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At a GENERAL MEETING OF THE JOCKEY CLUB, held at Newmarket on Wednesday in the Craven Meeting 1858, to receive the Report of the Committee appointed on the 4th December 1857, to take into consideration the Rules and Orders of the Jockey Club and Rules concerning Horse Racing in General,—the Rules, revised and newly arranged as follows, were read at length, and it was unanimously resolved that they shonld come into operation on Monday, April the 19th, 1858, and that all former Rules of the Jockey Club were repealed on and from that day.

The RULES CONCERNING HORSE-RACING IN GENERAL govern all Meetings that are subject to the established Rules of Racing.



1. Race-horses take their ages from the 1st of January. 2. Catch weights are, each party to appoint a person

Catch to ride without weighing.

Weights. 3. A feather-weight shall be considered 5st 71b, and Feather. the usual declaration must be made when the jockey carries more than that weight.

4. A maiden horse or mare is one that has never won a plate or sweepstakes in any country.

horses. 5. A plate is any prize given to be run for, without Plates. any stake being made by the owners of the horses to go to the winner.


6. For a plate, no person can run, either in his own name or in that of any other person, two horses of which he is wholly or in part owner, unless permitted to do so by a special clause in the conditions.


7. Where a stake is deposited by the owners of the horses, which is to to the winner, such race is a sweepstakes, and if an additional sum of money, cup, piece of plate, or other reward be offered to the winner, the race is still a sweepstakes, though such addition should be denominated a plate by the donor.

Three subscribers make a sweepstakes, and if a stake has the required number of subscribers at the expiration of the time of closing, and the number is afterwards reduced by death (or, in the case of a produce stake, by failure of produce), the race is not void as long as there are two horses left, the property of different persons, and if the number is reduced to two it is still a sweepstakes.

8. For a post match or sweepstakes cach subscriber names two or more horses of the proper age, but can only run one, unless a greater number is allowed by the conditions of the race.

Post Match or Sweepstakes.

Omissions, 9. When any match or sweepstakes shall be made, how supplied and no weight mentioned, the horses shall carry 8st 10th ---of weight: each, and if any weight is given the highest weight

shall be 8st 10lb.

-of Course :

10. When any match or sweepstakes shall be made and no Course mentioned, the Course shall be that which is usually run by horses of the same age as those engaged, viz :

If at Newmarket.
If yearlings, two furlongs

If two yrs old, six furlongs

If three yrs old, one mile

If four yrs old, two miles

If five yrs old or upwards, four miles B.C.
And if the horses should be of different ages, the Course
shall be fixed by the age of the youngest.

-of day.

11. If no day is mentioned for a race it shall be run on the last day of the meeting, unless otherwise agreed by all the subscribers.


A8 to Nominations. 12. In all nominations for sweepstakes and plates, Description the horse or mare entered must be clearly identified. necessary. The name of the sire and dam must be given, and if the dam has no name in the Racing Calendar or Stud Book, such further pedigree and description must be added as will distinguish the horse intended to be named from any other of a similar pedigree. If the dam was covered by more than one stallion, the names of all of them must be mentioned.

13. If a horse has once been entered with his name When and pedigree in a race published in the Racing Calen- name is suffi

cient. dar, it will be sufficient afterwards to mention him by his name only, even though he has never started ; and in entering a horse for the first time by his name in several races closing at the same time, it will be sufficient to give his pedigree in one of these nominations, and his name only in the others.

If the name of a horse which has run be changed, it is necessary, in entering the said horse, to give his old as well as his new name in every nomination until the change has been duly registered in the Book Calendar; and if his name be changed again, all his names must be repeated for the like period : but if a horse's name be changed before he has run in public, it shall be sufficient to give his new name in the first entry made after such change.

14. In naming for a race in which horses of different when ages are admitted, the age of the horse named must age must be

mentioned. be mentioned.

No yearlings can run for public stakes, and no horse which has run for a yearling stake is qualified to run afterwards at any place where these rules are in force.

