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give any permission to sell any lease, or underlet the premises in any lease contained, or any part thereof, until all arrears of rent upon any such lease shall have been paid.

XII. And be it further enacted, That if the spring

or springs on any salt lot shall yield more water than STS?^ is necessary for the manufactory established on said10 otb"lou' lot, it shall be lawful for the lessee or lessees of any adjoining lot or lots, to lead the surplus water to his or their manufactory; and if such surplus should exceed the quantity required on such adjoining lot or lots, the residue may be led to the next adjoining lots, and so successively from lot to lot until the whole surplus shall be exhausted; and if any controversy shall arise in the premises, the superintendent shall determine the same, and his decision shall be final and conclusive between the parties.

XIII. And be it further enacted, That if any salt^^ shall be fraudulently made or offered for inspection, containing dirt, filth, stones, or any other substance mixed therewith, and being of a very bad quality, it shall be the duty of the superintendent and his deputies to destroy such salt and the casks containing die^ same.

XIV. And be it further enacted, That each manufacturer shall keep one good pan or ladle for every tw< £S5l«?»* kettles he may employ, for the purpose of removing 1*Ue' the feculent matter during the process of making salt;

a; id that for every day's neglect in this respect, the manufacturer shall forfeit and pay the sum of twentyfive cents for every such deficiency.

XV. And be it further enacted, That it shall be Sun>iai w»lawful for the lessees and manufacturers on the salt lots TMrtenT laid out at the village of Geddes, to carry to such salt S^,.to lots by an acqueduct or trench, any surplus salt water

on any lot at the village of Salina, and not used at the manufactories in said village; and it shall be lawful further to lead, take and carry such acqueducts in, through and across any of the marsh land leased by the people of this state, paying to the lessees the damage which may be occasioned thereby, which damages shall be ascertained in the same manner as ihe damagcs are by law assessed in the laying out of highways; and in case of any .deficiency of water to supply all the manufactories, such aqueducts and manufactories shall have preference according to the seniority of their erection, whether erected before or after the passing of this act; and further that such aqueducts shall be considered real property, and the owner or owners thereof shall be entitled to recover treble damages in an action of trespass against any person or persons cutting, boring or otherwise injuring the same.

XVI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the superintendent to give directions from StMbS* time to time respecting the cutting of timber and wood on said reservation, and to determine the parts or places on said reservation where the timber and wood may be cut for the use of the salt manufacturers, and the size of the wood or timber so to be cut; and also to direct in what places the wood and timber shall be preserved for growth, and where it shall not be cut; and if any lessee, manufacturer or other person shall fell any timber or wood, or shall take and carry away any timber or wood, saplings or poles, from any place or places where the superintendent shall have directed the timber and wood to be preserved for growth, each and every person so offending shall forfeit and pay the sum of five dollars for each offence, and treble the value of such timber, wood, saplings and poles so cut and carried away.

. XVII. And be it further enacted, That if any person dwro^iilir or persons shall cut or destroy any timber or wood, limbtI' saplings or poles, standing or growing on said reservation, or shall carry away any timber, wood, saplings or poles which may be lying on the lands in said reservation, each and every person so offending shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars for each offence, and treble the value of the timber, wood, saplings and poles, so cut, destroyed or carried away, and shall also be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and being thereof convicted by due course of law, shall be punished by imprisonment, not exceeding six months, at the discretion of the court before whom such conviction shall be had: Provided ahvays, That nothing in' this sec

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tion contained shall be construed ,tt> extend to any person cut ing or carrying any timber, wood, saplings or poles for the erection or use of the manufactories, or for the use, on the reservation, of persons lawfully residing thereon. •'

XVIII. And be it further enacted, That the super- Snp mmMl intendent of the salt springs, for the time being, shall , be considered as in possession ot all the lands on said tan* oo reservation belonging to the people or this state ; and ti0B

in case any person is or shall be in possession of any of said land, by intrusion or otherwise," without title, the said superintendent is hereby empowered to insiitute and maintain an action of trespass, or of trespass and ejectment, against such person, and also to institute and maintain such proceedings against him for the taking or detaining the possession of said land as is given to the owners of land in and by the act, entitled " An act to prevent forcible entries and detainers,'' and the superintendent is hereby also empowered, at his discretion, to issue his warrant to any constable of the town of Salina, him commanding to take and remove from the said reservation, any person or persons who shall be residing thereon by intrusion, without a permit or license, in writing, from the superintendent, which warrant such constable is required to execute.

