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Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite
Rick was a Taxi driver but on the side was a carrier sometimes with hash or pot and he delivered it for a tip. It didn’t matter to him what he was
delivering just as long as he was paid. This time was different; he had a cardboard box. Curious as to the contents, he opened it and then resealed it just as he found it. He knew he was in over his head. Something startled Janice, waking her up. The other side of the bed was empty; Rick wasn’t home. Would he ever come home again? The dreams continue to plague her. She has had these dreams before her uncle died. Two police officers mistake Steve for the man they have been searching for. With no warning they shoot out his rear window. When they realize their mistake they threaten to arrest him for drunkenness and indecent exposure if he reports them. He rethought his cooperation once he arrived at home. He lodged his complaint and held a press conference.
Bob MacKenzie has a special talent for setting the ambiance in a scene. As he describes Janice’s dreams I question what is real, what is a dream, or could it have been a bit paranormal? When he describes Steve stopping to relieve himself I could see the street all cloaked in darkness, shadows and more than a bit of shabbiness. MacKenzie sets the atmosphere and then skillfully allows the scene to play out as though it wrote itself. The threads in this story appear to be deceivingly and only marginally connected. He makes it all look so easy. He allows the tension to build to a crescendo leaving the reader about pondering what has just happened. When you read one of MacKenzie’s books you will know he will take you on a journey out of the ordinary.

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