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. A.D. 1811. being defended in all courts and places whatsoever, ia

all manner of actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes whatsoever, and by the same name and style shall be in law capable of purchasing, holding and con

veying any estate, real and personal, for the use of the Stoek, of corporation : Provided, That-such estate, as well real what to con

as personal, so to be purchased and held, shall be ne. cessary to fulfil the intent of the said corporation, and to no other purpose whatsoever.

II. And be it further enacted, That the stock of the ce said company hereby incorporated shall consist of six to receive hundred shares, of twenty dollars each, and that E.

.phraim Chambers, in the county of Tioga, Oliver pointed. Huntington, of the county of Broome, and John Smith

of the county of Seneca, shall be and hereby are appointed commissioners to receive subscriptions for the said stock, in the manner directed in and by the act entitled “ An act relative to turnpike companies," passed the thirteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and seven.

III. And be it further enacted, That the company hereby incorporated shall be entitled to exact and receive at the gate or turnpike to be erected on the said road, for any number of miles not less than ten in length of the said road, the following rates of toll, and so in proportion for a less distance, from all persons travelling and using the said road, that is to say: for every score of hogs or sheep, eight cents; for eyery score of cattle, horses or mules, twenty cents ; for every chair, sulkey or chaise with one horse, twelve and an half cents; for every horse or mule, four cents; for every led or driven horse, three cents; for every cart drawn by one horse, six cents; for every chariot, coach, coachee or phæton, twenty-five cents, if drawn by four horses, thirty cents ; for every stage-waggon or other four wheeled carriage drawn by two horses, mules or oxen, twelve and an half cents, and three cents for every additional horse, mule or ox; for every cart drawn by two oxen, twelvę and an half cents, and three cents for every additional horse, mule or ox; for every sleigh or sled, six cents, if drawn by two

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horses, mules or oxen, and in like proportion is drawn A. D. 1811. by a greater or less number of horses, mules or oxen.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the number of directors for managing the concerns of the company 5 directors hereby incorporated shall be five, three of whom shalla form a quorum, and be capable of transacting the whom to le

n business of the company ; and that the said company “"

a quorura. shall have and enjoy all the rights, powers and immu. nities which are given and granted in and by the said of the comact entitled “ An act relative to turnpike companies,”

er , pany and be subject and liable to all the conditions, provisions, restrictions and regulations contained in the said act, saving and excepting when the same are contrary to the provisions of this act. .

V. And be it further enacted, That it shall be law- Road to be ful for the president and directors of the said company foc i wide hereby incorporated to make and complete the said turnpike of the width of twenty-two feet, any thing in the aforesaid recited act entitled “ An act relative to turnpike companies,” passed the 13th day of March, 1807, to the contrary notwithstanding:

An ACT extending the time for the remiss:on and com.

mutation of certain quit rents, and for other puli-

Passed April 9, 1811. I. RE it enacted by the people of the state of NewD York, represented in senate and assembly, That Time limit

er for the the time limited by the third section of the act enti- comuutatled “An act concerning quit rents,” passed the eighth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and one, for rents erthe remission and commutation of quit rents in cer." tain cases therein mentioned, shall be and the same is hereby revived and extended to the first day of Janue



ary, ne. And be it for and hereby atred and fifty

II. And be it further enacted, That the arrears of dircare if quit rents shall be and hereby are remitted upon any!!

w quit renis farm not exceeding one hundred and fifty acres, lands sciwhereon a settlement and improvement was made pri-odlig or to or during the revolutionary war : Provided, I hat. the owner of any such farm shall, on or before the first

cruitted va


au w


uled prior

revoOnur was

comuute 1st of Jan

section of a certai

gent lichid

er contracts

to previous ne to such d

warranty or the


A.D. 1811. day of January next, produce satisfactory proof to the Owners to comptroller of such settlement and improvement,

nu and commute for the quit rent charged thereon by ar'y next paying one dollar and seventy-five cents, for every

twelve and an half cen s of said quit rent. Discharge III. And be it further enacted, That the discharge mentioned in the 4th mentioned in the fourth section of the act entitled “AR

ci, act for the benefit of insolvent debtors and their cred. how far to itors," passed the third day of April, one thousand discharge petitioners eight hundred and seven, shall extend to and be a from contin :

ill discharge to the petitioner, not only from any debts tics all oth- due at the time of the said discharge, and contracted entered in- for before that time, but also from all liability and re.

iss sponsibility which the petitioner may thereafter incur charge, ex- or be subject to by reason or on account of any bill, enccpt covenants of dorsement, contract, covenant, obligation or engage

ile ment, other than covenants of warranty on the sale of of real es. real estate which the petitioner may theretofore have

drawn, made, entered into or sealed and executed ; and that wherever the said petitioner may have drawn, made, entered into or sealed and executed ary engagement, contract or obligation by which the liability of the said petitioner may depend on a contingency subsequent to his said discharge, it shall and may be law. ful for the person or persons to whom the said petitioner may be liable, to give notice thereof to the assignees mentioned in the said act, at any time before a final distribution of the estate of said petitioner; and such person or persons shall also present to the said assignees, on oath, a statement or account of their contingent claim or demand, and what the same will be in case the said petitioner shall eventually become liable therefor, and upon such claim being made, it shall be the duty of the assignees to retain in their hands so much of the said estate as will be sufficient to pay to the said claimant, in respect to his contingent demand or claim, a proportion of the said petitioner's estate equal to what the other creditors of the said petitioner may have received, or may be entitled to receive, out of the said estate ; and in case the said petitioner would, if he had not been discharged, become liable to pay the said contingent debtor claim, then the A. D. 1811. said monies so retained by the said assignees shall be paid to the person to whom he would so have been liable, otherwise they shall be distributed among the creditors of the said insolvent petitioner as if no such

Uch Proviso claim had been made: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be taken to effect any division or distri. bution of the petitioner's estate which may have been made by the assignees previously to their receiving

"S Fall circuit notice as aforesaid of a contingent claim.

court and IV. And be it further enacted, That the fall circuit orer & tercourt and court of oyer and terminer in and for the bany councounty of Albany shall hereafter commence on the com first Tuesday of October annually.

when to ommence.

166, 168,


ERRAT.A. Page 61, chap. 44, preamble, for Juniar read Junia. 62,

line 2, for Juniar read Junia. 74,

51, at the end of the 1st clause insert next. 108,

last line but one, for unless when in selling the

same truly, read unless in selling the same

when truly. 145,

omit the first line. 156,

83, line 3, for promssory read promissory. 160,

35, omit to after estate.

31, for therein read thereon.
15, omit 80.

20, for Bethel read Bethuel.

30, after have insert continual. 176,

95, 14, for any read every.

12&13, for twenty-four read twelve. 204,

last line, for on read an. 207,

36, for matter read matters. 212,

23, for cost read costs. 218,

37, for prveious read previous. 231,

35, for Shippey read Shipley. 244,

30, after ratio insert in. 249,

4.& 14, for Canisto read Canisteo. 266,

1, after business insert end. 279,

35, after Boston insert John Boston. 293,

preamble, for Rockland and Orange read

Orange and Rockland. 333,

26, after rider insert four. 346,

28, before five omit the. 362,

15, for threr read three. 365,

25, after of insert the. 369,

15, after been omit to. 370,

7 & 8, for Fultoh read Fulton. 381,

17, omit and politic.

2, for road read roads. 418,

last line, for conditionded read conditioned. 425,

2, omit the.


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