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he is placed by the Press, ever ready to give the public what it wants. To be a one column is evidence of a respectable position ; to be reported verbatim the sign and seal of supreme distinction. Lord Rosebery belongs to the very small and select verbatim class ; indeed, there is such eagerness shown on occasions that the demand overleaps the supply, and he is, alas ! credited with more than he has actually said. But reading between the lines is a delicate and dangerous operation which he has himself deprecated, and the reader may be assured that the Appreciations and Addresses are in no sense the result of any imagination, boiling' or otherwise except it be Lord Rosebery's own.

As to the responsibility for this present volume, all that need be said is that Lord Rosebery undoubtedly made the speeches. In such a case as his it is more than the written word that remains ; and, whatever his own personal view may chance to be of the result, the Editor says the conventional, Go, little book.with much more than the conventional amount of confidence.

C. G.

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