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watermark 1798,

but pointer's imprint indicates that this vol publ. in or After 1801 18072 would seem to be too late

Todd's arbitram

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Beginning with the Volume for the year 1791 (Volume 33) two book-publishers issued the Annual Register, the Rivingtons and the"Executors"of Dodsley's estate. The "Executors" were followed by the "Proprietors of Dodsley's Annual Register", the Proprietors" by otridge, and Otridge by Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. In 1826 Baldwin, Cradock and Joy issued a

General Index...1758-1819" This general Index refers only to the volumes issued by them, and their predecessors, never to the Rivington's Annual Register. The set in Rhodes House 13 a complete Dodsley-Baldwin, etc. during the years of confusion.

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