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along, examining some plants which I A Fragment.

had collected, when I heard a deep roughz

voice utter a few inarticulate monosyl'Twas night-the dense and pitchy lables. Surprised at this, I looked clouds of heaven had wrapped the earth around, and perceived, at about six rods in gloom—not a star twinkled through distance, a cage suspended to the fimb the musky clouds—the moon had with. of a tree, all the branches of which were drawn her shining and darkness had covered with birds of prey, fluttering cast her sceptre o'er a sleeping world about, and contending for a place upon the owl hooted his eerie song from the the cage. By an involuntary movement, lone battlements of Cruikstane-the rather than any mental impulse, I fired raven, foul bird of night, croaked his at them, and they flew away, with a ominous elegy—the murmuring stream hideous noise, when, horrible to repeat, rushed by the lonely walls, hastening to I perceived a negro suspended in the join the Clyde-and a low wind moaned cage, and in that situation left to expire. and whistled cheerily among the long I shudder when I recollect the miserable grass, as it were the spirit of the storm

object he presented to my view; the à flame of lightning burst from the sable birds had already picked out his eyes ; clouds, and was swallowed in the sur. his cheek bones were base; his arms rounding gloom-a peal of thunder had been attacked in several places, and rolled, growling along, and died away on his body was covered with a multitude the Kilpatrick hills-flash came after of wounds. From the edges of the hollow flash--the thunder howled with an awful sockets of his eyes, and from the various mutter. Peace, rest, ye troubled lacerations, the blood slowly oozed, and spirits ! exclaimed a voice from the ruins tinged the ground beneath. No sooner -a gleam of light passed through the were the birds gone, than swarms of castle-by its glare, I saw a figure stand flies covered the unfortunate wretch, before me, pale as death--his eye-balls eager to feed on his mangled flesh. I glazed like those of the hunted tiger stood motionless, contemplating this his hair stood erect-methought I could living spectre, who still retained the discern a cold sweet on his haggard power of hearing, and judging from the temples a thunder peal passed over

report of my gun that some one was the ruined castle shook to its base--the near, begged me in his uncouth dialect owl screamed and fled the fox howled

to give him some water to allay his on the neighbouring hilla vision passed thirst. Trembling, 1 sought to relieve before me. « Dost thou know me?" him as well as I could, and seeing a it exclaimed, in a voice more terrible shell lying near, fixed to a pole, which than the thunder itself---it gazed upon had been used by the negroes for the same the felon.--I saw him tremble--he purpose, I filled it with water, and guided guashed his teeth---frantic and wild

it to his quivering lips. Jostinctively with horror, he stood speechless... guessing at its approach by the noise it another flash of fire gleamed through the made in passing through the bars of the ruins---it was followed by an awful peal cage, he eagerly protruded his lips, and of thunder---another spectre passed. I imbibed the moisture.

“ Tanki you, am the ghost of Laurie,' it exclaimed in

tanki you,” exclaimed be. “How long a solemn tone, and vanished---and was

have you been hanging there?" I asked been no longer. The morn now dawned him. “Two days, and me no die; the from behind a watery cloud---its rays birds, the birds ? aah me!" Oppressed fell upon the felon--he drew a poinard with the reflections excited by this from his breast, and plunged it in his dreadful spectacle, I mustered strength heart---groaning be fell.--and cursing enough to leave the spot, though had my God and mankind, expired.

gun been provided with a ball, I cer. GLENCOW.

tainly should first have put an end to his

agonising torture. When I reached my AMERICAN SLAVERY.

friend's house, I heard the reason of this

punishment; they told me that the The following horrible relation is slave had killed the overseer of the extracted from a work called “Letters of plantation, and that such severities were an American Farmer," 1787 :

absolutely necessary; adding the argu“I was not long since invited to dine ments usually employed to justify the with a planter who lived three miles system of slavery, with a repetition of from where I then resiiled. To which I shall not weary the reader." avoid the heat of the sun, I struck into a sheltered path, leading through a plea. sant wood, and was leisurely travelling


