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There is almost as much facility in travelling in Wales as in England, the roads in general being as good, the inns as commodious and comfortable, and the means of conveyance as easily to be met with.


The Great Holyhead Road, passing as it does through tracts of country wild in the extreme, overcoming all impediments, and never rising to an elevation sufficient to render any part of the journey tedious, must appear to all strangers to be a magnificent work. Next to this, and scarcely inferior in point of excellence, is the road leading from Chester to Caernarvon ; whilst the roads from Caernarvon to Capel Curig, from Caernarvon to Barmouth, from Barmouth to Aberystwith, from Aberystwith to Shrewsbury, and from Shrewsbury to Bala, though in some parts hilly, are extremely good; indeed, in passing from place to place, the traveller will seldom have to regret the want of good roads. It is true that the carts carrying slates, &c from the quarries injure them in some parts, but never to any great extent.


The accommodation for travellers in Wales is excellent. Several of the inns are on the most extensive scale, and few

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