Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 63

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Chetham Society., 1864 - Cheshire (England)

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Page 103 - Elizabeth, by the grace of God Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith etc.
Page 118 - Here the housekeepers met and were merry, and gave their charity. The young people were there too, and had dancing, bowling, shooting at butts, &c., the ancients sitting gravely by, and looking on.
Page 68 - Know ye this, my lord, that I shall be faithful and true unto you, and faith to you shall bear for the lands which I claim to hold of you, and that I shall lawfully do to you the customs and services which I ought to do, at the terms assigned, so help me God and his saints; and he shall kiss the book.
Page 70 - Philip and Mary, by the grace of God, king and queen of England, France. Naples, Jerusalem, and Ireland ; defenders of the faith ; princes of Spain and Sicily ; archdukes of Austria ; dukes of Milan, Burgundy, and Brabant; counts of Hapsburg, Flanders, and Tyrol.
Page 2 - Neither a town nor any tenant shall be distrained to make bridges or banks, unless that anciently and of right they are bound to do it. 24. No sheriff, constable, coroner, or other our bailiffs, shall hold pleas of the Crown.
Page 118 - ... is layd up in store, to defray any extraordinary charges arising in the parish, or imposed on them for the good of the countrey or the prince's service ; neither of which commonly gripe so much, but that somewhat stil remayneth to cover the purse's bottom."* Another says, ;' There were no rates for the poor in -my grandfather's days; but for Kingston St.
Page 35 - ... up, large quantities of corn, or other dead victuals, with intent to sell them again. This must of course be injurious to the public, by putting it in the power of one or two rich men to raise the price of provisions at their own discretion. And so the total engrossing of any other commodity, with an intent to sell it at an unreasonable price, is an offence indictable and fineable at the common law...
Page 118 - Whitsuntide, in their churchhouse and other places there, in friendly manner, to eat and drink together, and liberally to spend their monies, to the end neighbourly society might be maintained ; and also a common stock raised for the repairs of the church, maintaining of orphans, placing poor children in service; and defraying other charges...
Page 34 - King, that no forestaller be suffered to dwell in any town, which is an open oppressor of poor people, and of all the commonalty, and an enemy of the whole shire and country, which for greediness of his private gain doth prevent others in buying grain, fish, herring or any other thing to be sold coming by land or water, oppressing the poor and deceiving the rich...

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