263 KING JAMES TO PRINCE all things readdie for running at tilte CHARLES THE DUKE OF qubiche muste be iny babies pairting BUCKINGHAM.

blow if he can have laasar to parforme

thaire. I praye you in the meanetyme The annexed is an autograph of “ King keepe your selfis in use of dawncing James to Prince Charles and the Duke of privatlie, thogb ye showlde quhissell and Buckingham, congratulating their safe sing one to another like Jakke and Tom, arrival at Madrid."

for faulte of bettir musike. As for the “My sweete boyes, I hoape before this maine bussienesse, I hoape the Dispeatyme ye are fullie satisfyed with my sation will come speedilie and well, if diligent caire in wrytting unto you upon other wayes ye muste putte that King all occasions ; but I have beitir cause bravelie io it, as I wrotte in my last unto to querrel you, that ye shoulde ever you, for the Archduchessis ambassadoure have bene in doubte of my oftenfwritting heere sayes that my soppis going thaire unto you, especiallie as long as ye saw in this fashion hath obleished that King no poste nor creature was comd from me in honoure to bestowe his sister upon but Michell Androw; and yett by him, quhither the Dispensation come or Carlele, in quhose companie he pairted not; and that thaire are nombers of from me, I wrotte my first Lettre unto catholike Romanes and protestants you. And I wonder also quhy ye showlde maried in the worlde withowi the Popes aske me the quæstiou if ye showide dispensation. This the Baron de Boissende me any more jointe letres or not; chot saide to my selfe. I sende you alace sweet hairtis, it is all my comforté according to youre desyre a lettre of in youre absence, that ye wrytte jointlie thankes to that King, quhiche, my sweete unio me, besydes the greate case it is, Steenie, thou shall deliver unto him in my both to me and you ; and ye ncede not name with all the best complements doubte but I will be wairie enough in not thow can, and quhane thow wants, acquainting my Counsell with any Carlele can best instructe thae in thait secreate in your Letres. But I hawe airt. Ellis's Letters on English bene trowbled with Hammilton, quho History, being present by chawnce at my ressav. ing both of youare first and seconde ESQUIMAUX DOGS. paquette out of Madrid, wold needs peere over my showlder quhen I was

“IN size the Esquimaux dog is about reading thaime, ofring ever to helpe me

the height of the Newfoundland breed, to reade any harde wordis, and, in good but broad, like a mastiff in every part, faith, he is in this busienesse, as in all except the nose; the hair of the ceat is things else, as variable and uncertaine in summer, as well as in winter, long, as the Moone. But the newis of youre but during the cold seas on, a soft downy gloriouse reception thaire, makes me under-covering is found, which does not atrayed that ye will both miskenne your appear in warm weather. I found by olde Dade hearafter; but in earniste several experiments that three of my my babie ye muste be as spairing as ye dogs could draw me on a sledge, weighcan in yeore spending thaire, far youre ing a 100lbs, at the rate of one mile in officers are allreaddie putte to the height six minutes ; and as a proof of the of thaire speede with provyding the fyve strength of a well-grown dog, my leader thowsande powndis by exchainge, and drew 196lbs. singly, and to the same now youre tilting stuffe quliche thaye distance, in eight minutes.

Whoever knowe not how to provyde will come to

has had the patience to read this account, three more ; and God know is how my will laugh at my introducing my team coffers are alreaddie drained. I knowe so frequently in a professed account of no remedie, excepte ye procure the Esquimaux dogs generally, but I can speedie payment of that hundreth and only offer as my excuse, the merits of my fiftie thowsande powndis, quhiche was poor animals, with which I have often, once promeised to be advaunced, quhiche with one or two persons besides myself, my sweete Gosseppe, that now is turnd on the sledge, returned home from the Spaniarde with his golden keye, will be Fury, a distance of nearly a mile, in fittest to laboure in, quho shall have a pitchy, darkness, and amidst clouds of fine shippe to goe thither with all speede, snow-drift, entirely under the care of for bringing him hoame to his dear dade. those trusty servants, who, with their But I praye you, my babie, take heade of noses down to the snow, have gallopped being hurie if ye runne at tilte. As for on board, entirely directed by their sense Steenie, I hoape thow will come bakke of smelling. Had they erred or been at before ibat tyme, for I hoape my babie all restive, no human means could have will be readdie to come awaye before brought us on board until the return of the borses can be thaire wel restid, and clear weather,




A CERTAIN nobleman in Portugal Argament for a week, laughter for a month, had a physician who was put into the and a jest for ever.-SHAKESPEARE.

