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Eating, Johnson enjoys good eat thing conclusive in his talk,"
ing, and defends it, i. 371.

99; Beauclerk gives Johnson
Eccles, Isaac Ambrose, one of the his Epitaph on a Lady to turn

guests at Boswell's supper party, into Latin, 433 n.
i. 337 n.

Eliot, Mr., afterwards Lord, travels
Ecclesiastical History of England, with Mr. Stanhope, iv. 38, 244;

scheme for, proposed by John. sends Johnson Carleton's Me-
son, i. 394.

moirs, 245.
Eclogues, the earliest English con- | Elliot, Sir Gilbert, his good pro.

tained in Barclay's Ship of nunciation, ii. 157; his beautiful
Fools, i. 215.

ballad, 157 n.
Ecole Militaire, in Paris, ii. 352. Ellis, Jack, the literary scrivener,
Economy and waste cannot be de iii. 73 n.
fined, iii. 276.

- Mrs., on Fanny Burney's
Edial, near Lichfield, Johnson's novels, iv. 369.
school at, i. 61.

Elphinston, Mr. James, publishes
Edinburgh, Johnson arrives at, ii. the Rambler in Edinburgh, i.

157; Johnson's letters to, 158,
Editions, different, of books ought 159, ii. 167; entertains Johnson
to be collected, iv. 203.

and Boswell at dinner, 213;
Education, Johnson on, ii. 25; “I his Martial, a most extraordi-

hate byroads in,” 369 ; influence nary translation, iii. 271.
of, iii. 24; Milton and Locke on, Elrington, Bishop,doubts Johnson's
355; “I am always for get assertion respecting Newton, i.
ting a boy forward in his learn 360.
ing," 377.

Elizabeth, Historical Memoirs of
Edwards, Edward, Johnson writes Queen, ii. 184.

to, introducing Dr. Burney, iii. Ellis, John, the literary money-

scrivener, iïi. 73.
- Rev. J., on free will, iii. Elvira, Mallet's tragedy of, at-
298 n.

tacked by Boswell and two
- Mr., curious meeting of friends, i. 324.
Johnson with, iii. 307 ; praises Elwal, Mr., the heretic, the trial
country life, 308; gives an ac of, ii. 161, 235.
count of his lite, 308, 309; Emigration, discussed at the Club,
Johnson's old fellow-collegian, iii. 249.
iv. 47.

Emmett, Mrs., the actress, iii. 47.
Eglintoune, Alexander, Earl of, Emphasis, Johnson, Garrick, and
his admiration of Johnson, ii. Giffard on, i. 123.
76; shot by Mungo Campbell, Emulation, good effects of, ii. 369.
iii. 212.

Enfans trouvés, visited, ii. 361.
- the Countess of, her regard Engagements, Johnson's journal
for Johnson, iii. 361.

of, iji, 336 n.
Egmont, John, Earl of, his History English poets, Johnson's lives of,

of the House of Yvery, iv. 136. iii. 151 n.
Egotists, four classes of, iii. 198. Engravings, Johnson asks Boswell
Electrical experiments, Miss Wil to procure him portraits of

liams assists Gray, the electri. Scotch men of learning, iv. 192;
cian, in his, ii. 42.

from portraits of Johnson, 108;
Elibank, Patrick, Lord, Johnson's on Mr. W. Smith's list, 412.

high opinion of him, iii. 75; “no. | Entails are encroachments on the

dominion of Providence, iii. 10; | Erskine, Hon. Andrew, i. 324.
Scotch law of, 9, 10 n.; reasons - the Hon. Thomas, his elo-

why entails are good, iii. 18. quence and vivacity, ii. 168 ;
Epigram, Johnson's Latin, i. 43 ; account of, 169 n.

