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(Corrected at the War Department, Dec. 1863.) Names and Odces.

Whence appointed. Compensation EDWIN M. STANTON, SECRETARY OF WAR ........


.$8,000 P. H. Watsox, Assistant Secretary of War...

District of Columbia..

.... 3,000 CHARLES A. DANA, Assistant Secretary of War.

.... New York.............

3,000 WILLIAM WHITING, Solicitor....


2,500 JOHN POTTS, Chief Clerk..

...... District of Columbia........... 2,200

The following bureaus are attached to the War Department at Washington.

Adjutant-General's Office.--In this office are kept all the records which refer to the personnel of the army, the rolls, &c. It is here where all military commissions are made out. The Judge-Adrocate General is also connected with it.

Commanding-Generals Office.-

The other bureaus consist ofThe Quartermaster-General's Office; the Paymaster-General's Office; the Commissary-General's Office; the Surgeon-General's Office; the Engineer Bureau ; and the Ordnance Bureau.



Maj. Gen. HENRY W. HALLECK, Commander-in-Chief of the Army.... California.

.$5,340 Brig.-Gen. LORENZO THOMAS, Adjutant-General...


3,594 Col. EDWARD D. TOWNSEND, Assistant Adjutant-General...... Massachusetts



1,956 Maj. Thomas M. VINCENT,


1,956 Maj. SAMUEL BRECK,


1,956 JAMES L. ADDISON, Chief Clerk Adjutant-General's Bureau.............. Maryland...

1,800 Col. D. B. SACKETT, Inspector-General...

.New York...........

2,532 Col. Jos. HOLT, Juge-Advocate General........................................


2,532 Maj. LEVI C. TURNER, Deputy Judge- Advocate.....

..New York..

1,956 Brig.-Gen. MONTGOMERY C. Meigs, Quartermaster-General.... ..Pennsylvania.

3,504 Lieut. Col. EBENEZER S. SIBLEY, Deputy Quartermaster-General .........


2,244 Capt. ALEXANDER J. Perry, Assistant Quartermaster .......................Connecticut..

2,532 Capt. BENJAMIX C. CARD,

.Kansas ....

2,532 WILLIAM A. GORDOX, Chief Clerk Quartermaster's Bureau.. .Pennsyfvania

1,800 Gen. JOSEPH G. TOTTEX, Chief Engineer .....


3,594 Maj. I. C. WOODRUFF, Assistant Engineer.

New Jersey...............

1,956 Capt. John D. KURTZ, Assistant Engineer

District of Columbia.......... 1,956 F. N. BARBARIN, Chief Clerk of Engineer Bureau...

New Jersey...

1.800 Col. JAMES B. Fry, Provost- Marshal General...

Illinois Brig. Gen. Wm. A. HAMMOND, Surgeon-General..


3,594 Dr. R. C. WOOD, Assistant Surgeon-General at St. Louis..

.Rhode Island...

2,532 RICHMOND JOHNSON, Chief Clerk Surgeon-Generals Bureau.............. District of Columbia........... 1,800 Brig.-Gen. Geo. D. RAMSAY, Chief of Ordnance..

... District of Columbia........... 3,594 Capt. G. T. BALCH, Assistant.

...Ohio ....

1,554 J. P. KELLER, Chief Clerk of Ordnance Bureau..

.District of Columbia........... 1,800 Col. T. P. ANDREWS, Paymaster-General........

.District of Columbia............ 2,740 Geo. II. RINGGOLD (Lieut.-Col.), Deputy Paymaster-General......... District of Columbia........... 2,144 Maj. J. LEDYARD HODGE, Additional Paymaster...

District of Columbia........... 1,950 EDMUND H. BROOKE, Chief Clerk of Paymaster-Generals Bureau..... Maryland.

1,800 Col. JOSEPH P. TAYLOR, Commissary-General of Subsistence... .Kentucky

2,532 Maj. A. E. SHIRAS, Assistant Commissary-General..

New Jersey.

1,956 Maj. M. D. L. SIMPSON, Second Assistant...

New York

1,956 WILLIAM H. WATSON, Chief Clerk Commissary's-General Bureau...... District of Columbia........... 1,800


Brigadier-General Joseph G. Totten.

