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to the


races :

to settle disputes at

ments of the Club at the annual financial meeting, and they shall be responsible to the Club for the correctness of the annual accounts, and for all the money collected

as belonging to the Jockey Club. to fix time of

5. The Stewards shall fix the hour of starting for starting :

cach race at or before nine o'clock in the evening preceding the day of running, and notice of the time of starting is to be fixed up in the Coffee-room immediately

afterwards. manage 6. The Stewards have full power to make such reguand Exercise

lations as they may think proper in regard to the ground : Course and Exercising-ground. to postpone 7. The Stewards of the Jockey Club have the power,

in cases of urgent necessity, of putting off the races from day to day until a Sunday intervenes.

8. All disputes relating to racing at Newmarket shall Newmarket:

be determined by the three Stewards; if only two Stewards be present they shall fix upon a third person, being a member of the Club, in lieu of the absent Steward, but the Stewards, if they think fit, may call in any other members of the Jockey Club to their assistance, or may refer the case to a general meeting, if the importance or difficulty of the matter in dispute shall appear to them to require it. The witnesses examined shall be required to sign their evidence, and if either party desires to have a short-hand writer engaged to take down the evidence, the Stewards may (if they think proper) engage a writer at the expense of the

person making the request. may decide

9. If any dispute arising elsewhere shall be referred refer- to the Stewards of the Jockey Club, and they shall

think fit to take it into consideration, the matter must piaces : relate to horse-racing, and be sent by the Stewards of

the Meeting where the matter in question occurred.

10. The Jockey Club and the Stewards thereof take bettingcases: no cognizance of any disputes or claims with respect

to bets. maywarn off 11. The Stewards have a discretionary power to warn the Course :

any person off the Race-course at Newmarket, or any premises belonging to the Jockey Club, and in case of such notice being disregarded, to take legal proceedings against the offenders.

red to them
from other

not to decide

12. If a member of the Jockey Club shall impugn or object to any act or decision of the Stewards, he shall give notice of it in writing to the Keeper of the Match-book, who will immediately request the Stewards to fix an early day to assemble the members for the purpose of hearing the objection.

13. The Stewards of the Jockey Club are, ex officio, act at Epsom Stewards of Epsom and Ascot.

and Ascot.

Respecting the Admission of New Members.

14. Ballots for the Jockey Club may take place in for the any of the Newmarket Meetings. A candidate must Jockey Club. be proposed and seconded by two members in a meeting previous to the ballot, or in case the ballot takes place in the Craven Meeting, notice

of his being a candidate shall be given in the Sheet Calendar published next preceding that meeting, and also put up in the Coffeeroom on the Monday in that meeting; and notice to be given in writing, and put up in the Coffee-room, on what day the ballot will take place, at least one day before the time of balloting. Nine members (at the least) shall ballot, and two black balls shall exclude.

Members of the Jockey Club being abroad for two or more whole years from the 1st of January, shall not be liable for their subscription during their absence.

Honorary Members have not the power of voting at Meetings of the Club.

15. The ballots for Members of the New Rooms may for the New he in any of the six established Meetings at Newmarket. Rooms. Each candidate must be proposed by a Member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname, and usual place of abodle, with the name of the Member proposing him, put up in the Dining and Card-rooms at Newmarket (or in such other place as the Stewards shall appoint) on the day preceding the ballot. The ballot shall be in the morning, between the hours of eleven and one; or in the afternoon, between the hours of four and six. Members of the Jockey Club only shall be allowed to ballot. Nine members (at least) shall ballot, and two black balls shall exclude. If eighteen members ballot, there must be three black balls to exclude.

16. A Member of the Jockey Club may be admitted a Member of the New Rooms without ballot, by apply

For the

ing to Mr. Weatherby, Keeper of the Match-book, and paying the same sum for his admission, and the same subscription, as are required of Members chosen by ballot.

17. The ballot for Members of the Coffee-room shall Coffee-rcom. be in the Coffee-room at Newmarket (or at such other

place as the Stewards shall appoint) on any day in the present six established Meetings, between the hours of eleven and one o'clock in the morning. Each candidate must be proposed by a Member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname, and usual place of abode, with the name of the Member proposing him, be put up in the Coffee-room the day before the ballot. Members of the Jockey Club only can ballot. Nine Members (at least) must ballot, and two black balls

shall exclude. Arrears of 18. A person, though chosen, shall not be considered Subscription as a Member of any of these Clubs until he shall have

paid the usual sums for the admission and subscription of a new Member. And the name of every Member whose subscription shall be in arrear for one year shall be placed over the chimney-piece in the New Rooms and in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, in the Craven Meeting in each year. And if such arrear be not paid at the end of the following Spring Meeting, he shall ccase to be a Member, and shall not be again admitted as a Member until his arrears be paid, and until he be again chosen by ballot.