Greek and Latin, to Eliza, 84, Essay on Truth, by Dr. Beattie,
100; on George II. and Colley approved by Johnson, ii. 193.
Cibber, 107; ad Lauram, 114; - on Man, Pope's, statement
ad Ricardum Savage, 118; to that the scheme was drawn up by
Molly Aston, iii. 340 n., to Bolingbroke, iii. 391; partly
the Temple of the Winds in true and partly false, 392.
Moor Park, 369 ; Garrick's, on - on Taste, by Miss Reynolds,
the Dictionary, i. 236; on the iv. 83.
Duke of Marlborough's grand Essays, original, by Johnson, in
bridge over a small rivulet, 35; the Literary Magazine, i. 240;
on the miracle at Cana, 309; on Boswell says the best is that on
a quack doctor, by Garrick, ii. Soame Jenyns's “Inquiry into
54; occasioned by a religious the Origin of Evil,” 246.
dispute at Bath, iv, 212; Greek - on the history of mankind,
Epigrams translated by Johnson by Dr. Dunbar, iii. 420.

during his sleepless nights, 292. - Boswell's, TheHypochondriac,
Epilogue, spoken by the lady who published in the London Maga.

personated the ghost of Hermi zine, iv. 122.
one, by Job nson, i. 28; to the Essex, Lord, his advice to his
Distressed Mother, by Addison, kinsman, “ Rather to go one
134; to Irene, by Sir Wm. hundred miles te speak with one
Yonge, 146.

wise man, than five miles to see
Epitaph, Johnson's, on Philips, i. a fair town,"i. 343 ; supposed to

106 ; on Hogarth, ii. 383; on have been written by Bacon,
Goldsmith, iii. 120; on Parnell, 343 n.
iv. 17; on his Father, Mother, Eton, Boswell sends his eldest son
and Brother, 300 n.

to, iii, 66.
- on Johnson, by Dr. Parr, in Etymologies, Johnson is asked
Latin, iv. 326; from Camden's . How he should get these," for
Remains, on á Very Wicked his Dictionary ? i. 138, 140, 230,
Man, 148; the famous one 231.
quoted by Addison, translated, Eugenio, misquoted by Johnson,
ii. 316 n.

jj. 225; author of, 225.
Epitaphs, Johnson's Essay on, i. Eumelian Club, The, founded by

106; some exaggeration of praise Dr. Ash, iv. 302.
allowable in, ii. 369.

Eupheues, a character in one of the
Equality is obtained in civilized Ramblers, supposed to be from

life by the number of different George Búbb Doddington, i. 163.

kinds of superiority, i. 312. Euripides, quoted on armorial
Erse books, given to Johnson, ii. bearings, ii. 173; Johnson reads,

on the journey to London,
- grammar by Shaw, Johnson 228.
writes the proposals for, iii. 141. Evans, Dr., his epigram on the
- poetry, Boswell thinks there Duke of Marlborough's fine
are some ancient manuscripts of, bridge, iii. 35.
ii. 286; Johnson denies this, - the bookseller, beaten by
287, 288.

Goldsmith, ii. 199.

Evidences of Christianity, dis- | Farmer, Dr., i. 293 n. ; his essay
cussed, i. 341, 360.

on the learning of Shakespeare,
Evil, inquiry into Origin of, by iii. 86; Johnson writes to ask
Soame Jenyns, i. 247.

him for particulars of Ambrose,
Execution of convicts, Boswell con Philips, Broome, and Gray, iii.

fesses he had been present at, ii. 412.

Fast, Johnson's strict, ii. 322.
Executors, Johnson, one of Mr. Father's Revenge, The, a tragedy
Thrale's, iv. 43, 44.

by the Earl of Carlisle, sub-
Expectation to be compared with mitted to Johnson, iv. 175;
experience, i. 254.

Johnson's letter on, 176, 177.
Expenses in Paris, ii. 361.

Faulkner, George, ii. 151 n.
Experiments, Johnson's minute, Feeling, Johnson says, “ Very
iii. 388 n.

feeling people pay you by feei-
Expression, precision and clear ing," ii. 97; The Man of, a novel

ness in, Johnson's attention to, by Henry Mackenzie, published
iv. 130.

by a Mr. Eccles as his own, i.
Expulsion of six Oxford students, 285.

ii. 180; Johnson's happy illus Felixmarte of Hircania, the old
tration of the propriety of this, Spanish romance, i. 22.

Ferguson, Sir Adam, M.P. for
Expunged passnges in the Vicar Ayrshire, ii. 165.
of Wakefield, iii. 370.

- James, the self-taught philo-

sopher, ii. 100; his works re-
Fable, sketch of a, by Johnson, ii. | edited, 101 n.

