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man of Mugginton, the adjoining parish, Two planters having called at a tavern

for preaching a sermon in it on the last in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, and Sunday in every month. The following drank a bottle of wine together, when lines, allusive to this marvellous tale, are about to depart, both insisted on paying « John Brown, being full of years and

inscribed within the chapel: the bill. The one putting a two dollar

full of evil, piece on the table, swore dreadfully that his friend should be at no expence; the Instead of haltering his horse, he hal.

ter'd the Devil!” other jocularly said, “That two dollar piece is a bad one,' on which he swore more vehemently. The mistress of the Apechanic's Dracle and Domestic house, a Miss W-, hearing what

Ouide. passed, came forward, and begged to examine the money, promising to inform them, in a few minutes, whether or not

CHINESE METHOD OF MAKING it was good. Returning soon after, she,

SHEET-LEAD. in the most polite manner, laid the piece before them on a card, written as fol

THE Sheet-Lead which comes from lows:

China is manufactured in a way not It chills my blood to hear the blest generally known in this country. The Supreme

operation is couducted by two men. One Rudely appeal'd to, on each trifling is seated on the floor, with a large flat theme--

stone before him, and with a moveable Maintain your rank, vulgarity despise, flat stone-stand at his side. His fellow To swear is neither brave, polite, nor workman stands beside him with a wise.

crucible filled with melted lead, and You would not swear upon a bed of having poured a certain quantity upon death:

the stone, the other lifts the moveable Reflect; your Maker now could stop stone, and dashing it on the fluid lead,

presses it out into a fat and thin plate, The planters read it with astonishment; which he instantly removes from the and the one who had sworn, owned, stone. A second quantity of lead is

He was justly and properly reproved poured in a'similar manner, and a similar by a female, and would, in future, be plate formed; the process being carried more guarded in his expressions.' T. M. on with singular rapidity. The rough

edges of the plates are then cut off, and THE DEVIL.

they are soldered together for use. Between Ashbourne and Derby there

APPLE BREAD. stands a mean-looking chapel of the Established Church, called “ Halter A very light pleasant bread is made Devil Chapel.” The story told in the in France by a mixture of apples and neighbourhood respecting its erection is Aour, in the proportion of one pound of no less singular than its name and ap- the former to two of the latter. The pearance. A man named Brown, of bad usual quantity of yeast is employed as in character, having to go a journey very making common bread, and is beat with early, went to catch his horse, when by flour and pulp of the apples after they some means he caught the DEVIL, who have boiled, and the dough is then con. broke loose and vanished in a flash of sidered as 'set ; it is then put up in a fire! This incident had such an effect proper vessel, is allowed to rise for eight upon Brown (as well it might), that he or twelve hours, and then baked into built a chapel on the spot, and left twelve long loaves. Very little water is requipounds for ever, secured upon property site

; none, generally, if the apples are in Derbyshire, to be paid to the clergy- very fresh.

your breath.

MR. WRIGHT having purchased of the Proprietors of the HIVE, the entire Copyright of that Work, an amalgamation of the iwo works will take place in our next sheet. The advantage to our kind readers will be, that by an immediate increase of Subscribers, we shall be enabled to purchase valuable original matter, intermixed with articles from the pens of popular writers in our country.--EDIT. LONDON:-WILLIAM CHARLTON WRIGHT, 65, Paternoster Row, and may be had of all Booksellers and Newsmen.

SEARS, Priuter, 45, Gutter Lane, Cheapside.)

The Portfolio,





No. CII. (Or No: 18.0f] FORMING ALSO No. 119 of the HIVE.




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Glee Singing

Contents. Memoir of Hogarth

274 The Varmint Method of proceeding Memoirs of 1824 275 to the Degree of A.B.

283 Farewell to Twenty-four 278 Chronology of 1824

285 Song ... ib. Prophecies for 1825..

286 Sympathy ib. History of Cooking

ib, 279 Anecdote of Handel...

287 Leading Article

Anecdote of Colonel Bosville Great Jiboya of Java 280 Dinner Invitations....

ib. The Test of Love

...... 281
To Correspondents ..............

ib, Note.—The generous Patrons of the HIVE will be gratified by our Publisher connecting their previous numberswith the addition of much talent-to this work.


