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The public appreciation of the late Mr. Gilbart's works on banking has been testified by their frequent reissues. Of his various publications, the “History and Principles of Banking,” and the “ Practical Treatise on Banking,” have been the most popular, and still rank as standard text-books. In the present volume they are combined, with the double view of preserving the more valuable characteristics of both, and, by lessening the cost, of bringing them within the reach of the many.

Entrusted by the publishers with the preparation of this combined edition, I have laboured to do them justice, if not intelligently, at least assiduously. In one respect I have been singularly fortunate. Wheresoever, or to whomsoever, I have applied for information—to the Bank of England, the Clearing House, Joint-Stock Banks, Country Banks—to directors, managers, stock-brokers, clerks—I have been received courteously, answered unreservedly (confidential matters of course excepted), and have heen afforded the information I sought, rather as if I were conferring a favour on my informants, than as if I were the party benefited and honoured. One honourable

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