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To the Editor of the Portfolio, saved some thirty pounds, at the expense

of making half his rooms mere nutshells, SIR,

and the whole house incurably dampIt may not be generally known to your readers, that one of those many cups, the to say nothing of the inconvenience of ornamental engraving of which amused the many apartments which were erected the celebrated Baron irenck, while buried as after-thoughts, the addenda of the work, in a prison, is now exhibited for sale in and are owly to be come at by outside the window of a pawnbroker in Russell passages and French window-doors. SeStreet, Drury Lane. It is of pewter, and condly, that necessary part of a two-story would hold nearly a quart, ale measure;

mansion, the staircase, was utterly forthe engraving appears to have been ex- gotten by architect, proprietor, and buildecuted with some instrument ill adapled er, and never missed by any person, till, to the purpose, but is exceedingly well the ladder being one day taken away at

the dinner-hour, an Irish labourer accidone. Yours, J. C.

dentally left behind was discovered by the

workmen on their retutto perched like a Red Lion Square.

bird on the top of the roof, he having

taken the method of going up the chimThe Spirit of the Dagazines. ney as the quickest way of getting down. ROSEDALE AND ITS

This adventure occasioned a call for the

staircase, which was at length inserted TENANTS.

by the by, and is as much like a step(From the New Monthly Magazine.)

ladder in a dark corner as any thing well

can be.* Thirdly and lastly, this beautiful ABOUT ten years ago the sober mono- abode is most thoroughly inconvenient tony of the quiet country neiglibourhood and uncomfortable. In the winter one in which I have passed the greater part may have as much protection in the bolof my life, was enlivened by the erection low of a tree-cold, gusty, sleety, wet, of one of the prettiest coitages that ever sprang into existence in brick or on avalanche, -water gushing from below

-snow threatening from above like an paper. All strangers go to see Rosedale, like a fountain,-a house of card paper and few “cots of spruce gentility” are so would be the solider refuge ; in the sumwell worth seeing. Fancy a low irregular mer it is proportionably close and hot, white rough-cast building thatched with giving little shade and no shelter; and reeds, covered with roses, clematis, and all the year round it is over-done with passion-flowers, standing on a knoll of frippery and finery, a toy-shop in action, fine turf amids flower-beds and shrubbe

a Brobdignagian babyhouse. Every room ries and magnificent elms, backed by an

is in masquerade : the saloon Chinese, abrupt bill, and looking over lawny fields full of jars, and mandarins and pagodas; to a green common : which is intersected the library Egyptian, all covered with by a gay high road, dappled with ponds hieroglyphics, and swarming with furniof water, and terminated by a pretty ture, crocodiles, and sphynxes. Only village edging off into rich woodlands: think of a crocodile couch and a sphynx imagine this picture of a place tricked

sofa! They sleep in Turkish tents, and out with ornaments of all sorts, conser- dine in a Gothic chapel. Now English vatories, roseries, rustic seats, American ladies and gentlemen in their everyday borders, Gothic dairies, Spanish hermit- apparel look exceedingly out of place ages, and flowers stuck as close as pins

among such mummery. The costume upon a pincushion, with every thing, in

won't do—it is not in keeping. Besides, short, that might best become the walls the proprietors themselves are apt to get of an exhibition-room, or the back scene shifted from one scene to another, and all of a play: conceive the interior adorned

manner of anomalies are the consequence. in a style of elegance still more fanciful, The mitered chairs and screens of the and it will hardly appear surprising that chapel, so very upright and tall, and this “unique bijou,” as the advertise- carved and priestly, were mixed up oddments call it, should seldom want a te- ly enough with the squat Chinese bonzes ; nant. The rapid succession of tliese oc

whilst by some strange transposition, a cupiers is the more extraordinary matter. pair of vodding mandarins figured Every body is willing to come to Rose amongst the Egyptian monsters, and by dale, but nobody stays.

the aid of their supernatural ugliness, In the first place it has the original sin of most ornamented cottages, that of being built on the foundation and within the

• This forgetfulness is not uvexampled. A walls of a real labourer's dwelling; by Madame d'Arblay in the erection of a cottage

similar accident is said to have bappened to which notable piece of economy the owner built from the profits of ber admirable Camilla.