Ferney, Boswell at, i. 346.
Facts and fiction, Johnson dis. Ferns, Deanery of, Burke calls it
approved the mingling of, iv. a barren title, iv. 34.

Festivals and Fasts, Nelson's, its
Fairy tale, by Johnson, in Mrs. great sale, iii. 42.

Williams's Miscellanies, ii. 42. Feudal system, Boswell argues in
Fairy Queen, Warton's observa favour of, ii. 172.

tions on, published, i. 209. Fiction, not to be mingled with
Falconer, Rev. Mr., a nonjuring facts, iv. 128.
bishop, iii. 366.

Fielding, Henry, i. 123, 193;
Falkland Islands, thoughts on, ii. writes in praise of Johnson's

Life of Savage, 128; and
False Alarm, The, a political Richardson compared, ii. 62,

pamphlet, ii. 112; Johnson's 63, 169; his Amelia, iii. 89.
favourite, 113 n.

- Sir John, brother of Henry
Falsehood, oftener arises from care Fielding, i. 336 n.

lessness than from intentional Filby, John, at the Harrow, in
lying, iii. 246.

Water Lane, Goldsmith's tailor,
Fame, literary, grows more difficult ii. 89.
to attain, ii. 326.

Fingal, poem of, a mere uncon-
Family, respect for, Johnson thinks nected rhapsody, ii. 125, iv. 180.

natural and salutary, ii. 151. Fire, tricks to make the fire burn,
Famine, prophecy of, poem by are they vulgar tricks or philo-
Churchill, i. 333.

sophical expedients ? iii. 393.
Farewell, Johnson's, to Boswell, Fireworks, Johnson at a display
iv. 250.

of, iv. 238.

Fitzherbert, Mr. William, John- | for he tells lies of every body,

son's portrait of, iii. 179, 378; ii. 22, 23 n.; his death, 132;
his suicide, ii. 215.

compared with Garrick, 208,
Flageolet, Johnson buys one, but 209; story of, and Garrick's

never made out a tune, iii. 257. bust, iv, 156; a comical fellow,
Flatman, Thomas, his poems dis. 201.

cussed, iii. 79 n.; Rochester's Foundling Hospital for Wit,quoted,
verses on, 80.

iv. 212.
Flattery, stage, of royalty a mere Foppery, incurable, ii. 126.

formula, ii. 220; pleases very Forbes, Sir William, of Pitsligo,
generally, 331.

his account of the Round Robin,
Fleet Street, preferred by Johnson iii. 121, 122 ; his delight with

to Greenwich Park, i. 366 ; Boswell's Journal, 228 ; his
cheerfulness of, ii. 310.

amusing simile of the bottle of
Flint, Bet, Johnson's account of beer, 89.

her, iv. 56, 57; a verse of her Ford, Sarah, Johnson's mother, i.
Life quoted, ibid. n.

9;“ Parson,” 10, 22, iii. 347; ac-
Flogging, not so common as it was, count of the family of, 9, 10;
ii. 369.

Johnson's uncle, i. 388.
Flood, Mr., the orator, bis endow - Gifford's Life of the Drama-

ment of a professorship of the tist, quoted, on Johnson's know-
Irish language, i. 252; sepul ledge of Greek, iv. 292.
chral verses by, on Johnson, iv. Fordyce, Dr. James, author of

Sermons to Young Women, i.
Floyd, the poor author, who found 314; a Presbyterian, but a

Derrick asleep upon a bulk, i. warm friend of Johnson's, iv.

Floyer, Sir John, i. 55; his asthma - Dr. George, elected member

and long life, iv. 193, 263; his of the Club, ii, 255; present at
book on asthma borrowed by the famous conversation reported
Johnson when at Lichfield for by Boswell, iii. 247.
the last time, 263.

Foreigners, their difficulty in
Fludyer, a fellow student, with writing of a people they are

whom Johnson played draughts, merely visiting, ii. 209; John-
iii. 30.

son's absurd contempt for, iii.
Fontainebleau, visited, ii. 356.

Fool of Quality, novel by Henry Foreboding, Johnson's, nervous, in
Brooke, i. 101.