19. The subscription to the New Rooms and Coffeeroom, and all other charges, except the subscription to the Jockey Club, are paid half-yearly; the July

Meeting to be included in either half-year. Temporary 20. Any Member of the Jockey Club (not being a admission of Member of the New Rooms,) may be admitted to the non-Mem

New Rooms and Coffee-room for any one Meeting, by bers.

applying to Mr. Weatherby, Keeper of the Match-book, without any other charge than the payment of two pounds. In the event of such person attending any other meeting in the course of the same year, he is to be considered as a Member of the New Rooms, and

liable to all the usual charges. Election of 21. If any foreigner should be proposed at any time Foreigners.

as a candidate for the New Rooms or Coffee-room, an immediate ballot may take place for such election, and all foreigners who are elected are liable only to the household expenses.

22. Gentlemen not Members of the New Rooms or Admission to Coffee-room may be admitted to the Stands on New- the Stands, market Heath on payment of a life subscription of ten pounds, provided that they are elected by ballot in the same manner as Members of the Coffee-room, and that the number so admitted shall not exceed fifty.

Trials. 23. The day, with respect to the engaging of the How to en. ground for trials, shall be divided into three periods: gage the that is, previously to eight o'clock in the morning, from ground, one to half-past three in the afternoon, and after halfpast three in the afternoon, from the first day of the Craven Meeting to the end of the Houghton Meeting: during the rest of the year the first period extends to nine o'clock in the morning. No trainer shall have the ground for trying horses more than one morning and one portion of the afternoon in the same week, and trainers having less than ten horses shall be allowed to have the ground only for one period of time. A trainer not having more than five horses in training can only have his name down once at the same time; a trainer not having more than ten horses only twice; and a trainer with more than ten only three times.

Notice for engaging the ground shall, at least one (lay before the day it is used, be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose at the Keeper of the Matchbook's Office in Newmarket. And no notice or warning shall be deemed sufficient unless given as before directed.

If any person shall be detected in watching a trial, or Watching shall be proved to have employed any person to watch trials. a trial, he shall be served with a notice to keep off the heath; and if in the employment of any member of the Club, or of any groom or rider employed by any member of the Club, he shall be dismissed from his service, and not again employed.

The Cup and Whip. 24. The Cup may be challenged for on the Tuesday The Cup, or Wednesday in the July Meeting in each year, to be run for over the B.C. on Thursday in the Houghton Meeting following, by horses, &c., the property of Members of the Jockey Cinb or of the Rooins at Newmarket; four years old carrying &st 7ll), five years old, 9st ill),

six years old and aged, 9st 41b. Each person, at the time of challenging, is to subscribe his name to a paper to be hung up in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and deliver to the Keeper of the Match-book the name or description of the horse, &c., sealed up, which shall be kept till six o'clock on the Saturday evening of that week; and if not accepted, or only one challenger, to be returned unopened : but if accepted, or if more than one challenger, to be then opened and declared a match, or sweepstakes of 200 sov. each, play or pay. If the challenge be not accepted, the Cup to be delivered to the Keeper of the Match-book in the Meeting ensuing the challenge, for the person who may become entitled to the same.

25. The Whip may be challenged for twice in each year, viz.: on the Tuesday after the July Meeting, when the acceptance must be signified or the Whip resigned on the Tuesday following, or challenged for on Monday or Tuesday in the Second October Meeting, when the acceptance must be signified, or the Whip resigned, before the end of the same meeting. If challenged for and accepted in July, to be run for on the Tuesday in the Second October Meeting following; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the First Spring Meeting following; B.C. weight lost, and to stake 200 sov, each, play or pay.

The Whip.

Discount on

Charges at Vewmarket. 26. Five pounds per cent. shall be allowed on all forfeits under 1001. and not less than 201. declared to the Keeper of the Match-book, at or before ten o'clock the evening before running; and if the forfeit amount to 1001. and upwards, 101. per cent. shall be allowed. All forfeits shall be paid before twelve o'clock at night of the day fixed for the race, and on those forfeits which shall not be so paid, the deduction for the timely declaration of such forfeit shall not be allowed.

No horse shall be considered as struck out of his engagement, unless the owner, or some person authorised by him, shall give notice to the Keeper of the Match-book, or to his Clerk, or to one of the Stewaris present.

27. The Stake-holder shall deduct Il. per cent. upon all sums won at Newmarket in sweepstakes or matches, where the clear sum to be received by the winner, over

One per cent. plates.

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