Academic Staff Colonel Alexander A. Bowman, Lt.Col. Corps of Engineers, with local rank of Colonel of Engineers,

Superintendent of the Military Aca

demy, and Commandant of the Post. Dennis A. Mahan, LL.D., Professor of Civil and Military Engineering. Captain Miles D. McAlister, Engineers,

Assistant Professor. William H. C. Bartlett, LL.D., Professor of Natural and Experimental

Philosophy. Captain Joseph C. Clark, Jr., 4th Artillery,

Assistant Professor. Captain Franklin Harwood, Engineers, 1st Lieut. Henry C. Hasbrouck, 4th Artillery,

} Acting Assistant Professors. Albert E. Church, LL.D., Professor of Mathematics. Captain Herbert A. Hascall, 5th Artillery,

Assistant Professor.
Captain James M. Whittemore, Ordnance,
Captain Thomas C. Bradford, Ordnance,
1st Lieat. Alfred T. Smith, 8th Infantry,
let Lient. William A. Elderkin, 1st Artillery,

Acting Assistant Professors.
Cadet Arthur H. Burnham, Military Academy,
Cadet Garrett J. Lydecker, Military Academy,
Robert W. Weir, N.A.

Professor of Drawing.
Ist Lieut. Robert L. Eastman, 6th Infantry,

Assistant Professor of Drawing. Hyacinth R. Agnel,

Professor of the French and Spanish Languages. Captain Francis A. Davies,

16th Infantry,

Assistant Professor of French. Captain James M. Whittemore, Ordnance,

Acting Assistant Professor of the French

Language. Captain Franklin Harwood, Engineers,

Acting Assistant Professor of the Spanish

Language. 1st Lieut. Valbone F. Watson, 5th Artillery,

Acting Assistant Professor of the French

Rer. John W. French, D.D., Chaplain, and Professor of Elhics and English Studies.
Ist Lieut. Robert L. Eastman, 6th Infantry,
Ist Lieut. Leroy L. Janes, 2d Artillery,
Ist Lieut. Charles C. Parsons, 4th Artillery,

Acting Assistant Professors.
31 Lieut. James M. Lancaster, 3d Artillery,
Cadet James W. Cuyler, Military Academy,
Henry L. Kendrick, A.M., Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy and Geology.
Captain Lorenzo Lorain, 3d Artillery,

Assistant Professor. si Lieut. Frank B. Hamilton, 3d Artillery,

Acting Assistant Professor. Lt. Col. Henry B. Clitz, Major 12th Infantry, with local rank of Lt. Col. of Engineers, Com

mandant of Cadets, and Instructor of

Artillery, Cavalry, and Inf. Tactics. Captain William P. Chambliss, 5th Cavalry,

Assistant Instructor of Cavalry Tactics. 1st Lieut. William A. Elderkin, 1st Artillery,

Assistant Instructor of Artillery Tactics. 1st Lieut. Alfred T. Smith, 8th Infantry,

Assistant Instructor of Infantry Tactics. Ist Lieut. Leroy L. Janes, 2d Artillery,

Assistant Instructor of Infantry Tactics. 1st Lieut. Henry B. Noble, 8th Infantry,

Assistant Instructor of Infantry Tactics. 24 Lieat. James M. Lancaster, 3d Artillery,

Assistant Instructor of Infantry Tactics. Captain Stephen V. Benét, A.M., Ordnance,

Instructor of Ordnance and Gunnery. Captain Samuel T. Cushing, Sub. Dept. and acting sig- Instructor of Military Signals and Tele

dal officer,

graphy. Captain Miles D. McAlister, Engineers,

Instructor of Practical Military Engi

neering. Antoné Lorentz,


Military Staff.
Captain Edward C. Boynton, A.M., 11th Infantry,
Captain Miles D. McAlister, Engineers,
Engene H. Abadie, M.D.,
Edward S. Dunster, M.D.,

Adjutant and Quartermaster,
Assistant Surgeon.


X.Y., December 12, 1883.


LIST OF OFFICERS OF THE ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES. All officers, except those marked with a (*), are graduates of the Military Academy.



Geo. B. McClellan, 14 May, 1861..... Pa.

Ohio. John C. Frémont,14 May, 1861..... S.C. Cal. Henry W. Halleck, 19 August, 1861. N.Y. Cal. Ulysses S. Grant, 4 July, 1863. Ohio. II.

Brigadier-Generals. Irvin McDowell, 14 May, 1861, M. G. vol. 14 March, 1862....

