphans' Court, to hold offico chosen in each county by the people for four for four years; a Register of Wills for six years; years. justices of the peace, a sheriff, and constables for


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From the Comptroller's Report of January 10, 1863.

Balance in the Treasury, Sept. 30,

To the Judiciary.

$34,824 56 1861.

$170,044 42
Civil Officers....

17,747 31 From Auction Duties and Li

Interest on Public Debt... 672,659 80 censes....

9,387 47 To the Colleges, Academies, and From Baltimore & Ohio Railroad,

Schools ....

25,150 00 for } receipts for passengers on

To the Asylum for the Blind..

6,000 00 Washington Branch.....

199,701 94

Asylum for the Insane.... 29,166 67 From Baltimore & Ohio Railroad,

Maryland Penitentiary... 38,000 00 for Interest on Bonds...

54,656 80
House of Refuge.....

10,000 00 From Dividends on Bank Stock... 29,925 30

Indigent Deaf and Dumb 4,519 CO From Fines, Forfeitures, Grain

Maryland Hospital...... 10,000 00 Inspections, &c..........

22,613 10

80,652 42 From Licenses..

280,138 05 To the Rclief of Families of VolFrom Maryland Defence Loan..... 173,687 75 unteers..

50,000 00 From Northern Central Railroad

To the United States - Direct

170,000 00
Tax ....

371.299 83 From Dividends from Road Stock 70,410 50 To the Indigent Blind for 1861-2. 12,000 00 From Susquehanna & Tidewater

To all other objects..

181.908 91 Canal Companies......

80,000 00 Fron Direct and Specific Taxes... 365,290 10 Total receipts.....

.... $1,546 859 10 From all other sources......... 167,532 86

Balance in the Treasury, Oct. 1, Total receipts........................ $1,993,608 29 1862.......

$146,749 19

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names of their officers, and the arms of the serThe State Debt of Maryland, on

vice to which they belong, we are indebted to the the 30th of September, 1862,

courtesy of Adjutant-General Brewer, who sent it

$14,899,050 63 in manuscript. From which deduct this amount

STATEMENT Of Maryland Troops sent into the ser of Bonds to the Baltimore &

vice of the United States and for Home Defence... Ohio Railroad Company on which that Company pays the

Infantry. interest .......

3,269,321 11 1st Regiment...Colonel Nathan T. Dushane. 2d

Thomas B. Allard, $11,629,729 52 ed

Joseph M. Sudsburg. Against this the State has In


Richard N. Bowerman. Testments in a Sinking Fund,


Wm. Louis Schley. amounting to..... 5,391,659 23 6th

John W. Horn. 7th

Edwin II. Webster Real Debt of the State...... $6,238,070 29 8th

Andrew W. Dennison. 9th

Benjamin L. Simpson. Coxxox SCHOOLS.-City of Baltimore.

From 10th

William H. Revere, Jr. the Report of the Commissioners, Dec. 31, 1862. 1st Potomac George N. Eaton, President.

Home Brig....

William P. Maulsby. Nuanto of Schools. The number with which 2d

Robert Bruce. the year was commenced was 81. There are now 3d

Charlos Gilpin. 84: namely, 1 Central High School, 2 Female 1st East. Shore..

James Wallace. High Schools, 1 Floating School, 1 Saturday Nor- 2d

Robert S. Rogers. mal School, 13 Male Grammar and 15 Female Purnell Legion... Samuel A. Graham. Grammar Schools, 20 Male Primary and 29 Female Independent PaPrimary Schools, and 2 Evening Schools.

tapsco Guards Number of Teachers.—The number of teachers

(a company of employed is 319, being an increase of 4 during the Home Guards). Captain Thomas S. McGowan. year. The number of male teachers is 44, including ? music-teachers; females, 275.

Cavalry. Number of Pupils. In the Central High School, 1st Regiment.....Lieut.-Colonel James M. Deeds, there are 233 pupils. In the Female High Schools,


.....Captain William G. Bragg. 621. In the Floating School, 35. In the Normal 3d

..Major Byron Kirby, School, 120. In the Male Grammar Schools, 2635.

Battalion Poto-
In the Female Grammar Schools, 3040. In the mac Ilome Bri-
Male Priinary Schools, 3201. In the Female Pri- gade Cavalry...Major Henry A. Cole,
mary Schouls, 4165. Whole number of pupils at- | Battalion Pur-
teeding the schools at one time, 14,013. Increase nell Cavalry... Captain Robert E. Duvall.
in the number of pupils in the Day-Schools, 582. Independent
The whole number of pupils attending the schools Cavalry Com-
during the year is 22,918, being an increase of pany ...............Captain G. W. P. Smith,
821 oser last year.

The revenue for schou! purposes for the year 1st Maryland Light Artillery.
Vas $154,073.16; of which $22,952.26 was
ceived for tuition-fees. The expenditures were

Battery A...... Captain James H. Rigby,

Alonzo Snow. $154,073.16; of which $100,365 was for salaries,


Pred. W. Alexander, and $15,074 for books and stationery.


John M. Bruce. No Report of the other Schools received.)

E... Horse or REFCGE, BALTIMORE,-W. R. Lincoln,

Joseph II. Andoun. Sapurintandort. Statistics from the Report dated

Recapitulation. January 1, 1863.-There were in the Ilouse, Janu

Infantry.-15 Regiments and 2 Companies. ary 1, 1862, 257 boys and 28 girls,--total, 285.

Cavalry.—2 Regiments and 2 Battalions. There were received during the year 129 boys and Light Artillery.-Battalion of 5 Companies, 3 girls, total, 155. During the year 33 boys and Tgiris were indentured, 55 boys and 5 girls wore The names of the commanding officers above discharged, 2 boys and i girl escaped, and 7 boys given are different in some cases from those of aprt 1 girl deceased. There were reinaining in the original officers. Thus, the original commandthe House, January 1, 1863, 289 boys and 40 girls, ing officer of the 1st Infantry was Colonel John -total remaining, 329.

F. Kenly; of the 20, Colonel John Sommer; of The receipts of the House from all sources the 3d, Colonel John C. McConnell; of the 4th, during the year were $28,317, and the expendi- Colonel W.J. L. Nicodemus; of the 6th, Colonel tures were $27,406.

George R. Howard; of the 7th, Colonel Edwin H. MARTLAND AND THE WAR.-No official report of Webster; of the 3d Regiment Potomac Homo the military operations of Maryland having been Brigade, Colonel Stephen W. Downey; of the 20 marie since the commencement of the war, there Eastern Shore, Colonel Edward Wilkins; of the are, consequently, no accessible data from which Purnell Legion, Colonel Wm. H. Purnell; of the to make & table of soldiers furnished to the 1st Cavalry, Colonel Joseph P. Crager; and of armies of the Union similar to those given for Battery A, Light Artillery, Captain J. W. Wolcott. ach of the preceding States. The most earnest The term of enlistment of the organizations and indgatrious efforts were made to procure the named in the foregoing statement is three years, desired information, but without success. For with the following exceptions, enlisted for six the sul joined statement, giving the designations months: viz., 9th and 10th Infantry, 2d Cavalry, of the Maryland regiments and organizations, the and Batteries D and E of the Artillery.


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