Annual Report of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Statistics for the State of Maine

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Page 212 - If a voter marks more names than there are persons to be elected to an office, or if for any reason it is impossible to determine the voter's choice for any office to be filled, his ballot shall not be counted for such office.
Page 205 - Whenever the approval of a constitutional amendment or other question is submitted to the vote of the people, such questions shall be printed upon the ballot after the list of candidates.
Page 188 - If ever we are forced to yield the foremost place among commercial nations, we shall yield it...
Page 188 - Never will I believe that what makes a population stronger, and healthier, and wiser, and better, can ultimately make it poorer.
Page 212 - ... or who shall make a false statement as to his inability to mark his ballot, or any person who shall interfere, or attempt to interfere, with any voter when inside said enclosed space, or when marking...
Page 175 - Every employer shall post in a conspicuous place in every room in which such persons are employed a printed notice stating the number of hours' work required of them on each day of the week, the hours of...
Page 203 - In the case of electors of president and vice-president of the United States...
Page 209 - In case the ballots to be furnished to any city or town or voting place therein, in accordance with the provisions of this act, shall fail for any reason to be duly delivered, or in case after delivery they shall be destroyed or stolen, it shall be the duty of the •clerk of such city...
Page 176 - ... work required of them on each day of the week; and the employment of any such person for a longer time in any day than so stated shall be deemed a violation of this section, unless it appears that such employment is to make up for time lost on some previous day of the same week in consequence of the stopping of machinery upon which such person was employed or dependent for employment; but in no case shall the hours of labor exceed sixty in a week.
Page 193 - ... any female of eighteen years of age or over, may lawfully contract for such labor for any number of hours in excess of ten hours a day, not exceeding six hours in any one week or sixty hours in any one year, receiving additional compensation therefor; but during her minority, the consent of her parents, or one of them, or guardian, shall first be obtained.

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