Ohio. Ohio. Robert Anderson, 15 May, 1861.... Ky. Ky. William S. Rosecrans, 16 May, 1861,

M. G. vol. 21 March, 1862 Ohio. Ohio. Philip St. G. Cooke, 12 Nov. 1861... Va. Va. John Pope, 14 July, 1862, M. G. vol. 21 March, 1862

Ky. III. Joseph Hooker, 4 July, 1862, M. G. vol. 20 Sept. 1862.

Mass. Cal. Quincy A. Gilmore, 11 April, 1863,

M. G. vol. 28 April, 1863.. Ohio. Ohio. George G. Meade, 3 July, 1863, M.G. vol. 29 Nov. 1862......

Spain. D.C. Wm. T. Sherman, 4 July, 1863, M. G. vol. 1 May, 1862..

Ohio. Ohio. Jas. B. McPherson, 1 Aug. 1863, M. G. vol. 8 Oct. 1862.....

N.Y. R.I. George H. Thomas, 27 Oct. 1863, M. G. vol. 25 April, 1862..



Lorenzo Thomas, 3 Aug. 1861...... Del.

Assistant Adjutants-General.

Colonels. Edward D. Townsend, 3 Aug. 1861.. Mass. Mass. Don Carlos Buell, 17 July, 1862, M. G. vol. 21 March, 1862. Ohio. Ind.

Lieutenant-Colonels. William A. Nichols, 3 Aug. 1861..... Pa. Pa. Seth Williams, 17 July, 1862, B.G. vol. 23 Sept. 1861..

Me. Me. Richard C. Drum,* 17 July, 1862.... Pa. James B. Fry, 31 Dec. 1862, Pro. Mar. Gen. 17 March, 1863.

III. Ill. Majors. George L. Hartsuff, 17 July, 1862, B. G. vol. 15 April, 1862..

N.Y. Mich. Nathaniel H. MēLean, 17 July, 1862. Ohio. Ohio. John C. Kelton, 17 July, 1862, A. D. C. (col.) 4 Jan. 1862....

Pa. R. Williams, 17 July, 1862, Col. vol. Va. Va. William D. Whipple, 17 July, 1862,

B. G. vol. 17 July, 1863.... N.Y. N.Y. Chauncey McKeever, 17 July, 1862. Md. Мd. . George D. Ruggles, 17 July, 1662, A.

D. C. (col.) 28 June, 1862......... N.Y. N.Y.

Major. Albert J. Myer,* 27 June, 1860...... N.Y. N.Y. QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT.


Brigadier-General. Montgomery C. Meigs, 15 May, 1861. Ga. Pa. Assistant Quartermasters-General.

Colonels. Charles Thomas,* 1 Aug. 1856........ Pa. Pa. Thomas Swords, 3 Aug. 1861.... N.Y.N.Y. Geo. H. Crossman, 26 March, 1863... Mass. Mass. Deputy Quartermasters-General.

Lieutenant-Colonels. David II. Vinton, 3 Aug. 1861..... R.I. R.I. Ebenezer S. Sibley, 3 Aug. 1861, Col. byt. 12 Jume, 1861...

Mich. Mich. Edwin B. Babbitt, 3 Aug. 1861..... Conn. Ind. Osborne Cross, 26 Feb. 1863.. Ma.

sa. Quartermasters.

Robert E. Clary, 17 May, 1861, A. D.
C. (col.) 6 July, 1862....

........... Mass. Mass


[blocks in formation]


Morris S. Miller, 17 May, 1861........ N.Y. N.Y. Assistant Surgeon-General,
Alex. Montgomery, 17 May, 1861... Pa. Pa.

with the rank of Colonel. Robert Allen, 17 May, 1861, B.G.

Robert C. Wood,* 14 June, 1862.... R.I. R.I. vol. 23 May, 1863

Ohio. Ind. James L. Donaldson, 3 Aug. 1861, L.

Medical Inspector-General,
C. byt. 14 May, 1862..


with the rank of Colonel. Langdon C. Easton, 3 Aug. 1861..... Mo. Mo.

Thomas F. Perley,* 1 July, 1862.... Me.
Stewart Van Vliet, 3 Aug. 1861...... N.Y. N.Y.
Dan'l IL Rucker, 3 Aug. 1861, B.G.

