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erected on the river St. Lawrence, by a certain act, A. D. 1811. entitled “ an act for opening and establishing a lock navigation on the river St. Lawrence, in the town of Madrid,” passed April 1, 1808, will not be sufficient to compleat the same : Therefore,

I. Be it enacted by the people of the state of New. York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the period limited by the said preceding act, for the com. pletion of the said canal and locks, be extended from the first day of July next, until the first day of Novem. ber, which will be in the year of our Lord one thou. sand eight hundred and twelve, any thing contained in the preceding act, herein before referred to, to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

An ACT to incorporate the Bristol Glass, Cotton and
Clay company in the county of Ulster.

Passed March 1, 1811.
T H EREAS Stephen Stilwell, Nicholas Van

Leuven and Abraham De Witt, and their Preamble. asociates, have represented to the legislature that they intend to establish a manufactory of glass, cotton and clay, in the town of Woodstock, in the county of Ulster, in this state, and have prayed that they may be incorporated ; and it appearing that such manu. factories ought to be encouraged : Therefore,

I. Be it enacted by the people of the State of New. York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That all

Company such persons as now are or hereafter may be stock. incorporat holders in the Bristol glass, cotton and clay company, shall be and are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be one body, corporate and politic, in fact Their style and in name, by the name of the “ President and Di- and corpor

ate rights. rectors of the Bristol glass, cotton and clay company;" and that they and their successors for the term of fifteen years hereafter, shall and may have succession, and shall be persons in law capable of suing and being sued, defending and being defended, answering and be. ing answered unto in all courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of actions, suits, complaints and causes


to be annu. ally elected

A. D. 1811. whatsoever, and of holding and conveying real estate;

and that they and their successors may have a com. mon seal, and may change and alter the same at their

pleasure. 5 directors II. And be it further enacted, That the stock, prop.

medio erty and concerns of the said corporation shall be man.

aged and conducted by five directors, who shall be stockholders, and shall be annually elected on the first Tuesday in May in every year, at such time of the day and at such place in the county of Ulster as a ma. jority of the directors for the time being shall direct; and public notice shall be given of the time and place of holding such election, not less than thirty days pre. vious thereto, in one of the public newspapers printed in the city of New York, and in one printed in the county of Ulster; and the said election shall then and there be made by such of the stockholders as shall attend for that purpose, either in person or by proxy, and all elections shall be by ballot, and the five per

sons having the greatest number of votes shall be di. A president rectors; and the said directors, as soon as may be af. to be elect- ter their election, shall proceed to elect by ballot one odl.

of their number to be their president; and whenever Vacancies or how filled. filedes ariy vacancy shall happen by death, resignation or re.

moval out of the state, such vacancy shall be filled for

the remainder of the year by the remainder of the di.:. rectors for the time being, and that Stephen Stilwell,

Abraham De Witt, Nicholas Van Leuven, Cornelius Legg and Samuel Legg, shall be the present directors, and shall hold their offices respectively until the first Tuesday in May, which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve.

III. And be it further enacted, That in case it should Corporati, at any time happen that an election of directors should on not dis- not be made on any day when pursuant to this act it solved if e. lection be" ought to have been done, the said corporation shall

o not for that cause be deemed to be dissolved, but it

shall and may be lawful on any other day to hold an election of directors in such manner as shall have been regulated by the laws and ordinances of the said corpor

Present di rectors.

not held or a certain



• IV. And be it further enacted, That the stock of the 4. D. 1811. said corporation shall consist of not more than one thousand shares, of one hundred dollars each; and it mount of shall be lawful for the directors to call and demand of the stockholders respectively all such sums of money by them subscribed, at such time and in such proportions as they shall see fit, under pain of forfeiture of their

Shares for shares and all previous payments made thereon, if such feited for payments be neglected to be made for the space of ten non-paydays after the same ought to have been made, and thirty days notice of such call and demand shall be published in the two public newspapers aforesaid.