really looked human. Then the room Samuel Smith, attorney at law! And taken up by the various kuicknackery, lucky for Mr. Samuel Smith was the the unpamed and unnameable generation hour in which he acquired a son-in-law, of gewgaws! It always seemed to me to more prontable in the article of leases reqnire more housemaids than the house than the two lords to whom he acted as would hold. And the same with the steward, both put together! garden. You are so begirt with garlands First on the list was a bride and brideand festoons, flowers above and fowers groom, come to spend the first six months below, that you walk about under a pere of their nuptials in this sweet retirement. petual sense of tres pass, of taking care, They arrived towards the latter end of of doing mischief, now bobbing against August, with a great retinue of servants, a sweetbriar, in which rencontre you horses, dogs, and carriages, well bedecked have the worst; now flapped against by with bridal favours. The very pointers a woodbine, to the discomfiture of both had white ribbons round their necks, so parties; now revenging all your wrongs splendid was their rejoicing; and had by tripping up an unfortunate balsam; each, as we were credibly informed, eaten -bonnets, coats-kirts, and flounces in a huge slice of wedding cake when the equal peril! The very gardeners step happy couple returned from church. The gingerly, and tuck their aprons tightly bride, whom every body except myself round them, before they venture into that called plain, and whom I thought pretty, fair demesne of theirs, which is, so to say, had been a great heiress, and married for overpeopled. In short, Rosedale is a love the day she came of age. She was place to look at rather than to live in slight of form, and pale of complexion, a fact which will be received without with a profusion of brown hair, mild dispute by some scores of tenants, by the hazel eyes, a sweet smile, a soft voice, proprietor of the County Chronicle, who and an air of modesty that clung about keeps the advertisement of this smatchless her like a veil. I never saw a more villa” consiantly set, to his no small loveable creature. He was dark and emolument, and by the neighbourhood tall, and stout avd bold, with an assured at large, to whom the succession of new yet gentlemanly air, a loud voice, a confaces, new liveries, and new equipages fident manner, and a real passion for driving about our rustic lanes, and some- shooting. They stayed just a fortnight, times occupying a very tasty pew in our during which time he contrived to get village-chureh, has long supplied a source warned off half the manors in the neighaof conversation as constant and as various bourhood, and cut down the fipest elm

on as the weather.

the lawn, one wet morning, to open a The first person who ascertained, by view of the high road. I hope the marpainful experiment, that Rosedale was riage has turned out happy, for she was a uninbabitable, was the proprietor, a sim. sweet gentle creature. I used to see her ple young man from the next tową, who leaning over the gate, watching his re. unluckily took it into his head that he turn from shooting, with such a fond pahad a taste for architecture and landscape tience! And her bound to meet him when gardening, and so forth; and falling into he did appear! And the pretty coaxing the hands of a London upholsterer and a playfulness with which she patted and country nurseryman, assisted by a scene chided her rivals, the dogs! Ob, I hope she painter from one of the theatres, pro- is happy! but I fear, I fear. duced the effort of genius that I have en Next succeeded a couple from India, deavoured to describe. At the end of a before whom floated reports, golden and month he found that nobcdy could live gorgeous as the clouds at sunset. Inexthere; and with the advice of the nursery- haustible riches—profuse expenditure ; man, the upholsterer, and the scene tremendous ostentation; unheard-of luxpainter, began to talk of improving and ury; ortolans; becaficos; French beans rebuilding, and new modelling; nay he at Christmas ; green peas at Easter; actually went so far as to send for the strawberries all the year round; a chariot bricklayer-but, fortunately for our man and six; twelve black footmen ; and of taste, he had a wife, and she and the parrots and monkeys beyond all count : bills stopped the complaints and the im- - these were amongst the most moderate provements, sent her spouse back to his of the rumours that preceded them; and roomy comfortable red-brick bouse in every idle person in the village was pre. the market place at Bm, drew up a paring to be a hanger-on, and every shopflaming advertisement, and turned the keeper in B. on the look out for a cusgrumbling occupant into a thriving land- tomer, when up drove a quiet-looking lord. Lucky for him was the day on old gentleman in a poney.cart, with which William Tasty, Esq. married Miss a quiet-looking old lady at bis side, Bridget Smith, second daughter of Mr. and took possession, their retinue fol

