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natural gas, and 8,343,300 gallons of natural gasoline and butane, having an aggregate royalty value of $600,200.

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WORK ON PUBLICATIONS Texts.—The publications in the regular series (professional papers, bulletins, and water-supply papers) issued during the year numbered 38, a decrease from the 49 of last year, again reflecting adjustment to a war-curtailed publication schedule. These publications together with 18 miscellaneous publications issued during the year comprise 7,289 printed pages. Work by the editors included: 6,671 pages of manuscript edited and prepared for printing; 431 galley proofs and 2,955 page proofs revised and returned; indexes prepared for 4 publications, covering 632 pages and consisting of 593 index entries. Copy prepared for mimeographing included 92 press releases, consisting of 147 pages, and 76 pages of miscellaneous material.

Illustrations.-Seventeen reports, containing 403 illustrations, were transmitted to the printer. In addition, 37 maps and sections illustrating deposits of essential strategic minerals were prepared for preliminary release, and 210 proofs and 39 edition prints were examined.

Geologic map editing.-Sixty-five geologic maps and diagrams were completed by the new Section of Geologic Cartography, including multicolor maps of the Comstock Lode district, Nev., and the Gouverneur talc deposits in New York. Copy for the geologic map of Idaho was nearly completed, and the Hollidaysburg-Huntingdon folio was finished. Progress was made on the geologic map of the District of Columbia and vicinity and on the preparation of indexes showing published geologic information on each of the 48 States.

In addition to the maps prepared by the Section of Geologic Cartography, the geologic map editor examined and checked 63 maps and figures drafted by the Section of Illustrations for water-supply papers and 70 maps and figures for professional papers and bulletins.

Distribution.—The Division of Distribution received during the year a total of 852 publications, comprising 40 new books and pamphlets and one special reprint of Water-Supply Paper 888 for official use only, 35 preliminary maps and 9 preliminary charts in the oil and gas and war-minerals investigation series, 253 new or revised topographic and other maps, of which 30 maps were first published as preliminary editions, one Tennessee Valley Authority map with contours, 474 reprinted topographic and other maps, and 9 reprinted advance sheets. The total units of all publications received numbered 74,226 books and pamphlets, plus 1,000 copies of the reprint, 14,500 copies of revised index maps, and 2,308,005 topographic and other maps, a grand total of 2,396,731. The division distributed 72,154 books and pamphlets, 722 geologic folios, and 1,155,548 maps,

making a grand total of 1,228,424, of which 678 folios and 1,001,194 maps were sold. The net proceeds (gross collections less copying fees and amounts refunded) from the sales of publications were $56,608.20, including $56,425 for topographic and geologic maps and $183.20 for geologic folios. In addition to this, $20,923.59 was repaid by other establishments of the Federal Government at whose request maps or folios were furnished. The total net receipts, therefore, were $77,531.79.

Division of map reproduction. During the year 80 newly engraved topographic maps, 161 multicolor topographic maps, 44 geologic preliminary maps, and 12 special maps were printed, making a total of 297 new maps printed and delivered. Reprint editions of 393 engraved topographic maps, 8 multicolor maps, and 73 photolithographed State geologic and preliminary and other maps were printed and delivered. Of new and reprinted maps, 771 different editions, amounting to 2,322,779 copies, were delivered. A large amount of work was done for 69 other units of the Government, including branches of the Geological Survey and States, and the charges for it amounted to about $177,000, for which the appropriation for engraving and printing geologic and topographic maps was reimbursed. Transfer impressions and velox prints, numbering 61, were made during the year, and the amount turned over to miscellaneous receipts was $1,129.10. Topographic maps and contract and miscellaneous work of all kinds, totaling 4,776,814 copies, were printed and delivered. The photographic laboratory made 9,647 negatives, 28,673 prints, 3,872 photolith press plates, 238 intaglio etchings, 2 celluloid transfers, and mounted 1,448 prints.

LIBRARY The work of the library during the year was again directed principally toward providing reference material for the war activities of the Geological Survey. The Military Geology unit with a corps of bibliographic aids used the library to the maximum in making a compilation of strategic engineering studies. The total number of readers was 12,000. The total circulation of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and maps was 65,600. Acquisitions of books and serial parts again declined in number to 10,806. More than 6,000 maps were acquired, approximately 5,000 from the Army Map Service. A number of German scientific books and periodicals, chiefly in the fields of physics and chemistry, have been purchased in reproduction through the authority of the Alien Property Custodian. The lesser number of geologic items on the market enabled the library to expend a larger portion of its book funds in building up its collection in chemistry and physics, which was inadequate in many phases of recent research touching on the work of the Geological Survey. Other purchases reflect the emphasis on engineering geology. The Bibliography of North American Geology, 1942–43 is in press. Engraving and printing geologic and topographic maps:


