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Lieut.-Col. H. C. Bollinger. y'rs. 7th Res. 36th Inf. Col. E. B. Harvey*. 8th 37th George S. Hays*.

S. D. Oliphant. 38th « C. F. Jacksonl.

Robert Anderson.
10th "
39th « J. S. McCalmont*.

Col. James T. Kirk.
11th" 40th
“ T. F. Gallagher*.

Lieut. Col. S. M. Jackson.
12th" 41st " J. H. Taggart*.

M. D. Harden.
13th "
“ C. J. Biddle*.

Col. Hugh McNeill.
43d artil. C. F. Campbellt..

R. M. West.
4th cav. “ George D. Bayard....

" Owen Jones.* (1st) Total of Pennsylvania Reserves ..................... 15,856

Under the Call authorized by the Act of Congress of July 22, 1861. y'rs. 45th Infantry..... Col. Thomas Welsht...

Col. Thomas Welsh. 46th Joseph F. Knipet..

Joseph F. Knipe. 47th " Thomas H. Good..

« Thomas II. Good. 18th James Naglef...

Joshua K. Seigfried. 19th “ Wm. H. Irwin..

William H. Irwin. 50th « B. C. Christ...

B. C. Christ. 518t " J. F. Hartranft......

" J. F. Hartranft. 52d 4 John Dodge.....

John Dodge. 530 66 John R. Brooke.....

John R. Brooke. 54th « Jacob M. Campbell...

* Jacob M. Campbell. 55th Richard White.

Richard White. 56th “ S. A. Mereditht

S. A. Meredith. 57 th W. Maxwell

* C. T.-Campbell.t 58th " J. Richter Jona

" J. Richter Jones. 59th Cavalry (20) R. Butler Price..

R. Butler Price. 60th (30) W. H. Averillt

John B. M'Intosh. 12 61st Infantry..... 0. H. Rippeyo.

“ Georgo C. Spear.. 620 Samuel W. Black7...

« J. B. Sweitzer. 63d Alexander Hayst...

« A. S. M. Morgan. 61th Cavalry(4th) * J. H. Childas

James K. Kerr. 65th (5th) “ David Campbell...

Lieut. Col. Wm. Lewis. 66th Infantry.... " J. Patrick

Consolidated. 67th 4 John F. Stanton

Col. John F. Stanton. 68th A. H. Tippen..

A. H. Tippen. 69th « J. T. Owen.

J. T. Owen.t 70thCavalry(6th) R. H. Rush

" R. H. Rush.* 71st Infantry..... Edward D. Baker..

Isaac J. Wister.t
D. W. C. Baxter........

“ D. W. C. Baxter.
J. A. Koltes*

G. A. Muleck. 71th A. Schimmelfenningt

John Ilamm. 75th H, Bohlen 10

" Francis Mahler. 76th " John M. Power*.

D. W. C. Strawbridge. 77th “ F. S. Stambaught.

* F. S. Stambaugh. 78th * C. Serwell

* C. Serwell. 79th II. A. Hambright......

" H. A. Hambright. 80thCavalry(7th) George C. Wynkoop..

George C. Wynkoop. 81st Infantry... * James Miller11

H. Boyd M'Kecn. 821 D. H. Williams.

D. H. Williams. 83d J. W. M'Lanela.

Strong Vincent. * Resigned.

Promoted or recommended for promotion. | Transferred to 57th Infantry:

2 Prisoner at Richmond.
1 Col. C. F. Jackson, killed at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862. Promoted Brigadier-General.
9 Col. Hugh M'Neill, killed at Antietam, MI., Sept. 16, 1862.
3 Col. Geo. D. Bayard, killed at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862. Promoted Brigadier-General.

Col. J. Richter Jones, killed in North Carolina since date of Adjutant-General's Report.
6 Col. 0. H. Rippey, killed at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va., May 31, 1862.
6 Col. Geo. C. Spear, killed at second battle of Fredericksburg, May, 1863. Since date of Report.
i Col. Samuel W. Black, killed at the battle of Gaines' Mill, Va., Juno 27, 1862.
& Col. J. H. Childs, killed at the battle of Antietam, vd., Sept. 17, 1862.
9 Col. E. D. Baker, killed at the battle of Ball's Bluff, Va., Oct. 21, 1861.
1: Col. 11. Bohlen, killed on the Rappahannock, Va., Aug. 22, 1862. Promoted to Drigadier-General.
11 Col. James Miller, killed at the battle of Fair Oaks, Va., Mar 31, 1862.
us Col. J. W. M'Lane, killed at the battio of Gaines' Mill, Va., June 27, 1862.