Medical Inspectors, vol. 23 May, 1863....

N.J. Mich.

with the rank of Lieut.-Colonel. Rufus Ingalls, 12 Jan. 1862, B. G. vol. 23 May, 1863......

Me. Me.

Johu M. Cuyler,* 11 June, 1862... Ga. Ga. Ralph W. Kirkham, 28 Feb. 1863... Mass. Mass. Richard H. Coolidge, * 11 June, 1862. N.Y. N.Y.

Charles C. Keeney, 11 June, 1862.. N.Y. Mich, Military Storekeepers.

Edward P. Vollum,* 11 June, 1862. N.Y. NY. Reaben M. Potter, 23 Mar. 1818.... N.J. Texas. Il George H. Lyman,* 11 June, 1862... Mass. Mass. 8. H. Montgomery, 14 Mar. 1857... Pa. Ark.

William H. Mussey,* 14 June, 1862. N.H. Ohio.

N.Y. II. Lawrence Taliaferro, 14 Mar. 1857.. Va.

George T. Allen,* 14 June, 1862..

William H. Gill, 12 June, 1858...

Pa. Ohio.
Lewis Humphreys, 30 June, 1862. Ohio. Ind.

Pa. Daniel G. Thomas, 15 Aug. 1861... Pa.

Joseph K. Barnes, * 9 Feb. 1863...... Pa. Charles A. Alligood, 19 Sept. 1861.. Pr.


Frank H. Hamilton,* 9 Feb. 1863... Va.
Conn. N.Y.

John F. Rodgers, 21 July, 1862.....

Peter Pineo,* 9 Feb. 1863...

Mass. G. A. Hull, 21 July, 1862. N.Y. Ky.

Me. Augustus C. Hamlin,* 9 Feb. 1863... Me.

Mich. Geo. H. A. Dimpfcl, 19 Feb. 1863... Cal.

Greo. K. Johnson, 9 Feb. 1863 A. W. Norcross, 13 Mar. 1863...

Va. Me.

John E. Summers,* 27 Feb. 1863..... Va. Michael E. Lncas, 13 Mar. 1863..... Ohio.

N. S. Townsend,* 11 Mar. 1863....... Ohio. George P. Smith, 14 Mar. 1863......

II. Pa. Geo. W. Stipp,* 12 Mar. 1863.......... Va.


with the rank of Major. Commissary Gen. of Subsistence.

Richard S. Satterlee, 13 July, 1832. N.Y. Mich. Brigadier-General.


Charles S. Tripler,* 7 July, 1838..... N.Y. Joseph P. Taylor, 29 Sept. 1861..... Ky.


Charles McDougall,* 7 July, 1838... Ohio. Ind.
Burton Randall,* 7 July, 1838... Md. Md.

Adam N. McLaren,* 30 June, 1839.. Scot'd. S.C. Assistant Com. Gen. of Sub.

Joseph J. B. Wright,* 26 Mar. 1844. Pa. Pa. Colonels.

Madison Mills,* 16 Feb. 1847.. N.Y. N.Y. Amos B. Eaton, 9 Feb. 1863.. N.Y. N.Y. Eugene H. Abadie, 24 July, 1853... Fr'ce. Pa.

D.C. Charles McCormick,* 7 Dec. 1853.... D.C.

N.J. Alexander L. Shirus, 9 Feb. 1863.... Pa.

Charles H. Laub,* 17 Oct. 1854.... D.C. D.O.

Josiah Simpson,* 12 Aug. 1855.....

Pa. Commissaries of Subsistence.

William J. Sloan,* 20 Dec. 1855..... Pa. Pa. Licatenant-Colonels.

William S. King, 29 Aug. 1856...... Pa. Pa.

S.C. Carles L. Kilburn, 11 May, 1861... Pa.

James Simons,* 29 Aug. 1856...

S.C. Pa.

R.I. Marsus D. L Simpson, 1 July, 1861. N.Y. N.Y.

Levi H. Holden,* 23 April, 1860...... R.I.
Robert Murray, 23 June, 1860...... Md.


John F. Head, 6 Sept. 1860.. Mass. Mass.

Lewis A. Edwards, 19 Feb. 1861..... D.O. D.O. Henry E. Clarke, 3 Aug. 1861, A. D.

John F. Hammond,* 25 Feb. 1861... S.O. S.C. c. (col.).....

