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perintendents to secure the payment of the purchase ^^2^' money, and deposited in the comptroller's office, be and the same are hereby ratified and confirmed.

II. And be it further enacted, That the comptroller shall draw his warrant on the treasurer for the amount of the interest due on said mortgages, and on the first day of January in every year hereafter, as the same shall become due on said mortgages in favor of the said superintendents, to be by them applied for the use and benefit of the said Indians, and to account for the same as the law directs.

III. And be it further enacted, That the name of George Crosby, mentioned in the act entitled " an act for the benefit of the Brothertown Indians," passed the 8th April, 1808, shall be deemed and adjudged to be George Crosley.

CHAP. CLXXII. An ACT to amend an act entitledil An act to establish a turnpike corporation in the county of Orange,'''' passed the 4th April, 1800. Passed April 8, 1811. I. IP) E it enacted by the people of the slate of New[3 York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That at the next anniversary day for choosing directors of the company established in and by an act entitled " An act to establish a turnpike company in the county of Orange," passed the 4th of April, 1800, and at every anniversary day thereafter, it shall and may be lawful for the stockholders of the said turnpike to make choice of seven, instead of thirteen directors, for the purpose of managing the concerns of the said company, and that four of the said seven directors shall be a quorum, and capable of transacting the business of the said company, any thing in the said act hereby amended to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

II. And be it further enacted, That every stockholder shall be and is hereby entitled to vote by proxy.

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S^V^ An ACT to appropriate a certain sum of money for the support of the state prison, and other purposes.

Passed April 8, 18111 HEREAS the inspectors and agent of the state prison have, by their reports, recommended to the legislature to enlarge the yard of the southwest wing of said prison, and erect a building for the accommodation of the female convicts, and to raise the wages of the clerk and second keeper:

I. BE it enacted by the people of the state of J\ewYork, represented in senate and Assembly, That the sum of thirty-four thousand five hundred dollars be


oppropnat- and hereby is appropriated for the support of the state portof state P"50"? to De applied by the agent of the said prison, prison. under the direction of the inspectors, in purchasing from time to time such necessary materials and supplies for the use of said institution, and for erecting a building for the female convicts; and to extend the yard of the south-west wing one hundred and six feet towards the Hudson river, and one hundred and nineteen feet along said river, and to erect such docks and improvements as will be necessary to support the same.

II. And be it further enacted, That it shall be law. Agent an- ful for the agent of the state prison, by and with the thm-ised to advice and resolutions of the inspectors, to borrow &;a),ooo. from the .New- York or any other bank, on his note as

agent, from time to time, a sum or sums not exceeding in the whole twenty thousand dollars in one year, which money shall be appropriated to the purchasing of new and other materials for carrying on advantageously the manufactures and other concerns of the prison.

III. And be it further enacted, That the clerk of the Additional state-prison, from and after the passing of this act, salary to shall be entitled to receive the additional salary of, at su keeper, and after the rate of two hundred dollars, and the se

> cond keeper at and after the rate of two hundred dollars a year.

CHAP. CLXXIV. t^v^J" An ACT to amend the act entitled "An act to establish aturnpike company in the c'unties of Orange and fiockland," passed 27th March, 1809.

Passed April 8, 1811.

WHEREAS the commissioners appointed by the act entitled "An act to establish a turnpike company in the counties of Rockland and Orange," passed 27th March, 1809, have by unforeseen obstacles been prevented from fulfilling and carrying into effect the end and intent of the said corporation within the time limited by the act entitled " An act relative to turnpike companies," passed the 13th March, 1807; and whereas some of the said commissioners and others have prayed for a further extension of time to commence and complete the said road: Therefore,

BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York represented in Senate and Assembly, That the time for commencing the operation of the company, and for completing the road authorised to be made by the said corporation, shall be computed from the first day of July next, any thing in the said act hereby amended or the act relative to turnpike companies to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

An ACT to provide against infectious and pestilential

diseases. Passed April 8, 1811.