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3 yrs. 84th Infantry..... Col. Wm. G. Murray.......

Col. S. M. Bowman.
Joshua B. Howell............

Joshua B. Howell.
Ernest Beteze...........

(Supposed out service).
George Hay.

" George Hay.
“ George P. M'Lean®...

Licut.-Col. George W. Gile.
S9th Cavalry(Sth) “ E. G. Chorman..

Col. D. M. Gregat
90th Infantry.....
4 Peter Lyle.....

* Peter Lyle.
E. M. Gregory

“ E. M. Gregory
922 Cavalry (9th) E. C. Williams*

Lieut. Col. Thomas C. Jamos. 93d Infantry.. J. M. M'Carter

Col. J. M. Mark. 91th Cav'y (10th) A. F. M'Reynolds......

(In N.Y. organization.)
95th Infantry..... " John M. Gosline ....

G. V Town.
H. L. Cake.............

II. L. Cake.
97 th
H. R. Guss......

H. R. Guss.
" John F. Ballier....

Lieut. Col. Adolph Mahler.
" Thomas W. Sweeney*

Col. A H. Leidy.
D. Leasure..

D Leasure.
“ Joseph H. Wilson ....

" D B. Morris.
T. A. Rowley.

TA Rowley.t
" T. F. Lehman

T. F. Leliinan.
W. W. H. Davis.

W. W. I Davis.
A. A. M'Knight..

A. A. M'Knight.
“ T. G. Moorhead.....

T. G. Moorhead.
107th «
" Thomas A. Zeiglob.

“ T. F. M'Coy:
108th Cav'y(11th)
Josiah Harlan*

1 Samuel P. Speer.
" H. J. Stainrook

11. J. Stainrook.
Wm. D. Lewis, Jr..

Lieut.-Col. James Crowther.
* M. Schlandecker *

Geo. A. Cobham. 112th Artily (20) " Charles Angeroth*.

Col. A. A. Gibson. 113th Car’y(12th) “ Wm. Frismuth*..

L B. Pierce.
114thInfant'y. C. H. T. Collis....

« C. H. T. Collis.
115th "
" Robert E. Patterson..

Lieut. Col. Robert Thompson.
Richard Conlter........

Col. Richard Coulter.
* D. B. Birneyt.

“ T. H. Neill.t
Total under act of July 22, 1861, including seven com-

panies of cavalry, seven companies of infantry, and
ten companies of artillery, numbering 2,954, and
6,400 men in organizations of other States......... 89,018
Under the requisition of July 7, 1862.

Col. Dennis Ileenan.
3 y'rs. 116th Infant'y..... Col. Dennis Heenan........
117th Car'y(13th) James A. Gallagher...

James A. Gallagher.
118th Infant'y.....
* Charles M. Provost...

Charles M. Prevost. 119th * P. C. Ellmaker....

P. C. Ellmaker.

(Failed to organize)
" Chapman Bildle.......

Chapman Biddle.
Emlen Franklin.....

Emlen Franklin.
" J. B. Clarke

« J. B. Clarke.
Joseph W. Hawley...

"Joseph W. Hawley.
Jacob Iliggins...

« Jacob Higgins.
James G. Elder....

James G. Elder.
" W. W. Jennings,

W. W. Jennings.
128th "
Samuel Croasdalce.

Joseph A. Ma ew
J. G. Frick.

* J. G. Frick.
H. J. Zinn?

Lient.-Col. Levi Maish.
P. H. Allabach

Col. P. II. Allabach.
R. A. Oakford

* V. M. Wilcox.

+ Promoted or recommended for promotion.
1 Col. Win. G. Murray, killed at the hattle of Winchester, Va., March 24, 1862.
2 Col. John M. Gosline, killed at the battle of Gaines' Mill, Va., June 27, 1862.
3 Col. G. V. Town, killed nt second battlo of Fredericksburg, Va., May, 1863, since date of Report.
Col. Joseph H. Wilson, died in camp in Virginia, May 30, 1962.
Col. Thomas A. Zeigle, died in camp in Virginia, July 15, 1862.
& Col. Samnel Croasdale, killed at the battle of Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1882.

Col. H. J. Zinn, killed at the battle of Fredericksburg: Va., Doc. 13, 1862.
* Col. R. A. Oakford, killod at thu laitlo of Antiotam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862.

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3 y'rs. 1330 Infantry..... Col. Frank Speakman

Col. Frank Speakman. 134th “ M. S. Quity*.