Pa. Pa.

Elisha J. Baily,* 15 May, 1861... Pa. Pa. W3Sam W. Burns, 3 Aug. 1861, B.

Pa. G. vol.

Ohio. Ohio.

George E. Cooper,* 21 May, 1861.... Pa.

Ebenezer Swift, * 21 May, 1861.... Mass. Ohio. Amos Beckwith, 23 Sept. 1861, A.D.

Glover Perin, 21 May, 1861... Ohio. Ohio. C. (col.).

Vt. Vt.

P. G. S. Ten Broeck,* 21 May, 1861. Me. N.Y. Jolin McL. Taylor, 9 Feb. 1863.... D.C. Ky.

John Campbell,* 21 May, 1861.

N.Y. N.Y. Beckman Du Parry, 9 Feb. 1863.. X.J. D.C.

Charles H. Crane, * 21 May, 1861..... R.I. Mass. Henry C. Symonds,'9 Feb. 1863.. Mass. Mass.

Thomas A. McParlin,* 21 May, 1861. Md.

Md. Theses J. Hlaynes, 9 Feb. 1863... N.H. N.H.

Mich Rotiert Macfeely, 9 Feb. 1863..

Joseph B. Brown,* 4 July, 1861...... N.Y.
Pa. Pa.

Alex. B. Hasson,* 17 Aug. 1861...... Md. Md.

Jonathan Letterman,' 18 Apr. 1862. Pa. Pa. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT.

Robert 0. Abbott,* 16 April, 1862... Pa. Pa.

Thomas M. Getty,* 16 April, 1862... Md. Va. Surger-General,

David L. Magruder,* 16 April, 1862. Md.

Va. terith the rank of Prig.-General.

John J. Milhau, 16 April, 1862...... Fr'ce. N.Y. Wie i firmond, 25 April, 1862... Mid. md. Horace R. Wirtz,* 16 April, 1862.... Pa. Pa.

[blocks in formation]
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Charles Page,* 16 April, 1862. Va. Va.

Lieutenant-Colonels. Charles Sutherland, * 16 April, 1862. Pa. Pa. James D. Graham, 6 Aug. 1861...... Va. Basil Norris, 16 April, 1862. Md. Md. Richard Delafield, 6 Aug. 1861....... N.Y. N.Y. John Moore * 12 May, 1862... Ind. Ind. Henry Brewerton, 6 Aug. 1861. N.Y. N.Y. Andrew K. Smith,* in June, 1862... Conn. Conn. Thomas J. Cram, 9 Sept. 1861. NH. N.H. R. H. Alexander,* 11 June, 1862..... Ind. T. Ky. Alexander H. Bowman, 3 March, Joseph R. Smith,* 11 June, 1862... N.Y. N.Y.

1863, Supt. M. A. with local James T. Ghiselin,* 14 June, 1862... Md. Md.

rank of Colonel...

Pa Pa. John F. Randolph, * 27 Aug. 1862... Va. La. John G. Barnard, 3 March, 1803, George Taylor, * 27 Aug. 1862. Md. Md.

Byt. B. G. vol. 23 Sept. 1861..... Mass. Mass. George Hammond,* 27 Aug. 1862... Md. Md. George W. Cullum, 3 March, 1863, Bernard J. D. Irwin,* 16 Sept. 1862. Irel'd. N.Y. M. G. vol. 1 Nov. 1862

N.Y. Pa Anthony Heger,* 17 Sept. 1862..... Aust. Pa. Henry W. Benham, 3 March, 1863, Charles T. Alexander,* 9 Feb. 1863. Ch. N. Ark. B. G. vol. 3 Aug. 1861..... Conn. Conn. Bennett A. Clements, 27 Feb. 1863. D.C. N.Y. Andrew A. Humphreys, 3 March,

1863, M. G. vol. 3 July, 1863..... Pa. D.C. PAY DEPARTMENT.

John N. Macomb, 3 March, 1863. ... N.Y. N.Y. Paymaster-General,

Majors. with the rank of Colonel.

Timothy P. Andrews, 6 Sept. 1862... Ire'd. D.C.

Daniel P. Woodhury, 6 Aug. 1861,

B.G. vol. 19 March, 1862. N.H. NH. Deputy Paymaster-Generals,

James H. Simpson, 6 Aug. 1861, Col. with the rank of Lieut.-Colonel.


