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to be made and filled.

shares of tickets.

this Article.


tions or corporations, or by the said purchasers, or by their List thereof agents, for that purpose appointed. Before issuing such cer

tificates, a complete list thereof, exhibiting the register and combination numbers thereof, duly certified to be true and correct, by the persons intending to issue the same, shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state. The said list, or

a duly certified copy thereof, shall be evidence in all courts. Penalty for S 51. No person shall within this state, sell any share or any other part of a ticket in any lottery whatsoever, other than the

certificates of shares issued in conformity to the preceding section; nor shall any person give any writing or certificate that the bearer, or any person, shall be entitled to any share or part of any prize which may be drawn in any lottery whatever, except the certificates issued according to the preceding section; whoever shall offend against these provisions, or either of them, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars, and to imprisonment not exceeding three

calendar months, or to both, in the discretion of the court. Evidence in $ 52. It shall not be necessary in the trial of any suit or lione under prosecution under the provisions of this Article, to prove the

existence of any lottery in which any ticket, share or part of a ticket purports to have been issued, or the actual signing of any such ticket, or share, or of any pretended ticket or share, of any pretended lottery; nor that any ticket, share or interest, was signed or issued by the authority of any manager, or of any person assuming to have authority as manager ; but in all cases, proof of the sale, furnishing, bartering or procuring of any ticket, share or interest therein, or of any instrument, purporting to be a ticket, or part or share of any ticket, shall be conclusive evidence that such ticket, share or interest

was signed and issued according to the purport thereof. Forgery of S 53. If any person shall falsely make, alter, forge or counlottery tick

terfeit, or cause or procure to be falsely made, altered, forged

or counterfeited, or willingly act or assist in the false making, (672) altering, forging or counterfeiting any ticket of any lottery,

or other game or device of chance, or any share or interest, or any certificate of any share or interest in any ticket of any lottery, or other game or device of chance, with intent to defraud any person or body corporate whatsoever, or shall utter or publish as true, or shall sell or exchange, or offer for sale or exchange, any false, altered, forged or counterfeited ticket of any lottery, or other game or device of chance, or of any share or interest, or of any certificate of any share or interest in any ticket of any lottery, with intention to defraud any person or body politic or corporate whatsoever, knowing the same to be false, altered, forged or counterfeited, then any such person being thereof convicted, shall be subject to imprisonment as prescribed by law.

Act concerning Revised Statutes, of December 10, 1828, § 13; see chap.

1, 4th Part R. S., Titlo 3, § 33.

ets, &c.

$ 54. It shall be the duty of the presiding judge of every ART: 16

. court of oyer and terminer, and of every court of general rics to be sessions of the peace, specially to charge every grand jury to specting inquire into all violations of the laws against lotteries, and against the unlawful selling of tickets in lotteries. See Laws of 1833, ch. 306. Post, vol. 4, p. 43.

this Arti. cle.



SEC. 55. Racing prohibited; penalty.

56. Duty of public officers to prevent races.
57. Penalty for coutributing or collecting purse to bo raced for.
58. Penalty on owners and on persons betting.

59 & 60. All racing in New-Utrecht prohibited.
$ 55. All running, trotting or pacing of horses, or any other

Racing animals, for any bet or stakes, in money, goods, or other &c., o hor valuable thing, or for any reward to be given to the owner or ited: rider of any animal which shall excel in speed, excepting such as are by special laws for that purpose expressly allowed, shall be deemed racing within the meaning of this Article, and are hereby declared to be common and public nuisances and misdemeanors; and all parties concerned therein, either Penalty. as authors, betters, stakers, stakeholders, judges to determine the speed of the animals, riders, contrivers or abettors thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year.

1 R. L., 222, § 1 & 6; 7 Cow., 255, 496; 1 D., 170; 3 D., 107. $ 56. It shall be the duty of all officers concerned in the Public of administration of justice, to attend at the place where they shall know or be informed that any race is about to be run and biud contrary to the provisions of law, and there give notice of the fenders. illegality thereof, and endeavor to prevent such race, by dispersing the persons collected for the purpose of attending the same, and by all other ways and means in their power. Upon their own view of any persons offending against the provisions

(673) of the preceding section, as well as upon the testimony of others, such judges and justices shall issue warrants for the immediate apprehension of the persons so offending, to the end that they may be compelled to enter into recognizances, with sufficient sureties, for their good behavior, and for their appearance at some proper court, to answer for the said offences.