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lowing in a hack post-chaise. Whether upon a trusty thory, in which a short the habits of tiris eastern Cræsus corres sword was concealed. ponded with his modest debut or his mag With light and hasty steps the youthnificent reputation, wehad not time to dis- ful pedestrian descended the hill, and cover, although from certain indications I passed over the long bridge which crosses conceive that much might be said on both the Saal, while his companion, oppressed sides. They arrived in the middle of a with the weight of a well-filled travelling fine October, while the China roses cover. bag, followed at a slacker pace, and with ed the walls, and the China asters, and deep-drawn inspirations. Dahlias, and fuscias and geraniums in The first glance at Master Nicholas full blow, gave a summer brilliancy to informed you of his office. The grave the lawn; but scarcely had a pair of'su sallow countenance of a man of thirty, perb Common Prayer-books, bound iu vel- dry yet free from wrinkles; the meek vet, and a Bible with gold clasps, entered half-closed eyes, the head somewhat inin possession of the pew at church, before clined, and attached to a meagre body, there “came a frost, a nipping frost," all combined with the black thread-bare which turned theChina asters and the China garb of a student, the low-flapped hat roses brown, the Dahlias and geraniums resting upou straight black hair, the black, and the nabob and the nabobess dark blue stockings and thick-soled shoes, blue. They disappeared the next day, to announce a spiritual and corporeal and have never been seen or heard of servant, admirer and follower of the gince.

erudite college potentate. (To be continued.)

Both of the wanderers, however, ap.

peared to the poetical beholder like LUTHER'S RING,. Psyche, who would fain flit away on

silken pinions to the brighter regions of AN HISTORICAL TALE FROM

hope, were she not restrained and weighed THE GERMAN.

down by the grosser particles of her (From the European Magazine.) earthly nature.

WHITSUNDAY, in the year 1551, was “ See, Pharetratus, a resting place drawing to a close, as two travellers beckons us,” said the youth, stopping an approached the Saxon village of Köse. instant to wipe the perspiration from his The evening rays of the sun sbone brow, “and that shall be the limit of milder and more delightfully upon th your excort; only a few steps farther, bright green of the woods and meadows, and we will drink farewell in a cap of yet the warmth of the weather, and the wine, while I pay you my hearty thanks length of their journey, had pretty well for your kindness and attention, which exhausted the strength and spirits of the I hope one day to have it in my power wanderers.

to reward." The younger of the two was Justus “As it pleasetb thee, my dear Justus," Hergott, a son of the bookseller of that answered Nicholas, though I think I name in Leipsic; he had been educated bad better bear thee company to this hitherto by bis maternal_uncle, the asylum of knowledge, as it is called, and famous professor and poet Eoban Hesse, make my reverence to the rector Domino of Erfurt, and was now sent by him, Melhorino, as well as bear bim the uuder the escort of his famulus, the greetings of my Ilustrissimi et Doctissimi. honest Nicholas Pharctratus, to the My commission will then be fully and new academy at Pforta, in order to pre. faitiifully executed.” pare himself there for his future studies. “ No, no, Mr. Nicholas," returned The youth, though scarcely seventeen Justus briskly; “should I not be asbamed, years of age, was of a noble appearance, think you, such a hale young fellow as I and possessed a figure tall and command, am, to be delivered safe into my master's ing, combining the gracefulness and hands, like a boy sent to school for the agility of youth, with the strength and first time ?" vigour belonging to maturer years. His “ And should I not afford fine scope rich light-brown hair fell in smooth and for the witticisms of the little alumni ?” patural ringlets upon his well-shaped No, indeed; for that matter, I might shoulders; a flat sky-blue cap, decorated very well have come the whole distance with a gold tassel, shaded a forehead from Erfurt hither alone, but I respected fidely vaulted, and a pair of dark but my uncle's wish, and you willingly agreeable eyes; of a similar colour shared with me the fatigue and burthen was his short German coat of broad of the journey.” cloth, upon which a fine and snow-white “ But may not a casus malignus, an shirt" collar fell from his bare and accident perhaps" nervous neck; his right hand rested “How cau il :" said the other, inter


