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How........ Howard's U. S. Reports.
Hum., Humphrey's Reports.

Illinois Reports.

Indiana Reports. Ire.,

Iredell's Reports. J. Ca.,

Johnson's Cases. J. C. R.,

Johnson's Chancery Reports. Jo.,

Johnson's Decisions.
J. R.,

Johnson's Reports.
Jon., Jones' Reports.
Law. R., .... Law Reporter.

Littel's Reports.

Louisiana Reports.

Maine Reports.
Man., Manning's Reports.
J. J. M.,

J. J. Marshall's Reports.
Md., Maryland Reports.

Massachusetts Reports.

McLean's Reports. Мсм., ,

McMullen's Reports.

Metcalf's Reports.
Miss., Mississippi Reports
Mi.,. Missouri Reports.
Mon., Monroe's Reports.
B. Mon., .... Ben. Monroe's Reports.
Mor., Morris' Reports.
Munf., Munford's Reports.

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Walk., ..... Walker's Reports.
Wal., R. J.,. R. J. Walker's Reports

Wallace's Reports.

Washington's Reports.

Watts' Reports. W. & S., ... Watts & Sergeant's Reports

Wendell's Reports. Wha., Wharton's Reports. Wha. St. Tr., Wharton's State Trials. Wh., Wheaton's Reports. Wis.,

Wisconsin Reports. Yer......... Yerger's Reports.


Pai., Paige's Reports.
P. C. R.,.... Parker's Criminal Reports.
Pa.,... Payne's Reports.

Peck's Reports.
Peck's Tr.,.. Peck's Trial.
P. L. J., .... Pennsylvania Law Journal
Penn., ..... Pennsylvania Reports.

Za.,........ Zabriskie's Reports.






They are divided into Four PARTS :
The First Part relates to Territory, Civil Polity, and Internal

The Second Part relates to the Rights of Property and of Persons.
The Third Part relates to the Administration of Civil Justice.
The Fourth Part relates to the Administration of Criminal Jus-


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CHAP. I. Of the boundaries of the State and its Territorial Jurisdiction

Vol. Pago. TITLE 1. The Boundaries of the State,....

I, 75 and III,

3 TITLE 2. The Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the State,.

I, 79 and III, 7

CHAP. II. Of the Civil Divisions.

TITLE 1. The several Counties,.....

TITLE 2. The Senate Districts,...

I, 80 and V, Ap.

I, 81 and III, 10


TITLE 3. The Congress Districts,
TITLE 4. The several Towns,
TITLE 5. The several Cities,
TITLE 6. The erection and alteration of Counties, &c.,.
GENL. STAT. The Assembly Districts,

Judicial Districts,...

Vol. Page.
III, 12
V, Ap.
V, Ap.

I, 381
III, 8
III, 8

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CHAP. III. Of the Census.

General Statutes,...

III, 13

CHAP. IV. Of the Rights of Citizens,..

I, 83

CHAP. V. Of Public Civil Officers,

TITLE 1. Their number, location and classification,..
TITLE 2. Legislative Officers,
TITLE 3. Executive Officers,
TITLE 4. Judicial Officers,..

ART. 1. Appointed by Governor and Senate,
ART. 2. Appointed by courts of Justice,
ART. 3. Appointed by local Authorities,

ART. 4. Elected by the People,
TITLE 5. Of Administrative Officers,.
TITLE 6. General Provisions relating to all,...

ART. 1. Appointment, qualification and term,.
ART. 2. Their nomination and commissions,.
ART. 3. Oath of office and official bond,...
ART. 4. Resignations, removals and vacancies;.

I, 85 and III, 26

I, 80 I, 93 I, 94 I, 96 I, 96 I, 97

I, 99 III, 38

I, 103 I, 106 I, 106 I, 107 I, 109

I, 111 and III, 26

I, 114 III, 26

ART. 5. Compelling delivery of Books, &c.,... GENL. STAT. Powers and duties of State Officers,.

CHAP. VI. Of Elections (not including Militia or Town Officers),

I, 116

and III, 39 TITLE 1. Qualifications and privileges of Electors,

I, 116

and III, 45 TITLE 2. General and Special Elections,..

I, 117 TITLE 3. Notices to be given,

I, 118 ART. 1. By the Secretary of State,...

I, 119 ART. 2. By county and State Canvassers,.

I, 119 ART. 3. Elections in Cities and Towns,

I, 120

and III, 39 TITLE 4. Manner of conducting Elections,

I, 124

and III, 48 Art. 1. Inspectors and their Clerks,

I, 124

Vol. Pago. ART. 2. Manner of voting and challenging.......

