Letters and Journals of James, Eighth Earl of Elgin

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J. Murray, 1872 - Canada - 467 pages

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Page 158 - ... the duty of striving to prove by his life and conversation the sincerity of his prayer, that that Father's will may be done upon earth as it is done in heaven.
Page 171 - Rosebery (say) the Chancellorship of the Duchy of Lancaster with a seat in the Cabinet...
Page 120 - ... fresh earth and drawing new supplies of vitality from virgin soils ? Or is she to be, for all essential purposes of might and power, Monarch of Great Britain and Ireland merely — her place and that of her line in the world's history determined by the productiveness of 12,000 square miles of a coal formation, which is being rapidly exhausted, and the duration of the social and political organization over which she presides dependent on the annual expatriation, with a view to its eventual alienization,...
Page 118 - You must renounce the habit of telling the colonies that the colonial is a provisional existence. You must allow them to believe that, without severing the bonds which unite them to Great Britain, they may attain the degree of perfection, and of social and political development, to which organized communities of free men have a right to aspire.
Page 242 - West will be in presence of a population the most universally and laboriously manufacturing of any on the earth. It can achieve victories in the contest in which it will have to engage only by proving that physical knowledge and mechanical skill applied to the arts of production are more than a match for the most persevering efforts of unscientific industry. "This is the task which is before you, and towards the accomplishment of which, within the sphere of my duty, I shall rejoice to co-operate.
Page 117 - ... to proclaim it ? Consider for a moment what is the effect of proclaiming it in our case. We have on this continent two great empires in presence, or rather, I should say, two great imperial systems. In many respects there is much similarity between them. In so far as powers of selfgovernment are concerned it is certain that our colonists in America have no reason to envy the citizens of any state in the Union.
Page 242 - Christian civilisation will have to win its way among a sceptical and ingenious people, by making it manifest that a faith which reaches to heaven furnishes better guarantees for public and private morality than one which does not rise above the earth.
Page 117 - ... colonists sensible of the advantages which they derive from their connection with Great Britain, shall have passed away from their memories, there will not be wanting those who will remind them that, on this solemn occasion, the prime minister of England, amid the plaudits of a full senate, declared that he looked forward to the day when the ties which he was endeavouring to render so easy and mutually advantageous would be severed.
Page 119 - upon us while we are labouring, through good and evil report, ' to thwart the designs of those who would dismember the ' Empire, that our adversaries should be informed that the ' difference between them and the Prime Minister of England
Page 83 - Among these was the Act to provide for the indemnification of parties in Lower Canada whose property was destroyed during the Rebellion in 1837 and 1838, with respect to which, as your Lordship is aware, much excitement has unhappily been stirred.

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