I. ~¥y E it enacted by the people of the state of New

J3 I ork, represented in Senate and Assembly, That there shall continue to be a health-office in the city of Commissi* New-York, under the superintendence of the board ofhraitu of. health, and three health commissioners, who shall be vce£nJ^j ex-officio members of the said board, which commis- their resisioners shall consist of a health-officer, who shall reside „.uueTMnJ at Staten-Island, from the fifteenth day of April to the first day of November, and the remainder of the year at the city of New-York, and perform all the duties enjoined on him by this act; of a resident physician, who shall reside in the city of New-York, whose duty it shall be to visit all sick persons who may be reported to the board of health, or to the commissioners, conformable

■^JJ-JJH-to the seventeenth section of this act; and of a health commissioner, whose duty it shall be to take charge oi the receipts and disbursments of all monies appropriated to the use of the marine hospital establishment; for the Health com due performance of which he shall execute a bond to to Tvebimd PeoP'e °f thi5 state, with one or more sureties, in with sure- the sum of five thousand dollars, which bond shall be Uet taken and approved by the mayor-or recorder of said city; and further, it shall be the duty of the said resident physician and health commissioner to meet daily at the health office, from the thirty first day of May to the first day of October, with one or more members of the board of health, for the transaction of business, and they shall further perform all other duties required of them by this act; that the said commissioners shall be appointed by the person administering the government of this state, by and with the advice and consent of the Proviso. counc;i 0f appointment: Provided however, That the person now holding and exercising the office of commissioners aforesaid, may continue therein until prov^T others shall be appointed in their stead: And provided further, That it shall be lawful for the mayor, or in his absence, the recorder of the city of New-York, in case of the death or resignation of any of the said commissioners, to appoint a suitable person to supply such vacancy until the sense of the council of appointment shall be declared thereon. y**tonh II. And be it further enacted, That all vessels aruntineof riving in the port ot New-York from any port, island, wor*e- or other place in Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, Ameriea lying south of Georgia, or from any West-India, Bahama, or Bermuda islands, and all vessels from foreign ports having on board forty or more passengers, or on board of which vessel any person shall have died while at a foreign port or on the homeward passage, or shall have been sick on the homeward passage, shall anchor at the place assigned for quarantine, and be subject to die examination of the health officer at any time VMMbMi-tn the year, under the regulations herein prescribed; q'ua'rtnrine ar,d tnat a'l vessels arriving in the port of New-York if thought from any port, island, or other place in the United States expedient. 6QUth Qf Cape Henry, between the thirty-first day of May and the first day of October in any year, shall anchor ^^l^Jat the place assigned for quarantine, and shall be subject to the examination of the health officer, and to such regulations as may be deemed expedient by him, and that any master or commander of a vessel offending in the premises shall be considered as guilty of a misde- Penalty ft* meaner, and on conviction thereof, shall for each offence q^ntine. be fined by any court having cognizance of the same, in a sum not exceeding two thousand dollars, or be imprisoned for a term not exceeding twelve months.

III. And be it further enacted, That whenever a Vcncis vessel shall arrive at the anchoring place for vessels aiZ^M quarantine, from a place where yellow or other pesti- TMd clcanslential fever prevails, or if, during her voyage, any person has died or been sick on board with such fever, the master, owner or consignee shall forthwith, upon the requisition and under the direction of the healthofficer, cause such vessel to be unloaded, cleansed and purified, and that until then no permit shall be granted for her to proceed to the city of New-York; and that every vessel under the above circumstances, arriving between the thirty-first day of May and the first day of October, shall be detained at least thirty days at quarantine after her arrival, and twenty days after her whole cargo has been discharged, and every part of the inside of such vessel thoroughly whitewashed, except such parts as may be painted or varnished, which shall be cleansed as the health-officer may direct, during which time the said vessel shall be as often whitewashed as the health-officer shall judge requisite, but not less than three times, and four days intervening between each time, and wind sails shall be constantly Y^sc,s,rkept in each hatchway, the weather permitting; and ccrtam pcit shall be the duty of the health-officer, whenever he shall judge such vessel to be clean, safe and free from "f^0* infection, to report her and her ballast to the board of health, who shall be authorised to give further directions concerning her; and no part of the cargoes of SSfJJlLj, such vessels shall be conveyed to the city of New-00110 b'

xri -i •• r r 1 1 .» <• eot>ve*ed to

York without a permit in writing from the health-of- New-York ficer, nor shall any of the crew (except the captain, ^k"11

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