rupting him. “ From this place to affectation of indifference, to disarm the Pforta can scarcely be half an hour's ridicule of the spectators, and to have it walk; I can easily carry my knapsack thought that he cared as little about his that distance. The Bible which it con- wound as he did about the fine which the tains is a spiritual safeguard, and the laws of the dance obliged him to pay his dirk in my stick, aided by my little skill comrades. in fencing, will protect me from earthly A number of the neighbouring country molestation. Rest you awhile at the people were collected to witness the inn, and then return to Ruthelsburg to pastime; many a maiden among them, take up your night's quarters; the Cas- with a beating heart, especially at the tillan is my uncle's friend, and you will critical moment when her favoured find better accommodation there for swain was preparing to take the leap of your wearied limbs than the porter of honour that might cost him his life. ihe academy can offer you."

“ Is this Whitsunday in Christian “As thou wilt, then, my dear young Saxony ?” whispered Nicholas, with master,” said Nicholas, perceiving at inward wrath ; " is it thus that the one glance the advantages of this ar countrymen of the great Luther, celerangement; and they now rapidly de- brate the feast of Pentecost, when he scended towards the little village, whose has scarcely closed bis eyes to behold salt-works glittered far in the distance, the eternal land of recompense ? Oh, overtopping a number of neat little huts, did he but see this wickedness, this and leaning confidently on the beautiful tempting of God, this abomination, how hills beyond.

would his just indignation be kindled, The nearer, however, our travellers and his wrath fall upon them like lightapproached the inn at the entrance of ning from heaven! But he has gone the village, the darker and more care- hence too soon, and left his work untiportending grew the countenance of the nished.” young student, who had seldom passed Justus remained a silent spectator of the precincts of the University at Erfurt. the dances, and although he equally felt Indeed the scene that was passing before and abhorred the profanation of the them was little suited to Whitsunday. holiday, yet there arose within him a The shrill and noisy music of a band of feeling of satisfaction and delight, and be people from the salt-mines assailed their felt an interest for the bold and dexterous ears, and bursts of laughter, curses, and dancers, who reminded him of Rome's shouts intermingled, accompanied the gladiators, and the Pythian ring-fighters music. Upon a large sandy space, en- of Greece. circling a fine old oak, whose gigantic Nearer to the ion they found anot ber branches formed its roof, a dozen young party, but not a whit more piously dissoldiers were dancing the favourite and posed : il consisted of elderly soldiers, dangerous sabre dance. Sabres and seated at a long oaken table, with white swords were placed around in various jugs before them, playing at landsknecht, fanciful forms, and at either end of the with a dirty tattered pack of cards. space allotted to the performance six Close to the bouse door, at a small table, short spears or javelins erected their on which a fask of red Naumburger and triple poiuted crests.

a green goblet were pompously displayed, The stout-hearted warriors, freed from a stripling of a cornet lounged and lolled the encumbrance of their boots and in an arm-chair, amusing himself with collars, moved about amidst the glitter- the servant of the inn, who would gladly iug blades, with naked feet and arms, in have withdrawn from his grasp, to be a all the graceful evolutions of the walız, nearer spectator of the dance; and a and when arrived at the extremity of the little on one side, on the declivity of the ground, a dexterous leap over the spear hill, were two Jagers, bivouacing in the heads must crown their hazardous ex- grass, under the hornbeams; one of ploits. It was highly pleasing to observe whom, apparently lulled to sleep by the with what skill and dexterity the bold and harmony of the music and accompani. well-trained fellows avoided the danger ments before described, lay extended at which threatened them at every turn, full length upon the ground; wbile bis without injury to the gracefulness of the comrade, resting his hands and his chin movement; nevertheless, there sat at upon his short firelock, watched the the foot of the oak two wounded men, movementsof the soldiers and the peasants one of whom, with a wry face, was biud- with a malicious eye, at the same time ing up his bleeding arm, that had been that be listened, with the attention of a pierced with a javelin, while the other spy, to the discourse of the corporal at suffered the lacerated calf of his substan- the table. tial leg to bleed afresh, in order, by this “ Holloa ! what have we here ;" ex




claimed one of the cavalry soldiers, as our

SIR J. MERICK, travellers approached; " as I live, a AND JAMES THE FIRST. couple of your black-coated gentry, parsons or collegians, come to complete (From the Gentleman's Magazine.) our party."