XIX. And be it further enacted, That the superin* tendent and his deputies, and any other, person by the „ superintendent appointed in writing, is hereby empowered to enter upon any land belonging to the peo- B1'n^en

le of this state on said reservation, which shall have een intruded upon by any person, and who shall have quitted his possession and left the same vacant, and having so entered, to tear down anfl destroy the buildings and fences on said land so intruded upon and left vacant. • , ,

XX. And whereas the village of Geddes as heretofore laid out by the superintendent, is found by experience to be improperly and mcqnveniendy situated} to remedy which,

Be it farther evicted. That the superintendent is 5itl5 hereby authorised and empowered, by and with the TMJ">e'»'"T. consent of the purchasers of the village lots in the viU


lage ofGeddes, to lay out on the turnpike road, a I tic westerly of the present village lots, near the dwd ling-house now or lately occupied by by Jacob J. Van der Wcrden, the same number of village lots as a: now laid out in said village of Geddes, each of whid to contain the same quantity of land as the present n lage lots, and to exchange one of the village lots sol be laid out for each of the village lots heretofore hi un maybe < ;ut and sold; and in cases where the purchaser a exthanged. pUrc|jasers Qf anv sucn village lot have already it

ceived a deed of the village lot by him or them purch sed, the superintendent shall take a deed or re-ca veyance to the people of this state from such purely ser or purchasers of such village lot, and shall, in Is half of the people of this state, execute and deliveri exchange, a deed to said purchaser or purchasers one of the village lots so to be laid out, and which 1 or they shall have agreed to receive in exchange; afl in cases where no deed has yet been given to the pfl chaser of any of said village lots by him purchased, the superintendent is hereby authorised and empowered to receive back and cancel the contract madij with such purchaser for such lot, and to execirti and deliver to him a new contract of the same date, tenor and import, and with the same conditions and provisions with the contract so received back and Cancelled, for one of the village lots, so to be laid out, and for which said village lot mentioned in the present existing contract shall be exchanged: P*\ p»vuo. vided always, That the superintendent shall not execute and deliver to any purchaser or purchatfR of a village lot, a deed of any of the village lots to be laid out by virtue,,of this act, until the said purchaser or purchasers shall produce to him full pai that the title of the lot, for which the village lotto Be laid out shall be exchanged, is in the said p! chaser or purchasers, free and clear from all m gages, judgments, liens and incumbrances whatrvi r.meextra- XXI. And be it further enacted, That the time fa S^plj-TM1* tne payment of the purchase money of the village SKntots.' m tnc visages of Liverpool and Geddes, as to one h the balance now due thereon, is hereby e,

the first day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirteen, and as to the residue, to the fit st day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fourteen, any thing in any former law to * the contrary notwithstanding; and the superintendent is hereby empowered, on the receipt of the purchase money and interest due on any of said lots, to give deeds of such lots so paid for, in behalf of the people of this state, to the respective purchasers, at any time on or before the said first day of January, in the year last aforesaid.

XXII. And be it further enacted. That the leases .

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of the five acre or small pasture lots, heretofore leased "jTM^* by the superintendent of said salt springs, to such Ies- » »* sees of salt lots, whose leases of sucli salt lots have been adjudged to be valid by the commissioners appointed by and by virtue of the act of the legislature respecting said salt springs, passed April 5th, 1810v are hereby confirmed and declared to be good and valid, until the twentieth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight; and it is hereby made the duty of the superintendent, so soon as may be after the passing of this act, to. lease, to the twentieth of June, one thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight, the residue of the five acre lots laid out lundaehow by James Geddes before the first day of March, one tobolcMedthousand eight hundred and eight, to the occupiers and claimants of said lots respectively; and to cause to be laid out on the feasible or upland, in places the most convenient to the villages of Liverpool, Sajina and Geddes, so many seven acre lots as shall be sufficient, and to let one of said seven acre lots to the lessee or lessees of each of the salt lots of which a lease was awarded by the aforesaid commissioners* excepting such persons as are entitled to a five acre lot by virtue of this act, and also to give a lease to Freeman Hughes F. Hughes of the salt lot at Geddes village, on which he hath STr 'iot erected a salt house, and also a seven acre lot, on the in aed** same terms and conditions on which leases have been given to other lessees; all which leases to be given by virtue hereof, shall expire on the twentieth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight.

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