Lieut. Col. E. O'Brien.
« J. R. Porter..

Col. J. R. Porter.
" Thomas M. Bayne.....

“ Thomas M. Bayne.
" H. M. Bossart...

“ H. M. Bossart.
« C. L. Sum walt......

« C. L. Sumwalt.
“ F. H. Collier

" F. H. Collier.
R. P. Roberts

46 R. P. Roberts.
H. J. Madill....

H. J. Madill.
R. T. Cummins.

R. T. Cummins.
E. L. Dana.....

E. L. Dana.

(Not organized.)
u II. L. Brown

" H. L. Brown.

(Not organized.)
Lieut.-Col.Ario Pardee,Jr.

Lieut. Col. Ario Pardee, Jr.
Col. James Beaver...........

Col. James Beaver.
* Roy Stone ..........

Roy Stone.
L. Wister ...........

L. Wister.
H. Allen ....

H. Allen.
152d Artil'y (3d). H. Segebarth..

“ H. Segebarth. 153d Infant'y..... C. Glanz..

" C. Glanz.

(Not organized.)
E. Jay Allen...

“ E. Jay Allen.

(Not organized.)
157th «
Wm. H. Gray

Wm. H. Gray.
159th Cav'y(14th)

« J. M. Schoonmaker...
160th (15th) Lieut.-Col. Wm. Spencer..
161st (16th) Col. J. Irvine Gregg.........
162d (17th)

J. H. Kellogg
(18th) “ T. M. Bryan, Jr.........
Unattached cav'y

and artillery.
Compa’y Cavalry Capt. Mitchener..


Battery Artillory


Battal'n of Artil. Major Jos. Roberts, U.S.A.
Total under call of July 7, 1862....

40,383 Recruits for three years, sent forward by Col. Ruff,

and Capts Dodge aud Lane, mustering officers of the United States .........

9,259 Nine-Months men and Drafted men under call of August 4, 1862, for 300,000 Militia. 9 mo's 158th Infant'y.... Col. D. R. M'Kebben........ and 165th

Charles A. Butcher... drat d. 166th

A. J. Fulton...... 167th

C. A. Knoderer..... 16Sth

Joseph Jack...... 169th

L. W. Smith.... 171st

E. Bierer..... 172d

C. Cleckner... 1730

D. Nagle... 174th

John Nice 175th “

Samuel A. Dyer........ 176th

A. A. Leckler 177th "

" George B. Westling... 178th

James Johnston 179th

“ Wm. H. Blair.. Nine-months and drafted under call of Aug. 4, 1862. 15,100 Enlistments in organizations of other States in 1862, estimated by the Adjutant-Goneral..

5,000 Total number of troops furnished by Pennsylvania to Dec. 31, 1862..

200,336 * Resigued.

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MILITARY OPERATIONS OF PENNSYLVANIA IN 1863. / and other States which had been plundered by -Repeated applications for information sent to the rebels, suffered great privations, and were the Adjutant-General of Pennsylvania failed to frequently in conflict with the enemy; and on elicit any account of the military operations of all occasions acted in obedience to military discithe State in 1863. We are hence obliged to go pline and orders, and with courage and endurance. to press without any official information of the Some of the militia called in 1862 and 1863 were troops or recruits raised in that great State in killed, and others disabled.” that eventful year. From Governor Curtin's Colored Troops from Pennsylvania.- From a Message of January, 1864, we extract the follow- report made by the supervisory committee for ing reference to the measures adopted by the recruiting colored troops we compilo the folState ar National authorities to repel Lee's in- lowing :vasion of June, 1863, by which it will appear that 1st Pennsylvania (colored) Regiment (3d United 36,528 men from the militia of Pennsylvania did States) was full July 24, 1863. effective service in the field on that occasion :- 20 Pennsylvania (colored) Regiment (6th United

"In May last it was believed, from information States) was full September 13, 1863. received, that General Lee intended to invade 3d Pennsylvania (colored) Regiment(8th United this State. Communications on the subject were States) was full December 4, 1863. immediately sent to Washington, urging that 4th Pennsylvania (colored) Regiment (220 preparations for effective defence should not be United States) was full January 4, 1864. delayed. Accordingly, the War Department 5th Pennsylvania (colored) Regiment (25th erected two new military departments, -viz., the United States) was full February, 1864. Department of the Monongahela, including that The 1st was in front of Fort Wagner at the surportion of the State lying west of the mountains, render; the 2d left for Yorktown, October 14, to be commanded by Major-General Brooks; and 1863; the 3d left for Hilton Head, January 16, the Department of the Susquehanna, comprising 1864; and the 4th and 5th remained in camp in the remainder of the State, and to be commanded Philadelphia, February, 1864. by Major-General Conch.

