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(Revised at the Navy Department, December, 1863.)

.... 2,000

........... 1,200


......... 1,800

Samas and Odoes

Whence appointed. Compensation. GIDEON WELLES, Secretary....


$8.000 GUSTAVUS V. Fos, Assistant Secretary......

Massachusetts ................. 4,000 WILLIAX Faxox, Chief Clerk..

..Connecticut...................... 2,200 JOSEPH SMITE, Chief of Bureau of Yards and Docks.....

Massachusetts ................. 3,500 WILLIAM J. KEELEE, Ciril Engineer"

..New York. Joax W. BBONAUGH, Chief Clerk

District of Columbia.......... 1,800 A. X.SXITS, Acting Chief of Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting...Connecticut...................

3,000 & HENRIQUES, Chief Clerk CEABLE HENRT DAVIES, Chief of Bureau of Navigation.... ....... Massachusetts

3,500 C. E. GRATES, Clerk

Vermont ...

1,400 HENRY A WISE, Chief of Bureau of Ordnance..


3,500 kicæYOND AULICK, Assistant, Bureau of Ordnance....


3,000 CE GRATES, Clerk Bureau of Ordnance.

1,400 Jeux LENTHALL, Chief of Bureau of Construction and Repair......... Pennsylvania

3,500 AB. FARTELL, Chief Clerk *


1,800 BESJAMIN F. ISTER FOOD, Chirf of Bureau of Steam Engineering..... New York..

3,500 ESWARD B. NEALLY, Chief Clerk

.......Iowa.... HORATIO BRIDGE, Chief of Bureau of Provisions and Clothing..... ..Maine

3,500 THOMAS FILLEBRONX. Chief Clerk


1,800 WOWAX WHELAN, Chief of Bureau of Medicine and Surgery .Pennsylvania..

.......... 3,500 PRISEAS J. HORWITZ, Assistant, “.

...Maryland. CAPTADS JAMES M. GILLISS, Superintendent of the Naval Observatory. Massachusetts

............ 2,800 Ter a period of about nine years after the present Government of the United States was organized, there was no Navy Department. The executive duties growing out of the management of the narai forces had been committed by Congress to the War Department by an act approved August 7, 1789. It was not until April 30, 1798, that a separate Department was created for the purpose, when the act of that date provided for “an executive department under the denomination of the Department of the Nary, the chief officer of which shall be called the Secretary of the Navy." (For organization of Nary Department and distribution of duties among the Bureaus, see National Almanac, 1863.]

The Congressional legislation of 1862-63 did not materially change the laws governing the Navy. Beyond the authority given to the President to appoint a commissioner to codify the naval laws, and the annnal appropriation bills, there is scarcely any thing worthy of note. Among the principal appropriations are the following: For pay of commission, warrant, and petty officers and seamen, including the engineer corps of the navy....

$14,734,332 70 For the construction and repair of vessels of the navy....

9,298,000 00 For the purchase and building of additional steamers, repairs of the same, charter of

Tessels, extra labor and materials, and repairs of vessels on foreign stations .............. 15,000,000 00 Per two armor-plated sea-steamers of the first class.........

3,000,000 00 For the purchase of hemp and other materials for the navy...

320,000 00 For fuel for the navy, and for the transportation and expenses thereof....

2,690,000 00 For the equipment of vessels in the navy, viz. :For the purchase of varions articles of equipment, canvas, leather, cables, and anchors,

and furniture and stores in the masters', boatswains', and sailmakers' departments... 2,000,000 00 For provisions for commission, warrant, and petty officers, and seamen, including engineers and marines attached to vessels for sea-service......

5,417,745 00 For the construction and repair of machinery for vessels in commission

6,775,000 00 For surgeons' necessaries and appliances for the sick and hurt of the navy, including the engineer and marine corps......