Among the more unusual devices made during the past year by the Division of Field Equipment are the following: A graph subdivider, which is used to convert graphical records of the gage heights of rivers into figures representing the daily mean discharge of such rivers. A tick graduator, which is used for precisely dividing the distances between degree lines on map grids into 60 equal parts representing minutes and cutting the graduations (“ticks”) through the photographic emulsion on glass plates. An attachment for aerial continuous strip cameras whereby distortions in the photograph such as caused by the tilting and dipping of the airplane are largely eliminated. A stereo plotter, which is used to plot onto maps contour lines derived by the floating dot method from vertical aerial photographs. The devices are offering many advantages in their respective fields of stream gaging, mapping, and geologic investigations.


During the fiscal year 1945 there was available for expenditures under the direction of the Geological Survey a total of $12,598,873. Of this amount $6,364,160 was appropriated directly to the Geological Survey, and $6,234,713 was made available by other Federal agencies and by States and their political subdivisions. In addition, $11,800 was allotted from the appropriation for contingent expenses of the Department of the Interior for miscellaneous supplies.

Funds available to the Geological Survey in 1945 from all sources, general administrative salaries:

Interior Department Appropriation Act------------------------- $240,490
Topographic surveys:
Interior Department Appropriation Act---------- $1, 180, 360
States, counties, and municipalities-------------- 330, 575
War Department------------------------------ 1, 149,960
Tennessee Valley Authority--------------------- 76,000
Public Roads Administration-------------------- 57, 487
Miscellaneous repay--------------------------- 209, 992
o 3,004, 374
Geologic surveys: -
Interior Department Appropriation Act---------- 1, 337, 970
States, counties, and municipalities-------------- 65,000
Bureau of Mines------------------------------ 317, 000
Board of Foreign Economic Administration------- 64,000
War Department--------------------- --------- 410, 000
Miscellaneous repay------------- ------------- 9,026

2, 202, 996 Miscellaneous repay--------------------------

Strategic and critical minerals:

Interior Department Appropriation Act---------- $665,
States, counties, and municipalities-------------- 7,
State Department (for work in other American Re-
publics)------------------------------------ 90,
Miscellaneous repay--------------------------- 1,

Mineral resources of Alaska:

Interior Department Appropriation Act---------- 177,
Navy Department----------------------------- 50,
War Department------------------------------ 600,
Miscellaneous repay- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3,

Gaging streams:

Interior Department Appropriation Act.---------- 1, 510,
First Supplemental Appropriation Act------------ 80,
States, counties, and municipalities-------------- 1, 269,
Permittees and licensees of Federal Power Commis-
Sion---------------------------------------- 35,
Department of the Interior:
Bonneville Power Administration------------ 5,
Fish and Wildlife Service-----...------------- 2,
Office of Indian Affairs---------- - - - - - - - - - - 6,
National Park Service----------------------
Office of Land Utilization------------------- 17,
Bureau of Reclamation-------- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 76,
Miscellaneous repay----------------------- 2,
Commerce Department-------------------------
Justice Department----------------------------
Federal Power Commission------------ — — — — — — — — —
Federal Works Agency------------------------- 5,
Board of Foreign Economic Administration------- 4,
Rubber Reserve Corporation--------------------
War Production Board-------------------------
Navy Department----------------------------- 1,
Defense Plant Corporation---------------------- 39,
State Department----------------------------- 53,
Tennessee Valley Authority--------------------- 62,
War Department------------------------------ 918,
Classification of lands:
Interior Department Appropriation Act - - - - - - - - - - 240,
States, counties, and municipalities-------------- 1,
Federal Power Commission---------------------
Miscellaneous repay--------...------------------
Printing and binding:
Interior Department Appropriation Act---------- 87,
Miscellaneous repay---------------------------
Preparation of illustrations:
Interior Department Appropriation Act ---------- 27,

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4,093, 563


87, 524

28, 255

Interior Department Appropriation Act.---------- $235,000
First Deficiency Appropriation Act-------------- 26,000
Miscellaneous repay---------------------- - - - - - 176,227
Mineral leasing:
Interior Department Appropriation Act----------- 557,000
Department of Agriculture---------------------- 1,063
Department of Justice------------------------- 297
Navy Department----------------------------- 20, 825
National Housing Agency---------------------- 24
Office of Indian Affairs-----------------. - - - - - - - 85,000
Reconstruction Finance Corporation------------- 105

Miscellaneous repay--------------------------- 452

Payment from proceeds of sale of water, special account------------

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