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my vote at this election, nor upon any trust or under- "J^i^Jstanding, express or implied, to reconvey such freehold during or after this election, and that I am an actual resident of the ward, (or town of in the county of (as the case may be,) and have not been before polled in any part of this state at this election; and further, that I will true answers make to any interrogatories which shall be put to me by the inspectors of this election, touching the situation and boundaries of such freehold, from whom and by what conveyance I derive title to the same." And that whenever any one shall present himself to give his vote or ballot for members of assembly at any such election, and either of the inspectors thereof shall suspect, or any person entitled to vote for members of assembly in the same town or ward, shall challange him to be unqualified for the purpose, the inspectors, instead of the oath prescribed in the seventh section of the said act, to be tendered and administered to any person so presenting himself to vote for members of assembly, shall tender and administer the following oath, : "I do sol- oath to be emnly and sincerely swear and declare (or affirm,) in^1*^.* the presence of Almighty God, that I am a natural born memi>ersof or naturalized citizen of the state of New-York, or of3356"0''1}one of the United States, of the age of twenty-one years, according to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that 1 am and have been for six months next and immediately preceding this election a freeholder, arid possessed of a freehold in my own right, (or in my wife's right, as the case may be,) of the value of fifty dollars, in the county of (or have for six months next and immediately preceding this election, rented a tenement of the value of five dollars, within the county of and have been rated and actually paid taxes to this state,) and that I am now an actual resident of the ward (or town) of (as the case may be,) and that I have not been polled before in Peraons any part of the said county at this election." And infUBgtor" case any elector shall refuse to take the said oaths or J^,TM0 h affirmations respectively, and shall persist in such re- lose their fusal during such election, his ballot shall not be re-TM"*ceived at such election; and if any elector shall be guil

A D. isu.ty 0f wilful and corrupt false swearing or affirming, in Falses»ear taking the said oaths or affirmations respectively, or in jiwiUhcd as taking any oath or affirmation prescribed by the act perjury, entitled " An act for regulating elections," and the act entitled "An act for regulating the election of representatives for this state in the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States," every such person shall be adjudged guilty of wilful and corrupt perjury, and shall upon conviction thereof suffer the punishment now directed by law in cases of wilful and corrupt perjury, taxes con- II. And be it further enacted, That every person

u*er.CtoUiewno sha11 have been rated and actually Paid highway state for taxes by commutation, or by labor done on the high?ed?° ways, shall be considered as having paid taxes to the state, for the purpose contemplated in the seventh section of the act entitled " An act for regulating elections," passed the twenty-fourth day of March, in the year one thousand eight hundred and one. Blacks or HI- And be it further enacted, That whenever any nmiattos to black or mulatto person shall present himself to vote

produce ...*.. , r . , ,

certificates at any election in this statte, he shall produce to the of freedom. jnSpect0rs or persons conducting such election, a cerificate of his freedom, under the hand and seal.of any one of the clerks of the counties of this state, or under the hand of a clerk of any town within this state, iu what IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and suXSrtif-may be lawful for every black or mulatto person with' procuredbe m state> to make and exhibit proof before any one of the justices of the supreme court, any mayor, recorder, or judge of any court of common pleas within this state, of his freedom, such proof to be reduced to writing and exhibited in the county where the person producing the same shall reside. And provided the said justice, mayer, recorder or judge be of opinion, that the person producing the same is free according to the laws of this state, he shall certify the same in writing, stating therein a brief description of the person so adjudged to be free, his age, the place of his birth, and the time when he became free, as nearly as the same can be ascertained, and it shall be the duty of the said black or mulatto person to cause ^^J" the said proof to be filed, and the certificate of the Certificates said justice, mayor, recorder or judge, to be enteredraredPtobo of record, either in the clerk's office of the said coun- enter<lof ty, or in the clerk's office of some one of the towns in the said county, and a.copy of the said record, certifi- Bi„cksor ed under the hand of the clerk in whose office the m^,"^ same shall be recorded, shall be the certificate of free- from voting dom required by the preceding section, to be produc- ^Vcertaed at all such elections, and unless such Certificateea,eshall be produced, no black or mulatto person shall be permitted to vote at any such election.

V. And be it further enacted,^That the officer taking Feesfortak such proof shall be entitled, as a compensation for jy*^ taking the same, twenty-five cents, and for giving such eertuWe certificate, the further sum of twelve and an half cents,

to be paid by the person applying for the same; and the clerk for filing such proof and recording suoh certificate shall be entitled to such fees as are usual for like services. ''.

