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tice being given to him or them by the master or owner of any vessel having necessary business or occasion to pass the said bridge, by blowing a horn or otherwise, such person or persons so attending the said bridge shall immediately open, or cause to be opened, the said draw, and shall permit every such vessel to pass through the said draw unmolested and freely as aforesaid; and when any vessel shall be unnecessarily detained from passing through the said draw for more than ten rniThe«>mp«. nutes, by the refusal, neglect or delay, of any person

By shall pay '* ,.' P • a i_ • j 1 • i

**?Jbr - or P^rsons so attending the said bridge, the said corned ionu-" pany shall pav to the owner or master of such vessel, lecttoopen so unnecessarily detained, the sum of five dollars for every ten minutes such vessel shall be so unnecessarily detained beyond ten minutes before mentioned, which sum or sums shall be paid upon demand, to be made Masters and of the president of the said company; and the owner or vessels to master of any vessel at whose request the said draw 5StsJiii-'1 shall be opened, shall use all due diligence and expedi■enee' tion in passing such vessel through the said draw, and JntoweTd" sna^ Pav to tne sa"i company five dollars for every ten '/douarTto' minutes of unnecessary delay in passing such vessel tnecompany trough the said draw, after the-said draw shall have been opened to permit her to pass through it; which sum or sums shall be paid upon demand to be made of the master or owner of such vessel, by an authorised officer or agent of the said company.

V. And be it further enacted, That as soon as the ofw&L sa"* Dr^Se snau Oc finished, and the judges of the court tercoumyto" of common pleas in and for the county of Westchester, juwStU" or a majority of them, shall, upon inspection, have cersufflcleMiyB tified under their hands that the said bridge is well and constructed. sufgcjeritjy constructed and built, and will admit the passage of loaded teams and other carriages, and is in all things conformable to the true intent and meaning of this act, it shall and may be lawful for the said company to erect a gate at or near the said bridge, and to exact and demand of all persons passing the said bridge a toll to be received and taken for the use of the^aid company, to enable them to keep and maintain the said bridge in repair, which toll shall not exceed the folio wnatej or toiling rates, to wit: For every stage-waggon, drawn by two or more horses or mules, twelve and an half cents; for every four wheel pleasure carriage, with two or more horses, twelve and an half cents; for every two wheel pleasure carriage or sleigh, and horses or mules, six cents; for every waggon and horses or mules, other than stage-waggons, four cents; for every man and horse or mule, two cents; for every ox-cart with oxen, four cents ; for every market sleigh or sled and horses, or mules or oxen, four cents; for every cart with one horse or mule, three cents; for every ox, bull, cow, steer, mule or horse, led or driven loose over the said bridge, one cent; for every score of sheep or swine, two cents, and in that proportion for a greater or less number of them.

VI. And be it further enacted, That Herman Le Roy President shall be president, and John Hunter, Richard Ward," John Bartow, Elbert Roosevelt, Daniel Pelton and Joshua Hustice, directors of the said company, until an election for directors of the said company shall be held according to the provisions of this act.

VII. And be it further enacted, That as soon as the me said bridge shall be finished, the said company shall E^TSf* render to the Comptroller of this state an account of the

costs thereof, and that they shall annually thereafter "r^S'^

render him a full and just account of all monies receiv- Anda ed by them for tolls for passing the said bridge, and oi 'r^eerTMfttr all expenditures to be made by them in repairing and ^S1^ maintaining the said bridge, to the end that if it shall be ^gjg1 found that the rates of toll hereby established shall be more than adequate to the repairs of the said bridge, the said rates of toll may be reduced in such manner as the Legislature may from time to time think proper and expedient.

VIII. And be it further enacted, That the proviso T^ptm"0 contained in the seventh section of the act, entitled "an ,miTM°£t* act for improving the road from E^istchester to Byram," «Pe«j«i. be, and the same hereby is repealed: Provided, That Pmrao.

it shall not be lawful to erect the most easterly gate therein mentioned to the eastward of the dwelling-house of Thomas Theall, in Rye.

IX. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the company incorporated by the last mentioned thebrid^L* act to discontinue the draw in the bridge across EastStog d«. Chester creek, at Fisher's Landing, directed by the said continued, act to be maintained in the said bridge. tbit u a X. And be it further enacted, That this act be, and i>ubucact. same is hereby declared to be a public act.

An ACT for the relief qf Abraham De Mott.

Passed March 6, 1812.