Inquisition, under suspicion of Judaism. o Yes! O Yes! O Yes! Readers of Hearing this, he wrote to one of the the Portfolio! we greet you well. "May inquisitors, to inform him that the Doctor you live a thousand years !"

was a good Christian; and he desired In this season of Festivals, Presents, inquisitors "returned a polite answer,

that he might be set at liberty. The Almanacks, Friendship’s Offerings, “For that they could not oblige his lordship, get me Nots,” “Remember me," and for the prisoner had been tortured, and good wishes, we present our homage of had confessed he was a Jew. The count gratitude. Heretofore we have been

was excessively angry; - he feigaed like a bashful maiden, extremely coy in sickness; and sent to desire the Inquisiwhat we had to say; but now we shall torial judge to visit him. He waited on speak out openly, the blush shall no him: as soon as he arrived, the count longer suffuse our cheeks ; we will take ordered him to sit down, and write a th character of the age-that of confession that he was a Jew. The bronze.

boly father refused; the countrung We purpose giving in our future for a servant, and on his appearing, ornumbers a leading article.-An article, dered bim to call sufficient help to take a gentle reader, in which the Editor will red-hot helmet then in the fire, and put be“ at HOME” with you; that will give it upon the head of the father inquisitor. an original feature to the work.-In His reverence bearing this resolate which you will have the high and exalted order, flew like lightning to the escrutoir, privilege of listening to his own opinions took the pen, wrote the confession, and of “men and things.". religion of course will be excluded. signed a solemn declaration that he was

a Jew. The count then reproached bim In this paper the Editor will accompany with his injustice and barbarity :.“my you to your fireside, and in familiar physician, said he, hath confessed bimself conversation will endeavour to make himself so delightfully pleasing and in- pain forced the confession from him; it

a Jew, ils you have, with this difference, teresting, that your happy family will,

was nothing but the fear of it that we trust, properly appreciate his exer.

extorted it from you. tions for your amusement; being entirely foreign to a work of this kind.

We with great pleasure direct attention to the 100 weeks this work has

GLUTTONY. been beforefthe public. To enumerate the many productions on which we have

“We found (says Capt. Lyons, in his founded our stability, would be needless journal, p. 131)pn the 3rd, that the party it only remains for us to say that the who had been adrift, had killed two large high estimation we are held in by the walrusses, which they had carried home Public, places us far above our con- during the early part of the night. No temporaries. We will take care our

one therefore came to the ships, all ercellent Miscellany shall live for ever! remaining in the boats to gormandise.

We found themen lying under their deer

skins, and clouds of steam rising from SPANISH CRUELTY.

their naked bodies. From Kooiltliuk, I "When Hatuey, a black prince, (says learnt a new Esquimaux luxury : he Dr.Robertson in his History of America) had eaten until he was drunk, and every was fastened to the stake, a Franciscan moment fell asleep, with a flushed and Friar, labouring to convert him, pro- burning face, and his mouth open : by mised him immediate admittance into his side sat Arnalooa, who was attending the joys of heaven, if he would embrace her cooking pot, and at short intervals the Christian faith. “Are there any Spa- awakened her spouse, in order to cram as niards, says he, after some pause, in that much as was possible, of a large piece of region of bliss which you describe.” half-boiled flesh, into his mouth, with the “Yes, replied the monk, but only such assistance of her fore finger, and having as are worthy and good.” - The best of filled it quite full, cut off the morsel them, rejoined the indignant prince, bave close to his lips; this he slowly chewed, neither worth nor goodness, and I will and as soon as a small vacancy became rol go to a place, where I may meet with perceptible, this was filled again by a one of that accursed l'ace !"