I was reminded by the Journal of Sir “Silence, you jackaknapes,” cried an

J. Merick, in p. 226, of the following elderly corporal. “They are from Wit

passage in one of the Chamberlain's tenburg or Erfurt, whence our salvation letters to Sir D. Carleton*, descriptive of went out, and belong to the troops of the Sir J. Merick's reception at the Court of Gospel, whom it behoveth every good King James, on his return from Mus-, soldier to respect as lise guards of the

covy King of Kings. Come this way, gentlemen.” And so saying, he made room for Merick is arrived from Muscovia, where

Nov. 8, 1617.-" This weeke Sir John them at the end of the tables, where the sojourners seated themselves with confi- he hath been these 3 years and a half,

and hath effected his business with good dence near their champion.

“ A ves per meal for us, good hostess!" approbation. He was yesterday with the cried Justus, in his silver tones; and the King, who used bim very graciously, and

had long conference with him. There is old lady immediately echoed his orders to her servant, with “ Quick, Kate, and thence, accompanied with 75 persons, to

au ambassador with him from attend these civil gentlemen!" Kate hastily disengaged herself from whose account they are like to tarry here

the great charge of the company, upon tbe leuder cornet, soon placed before

7 or 8 months. ibem a plate of delicious white bread,

“ He would fain have had audience with sausages, and then drank to Justus before the King's going; but his furniout of the pewter jug, curtseying as she

ture and some of his company being not pronounced her “ Proficiat !"

“Ha! ha! look at the young hussey,” yet come to town, the King would not exclaimed the corporal of the guard, stay his leisure, though he has brought laughing. “You've good eyes in your bawks, live sables, and I know not

some presents to his liking, as white head, young woman, only they are a

what. little too expressive and too apt to fix

« Nov. 15.-On Sunday the King enupon a pretty fellow. You forget, in

tertained the Muscovian Ambassador, your complaisance to that youth, that

who had solemn audience, tho' with great the houour you have just paid him is confusion, by reason of the throng; and due to the senior, to his father, first.” The girl blushed down to her finger know not, stumbled and fell there before

Sir Edward Coke, by what mischance nails, and the cornet made a sort of

all the company. fighting face, stretched himself in his

“ Besides the principal Ambassador, chair, and then rose to indulge his curio

there is a Chancellor in commission with sity by staring at the strangers with gen- him, and three other special courtiers, tleinanly impudence. Master Nicholas, that stood covered. Their presents were however, having fortified himself with a copious draught out of the can, took up and were the greatest that ever came

carried publickly by their own people, the thread of the discourse, and replied in a tone of modesty—“Many thanks for ted, by those that are skilful, at better

from thence; the very furs being estima. your goud opinion of me, honest cuiras- than 60001. though some talk of much sier : but, however, you do me too much

There were divers hawks, with honour, for I am but a plain, studious, and a faithful famulus, while the father and other colours, embroidered with

or coverings of crimson sattin, of my young companion is a respectable pearl ; a rich Persian dagger and knife, man, residing in Leipsic, and of a very bows and arrows, Persian cloth of gold, good family."

with divers other things I remember not. “Of very good family!" said the corpet, mocking him, and leaning with both The King was very much pleased, and

the more when he understood that Queen bis elbows upon the table; “believe it

Elizabeth never had such a present not, brother studio. Were it so, he

thence.” would wear riding boots, and a leather

Yours, &c.

N. R. S. bonnet, or a helmet, in lieu of that blue night-cap; and instead of traversing the country with a wallet on bis shoulders, like a bourgeois, he would girt a sword about his loins, and fight for bis country and his prince."-( To be continued.)


• Birch's MSS. in British Museum.

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