Linux for Hackers: Tips and Tricks of Using Linux Theories for Hacking

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Whether you are a Kali Linux beginner or a professional, this book is for you. This book provides a thorough explanation of what Linux is. The explanation in the book starts with the emergence of Linux and how it was developed until the present day. The differences between Linux as it was then and Linux today are explained in detail. 

The book progresses to how to use Kali Linux; the advanced aspects of Linux. Kali is loaded with advanced tools for penetration testing.

Added to these tools are commands that help to make the penetration testing process very easy. Some of these commands include: pwd, whoami, cd, ls, help, locate, find, whereis, grep, cat, mkdir, cp, rm, rmdir, set, and echo. 

This book explains each of the tools listed above and many others. It also examines some basic processes that can help a hacker excel at his or her skills. Using Kali Linux is not only different from using other operating systems but also more advanced than most operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. This book examines the complexities of Kali Linux and provides shortcuts to some of the complexities. 

In this book, you will learn how to install Kali on your system and how to run Kali through a virtual machine. The knowledge of the virtual machine is such that running Kali Linux on the system poses no threat to running other operating systems.

In addition, advanced hacking knowledge, like how to use the host file to direct traffic on your LAN and how you can use the SUID bit to gain access to malicious information like passwords at the etc/shadows, are also provided. With this book, you will learn how to cover your tracks using the rsyslog utility and how to connect and listen to wireless networks. You would also learn how to build your hacking devices, like cameras, for spying and password crackers. All of the provided information and instructions in the book are simple, thorough, and flexible. 

If you’re interested in ethical hacking with Linux and are looking for tips and tricks to help you advance your skills, then this book is for you! Click the Buy Now button to get started.

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