...... ib.

...... 288

with a view of fixing the factuating MEMOIR OF WILLIAM HOGARTH.

ideas of taste. WILLIAM HOGARTH was born in West By the resignation of his brother-inmoreland, in 1698, and apprenticed to law, Thornhill, Hogarth, in 1757, obtaioa silversmith in London, with whom he ed the place of serjeant-painter to the entered upon that branch which consists king. This connexion with the court, in engraving ciphers and arms upon probably induced him to engage against plate. This occupation gave him a turn the patriotic champion Wilkes, and his for drawing; and before his appren- friends, in a print entitled “The Times, ticeship expired he exhibited a singular published in 1762. Some strictures talent for ludicrous caricature. At the upon him on this account in a North expiration of that period he entered an Briton produced his caricature of academy for drawing and design.

Wilkes. Tbis occasioned an angry An edition of Hudibras afforded him epistle to the painters by Churchill; and the first subject suited to his genius; he Hogarth retaliated, in a caricature of afterward obtained considerable 'em- the poetical divine. On this occasion ployment as a portrait-painter. His ta- the Earl of Orford observes, in his Hislents for original comic design gradu. tory of Painting, “ Never did two anally unfolded themselves, and on seve- gry men, with great abilities, throw ral public occasions he produced proofs mud with less dexterity.” of his ludicrous powers. In 1730, he His powers were still unimpaired, for formed a clandestine marriage with the he had shortly before produced one of only daughter of Sir James Thornbill, his capital works, a satirical print the painter, and soon after commenced against the Methodists. From this year “ The Harlot's Progress,” his first a decline in his health took place, great series of moral paintings. Some which, October 26, 1764, terminated in of these pieces were designedly put in his sudden death at his house in Leicesthe way of his father-in-law, in order ter Square, owing to the rupture of an to reconcile him to a match which, from aneurism in his chest. He was interred the obscurity of the object of his daugh- at Chiswick under an elegant mausoter's choice, he had been' led to disap- leum, of which we have given a correct prove. His observation on seeing them representation taken on the spot. On was, “ The man who can produce such the north front are the celebrated lines works, can maintain a wife without a on Hogarth written by the equally celeportion.” He was reconciled, however, brated Garrick : soon after, and the young couple were brought home to his house,

“ Farewell, great painter of mankind, Harlot's Progress” proved so popular,

Who reach'd the noblest point of art, that a pantomime founded on it was

Whose pictured morals charm the mind, successfully represented on the stage.

And through the eye correct the heart. This, with several subsequent perform: “If genius fire thee, reader, stay, ances failed not to place him in the first class of original genius and invention. If neither move thee, turn away,

If nature touch thee, drop a tear ; He may be said to have created an entirely new species of painting, wbich

For Hogarth's honour'd dust lies here." may be termed the “moral comic,” as Above this, prettily grouped in reliero, his pieces are all lectures of morality. are an open volume, inscribed, “The Of his works in series, besides the Har. Analysis of Beauty;" to the left, an oak lot's Progress, there are, “ The Rake's branch; and to the right, on a restingProgress," " Marriage a- la - Mode,” staff, is suspended a laurel wreath, with “ Industry and Idleness,”. “ The Stages other implements characteristic of the of Cruelty," and a set of election prints. profession. On the east front is an inAfter having acquired deserved reputa- scription intimating the time of his tion in his proper walk, Hogarth at. death, surmounted by the arms of this tempted to shine in the brightest branch illustrious artist. Those of various of the art, and prodaced several unsuc- branches of his family, appear in appocessful specimens in historic painting site situations on other parts of the mau. A Sigismunda, which was to rival the soleum. From one of them we find that Italian school, proved, according to Jane Hogarth, his wife, died Nov. 13, Lord Orford, “ more ridiculous than 1789, and lies buried beside her distinany thing he had ever ridiculed.”... In guished spouse.. 1953, he produced a work entitled, The Analysis of Beauty," written

J. B-N.

" The







- The spirit of the Magazines. The Sunday Times sold on the day of

the trial. Gill's-hill-lane stripped of NEMOIRS TO SERVE FOR A HISTORY tears observed on the faces of under

its hedge by way of memento. Iron OF THE REIGNS OF THE TWELVE sheriffs and jailors; and locks of hair MONTAS BELONGING TO THE EX exchanged with turnkeys.

