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Waste of money in this format
This is a great book, but this Google Play eBook format is absolutely terrible. The printed version of the book is in landscape mode. This eBook forces the landscape
(horizontal) mode of the book into a portrait (vertical) mode. The result is the text is smashed into a tall and thin font that is unreadable. Save your money here and either buy printed book or wait for a proper eBook version to be publish. There is no way that any of the positive reviews of this book are from people who purchased the Google Play version of this book. This eBook is an total and absolute waste of money. 

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Unreadable on iPad
I love Osterwalder's work and was excited to get a copy of the latest book. BUT - don't plan on reading it on your iPad - the type is way too small to be legible and is unchangeable
in this poorly scanned version. Pity - would have been a good companion to the Business Model Canvas app which I use constantly. 

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Excellent book, terrible e-text.
Scanned pages for a book in this format make it challenging to read - the print is very small & cannot be zoomed. You can't even turn it sideways and see a single
page at a time (Google books assumes you want two-page mode). There is also no table of contents.
Beyond this, I'm used to Kindle books, which I find very useful for business and programming topics. Google books do not support bookmarks, highlights or annotations, which makes it much less useful.
Do yourself a favor, buy the paper book from Amazon, or wait for them to make a Kindle version. Google books is nowhere near as good as Kindle yet.

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A very interesting and constructive approach.
I'll use it in my next projects.

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A different kind of business world calls for a different kind of business manual, and that’s what Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur have achieved in their New Age guide to contemporary business modeling. Abetted by their “Business Model Innovation Hub” – with 470 online collaborators in 45 countries – Osterwalder and Pigneur practiced what they preached when they applied their modeling concepts to the book’s production. And the concepts are not just theories: major companies such as IBM and Ericsson are converts to the “Business Model Canvas,” a low-tech template for brainstorming and visualizing corporate roles and processes. The book’s breezy, colorful format, replete with photos, drawings, charts and graphics, belies its intensely researched and reality-grounded content. A big sheet of paper and a slew of Post-it notes are all you need to get started; that, and the combined creativity, intellect and persistence your team brings to the project. getAbstract heartily recommends this comprehensive, pictorial handbook to entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to create or redesign their business models.
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