157,500 00 For cannon of all descriptions, field and boat howitzers, gun-carriages, shot, shell, and

equipment of all kinds, powder, purchase of nitre, small arms, ordnance labor at navy-yards, freight, transportation, books, inspecting-instruments, watchmen, assistants, for fabrication and inspection of guns, and contingent expenses of ordnance and Ordnance Bureau .....

6,300,000 00 For repairs and additions to ordnance machinery in shops, and for the establishment, by purchase or hire, of two magazines, and repairs and additions thereto.

150,000 00 For compass-stations and magnetic deviations, books, binnacles, flags, signals, logs, sand-glasses, leads, longitudes, tables of navigation, determination of meridian dis. tances, and experiments with night-signals.........

149,000 00 Tor contingent expenses of the navy

100,000 00 For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Yards and Docke.

670,000 00 For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting

1,000,000 00

• Rear Admiral.

(Corrected at the Naval Academy, January 15, 1864.)

Commodore George S. Blake, U.S.N.

Academic Staff
Commander Donald M. Fairfax, Commandant of Midshipmen, Instructor of Seamanship, Na-

val Gunnery, Naval Tactics, Infantry

Tactics, and Howitzer Drill.
Lieut. Commander Marshal C. Campbell, Senior Assistant to Commandant Instructor of Seamanship

and Naval Tactics.
Lieut. Commander Charles C. Carpenter, Senior Assistant to Commandant, in Executive duty.
Lieut. Commander Edmund 0. Matthews, Senior Assistant to Commandant, Instructor of Naval Gun-

nery and Howitzer Drill. Lieut. Commander Francis B. Blake, Instructor of Seamanship and Naval Tactics. Lieutenant Henry M. Blue,

In charge of School-ships "Constitution" and " Santee." Lieutenant Joseph D. Marvin,

Instructor of Infantry Tactics.
Lieutenant Francis S. Brown,

Assistant to Commandant of Midshipmen, in Executive duty.
Lieutenant William T. Sampson, Instructor of Naval Gunnery and Howitzer Drill.
Lieutenant Henry F. Picking,
Lieutenant Francis 0. Davenport,
Lieutenant Horace E. Mullan,

Assistant to Commandant, in Executive duty.
Lieutenant John H. Rowland,
Lieutenant Nathaniel W. Thomas,
John H. C. Coffin,

Professor of Mathematics, Astronomy, Navigation, and Sur

reying. Mark H. Beecher,

Professor, and Assistant of Mathematics. William H. Willcox,

Professor, and Assistant of Mathematics. Augustus W. Smith,

Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Joseph E. Nourse,

Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Arsène N. Girault,

Professor of the French Language. Edward A. Roget,

Professor of the Spanish Language. Edward Seager,

Professor of Drawing and Draughting. Charles R. Hale, Chaplain,

Acting Assistant Professor of Mathematics. John S. Wallace, Chaplain,

Acling Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Donald McLaren, Chaplain,

Acting Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Thomas Karney,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Leopold V. Dovilliers,

Assistant Professor of the French Language. Thomas G. Forde,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Charles J. White,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. George Searle,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. George A. Osborne,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. John M. Rice,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. John A. Davenport,

Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Henry S. Mackintosh,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Isaac B. Barker,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. William W. Fay,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Joseph E. Dickson,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. Chauncey T. IIyde,

Assistant Professor of Ethics and English Studies. David M. Greene,

Second Assistant Engineer, Acting Assistant Profcssor of Na

tural and Experimental Philosophy. John D. Van Buren,

Second Assistant Engineer, Acting Assistant Professor of Na

tural and Experimental Philosophy. Henry Hitchings,

Assistant Professor of Drawing and Draughting. Samuel P. N. Smyth,

Assistant Librarian, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, &c. Justin Bonnafous,

Sword Master. Andrew Jamellier,

Assistant Sword-Master.

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Horace M. Hieskell
Samuel Jackson,
Mason Noble,
Richard M. Chase,

Officers not attached to the Academic Staff.

