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CINCINNATI, Ohio, August 11, 1858. , The Association met in Smith & Nixon's Hall, Tuesday a. m., at 10 o'clock, and was called to order by the President, Z. RICHARDS, Esq., of Washington, District of Columbia.

Rev. Dr. CLARKE of Cincinnati, on being called upon by the President, offered an appropriate and earnest prayer in behalf of the Association and the cause of education in general.

A. J. RICKOFF, Esq., City Superintendent of Schools, Cincinnati, in a whole-souled address, gave the Association a hearty welcome to the Queen City of the West.

Teachers of the East and West had met in Cincinnati, the midway point, to greet each other for the first time, and express the hope that the results of the convention would prove beneficial alike to delegates and to the community.

He regarded the organization of the National Teachers' Association, as the enunciation of the educational idea of the age.

Rev. Anson SMYTH of Columbus, State Commissioner of Schools for Ohio, followed Mr. Rickoff, and in the name of the people of Ohio welcomed the Association to the Backeye State, and congratulated the Association on the glorious future of the cause of education, and the large and important field of usefulness before the Association.

The present school system was inaugurated in 1853 by the “ New School Law.” Under the workings of that law, the schools had largely increased in number and efficiency. Last year the sum of $2,251,522:14 of school money was raised; 18,873 teachers were employed; and there were 826,455 scholars between the ages of 5 and 25 enrolled, with an actual attendance of 703,347. These and other similar facts encouraged the friends of education, and gave them energy in carrying out the present system.

President RICHARDS responded to the addresses of Messrs. Rickoff and Smyth, thanking them for their courtesy and cordial sympathy in the objects of the Association.

The President then delivered his Inaugural Address, on "The Agency of the Association, in Elevating the Character, and Advancing the Interests of the Profession of Teaching."

The address of the President was full of practical thoughts and comprehensive views of his subject, and was received with marked favor by a large and appreciating audience.

On motion of Mr. RICKOFF, Messrs. Crosby of Cincinnati, and Regal of Harrison county, were appointed Local Secretaries, to attend to the enrolling of the names of delegates, and of persons wishing to become members of the Association.

Mr. RICKOFF, Chairman of the Local Committee, made several announcements in relation to the hospitalities of the people of Cincinnati, and their interest in the object of the Association.

Messrs. VALENTINE and RICKOFF made remarks on the general subject of membership, its terms and the proper candidates. .

Communications, containing invitations to visit the Public School Library Rooms, and the Rooms of the Young Men's Library Association, were received and accepted by the Association, with thanks for the same.

The Secretary on being called upon, read the Constitution of the Association, and announced the subject for discussion and the lectures to be delivered. On motion, adjourned till 3 o'clock p. m.

Afternoon Session. The Association met according to adjournment. The President in the chair. The exercises were opened by a song, “ Excelsior," with an accompaniment on the Piano, by Prof. PAIGE of Cincinnati.

Mr. CRUIKSHANK, from New York, presented a list of names of gentlemen recommended by the Board of Directors for membership. The persons thus recommended were unanimously elected. Mr. Cruikshank also read the names of several ladies who were elected honorary members, according to the provisions of the constitution.

The Board of Directors, in the absence of the Treasurer, T. M. Cann, Esq., of Delaware, having chosen Mr. Rickoff, Treasurer pro tem., recommended Mr. R. to the Association, whereupon he was unanimously elected, and at once assumed the duties of his office.

Prof. DANIEL READ of the University of Wisconsin, was now introduced and delivered an address on The Educational Tendencies and Progress of the Past Thirty Years."

Prof. SHEPARDSON, of Cincinnati, moved the thanks of the Association to Prof. Read for his admirable lecture, and requested a copy of the same for publication. Resolution adopted.

A call was now made on Prof. Paige, for music, to which he responded in a very acceptable manner.

The next order was a call on the representatives of the several states for state educational reports.

Maine was first called. No delegate being present, New Hampshire was called. She too failed to respond. Vermont answered through her representative, Mr. Adams, Secretary of the Board of Education for that state; Mr. PHILBRICK, Superintendent of Schools in Boston reported for the Bay State.

song, "Speak Gently," was now given by Prof. Paige, with fine effect.

Mr. Drury of Kentucky, moved a vote of thanks to Prof. Paige for entertaining the Association with excellent music, and further requested Prof. P. to continue these entertainments during the subsequent sittings of the Association. Resolution adopted.

The state of Connecticut was now called on for her report. No delegate being present, Mr. PHILBRICK, recently a resident there, and connected with her schools as State Superintendent, responded. There being no delegate present from Rhode Island, New York was called. Mr. VALENTINE answered, after which Mr. BULKLEY was called upon and added a few remarks.

The following resolution was introduced:

Resolved, That in view of the extreme heat, the Association adjourn to meet in the Baptist Church, in Ninth street.

Motion lost. On motion, it was Resolved, That Messrs. Rickoff, Bulkley and Hoyt be a committee to examine and report on the expediency of meeting in the Baptist Church, in Ninth street, or some other house, that is more comfortable than this Hall.

Association then adjourned till 8 o'clock in the evening.

Evening Session. The Association met according to adjournment. The President in the chair.

Mr. CRUIKSHANK gave notice of his intention to call for an altera

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