hamp of raw blubber. During this ope. nated, is supported by, and is now merely ration, the happy man moved no part of a place of Rendezvous for the Directors him but his jaws, not even opening his of The Late Hour Company." eyes; but his extreme satisfaction was People are wont to Admire most what occasionally shewa by a most expressive they Understand least,-can any thing be grunt, whenever he enjoyed sufficient more Barbarous than the foolish Fashion room for the passage of sound. The of Singing in a Foreign Tongue, which drippings of the savoury repast had so not One in Ten of those Amateurs who plentifully covered his face and neck, Sing, and not One in a Hundred of those that I had no hesitation in determining, who Hear, (as they pretend with mighty that a man may look more like a beast delight),can understand Oue word in Ten by over-eating, than by drinking to of? Is not this one of the most ridicuexcess. The women having laid all their lous and unreasonable affections that better halves to sleep, and not having honest John Bull's Arbiters of Fashion neglected themselves, had now nothing have ever insisted upon that worthy to do, but to talk and beg as usual." person's submitting to ?-however, impe

“The poor neglected dogs were more rative Fashion, from whose Decree there to be pitied than their masters, for no is no Appeal, has pronounced it to be one fed them, and I verily believe that extremely GENTEEL to Sing Italian they had not made half a dozen meals Songs and to be seen at the Opera ! during the winter ; yet were they worked It is presumed that the Reader has met as much, and thrashed as continually, as with many Members of “the Late Hour if they enjoyed abundance of food, and Company whom he has clearly perwere in a condition to bear any thing." ceived to be under the entire and abso

lute control of that indefinite but AllTHE EARLY HOUR powerful little Adjective “GENTEEL" COMPANY

- to which i ndeed All-ruinous would

have been perhaps as proper an addition, To employ the surplus of Capital for what do we not see the Votaries of which has accumulated in our Happy Fashion daily and nightly sacrifice, to times of Peace, ingenious Projectors appear “ GENTEEL !!!" have presented plenty of Proposals for As this Grand National Concern will various Patriotic purposes,—there has so greatly benefit all who contribute been no lack of specious schemes for thereto, and will not injure even those promoting the Comfort, and refining the who do not (save only and except the Pleasures of Society; but a Coalition of Faculty of Physic,-Nurses, and Underall the plausible plans which this prolific takers, Coal-Merchants and Tallow Age of Projects bas produced, will not Chandlers), there appears to be no contribute half so much to the Health obstacle to its Immediate Establishment, and Happiness of the Inhabitants of especially if the Directors and Leaders Little London as the forming of an of the Late Hour Company" can be

“ EARLY HOUR COMPANY,” led to consider the superior advantages with an inestimable Capital of

of this salutary scheme. LONG LIFE,

Those who patronise “ the Early andapample and neyer-failing Dividend of Hour Company” at its commencement, Good HEALTH,

will immediately receive “A Bonus,” and All its Attendant Pleasures.

which will infinitely overpay any imagiOf these, there is undeniable Security nary loss that they may apprehend from that the Shareholders will enjoy full leaving the Late Hour Company,” in Cent. per Cent. more of, than

the reflection of how great a Benefit « The Late Hour

Company" their setting each a good example will ever had, or ever can afford.

confer on all Ranks and Degrees of bis « THE EARLY HOUR COMPANY" Majesty's Liege subjects. - The Great will not only be entirely exempted from and the Wealthy have thereby an opporAll those heavy Fines of Nervous and tunity of rendering more service both to Bilious Disorders, &c. and those dreadful Themselves and to Society, than by any Drawbacks of Gout, Palsy, &c. which other Scheme which has been suggested are so often levied on the Members, and to them,—and how instantaneously, how exbaust the finances of “The Late Hour easily, and how universally they may Company," but will bave an opportunity effect it! by merely now and then saying of participating in many Pleasures which a Single Word!! and gently hinting that “ T'he Late Hour Companyare entirely it is “Genteel” to leave all places of debarred from.

Amusement, in such good hours that The introduction of the Italian Opera, they may close their own Doors it has been shrewdly suspected, origi- Before Eleven o'Clock at Night!!!