Horace P. Tuttle,

William L. Wheeler,

Aaron S. Oberly,

Richard Swann,

Assistant Paymaster.
Assistant Surgeon.
Assistant Surgeon.

At the date of the last published Register of the Naval Academy there were four hundred and fifty-four midshipmen in the several classes, viz. :-First class, midshipmen on probation, 21 members; second class, 31 members; advanced third class, 42 members ; third class, 81 members; advanced fourth class, 81 members; fourth class, midshipmen of 1862, 159 members; fourth class, midshipmen of 1863, 36 members.


Navy List.
REAR-ADMORALS.- Active List (6).

CAPTAINS.-Retired List (15).
David G. Farragut, Charles H. Davis,

[Acts August 3 and December 21, 1861.] Louis M. Goldsborough, J. A. Dahlgren,

Lawrence Kearney, James Glynn, Samuel F. Dupont, D.D. Porter.

Chas. S. McCauley, Stephen B. Wilson,

John H. Aulick, Robt. Ritchie,
REAR-ADMIRALS.-Retired List (8).

James Armstrong,

John S. Nicholas, Charles Stewart, Francis H. Gregory, William Ramsay,

Thos. 0. Selfridge,
William B. Shulrick, Silas H. Stringham, William Ipman,

Andrew K. Long,
Joseph Smith,
Samuel L. Breese, John S. Chauncey,

Samuel F. Hazard,
George W. Storer, Hiram Paulding.

Charles Green.

CAPTAINS.— Reserved List (10).
Charles Wilkes, Charles H. Bell,

[Act February 28, 1850.) Theodore Bailey, Samuel P. Lee, James L Lardner.

Wm. D. Salter,

Stephen Champlin,
Wm. K. Latimer,

Lewis E. Simonds,
COMMODORES - Active List (18).

Charles Boarinan,

Oscar Bullus,
Wm. Jamesson,

James M. Gilliss,
Cadwalader Ringgold, John S. Missroon,

John H. Graham,

Elisha Peck.
Thos T Craven, Robert B. Hitchcock,
James L. Lardner, Joseph Lanman,
Henry 6. Hoff,
Thos. Turner,

COMMANDERS.- Active List (72).
Heur; II. Bell, .
C. H. Poor,

David McDougal, Nathaniel C. Bryant,
William Smith,
T. A. Hunt,

John J. Almy,

George B. Balch, Juha W. Livingston, S. W. Godon,

Tunis A. M. Cravon,

Foxhall A. Parker, Henry K. Thatcher, J. S. Palmer,

James H. Strong,

Robert Townsend, William D. Porter, Wm. Radford.

James M. Frailey,

John Guest,
Enoch G. Parrott,

Donald McN. Fairfax,
COMMODORES.-Retired List (33).

Jos. P. Sanford,

John M. B. Clits, John D. Sloat,

Gershom J. Vanbrunt, Louis C. Sartori, George H. Cooper, Wiliam Mervine, George S. Blake,

James F. Armstrong,

Andrew Bryson,
Thomas Crabbe, Andrew A. Harwood, Wm. A. Parker,

John Downes,
Thomas A. Conover, Theodorus Bailey, Wm. Ronckendorff, Andrew J. Drake,
John C. Long,
Frederick Engle,

Wm. E. Le Roy,

James H. Spotts, WWlian J. McCluney, John Rudd,

Roger N. Stembel, James M. Duncan,
Joko B. Montgomery,

Wm. W. McKean, George Colvocoressis, John P. Bankhead,
Cornelius K. Stribling, Charles Lowndes, J. R. Madison Mullany, J. W. A. Nicholson,
Joshua R. Sands,
John Marston,

C. R. P. Rodgers,

Thomas G. Corbin, Charles H. Bell, Henry A. Adams,

Jas. C. Williamson, John C. Beaumont, Joseph R. Jarvis, George F. Pearson, Albert G. Clary, Chas. II. B. Caldwell, Wo. c. Nicholson, John Pope,

Napoleon Collins, Henry K. Davenport, Joseph B. Hull, Levin M. Powell,

Henry A. Wise, Napoleon B. Harrison, Wm. H. Gardner, Charles Wilkes,

Reed Werden,

Selim E. Woodworth, 1 Aloysius Dornin, Wm M. Glendy,

Wm. II. Macomb, Albert N. Smith,
Henry Eagle,
Hugh Y. Purviance. Stephen D. Trenchard, John C. Febiger,

A. Davis Harrell, Peirce Crosby,
Alexander Murray,

Richard T. Renshaw,
CAPTAINS.- Active List (36).