February opened with fogs, and Par1824.

liament opened with a flourishing exTAE year commenced with a comet, posé from the throne : many loans of which was visible to early risers, and various kinds started by Greeks, and by the parhelion of a star of the first supported by simpletons : disinclination magnitude in the musical world at to touch the Spanish : advice to Ferdi. Brighton. A dense fog, which turned nand useless-to add vice impossible in day into night, enveloped London. · that quarter. Fracas between a noble Much mystification in politics. Much déesse de la danse and her favoured mystification in the press about John swain; the hearts of opera dancers Thurtell. Steam mail-coaches about to now thought of more than the heels. be constructed, and steam chickens, Sir William Curtis obliged to put into hatched by steam near Hatch-ard's. Naples by dearth of provisions. The Horses and steam orators suggested. very fish afraid of him. Many flat fish Commerce improving. Glass eyes, cork at Fishmongers' Hall said to be clearing legs, excellent noses, and new ringlets 3000 l. per diem. Great confusion on bald places supplied on the shortest among the Gamesters, in consequence notice. Surgery improving: legs of sentence and fine: none but persons beautified by scraping the shin-bone, of character stated by the Attorney. and noses supplied by the Tallicotian General to be admitted into T—'s; and operation. The age becoming very Mr. F- pronounced by the same autholearned. The new houses occupied by rity to be a respectable man.

Parliaaurists, ophthalmists, and chiropodists, mentary decision on the corn-laws, and and the new streets filled with pano the silk-laws : dear corn very advanramas, cosmoramas, dioramas, eidou- tageous to the landlords, and cheap silk ranions, panharmonicons, and" hepta- very agreeable to their wives and plasiesoptrons. Wonderful moral im- daughters; consequently very popuprovement, as appears by the adver- lar. tisements. All servants confidential;

March made his appearance in a all nursery maids good-humoured; boisterous manner, with raging winds : money forced upon the needy by Jew a rage for loans and companies, and a usurers; and little or no vice left in general desire to be fed upon air. Short man or horse. A German philosopher, cuts to wealth in vogue in the city: this month, discovered traces of vegeta. Honesty quizzed out of 'Change; Intion and fortification in the moon; a pro- dustry disclaimed; and Perseverance posal made by a company for an out of fashion. Mexican mining comaërial mail-coach to work by steam for panies for making gold and silver like couveying passengers thither. Over- dirt, and out of dirt. Companies for flowing houses produced by the Cata- making diamonds out of coals. Geract at Drury Lane. Great fight be- nuine milk companies, tea companies, tween Spring and Langan for the wine companies, and beer companies, ehampionship. Spriug's early appear. suggested fat real Oporto would be ance; carried off by Lord Deerhurst better for health than cyder and sloe in his chariot, with Thomson's invita- juice; that bread, at present made of tion,

Devonshire white alum and potatoes, « Come, gentle Spring, ethereal mild- that Indicus cocculus, deadly night

would be wholesomer if made of flour; ness, come.

shade, fox-glove, and quassia, make Great sparring between Lord Byron worse beer than malt and hops, and and Mr. Southey :—first round; hire- that tea made of hedge-leaves dried ling: cowardly ferocity: pitiful re- upon shovels is apt to breed indigesnegado: second round ; whips, brand- tions. ing-irons, and gibbets. Vision of Judg April appeared like a coquette, or a ment adjudged, and condemned. Sym- dram-drinker, in smiles and tears. pathetic tears continued to be shed April the first was signalised, as was hy the gentlemen of the press over the fitting, by more compavies : Irish bull, amiable exploits of Hunt, Probert, and Irish rhetoric, and Irish brogue comThurtell. Eighty thousand copies of panies proposed by Mr. R. Martin.