There cannot be a shadow of Doubt then, gambols still remain, and these few are that, to use a fashionable phrase, they the more cherished, because years have will be “ Too Happy" to petition Par- mellowed them into veneration. In liament to revive at that Hour, the salu- trutb, we will long preserve the spirit of tiferous and cheerful old Custom of Christmas, even after its form has mould. The Curfew.

dered away. The green bolly, retaining

its freshness and beauty, when the forest Dr. Franklin, in his “ Economical is leafless and bloomless, and when the Project,” calculates that the saving which wrecks of the Aowers of summer are might be annually made in the City of strewed in fragments around us, calls to Paris, by using Sunshine instead of mind the living image of our faith, which Candles, at no less than £4,060,000 neither the wintry blasts of life, the chills Sterling, and after all the charges attend; of neglect, nor the driving tempests of ing the Incorporation of this Beneficial misfortune, can shake or impair. The Company are completely defrayed, and

green misletoe, with its white berries, every profit promised to the Shareholders Ohre consecrated in the ceremonies of the fully realised ; if

Druids to the inost sanguinary sacrifices, “THE EARLY HOUR COMPANY"

now hangs in our halls as the type of be generally joined throughout the King-, innocent mirth and quiet joy; while the dom, it is confidently expected that the

ivy, orce devoted to Bacchus, and now Annual Savings in London only, of emblematic of Christian love, sbows how Physic, Fire and Caudle, will be sufficient the religion of mercy has vanquished the to purchase plenty of

very memory of Paganism. While the Food,

days of Christmas thus recal the pious CLOTHES,

mind to the story of his redemption, and and

to the scenes which accompanied it, it FIRE,

dilates in kindness towards the family of FOR ALL THE Poor in ENGLAND. maukind. We open wide the door of

hospitality, and invite friends, relatives, CHRISTMAS.

and neighbours, to participate in our

pleasures, and in the bounties of our " Now Christmas is come,

board. What a gathering of connexions ! Let us beat up the drum,

Many, whom the cares and business of And call all our neigb bours together." the world had separated, rally round the


paternal hearth again, and become young

in recollection. Age forgets its infirmie ALL hail! Merry Christmas--all hail! ties--prudence her councils--and hypoThou source of fun, frolic, and festivity; crisy ibrows off her mantle. « Heart of light, life, and heat, during the torpor becomes knit to heart; and soul feasts and gloominess of winter; thou charmed with soul.” The school-boy, escaping goddess, who thaws every heart into a from birch and book, riots in bis shortgenerous and kindly flow. Notwitb- lived liberty; the gay student, from the standing that the broad pinions of Time University, renews his pastimes and his have long flapped around thee, and in pleasantries; and the coy maiden is part concealed thy clear shining face; rewarded with the smile of him whose still, thou art with us to gladden our image is the close companion of her spirits, to arouse our sympathies, to bosom. How sweetly eloquent is her re-knit our social bonds, and to quicken shy glance, when accidentally she is our affections to kindred and home. caught below the misletoe; and how Dark, indeed, will be the day when thy speedily is the salute pardoned and beams are withdrawn from us! If thou renewed ! It were impossible to number hast not in thy train the lords of misrule, up the thousand frolics and games by the masquins, the mummeries, the which this mirthful time is distinguished ;

merie disports,' and the quaint conceits but all of these have, in addition to the which delighted our ancestors, thou art sweet flavour of antiquity, that delicious worshipped with a more steady and relish which springs from hearts attuned intellectual attachment. What avails by the finest feelings to one another: it that the boar's bead, the peacock pie, Although the lawn may be sheeted with and the wassail bowl, have given place to snow, and the heavens may lower with the sirloin, the pheasant, and the wine- threatening clouds-although the wind cup; or, that the yule clog, the Christmas may bowl and whistle about, and give candles, and the Oxford grace, have been token of a coming storm, yet the desolaswept away by fashion's restless course ? tion and dreariness of nature tend only Enough of the holyday amusements and to bring all within doors, and dispose

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