Edward Donaldson, Johnston B. Creighton, John M. Berrien, Augustus H. Kitty,

Geo. H. Preble,

Aaron K. Hughes,
Alfred Taylor,
Theodore P. Greene, Thomas H. Stevens,

Alexander C. Rhind,
Samuel Phillips Lee,
Percival Drayton,

Thos. H. Patterson, George M. Ransom,
John P. Gillis,
Joseph F. Green,

Francis Key Murray,

William F. Spicer, James P. McKinstry, John De Camp,

John C. Howell,

S. Nicholson, Oliver S. Glisson, Charles W. Pickering, Daniel Ammen,

E. R. Calhoun, Stephan C. Rowan, William M. Walker,

C. H. Baldwin,

Henry Rolando, Guert Gansevoort,

John A. Winslow, Edward T. Nichols, R. W. Shufeldt, Melancton Smith, Henry Walke,

Robert H. Wyman,

Wm. E. Hopkins,
Cicero Price,
Thornton A. Jenkin

Edward A. Barnet,

Paul Shirley
John R. Goldsborough, Jolin Rodgers,
Charles 6. Boggs,

John B. Marchand, COMMANDERS.-Not recommended for promotion(18).
Wm Rodgers Taylor, AL Case,
Benjatain F. Sands, A. M. Pennock,

Samuel Lockwood. Richard W. Meade, i Henry S. Stellwagen, Jobin L. Worden,

John Colhoun,

Alexander Gibson,
D B. Ridgely,
Geo. Y Emmons,

Benj. J. Totten, Benj. More Dove,
Charles Steedman,
E Middleton,

Jas. Findlay Schenck, Henry French, P:
James Alten,
Gustavus H. Scott. George A. Prentiss, Aug. S. Baldwin,

John C. Carter,

Thos. M. Brasher,

Simon B. Bissell, Edmund Lanier,
(Not Recommended for Promotion.]

Samuel Swartwout, Fabins Stanly,
Capt. Francis B. Ellison.

John J. Glasson, Matthias C. Marin.

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COMMANDERS.-Retired List (7).

(Act August 3, 1861.)
T. Darrah Shaw, Robert Handy,
William S. Ogden, Edward M. Yard,
Edward R. Thomson, Overton Carr,

Francis 8. Haggerty.
COMMANDERS- Reserved List (15).

[Act February 28, 1855.)
John J. Young, Stephen Decatur,
Edward W. Carpender, William Reynolds,
Henry Bruce,

B. J. Maeler,
Charles H. Jackson, Geo. L. Selden,
James M. Watson, E. Carrington Bowers,
Peter Turner,

Dominick Lynch, James F. Miller, Wm. B. Whiting,

Melancthon B. Woolsey.

LIEUTENANT COMMANDERS (144). H. N. T. Arnold, Richard L. Law, Thomas Pattison,

John H. Upshur, Richmond Aulick, Samuel R. Franklin, William N. Jeffers, William D. Whiting, Edward Simpson, S. Ledyard Phelps, William G. Temple, Ed. Y. McCauley, Samuel P. Carter, William Mitchell, Thomas S. Phelps, Francis A. Roe, John Madigan, jr.,

William Gibson, Leonard Paulding, J.O. P. De Krafft, George A. Stevens, Oscar C. Badger, Edward Barrett,

