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At Yardley Stud Farm (four miles from Birmingham), O ,

XFORD, by I. Birdcatcher, dam, Honey Dear, by Plenidam by Bay Middleton, out of Miss Letty, by Priam (winner of the Oaks, and dam of Weatherbit, &c.) will serve a limited number of mares, besides his owner's, at 30 sov, each mare. Mares that have been barren for the last two seasons will not be taken. Oxford is the sire of The Student, Isis, Sylph, Wiseman, Capitola, Musa, The Prelate, also of Proctor, and The Don, both yearlings. He only had a few mares until last year, when his subscription was full. See Racing Calendar for his stock's performances, from a few untried dams.

Hay and grass 128. per week; corn extra, at market prices.

The season to close at the end of July, when the mares must be removed, and all expenses paid.

The paddocks at Yardley are excellent, and every attention will be paid.

Subscriptions taken by Mr James Pryke, Stud-groom, Yardley, or through Messrs Weatherby. At Rufford Abbey, Ollerton, Notts., nine miles from Tuxford

Station, Great Northern Railway, and eight from Mansfield and Southwell Stations, Midland Railway, ARMESAN, by Sweetmeat, out of Gruyère (the sire of

sides a few of his owner's, at 30gs each.

HARLEQUIN, by Voltigeur, dam by Melbourne, at 10gs, and half-breds at 5gs.

Good accommodation for mares and foals.

Richard Coultas, Stud-groom. At Tickhill Castle Farm, four miles from Bawtry station, on

the Great Northern Railway, ATAPLAN (sire of Kettledrum, Rapparee, Drummer

forty mares, by subscription, in addition to his owner's, at 30gs. each mare, groom's fee included.

Hay, grass, and attendance at 118. per week.
All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.
Apply to E. Hornshaw, stud-groom, Tickhill, or to Messrs

At Bushey Paddocks, Hampton Court,
Bribery; forty mares at 50gs each, groom's fee included.

, ELY will serve twenty-five mares, including ten of Her Majesty's, at 50gs a mare, groom's fee included.

MENTMORE will serve a limited number of mares at 10gs, groom's fee included.

Subscriptions may be taken of Mr Ransom, Stud-groom.



At the Stud Farm, East Acton, Middlesex, COTTISH CHIEF, by subscription, thirty mares, besides

COSTA, at 10gs a mare, a few half-bred mares, halfprice, and 10s. 6d. the groom.

Apply to Mr Donald, St James's Hall, Regent Street, W., or Messrs Weatherby, 6 Old Burlington Street, W.

At Willesden Paddocks,

by Verulam, at

15gs each mare, and 10s. 6d, the groom. PRINCE PLAUSIBLE, by King Tom, out of Longitude, by Inheritor; thorough-bred mares, 12gs each, and 10s. 6d. the groom; half-bred mares half-price, and 5s, the groom.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

Apply to Mr C. Phillips, Willesden Paddocks, Kilburn. At Hasketon (one mile from the Woodbridge, and six from

the Ipswich Stations of the Great Eastern Railway), URPLICE, by Touchstone, out of Crucifix, winner of

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mares, and five of his owner's, at 10gs, and 10s.6d. the groom.

Hay and grass at 10s. 6d.; corn, if ordered, at market price.
All expenses to be paid before the mares are removed.
Apply to Mr Isaac Smith, at the Farm.

At Cawston Stud Farm, near Rugby,
THORMANBY, by subscription, forty mares at 50gs each.

Hay and grass, 11s. per week, corn at market price. All expenses to be paid before the mares are taken away.

For subscriptions and particulars, apply to Mr Wm. Hem-
ming, Dunchurch, near Rugby.
At Highfield Paddocks, Tittenhanger, near St Albans, Herts,
THE PRIME MINISTER will serve twenty-five mares,

He is by Melbourne, out of Pantalonade, by Pantaloon, her dam, Festival, by Camel; he is dark brown, stands fifteen-three, and is the sire of Pastime, Farfalla, Lord Burghley, Light, Zisca, Mr Pitt, William Pitt, Miss Frances, The Spokesman, The Knight of the Garter, &c.

First-class accommodation for mares and foals.
Hay and grass, 10s. per week; corn at market prices.
For further particulars, apply to Mr G. Mather, as above.


At Sutton Place, three miles from Guildford, and three from

the Woking Station, on the South-Western Railway, HUNDERBOLT, by Stockwell; twenty-five mares



PEON, by Alarm; at 5gs a mare, dams of winners of 100 sov. gratis.

Accommodation for mares at 10s. 6d. a week; corn, if ordered, at the market price.

At Croome, Worcester, TVIM WHIFFLER, by Van Galen, out of Sybil, by The Twatty, by Whalebone; a limited number of mares at 18gs each, and 1 sov, to the groom.

UMPIRE, by Lecompte, out of Alice Carneal, by Imp. Sarpedon; a limited number of mares at 12gs each, and 1 sor. to the groom, and a few half-bred mares at 8gs each, and 10s, to the groom.