I, 125

and III, 52 ART. 3. Duties of Inspectors and Clerks,

I, 129 ART. 4. Canvass by the Inspectors, .....

I, 130

and III, 51 TITLE 5. Final canvass and declaring the result,

I, 133 ART. 1. Duty of County Canvassers,

I, 133 ART. 2. Duty of County Clerk,...

I, 135 ART. 3. Duty of Secretary of State, ........

I, 136 ART. 4. State Canvassers,..

I, 137 ART. 5. Subsequent duty of Secretary of State,

I, 138 TITLE 6. Election of Members of Congress and Presidential Electors, ..

I, 139 ART. 1. Election of Representatives,

I, 139 ART. 2. Election of Presidential Electors,

I, 139 ART. 3. The College of Electors,

I, 142 ART. 4. Election of Senators in Congress,

I, 144 TITLE 7. Penalties for violating Election Law, &c.,.

I, 144

and III, 42 TITLE 8. Miscellaneous Provisions,

I, 147 GENL. STAT. Election of Judicial Officers,

III, 45

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CHAP. VII. Of the Legislature,.

TITLE 1. Apportionment of members,
TITLE 2. Powers, duties and privileges,
TITLE 3. Applications to the Legislature,


TITLE 4. Enactment and promulgation of Statutes, .

I, 149
I, 149
I, 151

I, 154 and III, 53

I, 155 and III, 53

I, 156

I, 159 and III, 65

TITLE 5. Taking testimony in Legislative proceedings,.
TITLE 6. Pay and contingent expenses,...

CHAP. VIII. Of Executive Officers,

TITLE 1. The Governor and Lieutenant-Governor,.
TITLE 2. The Secretary of State,...
TITLE 3. The Comptroller,

ART. 1. His general duties and powers,
ART. 2. Proceedings to recover public moneys,

ART. 3. Lands sold by or mortgaged to the State,
TITLE 4. The Treasurer,
TITLE 5. The Attorney-General,
TITLE 6. The Surveyor-General,
TITLE 7. The State Printer,.

I, 162 I, 162 I, 166 I, 169 I, 169 I, 173 I, 175 I. 177 I, 179 I, 182

I, 183 and III, 58

I, 185

TITLE 8. General provisions relating to two or more,.

CHAP. IX. Of Funds, Finances and State Property,

TITLE 1. The General Fund,..
TITLE 2. The Canal Fund,
TITLE 3. The Literature Fund,
TITLE 4. The Common School Fund,
TITLE 5. The Public Lands,

ART. 1. Commissioners of the Land Office,
ART. 2. Survey of unappropriated Lands..
ART. 3. Sale of unappropriated lands
ART. 4. Lands under water,.....
ART. 5. Protection of the Public Lands,...

ART. 6. Lands belonging to Canal Fund,.
TITLE 6. Mortgages to the State,
TITLE 7. Public Buildings,
TITLE 8. Public Libraries,
TITLE 9. The Canals,.

ART. 1. Designation and Description,
ART. 2. The Canal Commissioners,
ART. 3. Appraisement of Damages,.
ART. 4. The Canal Board,
ART. 5. Surplus Waters,...
ART. 6. Repairs and Collection of Tolls,
ART. %. Navigation of the Canals,.....
ART. 8. Protection and maintenance of the Canals,

ART. 9. Miscellaneous Provisions,
TITLE 10. Salt Springs,
TITLE 11. Mines,...
TITLE 12. Escheats,
TITLE 13. Forfeited Estates,
GENL. STAT. State Loans,

Vol. Pago.

I, 188 and III, 67

I, 188
I, 192
I, 195
I, 195
I, 197
I, 197
I, 198
I, 200
I, 208
I, 209
I, 210
I, 211
I, 214
I, 215
I, 217
I, 217
I, 219
I, 225
I, 229
I, 231
I, 236
I, 238
I, 248

I, 250
III, 207

I, 252
I, 254

I, 256
III, 79

CHAP. X. Of the Militia,

I, 257 and III, 245

CHAP. XI. Of Towns, Cities and Villages,
TITLE 1. Towns as bodies corporate,...

Art. 1. Their powers and duties,..

ART. 2. The division of a Town, TITLE 2. Town meetings,

ART. 1. Annual and Special Town meetings,

ART. 2. Mode of conducting them,
TITLE 3. Town Officers,

ART. 1. Election of Town Officers,
ART. 2. Qualifications and Tenure of office,
ART. 3. Vacancies in Town Offices,

I, 310
I, 310
I, 310
I, 311
I, 312
I, 312
I, 315
I, 310
I, 316
I, 317
I, 320

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