Chronica de Mailros, ed., notulis aucta [by J. Stevenson].

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Joseph Stevenson

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Page ii - He also quoted some evidence in support of the view that the disease occurred at the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth century in Germany and more definite evidence that it occurred in Upper Italy and Hungary in 1890.
Page xvi - ... and that all others are transcripts from this one original. Second, That the first portion, namely, from the commencement to about the year 1140, is a compilation from existing histories, and, consequently, is to be used with caution. Third, That the second portion, namely, from about the year 1140 to the termination of the volume, is possessed of the highest credibility, being the testimony of individuals* who lived seldom later than half a century from the occurrence of the events which they...
Page v - ... contradiction, it is impossible to avoid arriving at the conviction that the celebrated author of the Scottish Historical Library has written his notice of this important chronicle without giving himself the trouble of examining the stability of the arguments upon which rest his theories and assertions. ž 5. The latest author, as far as the editor is aware, who makes this statement is Spottiswood, who reiterates the assertion that " the Oxford edition published in the year 1684, does not agree...
Page 56 - Gale's edition. Since the date of its publication they have been so carefully erased from the vellum, that there does not remain even the vestige of a single letter.
Page xiv - ... been most successfully lithographed by Mr Netherclift, and it is impossible to figure more accurate delineations of ancient MSS. We will venture to put them in competition with any of the engravings done under the authority of the Record Commission. Whilst expressing an opinion that this MS. had been carried off from Melrose at a period, if not anterior to, at least immediately after, the Reformation, the editor falls into a mistake, which may be easily accounted for, in consequence of his not...
Page 225 - Balliofergus, or a commentary upon the foundation, founders, and affairs of Balliol college,
Page 173 - ... appendentes semper meritum et premium equa lance, retribuendo cuique juxta qualitatem operis pene vel gratie quantitatem. Sane cum dira guerrarum commotio nonnullas professionis christiane provincias diutius afflixisset, nos toto cupientes mentis affectu tranquillitatem et pacem ecclesie...
Page 183 - A nobis incipitur, sed pro certo noveritis quod in aliis regibus et principibus finietur, a quibus publice gloriantur resistentiam aliquam minime formidare...
Page 204 - Ricardus vero comes Cornubie, qui ante paucos dies diffidarat barones ad bellum appellans illos regis et regni proditores, metu mortis perterritus fugit in molendinum quod vi ventorum dicebatur molere, claudens hostium super se.
Page viii - ... dignitatibus suis." Unfortunately, however, for this theory, the passage has been transcribed verbatim from Hoveden. ' He further states that this is not noticed in the Oxford edition, " but only in the manuscript copy which they have in Scotland," whereas the passage is in the Oxford edition.

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