S 57. Every person who shall contribute or collect, or solicit Penalty for any other person to contribute or collect, any money, goods, ing or color things in action, for the purpose of making up a purse, becting plate or other valuable thing, to be raced for by any animal to be raced contrary to law, or to be given to the owner or rider of any animal so racing contrary to law, shall forfeit twenty-five dollars, to be sued for and recovered by and in the name of

cers to pro vent races



Penalty on owners of horses, &c.,


the overseers of the poor of the town where the offence may be committed.

1 R. L., 222, & 2, 3 & 4. S 58. The owner, in the whole or in part, of any animal

that shall be used or employed, by his permission or privity, sode beper in racing, contrary to law, shall forfeit the value of the aninial

so employed. Every person concerned in laying any bet or wager upon the event of any illegal race, or in contributing to the stakes to be awarded upon any such event, shall forfeit the amount of the bet or wager so made, or of the sum or thing so contributed. The said forfeitures may be sued for and recovered by the overseers of the poor of the town where the offence may be committed.

10 W., 99. Racing in $ 59. All racing and running of animals for the trial of speed

within the town of New-Utrecht, in the county of Kings, prohibitod. whether the same be for any bet, wager, or stakes, or not,

shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and the parties concerned therein shall, on conviction, be liable to fine and imprison

ment, as declared in the preceding fifty-fifth section. Penalty. $ 60. The owner, in whole or in part, of any animal that

shall be used or employed, by bis permission or privity, in racing, in the town of New-Utrecht, contrary to the provisions of the preceding section, shall forfeit the value of the animal so employed, to be sued for, recovered and applied as directed in the preceding fifty-eighth section.

Laws of 1820, 79.




SEC. 61 & 62. Penalty for profane swearing; when summary conviction to be made.

63. Proceedings if penalty be not paid or secured. Penalty for $ 61. Every person who shall profanely curse or swear shall profane Pwearing; forfeit one dollar for every offence; if the offence be comconviction.

mitted in the presence and hearing of any justice of the

peace, mayor, recorder or alderman of any city while holding (674) a court, a conviction of the offender shall be immediately

made by such magistrate, without any other proof whatsoever.

S 62. And if, at any other time, the offence be committed, in the presence and hearing of such justice, mayor, recorder or alderman, under such circumstances, as in the opinion of the magistrate, to amount to a gross violation of public decency, such magistrate may, in his discretion, convict the

offender without other proof. Proceed. S 63. If the offender do not forthwith pay the penalties ang berpent incurred, with the costs, or give security for their payment marador se- within six days, he shall be committed by warrant to the

common jail of the county for every offence, or for any number of offences whereof he was convicted, at one and the same

Ib, otlier ca-

ART. 1.

time, for not less than one day, nor more than three days, there to be confined in a room separate from all other prisoners.

2 R. L., 195, § 6, 7 & 8; 16 Ab., 235.

to be sold.

Sec. 64. Prohibition of acts, disturbing meetings for religious worship

65. Penalty; proceedings to collect; summary conviction.
66. Duty of peace officers to apprehend offenders
67. Judicial officers may order offenders into custody.

68. Proceedings on conviction, if penalty be not paid or secured. S 64. No person shall wilfully disturb, interrupt or disquiet Meetings any assemblage of people met for religious worship, by pro- gious wor fane discourse, by rude and indecent behaviour, or by making behinderto a noise either within the place of worship, or so near it as to ed. disturb the order and solemnity of the meeting; nor shall Liqnor not any person within two miles of the place where any religious society shall be actually assembled for religious worship, expose to sale or gift, any ardent or distilled liquors, or keep open any huckster-shop in any other place, inn, store or grocery, than such as shall have been duly licensed, and in which such person shall have usually resided or carried on business; nor shall any person, within the distance aforesaid, exhibit any Shows, &c., shows or plays, unless the same shall have been duly licensed not to be by the proper authority ; nor shall any person within the dis- Nor racing tance aforesaid, promote, aid, or be engaged in any racing of or gaming. any animals, or in any gaming of any description; nor shall Highways any person obstruct the free passage of any highway to any obstructed. place of public worship, within the distance aforesaid.

