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or town, warn a town-meeting, giving at least eight days notice of such meeting in the manner now provided by law, for the purpose of electing commissioners of schools.

XX. And be it further enacted, That in all cases wnentowivs in which any new town or towns may have been SoE? erected, or shall hereafter be erected, from a part of JjStolf*3 any other town or towns since the census aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the supervisors of such towns, to meet on the day of the month, and at the place directed^ by the law for erecting such town, or at such other time and place as they may agree upon, and shall then and there apportion the money to be divided between the said towns, in the same proportion as the poor of the town, and the money belonging to them, shall be divided.


Page 26, line 15, after beyond insert the.

31, line 21, after be insert deemed.

34, line 28, for lots read /of.

46, chap. 38, line 3, for Samuelt read Samuel.
49, In the note prefixed to the state-prisdn

act, forforegoing read following.
91, line 3, for *Ae# read shall.

142, chap. 82, line 8, of the preamble, for commissioners'

read petitioners.
152, line 10, between north and o/insert line.

192, line 26, after Aa^insert cents.

217, line 8, after at for eacA o/ the gates read

227, sec. 9, line 2, after tnventy obliterated^.

252, chap. 140, line 13, after is insert hereby.

2<>7, last line for nto read unto.

287, line 29, for fore read upon.

293, chap. 161, line 16, after name insert they and) and

for successo read successors.
347, line 27, for or read o/.

359, sec. 13, last line, for services read duties.
368, line 8, after necessary obliterate and, line

9, for town read towns.
395, line 13, for thereon read thereof, line 14,

thereof read thereon.
425, sec. 16, line 5, obliterate art.
428, line 16, for recovered read recovered.

430, sec. 8, line 3, for corded read ceived.
456, chap. 230, in the title, for manufactures read ma-


Albany City, * Age.

Lancaster School Society in, ncorpoiated, 82

Reformed Dutch Church in, allowed to increase its revenue, 151

Dock master to demand tonnage duty of certain vessels, 2o3

Old gaol in, to be used until the new one is completed, 378

Artillery Company in, allowed certain privileges, 482
Trustees of the Lancaster School to receive part of the School fund, 502

Clerk of, directed to enter a minute of the discharge of certain mort-
gages, 382
October term of the Court of Common Pleas altered, 478
Certain powers granted to the trustees of Colonic, *D-


Certain of them authorised to purchase and hold real estate, 488

Allegany County,

Cattaraugus to be annexed to it for county purposes, 232
Monies to be raised in, to open a voad round the Falls of Jiunda, ib.

American Insurance Company

Incorporated, 383

Arcularius, Philip 1.

Certain expenses incurred by him to be paid, 481

Arms, Armorers, Arsenalssee Frontiers.

Artillerysee City of Albany.
Assistant Commissaries of Military Stores,

Two to be appointed, • - 245

Additional allowance of the Speaker and Members, 474


His duty relative to School-Fund mortgages, 7
relative to the bail of Thomai H. Rawson, 16

Baldwin, Samuel S.

Act for his relief,

Ballston Lake.

Commissioner* for Lowering it allowed a longer time to account,


Bank of Utica incorporated,

Bank, of America incorporated,

lis banking-house fixed,

Comptroller directed to subscribe to its stoek,

Do. to borrow §1,000,000 from it,
New-York Manufacturing Company to use part of their capital in

the ordmary business of banking,
City Bank of New York incorporated,

Banks advancing money to open a road fr om Albany to the river

St. Lawrence to be repaid by the state,
Banks authorised to purchase United States stock,

Bartow, Anthony.

Lands to be granted him and Charity Wright,

Bedford, Smith,

Authorised to alter his name,

Beers, Trumansee Loans.
Benevolent Societiessee Societies.
Belsharv, Thomas

Act for bis relief and others,

Bicknell, Bennet

His allowance for attending at the trial of John Martin,

Black River,

Toll-bridge to be built over the'

Time for completing its navigation extended,

Black Rock.

Ferry at, to be leased,

Bog Meadows.

Provision made for draining them in Sullivan county,

Boquet River,

A dam to be built across it,

Breese, Arthur

Money to be paid him,

Brewster, Henry

Lands to be granted him,


Additional number of firemen may be elected in the fire district of

Broome County.

Water-street, in Chenango, to be laid out 60 feet wide,
Town lines in to be altered.

Oyer and Terminer Court in may be omitted in 1812,

Brown, George

Act for bis relief as executor of Arnold Potter,

Bunnel, Chester

Act for the relief of his heirs, 201

Byrne, Patrick

Act for his relief, 418


Mohawk bridge company, act incorporating it amended, 9
Mohawk river, act authorising a toil-bridge to be built over it

amended, 15
Esutchester bridge company incorporated, 23
Generee river, act fov building a bridge across it amended, 81
third section of repealed, 366
Schoharie Creek, toll-b"ids;e to be built over it by Allyn Turner, 92
Ausable rive:, bridge to be built across it, 152
B ixck rive:, toll-bridge, 181
Union bridge, across the sound between Staten Island and New-
Jersey, 203
Canton bridge company, act amended, 214
Tioghniojra branch of Chenango river, toll-bridfre, 224
Cattaraugus creek, toll-bridge to be built over it by J. Mack, 234
Cayuga bridge company, charter extended, 239
Sacondago bridge (and turnpike) 290
Schagticoke Point and Valley bridge companies, allowed to increase

their tolls, 416

Hoosack bridge, materials procured for erecting it may be sold, 41T

Union bridge across the Oswego river, 447

Croton river, appropriation made to build a bridge over it, 486

Canada Thistle,

Provision made for destroying it,


Time of holding town meetings in altered,

Canesteo River,

A dam to be built across it,


Penalty for spiking or injuring those belonging to this state,


Society for the promotion of useful arts to have a room in the,

Cdtlin, Phineas

Certain monies due him to be paid,

Cattaraugus County,

Annexed to Allegany for county purposes,'
Inhabitants of exempted from juries in certain cases,

Cayuga Bridgesee Bridges.
Cayuga Reservation,

Act for the relief of settlers on the

Chenango County,

Wme of holding courts in, altered)

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