GIRARD COLLEGE FOR ORPHANS, PHILADELPHIA, — * The rebels having actually entered the Stato Richard Somers Smith, President.--This colloge in some force, and the approach of their whole is endowed by the whole residuary income of the army being imminent, the President made a re- estate of Stephen Girard, left by his will in trust quisition for militia from this and some of the to the city of Philadelphia. The object of the neighboring States, and several regiments from college, as expressed in the will, is to provide to New York and New Jersey were promptly sent, the white male orphans of Philadelphia, in the and our own volunteer militia began to assemble; first place, and then to other places mentioned, a but, some embarrassments arising, the President more comfortable maintenance and a better eduassented to a call by the Executive of the State, cation than the public funds furnish. The colwhich was accordingly made. Under these calls, lege-buildings were completed on the 13th of No5106 of the men of Pennsylvania were assembled vember, 1817, at a cost of $1,933,821.78, and the in the department of General Brooks, and 31,422 establishment was formally dedicated to the purin that of General Couch. To give the details, or poses of the trust on the 1st of January, 1848. even a summary, of the operations which ensued, Since the opening to the 31st of December, 1862, would be impracticable within the limits of a 973 pupils were admitted. The following tabular message. It is due, however, to the men who statement will show the average number of pupils camne forward that I should say now that they and the total cost of maintenance for each of the made long and laborious marches in parts of this six years prior to 1863 :

[blocks in formation]

In the year 1852 the annual expenditure per The whole number of persons under salaries in pupil was $205.46; in the year 1853 it was the college was, in December, 1862, eighty-seven, $214.60; in 1857 it was $298.89; but in the year at an aggregate cost of $29,031. President of the 1862 it was reduced to $123.12. The result of Board of Directors, Richard Vaux; Chairman of the system of economy thus introduced was an Committee on Admission, George W. Nebinger, increase of the number of pupils in 1863 to 500. M.D.; Secretary, Henry W. Arey'

Settled in 1627. Capital, Dover. Area, 2120 square miles. Population, 1860, 112,216.

Government for the year 1864.

[blocks in formation]

The Governor is chosen by the people for a sentatives (21 in number), 7 from each county, term of four years. The general election for the elected for two years, compose the Legislature, State is held biennially on the Tuesday next after styled The General Assembly of the State of Delathe first Monday in November. The Secretary ware. The Legislature meets biennially on the of State and the Attorney-General are appointed first Tuesday of January. A regular session was by the Governor,--the former for the same term held in 1863. Every white male citizen who has as the Governor, and the latter for five years. attained the age of twenty-one years, who has The State Treasurer and Auditor are chosen by been a resident of the Steto one year, and of the the Legislature for terms of two years each. county where he offers to vote one month, and Senators (9 in number), 3 from each of the three who has within two years paid a county tax, is counties, elected for four years, and Repre- | entitled to the right of suffrage.

[blocks in formation]
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Samuel M. Harrington...... | Dover......

Edward W. Gilpin............. Wilmington......... Chief-Justice
John J. Milligan..... Wilmington......... Associate Justice......
Edward W. Wootten ..... Georgetown ........
John W. Houston.....

John W. Houston.


State Reporter.....

Clerk of Court of William Sharp..


Errors and Appeals Charles H. Richards..... Georgetown Proth. Sup. Court....... William Sharp......

Dover. William G. Whitely.

New Castle..........

1,200 1,000 1,000 1,200



Oct. 1861
Dec. 30, 1861
Oct. 14, 1861
Jan. 20, 1862


Fees Fees Fees


[blocks in formation]

The judicial power of the Stato is vested in a counties; and four judges ---a Chief-Justice and Court of Errors and Appeals, Superior Court, three Associate Judges, who compose the SupeCourt of Chancery, Orphans' Court, Court of Over rior Court, Court of Oyer and Terminer, and the and Terminer, Court of General Sessions of the Court of General Sessions of the Peace and Jail Peace and Jail Delivery, Registers' Court, and | Delivery: The Register of Wills is the presiding Justices of the Peace.

officer of the Registers' Court for his county. The courts above named are composed of firo The Chancellor alone holds the Court of Chanjudges, -viz., a Chancellor of the State, who is cery in each county of the State. prosident of the Orphans' Courts of the respective The Chancellor and the Associate Judge re

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