BE it enacted by the people of the state of NewYork, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the commissioners of the land office are hereby directed and required to issue U tters patent to Abraham De Mott, for one hundred and fifty acres of land, part of lot number nine; and one hundred and ten acres of land, part of lot number fifty-five, in the township of Ovid, in the county of Seneca, belonging to the people of this state, or so much of the said land as the said commissioners of the land shall deem a reasonable compensation for one-fifth of a tract of land situate in the county of Ontario, containing one thousand acres of land granted by the state to Thomas Harding, Benjamin Hornbeck, Lawrence Kortright, David Smith and John English, the title to which was not in the state at the time of said grant, as it was included in land before ceded by this state to the state of Massachusetts: Provided, That the said Abraham De Mott produce to the said commissioners of the land office satisfactory evidence that he has a regular title for the one-fifth of the said one thousand acres of land, under the grant made by the state of the same to the said Thomas Harding, Benjamin Hornbeck, Lawrence Kortright, David Smith and John English: Provided always, That no compensation has heretofore been made for the said lands to the said Abraham De Mott, or to any person from whom he derives title.


An ACT authorising the commissioners to lay out a certain Highway in the town of Hadley.

Passed March 6, 1812.

BE it enacted by the people of the state of NewYork'i represented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for the commissioners of highways of the town of Hadley, and they are hereby authorised to lay out a public highway, leading from the highway near the dwelling-house of Ichabod Peck, in said town, commonly called the Mountain Road, eastwardly to the Hudson river, of the width of two rods, and no more.


An ACT to amend an act, entitled "an act to tegulatc


Passed March 6, 1812.

BE it enacted by the people of the state of NewYork, represented in Senate and Assembly, That so much of the act hereby amended as declares the Canaseraga and Chitteningo creeks, south of the Seneca turnpike road, and so much of mud creek as passes through the towns of Palmyra and Lyons, from the east line of township number twelve, in the third range, to the centre line of township number twelve, in the first range, public highways, be, and the same is hereby repealed, any law to the contrary notwithstanding.


An ACT to incorporate "the Poughkeepsie Humane Society."

Passed March 6, 1812.

WHEREAS Henry A. Livingston, George Bloom and others, inhabitants of the town of Poughkeepsie and its vicinity, in the county of Dutchess, have associated as a society, under the name and style of "the Poughkeepsie Humane Society," for the laudable purpose of relieving the wants of those who are not immediately the subjects of legal charity; of removing, as far as may be, the causes of distress, and of making provision for Ihc education of poor children, and by their petition to the Legislature have prayed to be incorporated: Therefore,

I. Be it enacted by the people of the state of JVervroupMieep- York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That the soc«ty in- said Henry A. Livingston, George Bloom, Cornelius C. Cuyler, Daniel H. Barnes, James Tallmadge, junior, Teunis Van Kleeck, Henry Dodge, Levi McKeen, William Plummer, Peter B. Morgan, Amaziah Wright, John E. Pells, John Cooper, Nathan Myers, David Brooks, Isaac Mitchell, Daniel Williams, Robert Forest, Samuel W. Kelly, Thomas W. Tallmadge, Jabish Bosworth, James Willson, David Carpenter, Abraham G. Storm, John L. Fonda, Samuel Mulford, John Johnston, Ezra Thompson, junior, JoN seph A. Bostwick, Richard Whiley, Daniel Coolidge Thomas J. Oakley, Richard James, Philo Ruggles, Nathan Conklin, junior, John Reed, Abraham Bockee and their present associates, and all persons who shall hereafter become members of the said society, shall be and are hereby ordained, constituted and declared, to be one body corporate and politic, in fact and in name, by the style of "the Poughkeepsie Humane Society,"' tf-uaiion'of until the first day of January, in the year of our Lord Aexxdety. Qne thousamj eight hundred and forty, and that by that name and style they and their successors shall and may have succession, and shall be persons in law capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, itsrrrpo- answering and being answered unto, defending and be^ rate lw»ers. ino. defended, in all courts and places whatsoever, in all manner of action and actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes whatsoever.; and that they and their successors may have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at their pleasure; and also, that they and their successors, by the name of "the Poughkeepsie Humane Society," shall be in law capable of purchasing, holding and conveying, any estate, real or personal, for the use of the said corporation: Provided, That Jvoviso. tjie jan(|Sj tenements and hereditaments, which it shall be lawful for the said corporation to hold, shall be only such as shall be requisite for the purpose of erecting a house or hall thereon, in which to meet and to transact

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