V. And be it further enacted, That the directors Power of for the time being shall have power to make and pre- the diresscribe such by-laws and regulations as shall appear needful and proper, touching the management and disposition of the stock, property and effects of the said corporation, the duties of the officers, artificers and servants by them employed, the election of di. rectors, and touching all matters which appertain to the concerns of the said corporation, with power to appoint such and so many officers, clerks and servants for carrying on the business of the said company, and with such allowances and salaries as to them shall seem meet: Provided, That such by-laws be not incon.** sistent with the laws of the United States or of this state. • VI. And be it further enacted, That the directors shall annually, on the second Tuesday in April, lay be. Astatement fore the stockholders a general statement of their ac-dicatole counts and the proceedings, which same statement qually laid they shall cause to be lodged with the factor of said stockholdcorporation at least ten days before such annual meet- er ing, for the inspection and examination of the said

stockholders. * VII. And be it further enacted, That the stock of the said company shall be assignable and transferable Stock how according to such rules as the president and directors ferred. shall make and establish, and no stockholder indebt. ed to the said company shall be permitted to make a transfer or receive a dividend until such debts be

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to be trans

on the ap

A. D. 1811. paid or secured to be paid to the satisfaction of the

president and directors. Restriction VIII. And be it further enacted, That the said plieation of company shall not apply any part of their capital to the capital. any other objects than those of manufacturing glass,

cotton and clay as aforesaid. This a pub..

IX. And be it further enacted, That this act be and lie act* is hereby declared to be a public act, and shall in all

cases be construed favorably and benignly for every beneficial purpose therein contained.

CHAP. XXXIII. An ACT for the relief of Jemima Worth, administratrix of John Worth, deceased.

Passed March 1, 1811. D E it enacted by the people of the state of NewSurrogate D York,represented in Senate and Assembly, That may order the sale of it shall and may be lawful for the surrogate of the or timber to county of Washington to order and direct so much of the amount the real property of which John Worth, late of the the purpose town of Easton, in said county, died seised, or of the of paying tim the debts of timber growing thereon, to be sold as will amount to Worth, the sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, for the

the amount


purpose of paying the debts now existing against the estate of the said John Worth, deceased, in the same manner as the said surrogate would have a right to do in and by the twentieth section of the act entitled “ An act relative to the court of probates, the office of surrogate, and the granting of administrations,” if there were no personal property, and in making such order and in directing such sale the said surrogate shall observe the same rules and regulations as he is required to observe by the said section of the act aforesaid : Provided however, That no part of the said lands shall be sold until the timber growing thereon, or such part thereof as the said surrogate shall direct, as will a. mount to the said sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, be first sold ; and in case the said timber should not be sufficient to make the aforesaid sum, then and in that case the said surrogate shall order and direct so much of the said land to be sold as, with the timber a


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: 5 foresaid, will amount to the said sum of three hun. A. D. 1811. dred and fifty dollars, any law, custom or usage in any wise to the contrary notwithstanding : And provided further, That on sale of the timber or land aforesaid the said Jemima Worth shall release to the pur. chaser or purchasers her right of dower to such part of the timber or land as will be necessary to be sold for the purpose aforesaid : And provided further, That the said Jemima, before any such sale shall be by her made, shall execute a bond to the heirs of the said John Worth, with one sufficient surety, for the faithful application of the proceeds of said sale as directed in this act, which bond shall be filed in the office of the surrogate for the benefit of the said heirs : Provided, That upon any distribution of the said person. al estate the money produced by the sale of the said timber or land applied to the payment of the said debts, shall not be deemed to have changed the fund by law liable to the satisfaction thereof.

An ACT to incorporate the Stockholders of the Union
Bank, in the City of New York.

Passed March 8, 1811. TTTHEREAS Amasa Jackson and others, directors of a bank incorporated under an act of p.

Preamble. the legislature of the state of New-Jersey, under the style of the Jersey Bank, have presented a petition, re. questing that they may be incorporated by an act of the legislature of this state, on their surrendering the charter under which they have heretofore carried on their business. And whereas it is represented to this legislature, that the greater part of the stock of said bank is held and owned by citizens of this state, and that its discounts and loans are made principally for the accommodation of the merchants, traders and me. chanics of the city of New-York, whom they will be enabled to accommodate with loans on better terms, should the prayer of their petition be granted : Therefore,

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