Civil Functions, Department of the Army Appropriations, 1955, Hearings Before ... 83-2, on H.R. 8367

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Page 668 - Floodwater went through recently completed fills, leaving rails and ties dangling high. The auto road also suffered. Foothill and Valley Boulevards were a mass of ravines and gullies in spots where the water concentrated in flood strength (local runoff). About 150 feet of flume washed out In the San Antonio Canyon, and the local (Ontario) water supply became muddy. San Antonio Creek was a raging torrent that swept everything before it. Its floodwaters reached to the Chino foothills. It was estimated...
Page 372 - I was unable to be here yesterday because of a meeting of the Commission on the Reorganization of the Executive Branch of the Government.
Page 708 - I would like to express my appreciation to the members of this committee for permitting me to...
Page 666 - The water from the San Antonio watershed is that which is largely necessary for the support of these cities and for the support of extremely valuable citrus districts, and also for the replenishment of several underground basins from which much of the water supply of this area is obtained.
Page 668 - ... storm caused great damage in southern California, southern Nevada, and parts of Arizona. A large number of homes were completely destroyed or badly damaged. Railroads and highways suffered damage estimated at many millions of dollars, due to the destruction of bridges and roadbeds. Other facilities, such as telegraph, telephone, gas, and water were severely damaged. For a time all lines of communication were cut off from some localities, except those served by airplanes and by radio. In the Los...
Page 526 - I personally appeared before a subcommittee of the Public Works Committee of the House of Representatives who was considering, for the Congress, an omnibus river and harbors bill containing the seawall extension.
Page 525 - States and $2,870,000 by the local interests, on the condition that local interests in addition to contributing $2,870,000 toward the construction cost shall furnish assurances satisfactory to the Secretary of War that they will furnish free of cost to the United States all lands, easements, and rights-of-way necessary for the construction of the project.
Page 666 - America streams listed in said table. The elevations within the watershed vary from approximately 2,100 feet at the dam to as much as 10,000 feet, and San Antonio Canyon itself has a fall of between 700 and 800 feet per mile. This canyon empties upon a large unstable fan-shaped debris cone of rather recent origin, and the stream as it leaves tie canyon mouth can, under present conditions, range through an angle of more than 90.
Page 526 - Board approved the reports of the district and division engineers and further recommended the construction by the United States of an extension of the existing Galveston seawall in a southwesterly direction for a distance of approximately 16,300 feet along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, generally in accordance with the plans of the district engineer, and at the cost indicated.
Page 668 - Street Bridge was washed out and washouts of the Pacific Electric Railway and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway kept those railways out of operation (February 26, 1922).

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