Inventories of Goods in the Churches and Chapels of the Hundreds of Salford, West Derby, Blackburn, and Leyland, in the County of Lancaster: Taken in the Year A.D. 1552, Volume 107

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Page 53 - That every member not in arrear of his annual subscription, be entitled to a copy of each of the works published by the Society. 6. That twenty copies of each work shall be allowed to the editor of the same, in addition to the one to which he may be entitled.
Page 53 - Vice-President, and twelve other members, including a Treasurer and Seeretary, all of whom shall be elected, the first two at the general meeting next after a vacancy shall occur, and the twelve other members at the general meeting annually.
Page 54 - Second year (1844-5). IV. The Life of Adam Martindale, written by himself, and now first printed from the original manuseript in the British Museum. Edited by the Rev. RICHARD PARKINSON, BD, Canon of Manchester.
Page 18 - ... all antiphoners, missales, grayles, processionalles, manuelles, legendes, pies, portables, jomalles, and ordinalles after the use of Sarum, Lincoln, Yorke, or any other private use...
Page 34 - A gentlema dwellinge wlhin xvjth myles of you tolde me that he hade 300 whiche came in at the north p'ts, so that there is no wante amongest you and in these pties the Jesuytes and semynarye prestes do vse it for the Instruction of the people, thankcs be to god manye are Reclaimed I have done yor com'endacon to Mr.
Page 23 - ... so many shall be ready to help the priest in the ministration as shall be requisite, and shall have upon them likewise the vestures appointed for their ministry, that is to say, albs with tunicles.
Page 35 - Oxon., то!, i, 385, that he died of cold and hunger in the Gate-house in 1570 or 1571, is incorrect. In the Bodleian is an 8vo edition of his Catéchisme, or a Christian Doctrine, necessarie for Children If ignorant people, printed at Antwerp in 1574.
Page 38 - Item, that when any Christian body is in passing, that the bell be tolled, and that the curate be specially called for to comfort the sick person. And after the time of his passing, to ring no more, but one short peal, and one before the burial, and another short peal after the burial.
Page 33 - Item howe longe is it sithence he went over Sea, and whether he hathe ben in England since he went over first, and in whose companie he was ? 3. Item whether he wente over w"1 Licens or wlbowte and by whose meanes he obtayned licens to passe.
Page 37 - ... Kirby-in-Kendal, which he kept about a year. Upon his death in 1575-6, he left his books at Auckland to his brother Leonard, to the School at Rivington (which he had founded), to the poor collegers, and others. He was one of four successive Lancashire-born Masters of St. John's (two intruders excepted), viz., Thomas Leaver, himself, his brother Leonard, and Richard Longworth ; a state of things which displeased Baker, the college favour running so much towards one quarter, as he complains, "...