VI. And be it further enacted, That every black Black or or mulatto person producing such certificate, shall, if SfchaHcngrequired by any one of the inspectors of such election, ^'"*»-t or if challenged by an elector, make oath or affirma- by oath tion", that he is the identical person named and intended in such certificate, and if any person shall be guilty

of false swearing in taking such oath or affirmation, TMsteoTMe*r he shall be adjudged guilty of wilful and corrupt per-punished as jury, and shall upon conviction thereof, suffer the pun-^"'7 ishment now directed by law in cases of wilful and corrupt perjury.

VII. And be it further enacted. That it shall be law- Persons ful for such justice of the supreme court, mayor, recorder, or judge, on application by any black or mu-*«"«ii latto person, to issue a summons, requiring any per-ritVjih «* son residing within'the county wherein such applica-ff^'" of tion shall be made, to appear and make affidavit of all b'»<* or such matters and things as he or she may know con-roua cerning the freedom of such black or mulatto person;

and whenever any person s?iall refuse to appear and make affidavit in pursuance of such summons, a warAjxi«ti.rant snaii iSSue from such justice, mayor, recorder or i\ , , n judge, to compel his or her appearance, and if on his or pcarC&1'her appearance, he or she shall refuse to make affidaTma'H*'Vli or amrmati°n> as the case may require, of the facts committed which may be within his or her knowledge, touching top"*"" tije matter to be enquired into, he or she may be committed to the common gaol of the county, there to remain without bail or mainprize for a term not exceeding one calender month. Duty of Se- VIII. *lnd be it further enacted, That it shall be the wTt^m «. duty of the secretary of this state, to cause this act to dii«»e*to ^e forthwith printed, and sent by messengers, to be by him appointed, to the clerks of the several counties \ in this state, which clerks respectively are hereby re* quired to cause the same to be forthwith delivered to the clerks of the respective towns in such county, and the amount of such expences as shall be incurred hcreio shall be audited and allowed by the comptroller, and be paid on his warrant, by the treasurer, out of any monies in the treasury not otherwise appropri-. ated.


Thisnctto And be it further enacted, That the secretary

be publish- of this state shall as soon as possible cause this act to be published in all the newspapers printed in the state, and that the said publications shall be continued until the expiration of the next election, and the expences thereof shall be paid as aforesaid.

An ACT to improve the Police of the city of New-
York, and for other purposes.

Passed April 9th, 1811. I. T) E it enacted by the people of the state of New_|_J I orlc, represented in Senate and Assembly, That (mendLa. C0UI"t °f general sessions of the peace in and for eions when the city and county of New-York shall be held on the kng tole nfst Monday in May next, and on the first Monday of Ueij every month thereafter, and may continue and be held every day (Sundays excepted) from the commencement of the same until and including Saturday in the second week thereafter: Provided however, That it shall be lawful for the said court to adjourn on any ^Ji^i^J' day previous to the expiration of the said term. Aldermen

II. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the the>r duty duty of two of the aldermen of the said city to attend j^TM1 TM as judges of the said court, when notified and required A eompenr

• for that purpose by the mayor or recorder, and it shall ^ j^uicd and may be lawful for the common council to provide for their at? a suitable compensation for their attendance. ,c,"!

III. And be it further enacted, That an additional A(Witj0nal special justice for preserving the peace in the city of spceei*1^1" New-York shall be appointed, who shall perform the appointed same duties, possess the same powers, and enjoy the same emoluments as the other special justices for preserving the peace in the said city.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the special jus- f,^1^5" tices for preserving the peace in the said city shall be judge of the ex-oflicio judges of the said court of general sessions fS^TM1*9" in like manner as the aldermen of the said city, and

shall, whenever required by the mayor or recorder, attend the said court in that capacity.

V. And be it further enacted, That in case suchCourtof court of general sessions shall not be formed at any S'may* time by reason of the non-attendance of all or any of^^"'1^ the judges thereof, it shall and may be lawful for the w day tin clerk of such court to adjourn the same from day to"exttclTM day, or until the next term, and that all recognizances aD"°«md and other proceedings shall be continued over accord- P„TMwntiaingly. ued

VI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the Special ju»duty of the said special justices on the first Monday 2^ in January and July in each year, to account upon oath monic? before the mayor, or in his absence, the recorder ofGXc the said city, for all such monies, goods, wares andtw,cea,tar merchandize as shall then be and for six months then

next preceding shall have been remaining unclaimed in the police-ofiice of the said city, and immediately thereafter to give public notice for six weeks in the paper published by the printer to this state, and also in one of the papers printed in the city of New-York, to all persons interested in or claiming said property, to make proof thereof before the said justices on a day

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