Interior Department Appropriation Bill for 1947 Hearings ... 79th Congress, 2d Session, Parts 2-3

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Page 348 - Electric power and energy generated at reservoir projects under the control of the War Department and in the opinion of the Secretary of War not required in the operation of such projects shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Interior, who shall transmit and dispose of such power and energy in such manner as to encourage the most widespread use thereof at the lowest possible rates to consumers consistent with sound business principles, the rate schedules to become effective upon confirmation...
Page 349 - The Secretary of the Interior is authorized, from funds to be appropriated by the Congress, to construct or acquire, by purchase or other agreement, only such transmission lines and related facilities as may be necessary in order to make the power and energy generated at said projects available in wholesale quantities for sale on fair and reasonable terms and conditions to facilities owned by the Federal Government, public bodies, cooperatives, and privately owned companies.
Page 73 - In the event of extraordinary drought or serious accident to the irrigation system in the United States...
Page 313 - River and the Sacramento River, controlling floods, providing for storage and for the delivery of the stored waters thereof...
Page 21 - Rate schedules shall be drawn having regard to the recovery (upon the basis of the application of such rate schedules to the capacity of the electric facilities of the projects) of the cost of producing and transmitting such electric energy, including the amortization of the capital investment allocated to power over a reasonable period of years.
Page 148 - That no new project or new division of a project shall be approved for construction or estimates submitted therefor by the Secretary until information in detail shall be secured by him concerning the water supply, the engineering features, the cost of construction, land prices, and the probable cost of development, and he shall have made a finding in writing that it is feasible, that it is adaptable for actual settlement and farm homes, and that it will probably return the cost thereof to the United...
Page 437 - The general comprehensive plans set forth in House Document 475 and Senate Document 191, Seventy-eighth Congress, second session, as revised and coordinated by Senate Document 247, Seventy-eighth Congress, second session, are hereby approved and the initial stages recommended are hereby authorized and shall be prosecuted by the War Department and the Department of the Interior as speedily as may be consistent with budgetary requirements.
Page 478 - This system of accounts shall also apply to agencies of the United States engaged in the generation and sale of electric energy for ultimate distribution to the public, so far as may be practicable. In accordance with applicable statutes.
Page 713 - ... the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to irrigation and probably be repaid by the water users; (4) the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to power and probably be returned to the United States...
Page 414 - All revenues received in carrying out the provisions of this act shall be paid into and expenditures shall be made out of the fund, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior.

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