N.J. N.J.

Pa. George H. Ringgold, 28 May, 1862. Md. D.C.

Lorenzo Sitgreaves, 6 Aug. 1861..... Pa.

NJ. Hirain Leonard, 6 Sept. 1862..


Israel C. Woodruff, 6 Aug. 1862...... N.J.

Zealous B. Tower, 6 Aug. 1861, Bvt.

Lt. Col. 23 Nov. 1861, B.G, vol. with the rank of Major.

23 Nov. 1861 .....

Mass. Mass. Thomas J. Leslie, 27 Nov. 1815....... Engi'd Pa. Horatio G. Wright, 6 Aug. 1861, B. F. A. Cunningham,* 2 March, 1849.. s.c. Ohio. G. vol. 14 Sept. 1861

Conn. Conn.
Nathan W. Brown,* 5 Sept. 1849.... N.Y. N.Y. John Newton, 6 Aug. 1861, M. G.
Benjamin W. Brice, 9 Feb. 1852...... Va. Ohio.

30 March, 1863.

Va.Va. Cary H. Fry, 7 Feb. 1853..

Ky. Ky.

George Thom, 9 Sept. 1861, A. D.C. Benjamin Alvord, 22 June, 1854,

(col.) 16 Nov. 1861....

N.H. N.II. Bvt. B.G. vol. 15 April, 1862 ... Vt. Vt. John D. Kurtz, 3 March, 1863..... D.C.

D.C. Franklin E. Hunt, 2 March, 1855... N.J. N.J. Barton S. Alexander, 3 March, 1863 Ky. Ky. Henry Prince, 23 May, 1855, Byt.

James W. Abert, 3 March, 1863.... NJ. D.C. B. G. vol. 28 April, 1862. Me. Me. William F. Reynolds, 3 March, 1863 Ohio. Ohio. Samuel Woods, 24 Dec. 1856, But... Ind. Ind. William F. Smith, 3 March, 1863, B. Daniel McClure, 23 Oct. 1858... Ind. Ind.

G. vol. 13 Aug. 1861.....

Vt. Thomas M. Winston, 5 April, 1860. Ky.

E. B. Hunt, 3 March, 1863... N.Y. N.Y. Augustus H. Seward, 27 March, 1861 N.Y. N.Y. Charles S. Stewart, 3 March, 1863... Atsea. N.J. +Brua Cameron,* 1 May, 1861..... Pa. Pa. Charles E. Blunt, 3 March, 1863..... N.H. N.Y. Robert A. Kinzia,* 2 May, 1861...... III. Kans. John G Foster, 3 March, 1863, M.G. George L. Febiger,* 3 May, 1861..... Pa. Del.

vol. 18 July, 1862.

N.H. N.H. William S. Wallace, 15 May, 1861.. Pa. ni. James C. Duane, 3 March, 1863...... N.Y. N.Y. David Taggart, 30 May, 1861 Pa. Pa. Adam D. Stouart, 31 May, 1861... Va. Mo.

ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. Henry C. Pratt, 14 June, 1861........ Mass. Mass.

Simeon Francis, * 3 Aug. 1861

George D. Ramsay,

1863... Va. D.C. John A. Whitall,* 8 Aug. 1861....... D.C. D.C.

Simeon Smith,* 29 Aug. 1861.. N.Y. Minn.
Charles T. Larned,* 30 Aug. 1861.... Mich. Mo.

William Maynadier, 1 June, 1863... Md. D.C. Jesse W. Fell,* 30 June, 1802... Pa. N. William A. Thornton, 1 June, 1803 N.Y. N.Y.


Robert II. K. Whiteley, 1 June, 1863 Md. Del.

Peter V. Hagner, 1 June, 1863....... D.C. D.O. Joseph G. 'Potten, 3 March, 1863,

Robt. A. Wainwright, 1 Juno, 1563. Mass. Mars byt. 29 March, 1817 ... Conn. Conn.


Alexander B. Dyer, 3 March, 1863.. Ma. Del. René E. De Russy, 3 March, 1863... N.Y. N.Y.

Franklin D. Calender, 3 Mar, 1863. N.Y. N.Y. Hartman Bache, 3 March, 1863...... Pa. Pa. Chas. P. Kingsbury, 3 March, 1863.. N.Y. N.C.

† Since decensed.


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