Hay and grass, 12s. per week; corn at market price.
Apyly to W. Hadley, Croome, Kempsey.

At Mr Smallwood's, Middlethorpe, near York,
COLTIGEUR will serve twenty-five mares, including

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scription is not full by the 20th of March, his number will be made up by half-bred mares, at 7 sov. each. Apply to Mr Smallwood, Middlethorpe.

At Clumber, Stud Farm, Worksop, Notts, W

he is a dark bay, sixteen hands high, of great bone, fine symmetry, and perfectly sound; he was one of the best horses of his day, at all distances, and is one of the most promising young sires offered to the public of the present day.

EXCHEQUER, by Stockwell, out of Stamp, by Emilius (by Orville)—blood will tell; at 10gs each; he was a good race horse, and a great winner, of great substance and perfectly sound.

All expenses to be paid before the mares are removed.
Apply to Mr W. Scott, Clumber, Worksop.

At Doncaster,

OUNG MELBOURNE will serve twenty mares, besides GENERAL PEEL will serve twenty mares, besides five of his owner's, at 50 sov, each, and 1 sov. to the groom.

Subscriptions will be received by Messrs Weatherby, London, or by Mr Cunningham, 37 St James's Street, Doncaster.





St. Leger. * 1778

Hollandaise 1779


Tommy 1780 Diomed


Ruler 1781 Young Eclipse Faith

Serina 1782 Assassin


Imperatrix 1783 Saltram

Maid of the Oaks Phenomenon 1784 Serjeant


Omphale 1785 Aimwell


Cowslip 1786 Noble

The Yellow Filly Paragon 1787 Sir Peter Teazle Annette

Spadille 1788 Sir Thomas Nightshade Young Flora 1789 Skyscraper Tag

Pewett 1790 Rhadamanthus Hippolyta Ambidexter 1791 Eager


Young Traveller 1792 John Bull Volante

Tartar 1793 Waxy


Ninety-three 1794 Dædalus

Hermione Beningbrough 1795 Spread Eagle Platina

Hambletonian 1796 Didelot


Ambrosio 1797 Br. c. by Fidget Niké

Lounger 1798 Sir Harry Bellissima Symmetry 1799 Archduke Bellina

Cockfighter 1800 Champion Ephemera Champion 1801 Eleanor


Quiz 1802 Tyrant


Orville 1803 W.'s Ditto Theophania Remembrancer 1804 Hannibal Pelisse

Sancho 1805 CardinalBeaufort Meteora

Staveley 1806 Paris


Fyldener 1807 Election


Paulina 1808 Pan


Petronius 1809 Pope

Maid of Orleans Ashton 1810 Whalebone Oriana

Octavian 1811 Phantom Sorcery

Soothsayer * In 1776 a sweepstakes on exactly the same conditions as that which was afterwards named the St. Leger was won at Doncaster by L. Rockingham's br. f. by Sampson, and in 1777 by Mr Sotheron's Bourbon; but the first St Leger, so called at the time, was won by Hollandaise. Vol. XCIV.



St Leger. 1812 Octavius

Manuella Otterington 1813 Smolensko Music

Altisidora 1814 Blucher


William 1815 Whisker


Filho da Puta 1816 Prince Leopold Landscape The Duchess 1817 Azor


Ebor 1818 Sam


Reveller 1819 Tiresias


Antonio 1820 Sailor


St Patrick 1821 Gustavus Augusta Jack Spigot 1822 Moses


Theodore 1823 Emilius


Barefoot 1824 Cedric


Jerry 1825 Middleton Wings

Memnon 1826 Lapdog

Lilias (aft. Babel) Tarrare 1827 Mameluke Gulnare

Matilda 1828 Cadland

Turquoise The Colonel 1829 Frederick Green Mantle Rowton 1830 Priam

Variation Birmingham 1831 Spaniel


Chorister 1832 St Giles


Margrave 1833 Dangerous Vespa

Rockingham 1834 Plenipotentiary Pussy

Touchstone 1835 Mündig Queen of Trumps Queen of Trumps 1836 Bay Middleton Cyprian

Elis 1837 Phosphorus

Miss Letty Mango 1838 Amato

Industry Don John 1839 Bloomsbury Deception Charles the XIIth 1840 Little Wonder Crucifix

Launcelot 1841 Coronation Ghuznee Satirist 1842 Attila

Our Nell

Blue Bonnet 1843 Cotherstone Poison

Nutwith 1844 Orlando


Faugh-a-Ballagh 1845 Merry Monarch Refraction The Baron 1846 Pyrrhus the First Mendicant Sir Tatton Sykes 1847 The Cossack Miami

Van Tromp 1848 Surplice


Surplice 1849 The Flying Dutch- Lady Evelyn The Flying Dutchman

man 1850 Voltigeur Rhedycina Voltigeur 1851 Teddington Iris

Newminster 1852 Daniel O'Rourke Songstress Stockwell 1853 West Australian Catherine Hayes West Australian 1854 Andover

Mincemeat Knt. of St George 1855 Wild Dayrell Marchioness Saucebox 1856 Ellington Mincepie Warlock

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