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Companies for making old men young: session of Captain Cooke's bones. equitable cat and dog-s'-meat companies; Very sick with eating made dishes at and equitable explosion companies for Osborne's for breakfast. Marquis of expediting publishers. The Tenth A--- confined to his home by the tie charged with not being fighting-men: douloureux. Madame Hughes Ball in. proposed to alter their designation to disposed with a court fever. Lort “Ninths." Squabble between XX Par- Fife's witty letter to her, enclosing bis kins and Cobbett about a horse: won- family motto---OPERA non verba: her der that it did not break both their dress being provided for the drawingnecks, reinoved by Sergeant Pell's re- room, and excluded par ordre. Two ference to a proverb touching fatalities. other ladies of distinction shut out of Dinner at the Mermaid : neither Shak- Paradise. Transports of rage. Feuds speare nor a rare Ben” present to among the gods of dancing at Paris. mike the doings there worthy of re- Madame Le Gros superseded by cord. Passion week appropriately dis- Louis le Gros. The smiles of May tinguished by love and battles. A Roe, quenched in tears for the death of Byor a Doe, not certain which, shot by ron. Mr. Conolly. Mr. James assaulted by June commenced his reign with the Sir John Phillimore. Fracas between fate of a new Icarus, Mr. Harris; and Lord W. Lennox and Mr. 'Newton, the sudden rise and sudden_fall of touching Miss Paton. Duel between Stocks, in Beddington Park. Rage for Lord B- and Mr. H-, for disappoint- balloons of course increased by the ing the hymeneal hopes of Lord B---'s event. Fire at Carlton Palace; and sister at the altar. Duel between Cor- his Majesty taken into custody by a net Battier and the Marquis of London- watchman, on suspicion of being the derry. Assault and battery of Cornet incendiary. Mr. Mulley Chateaubriand Battier on Sir H. Hardinge. Alteration dismissed from the table at the Tuileproposed in the former's name, from ries; and the Infant Miguel sent to Battier to Batter. A citizen cornuted Brest. Mr. Brougham horsewhipped by a male performer, whose wooing is by Gourlay in St. Stephen's Chapel; generally deemed effective; and a and a puppy in black caned by a puppy merchant cornuted by a Captain of in blue. Both assailants much benechimney-sueeping notoriety. Large fited by breaking the law.---N.B. Break. sums of money devoted by the moral ing the law better than breaking stones. public to the building of new churches Neither members por Manners left in and the institution of new gambling- the House. Head of Sir Thomas More houses; the latter far the best attend the Chancellor found. Lord Eldon's ed, and most attractive : the former head still in Chancery. said by Mr. Bankes, in the House of July. Awful accident which happened Commons, to promote the union of to Mrs. Coutts: the fasbionable world the sexes"---(sects). Three indispen- alarmed for the fundamental parts of sable requisites for the creation of a the Constitution. Mr. Williams knockfashionable party at this time of the ed down by Mr. Ellistou," for walking year, were---a dish of green peas, before my theatre.” Boys, Boys," dressed plain, ten guineas; Rossini said the governor-in-chief immediately dressed à l'ordinaire, fifty guineas; after this feat, “ stand aside while I Rustan, Napoleon's Mameluke, full look at my theatre.” Oxberry "shuffles dressed, one hundred guingus. At the off this mortal coil.” Munden retires; Easter Mansion-house dinner several Miss Beaumont marries; Matthews severe indigestions were cured by Dr. grows rich; and Booth insane. WalKitchiner's peristaltic persuaders; a lack in danger from the new "Lear of shawl dance was very much admired at Real Life.” The farce at St. Stephen's the ball in the evening.

closed for the season; and those at the May commenced, as usual, with other wiuter theatres followed. Death smiles, with the exhibition of paintings, of the Sandwiches ascribed to mange and the usual exhibition of follies and caught from a poodle. Great damages crimes. Ashantee threats of making done by high gales : damages of thirty drum-sticks of the enemy's thigh bones, shillings offered for defamation to a in gratitude to the amis des Noirs. “bare Bodkin:" ditto of one farthing “ Fiddlestick!" the Spartan reply of to. Barop or no Baron, Mr. Stafford Sir Charles Macarthy. King and Queen Cooke; ditto of one farthing to Cacique of Owhyhee at the play; graceful eti- or no Cacique, Sir Gregor M'Gregor. quette of her Majesty in blowing her August. Venus, according to the nose on the play.billi said to be in pos- “Straggling Astrologer," in her own.

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