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Apiaries on prairie land, because of changes in the crops, ceased to pay. Something had to be done. Some time was spent in fruitlessly looking for new and profitable locations and it was not until a study was made of the honey plants to find the spots where they were in most abundance that suitable places were found. The new locations have proved to be profitable. In this effort they were aided personally by the author of "American Honey Plants."

An experience like this shows the importance of honey plant knowledge to beekeeping profits.

The new 1924 edition contains 194 illustrations and 400 pages, 100 of them of entirely

11 new information. / Especially noteworthy is the detailed description given of the important hones-producing states, with information on climate, honey plants, crops, methods,


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Amerian Bee Journal, Hamilton, Illinois

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Glass Jars with Gold Lacquered, Wax-lined

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