15. No horse foaled out of the United Kingdom shall Nomination run for any race until his owner has produced a cer

foreign tificate of some racing club of the country where the horse was foaled, or from the mayor or other public officer of the district, stating the age, pedigree, and colour of the horse, and the marks by which it is distinguished.

16. If any horse, &c. shall be named or entered Incorrect or without being identified as before directed, he shall insufficient not be allowed to start in the race, but his owner shall description a

disqualificabe liable to pay the forfeit, or, if a play or pay race, tion. the whole stake.




17. If a horse should fraudulently run, or be entered entry, a per. to run, for any race by a false description, such horse qualification. is thenceforth disqualified for running in any race; and

the owner shall be compelled to return any sum of money won in plates, matches, or sweepstakes (whether handicap or not) which the said horse may have won.

When a horse has been struck out of an engagement by the person legally entitled to do so, if the horse be permitted to start by mistake for the said engagement, he shall not be entitled to receive the prize though he come in first, and if he have been allowed to start in consequence of fraud or misrepresentation on the part of the owner or other person having charge of the horse, that person shall be warned off Newmarket Heath, and the horse shall be

disqualified from running for any public race thereafter. Qualification 18. In naming or entering for any race where there

from shall be any particular conditions required as a qualitime of clo- fication to start, it shall be sufficient if the horse were sing.

qualitied at the expiration of the time allowed for naming or entering, and he shall not be disqualified by anything which may happen after the expiration of that time, unless so specified in the article; or unless he becomes disqualified under the rules relating to defaulters.

If a brood mare engaged in a produce stake drops her foal before the 1st of January the nomination is void, and if she has a dead foal or is barren the nomi

nation is void. Nominations 19. No person who has once subscribed to a stake

be shall be allowed to withdraw his name, and no nomichanged af. ter closing.

nation shall be altered in any respect after the time of closing, withont the consent of all the parties in the





Exception to 20. When a person takes a nomination for a stake in preceding which the forfeit is to be declared by a particular time, rule.

and does not declare forfeit by the time fixed in the article, he shall thenceforth be considered to have taken the engagement on himself, and his name shall

be substituted for that of the original subscriber. Use of ficti. 21. When any person enters a horse, or subscribes tious names. to a stake under a fictitious name, or in the name of a

person not fully identified at the time, he shall be considered in all respects as the owner of the horse, and as the subscriber to the stake; and in the event of the torfeit not being paid, his real name shall be published in the Forfeit List.

Every person who wishes not to engage his horses in his own name, must adopt some one name, which must be registered at Messrs Weatherby's Office, and he cannot enter in any other until the change is duly notinel to them; and the change shall be noticed in the first Sheet Calendar published after the receipt of such notification by Messrs Weatherby. No person who enters horses in an assumed name shall be allowed to adopt and register as such the same name as that of any gentleman who runs his horses in his own name.

A fee of 1 sor, is to be paid on each registration, which shall be carried to the credit of the Bentinck Benevolent Fund.

22. When the day fixed for the closing or naming Nominations for any stake, or for declaring forfeit or produce, shall not required fall on Sunday, subscriptions, nominations, or declar- to be made ations for such stake may be received on the following clay, provided that there is an interval of one clear day between the day of closing, naming, or declaring, and the day of running:

In case the day fixed for naming for any stake, for which nominations are received by Messrs Weatherby, <hall fall during a Newinarket race week, nominations may be made to them there, whether so expressed in the advertiseinent of the stakes or not.

23. All nominations are void by the death of the Void by subscriber.

24. In every sweepstakes in which there shall be an Allowances allowance of weight to the produce of untried horses or to produce of mares, it shall extend to horses or mares whose produce

untried hor never won a registered prize in any country, but such allowance shall be claimed by the subscriber before the expiration of the time of naming; and if not so claimed, no allowance shall be made.


ses or mares.

Respecting Stakes and Forfeits. 25. All stakes shall be made before starting, in cash, Stakes to be bank bills, or bankers' notes, payable on demand, and paid before be paid into the hands of the person appointed by the starting ; Stewards to receive the same, and in default thereof by any person, he shall pay the whole stake as a loser, whether his horse came in first or not, unless such

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