Thomas C. Harris, Homer C. Blake, Stephen B. Luce, Clark H. Wells, John Lee Davis, S. P. Quackenbush, Alex. A. Semmos, Earl English,

James S. Thornton, Joseph M. Bradford, M. Patterson Jones, Reigart B. Lowry, Watson Smith, William W. Low, Joseph E. DeHaven, William T. Truxton, Chas. H. Cushman, Greenleaf Cilley,

Oscar F. Stanton, Samuel Magaw, Henry A. Adams, jr., William C. West, George Brown, William M. Gamble, Bushrod B. Taylor, Jonathan Young,

Robert L. May, William K. Mayo, James W. Shirk, James E. Jouett, James G. Maxwell, T. Scott Fillebrown, J. M. Quackenbush, Edward C. Grafton, Henry Erben, Milton Haxtun,

Edward P. McCrea, P. G. Watmough, John G. Walker, George W. Young, John G. Mitchell, John H. Russell, Francis M. Ramsay, Edward E. Stone, R. W. Meade, jr., Dawson Phenix, Marshall C. Campbell, Robert F. R. Lewis, Robert Boyd, jr., Andrew W. Johnson, Chas. C. Carpenter, Robert W. Scott, Wm. A. Kirkland, Walter W. Queen,

Wm. H. Dana, Edmund W. Henry, Edward E. Potter, Ralph Chandler, George Bacon, James Parker,

J. Crossan Chaplin, P. C. Johnson, jr.,

Lester A. Beardslee, John Watters,

Chas. A. Babcock, K. Randolph Breese, Chas. E. Fleming, Lewis A. Kimberly, Thos. 0. Selfridge, 8. Livingston Breese, Joseph N. Miller, George U. Morris, John S. Barnes, Bancroft Gherardi, Alfred Hopkins, Daniel L. Braine, Montgomery Sicard, L. Howard Newman, Edm'd 0. Matthews, Charles W. Flusser, Edward P. Lall,


George E. Belknap, Alex. F. Crossman,
Edward P. Wilțiants, Chas. S. Norton,
David B. Harmony, George A. Bigelow,
John J. Cornwell, Robt. F. Bradford,
James P. Foster, Robt. L. Phythian,
Henry Wilson,

Augustus P. Cooke,
A. F. K. Benham, Le Roy Fitch,
John Irwin,

Thomas H. Eastman,
Joseph S. Skerrett, Rush R. Wallace,
James A. Greer, Chester Hatfield,
Charles H. Greene, Charles J. McDougal,
Francis H. Baker, Gcorge H. Perkins,
Elias K. Owen,

Weld Noble Allen, Aaron W. Weaver, Nathaniel Green, Austin Pendergrast, Francis B. Blake, William P. McCann, Henry D. Todd, James Stillwell,

James M. Pritchett, James H. Gillis,

Edward Terry, Wm. E. Fitzhugh,

Francis M. Eunce. Trevett Abbott,

Byson Wilson. LIEUTENANTS.- Active List (85). Henry B. Seely, Silas Casey, Jr., Frederick V. McNair, Wm. T. Sampson, John W. Kelly,

Alfred T. Snell, Arthur R. Yastes, William F. Stewart, Clark Merchant, George P. Ryan, Henry W. Miller, George M. Eache, John Adams Howell, Adolphus Dexter, Allen V. Reed,

Lloyd Phenix, George Dewey,

Thomas C. Bowen, Charles L. Franklin,

Tecumseh Steece, George B. White, Eartlett J. Cromwell, Joshua Bishop,

George W. Hayward, Henry L. Howlson, Charles E. McKay, Henry Martin Blue, John W. Fhilip, Albert Kautz,

Henry F. Ticking, Alfred T. Mahan, Frederick Rodgers, George C. Remey, Francis 0. Davenport, Alex. s. Mackenzie, Horace E. Mullan, Norman H. Farquhar,