2 R. L., 194, § 4; and Laws of 1824, 374; 3 W., 253; 6 B., 317; 34 N. Y., 142. $ 65. Whoever shall violate either of the provisions of the Penalty. foregoing section, may be convicted summarily before any Proceodjustice of the peace of the county, or any mayor, recorder, beton alderman or other magistrate of any city, where the offence shall be committed, and on such conviction, shall forfeit a suim not exceeding twenty-five dollars, for the benefit of the poor of the county.

17 W., 211. S 66. It shall be the duty of all sheriffs, and their deputies, (675) coroners, marshals, constables, and other peace officers, who Offenders to may be present at the meeting of any assembly for religious hended by worship, which shall be interrupted or disturbed in the man- cers proner herein prohibited, to apprehend the offender, and take him sent. before some justice of the peace, or other magistrate authorised to convict as aforesaid, to be proceeded against according to law.

19 J. R., 40; 10 W., 377; 9 W., 62. $ 67. All judges, mayors, recorders, aldermen, and justices May be or of the peace, within their respective jurisdictions, upon their custody by own view of any person offending against the provisions of reicial off

ings to col


this Article, may order the offender into the custody of any officer in the preceding section named, or of any official member of the church or society so assembled and disturbed, for safe keeping until he shall be let to bail, or a trial for such offence be had.

3 W., 253. Proceed S 68. If any person convicted of any of the offences herein hley be not prohibited, shall not immediately pay the penalty incurred, paid or be with the costs of the conviction, or give security to the satiscured.

faction of the officer before whom the conviction shall be had, for the payment of the said penalty and costs within twenty days thereafter, he shall be committed by warrant to the common jail of the county, until the same be paid, or for such term, not exceeding thirty days, as shall be specified in the warrant.

2 R. L., 194, § 4; and Laws of 1824, 374; 19 J. R., 40; 19 W.. 545. See Laws of 1834, ch. 78; 1845, ch. 228. Post. vol. 4, p. 44.


SEO. 69. Service of certain process, &c. on Sunday, prohibited and void. &c.

70. Certain sports and acts, on Sunday, prohibited; penalty.
71. Goods not to be sold on Sunday; to be forfeited; proceedings.

72. Tavern-keepers, grocers, &c. not to sell liquor on Sunday. Certain pro

S 69. No writ, process, warrant, order, judgment, decree, or cesse not to other proceeding

of any court or officer of justice, shall bo on Sundays, served or executed upon the first day of the week, called Sun

day, except in cases of breach of the peace, or apprehended breach of the peace, or for the apprehension of persons charged with crimes and misdemeanors, or the violation of any of the provisions of this and the preceding Article, and except

where such service shall be specially authorised by law. Service

The service of any such process or proceeding, in all other void, &c.

cases, shall be utterly void, and shall subject the party offending to damages, at the suit of any person aggrieved.

2 R. L., 195, § 5; 193, SS 1, 2 & 3; 4 N. Y., 296; 12 W., 59; 8 Cow.,

30; 1 Cow., 75; 15 J. R., 177; 12 J. R., 179; 3 J. R., 257; 20

How. P. R., 81; 8 B., 384; 39 N. Y., 129. S 70. There shall be no shooting, hunting, fishing, sporting, Bports on playing, horse-racing, gaming, frequenting of tippling houses, Sunday, travelling, or any unlawful exercises or pastimes, on the first day of the laboring,

week, called Sunday ; nor shall any person travel on that day, hibited.

unless in cases of charity or necessity, or in going to or return

ing from some church or place of worship within the distance [676]

of twenty miles, or in going for medical aid or for medicines, and returning, or in visiting the sick and returning, or in carrying the mail of the United States, or in going express by order of some public officer, or in removing his family or household furniture when such removal was commenced on some other day; nor shall there be any servile laboring or


&c, pro

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