Paris, ii. 354.
Fool, The, a pamphlet attacking Forster, John, his Life of Gold-

Thomas Hervey, to which John smith referred to, ii. 90.
son wrote a reply, ii. 50.

Foster, Dr. James, an eminent
Fools, Ship of, Barclay's, contains preacher, iii. 432.

the earliest Eclogues in the lan – Mrs. Elizabeth, Milton's
guage, i. 215.

grand daughter, i. 173 n.
Foute, Samuel, called the modern | Fountains, The, à fairy tale, by

Aristophanes, i. 324 n.; threatens Johnson, ii. 13.
to caricature Johnson on the | Former and latter, expressions
stage, 324; Johnson on, ii. 96, much disliked by Johnson, iv.
97 n., 99; not a good mimic, 151, 130.
278;Johnson's description of him, Forster, his Voyage to the South
ii. 111, 112 n.; quite impartial, Seas, iii. 205.

Fortune, a rhapsody by Derrick, 1 ii. 361; “ they have few senti.
quoted, i. 86.

ments, but express them neatly,
Fort,Bourdaloue prêche fort bien, little meat, but dress it well,
et moi bien fort," jj. 226 n.

365 n.
Fothergill, Dr. Thomas, Vice | French, Johnson does not succeed

Chancellor at Oxford, when very well in his attempt to talk,
Johnson received his diploma ii. 88.
of D.C.L , . 303, 306.

- Mrs., the lady at whose house
- John, the quaker physician, Johnson and Warburton met, iv.
ji. 48 n.

Fowke, Mr. Joseph, one of John | Frèron, M. Voltaire's antagonist,

son's early friends, i. 186; John Johnson visits, ii. 354; his son
son gives a sketch of his charac afterwards infamous, 354 n.
ter, iii. 72; and receives a costly Frewen, Dr. Accepted, Archbishop
parcel from, 74.

of York, the supposed author of
Fox, Charles, joins the Literary the Whole Duty of Man, ii. 224.

Club, ii. 255; President, though Friend, Sir John, executed for
absent,of one of its meetings, 318. | high treason, ji. 177.
Johnson's praise of his abilities, Friends, many, are not to be ex-
iii. 277 ; did not talk freely pected, ii. 23; none to be com
before Johnson, 112; returned pared to those of our youth, iii.
for Westminster, iv. 193; the 164; Aristotle's saying, “ He
cry of “no Fox" raised, 204 ; that'has friends has no friend,"
“ has divided the kingdom with iii. 297, 378; list of John.
Cæsar," 216.

son's, given by Francis Barber,
- Lady Susan, married William i. 184, 185.
O'Brien, an actor, ii. 301. Friendship, the wire of life,” i.
France, Johnson's notes of a Tour 235;“should be kept in constant

in, ii. 346, 352-63; “ worse than repair," 235; and love compared,
Scotland in everything but cli ii. 327 ; is absolute agreement
mate," 365; Johnson's dress necessary for ? 175; an ode by
in, 365 n.; Johnson on the state Johnson, 42; “the cordial drop
of literature in, iii. 267.

to make the nauseous draught of
Francis, Mr. Philip, publishes the life go down," iii. 378.
Temple letters, i. 347 n.

- an ode by Johnson, i. 115.
- Rev. Dr., his translation of Frisick, Johnson inquires if there
Horace commended, iii. 353; his are any books in that language,
conversation with Johnson on

i. 378.
the Debates, i. 4:2, 413.

Frugality, Johnson recommends to
Franciscans, The, a profane club, Boswell. iv, 100, 103, 105, 110.
i. 87.

Fruit, difficulty of growing in Scot-
Franklin, Dr., his definition of Man, land, iv. 142; not at all plenti-

as a tool-making animal, iii. 259; ! ful in England, 142.
his translation of Lucian in Frusta Letteraria, Baretti's review
scribed to Johnson, iii. 451.

iii. 199.
Frederick, Prince of Wales, story Fugitive Pieces, published by Tom

of some Memoirs said to have Davies in Johnson's absence, ii.

been written by him, ii. 408-10. · 251; Johnson's account of the
Free-will and predestination dis meeting afterwards, 251 n.
cussed, ij. 88, 103.

| Fullarton, Mr., his travels in India,
French, Johnson's account of the, 1 iii. 353 n.

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