Jcbn Weidman, Samuel D. Greene,

Jchn F. McGlensey, Theodore F. Kane, Sylvanus Backus, Beatty P. Smith, William B. Cuching, C. M. Schoonmaker, Eamuel W. Preston, Roderick Prentiss,

Roswell H. Lamson, Roderick S. McCook, Edwin T. Brower, Gilbert S. Wiltse, Elliott C. V. Blake, Thomas S. Spencer,

John H. Rowland, Moses S. Stuyvesant,

Moreau Forrest, Joseph D. Marvin, Frederick R. Smith, James O'Kane,

James P. Robertson, Simeon P. Gillet,

Charles L. Huntington, Thomas L. Swann, Ruíus K. Duer, Sullivan D. Ames, Louis Kempff, J. Crittenden Watson, Herbert B. Tyson, Henry B. Robeson, Smith W. Nichols, Antoine R. McNair,

Archibald N. Mitchell, Wm. Henry Barton,

Nathaniel W. 'I bomas, Francis S. Brown, Francis J. Higginson, Henry Dell. Manley, Joh McFarland, William Whitehead, George W. Sumner, Edward A. Walker, Benjamin F. Day, Windfield S. Schley, Stephen A. McCarty,

Henry C. Tallman.


[Act August 3, 1861.) Edwin J. De Haven, Charles S. McDonough, James A. Doyle, B. N. Westcott, George Wells,

Wm. P. Buckner, Matthew C. Perry, Joseph P. Fyffe.

[blocks in formation]


Captains. m. L. Shuttleworth .N.J. Geo. R. Graham..

.D.C. | Philip R. Fendall, Jr.........D. C. John C. Grayson

Ky. John L. Broome ............. .N. Y. John Schermerhorn...........N. Y. Matthew R Kintzing. .Pa. David M. Cohen.... Va. Charles Heywood..

Me. James H. Jones. .Del. James Lewis.

Lucien L. Dawson...............Ky. EL McD. Reynolds Me. Clement D. Hebb..

Va. George Butler...

..D. C. Thos. Y. Field

.Pa. Philip H. W. Fontané......... Fla. George W. Collier................Md. Chas, G. McCawley ....... Pa. Allen Ramsay...

.D. C. There are 30 first-lieutenants and 30 second-lieutenants. The maximum strength of the corps is by law 3000 men,-actual strength about 2800. The pay proper of a captain is $1,400, exclusive of longevity, rations, clothing responsibility, commatation for fuel, quarters, &c.

Pay of the Navy of the United States. NOTES.-All officers, while at sea or attached to a sea-going vessel, shall be allowed one ration. No rations shall be allowed to any officers of the navy on the retired list. The pay of all naval officers appointed by virtue of an act entitled “ An act to provide for the tem. porary increase of the Davy," approved July 24, 1861, shall be the same as that of officers of a liko grade in the regular navy. (See act July 16, 1862.) REAR ADMIRALS ( Active List). Per annum. COMMANDERE (Continued).

Per annum. When at sea.....

..$5,000 On leave or waiting orders................$1,680 When on shore duty.......

On Retired List..

On leave or waiting orders.... ........ 3,000 LIEUTENANT COMMANDERS (Active List).
On Retired List..

When at sea.....

2,343 COMMODORES (Active List).

When on shore duty.
When at sea...

On leave or waiting orders................ 1,500
When on shore duty.......
8,200 On Retired List..

1,500 On leave or waiting orders.. .......... 2,400 LIEUTENANTS (Active List). On Retired List.

When at sea...

1,873 CAPTAINS (Active List).

When on shore duty..

1,500 When at sea.. 3,500 On leave or waiting orders....

1,200 When on shore duty........

On Retired List..

On leave or waiting orders... ........... 2,100 MASTERS (Active Lrst).
On Retired List...


When at sea... COMMANDERS (Active List).

When on shoro duty..

1,200 When at sea...

2,800 On leave or waiting orders................ 960 When on shore duty........... 2,240 On Retired List.


........ 1,875


......... 1,800

............ 1.500

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