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He is not so careful to keep his soul his last bed, when this grim messenger within his teeth, as to send it forth well | comes to fetch him to heaven, looks not addressed for happiness; as knowing, so much at his dreadful visage as at his therefore, the last brunt to be most vio- | happy errand; and is willing not to lent, he rouseth up his holy fortitude to remember what death is in itself, but encounter that king of fear, his last what it is to us in Christ; by whom it is enemy DEATH.

made so useful and beneficial, that we And now, after a painful sickness and could not be happy without it. a resolute expectation of the fiercest

Here, then, comes in the last act and assault, it falls out with him as in the employment of faith (for after this brunt meeting of the two hostile brothers, Jacob passed, there is no more use of faith but and Esau ; instead of grappling, he finds of vision) that heartens the soul in a a courteous salutation; for stabs, kisses ; lively apprehension of that blessed Safor height of enmity, offices of love. viour, who both led him the way of sufLife could never befriend him, so much fering, and is making way for him to as death offers to do: that tenders him everlasting glory; that shews him “ Jesus, (perhaps a rough, but) a sure hand, to the author and finisher of our faith, who, lead him to glory, and receives a welcome for the joy that was set before him, enaccordingly.

dured the cross, despising the shame, and Neither is there any cause to marvel at is set down at the right-hand of the throne the change.

The Lord of life hath of God;" that clings close unto him, and wrought it; he, having by dying subdued lays unremoveable hold upon his person, death, hath reconciled it to his own; and his merits, his blessedness. Upon the hath, as it were, beaten it into these fair wings of this faith, is the soul ready to terms with all the members of his mys- mount up toward that heaven which is tical body; so as while unto the enemies open to receive it; and, in that act of God death is still no other than a ter- of evolation, puts itself-into the hands of rible executioner of divine


those blessed angels, who are ready to he is to all that are in Christ a plausible carry it up to the throne of glory. and sure convoy unto blessedness.

BISHOP HALL. The christian, therefore, now laid upon


He trembles when no foe is near, who, on the battle field
Has never known the pang of fear_had ever scorn'd to yield;
Not all the pomps of courtly rule, the panoply of state,
Nor yet the half deriding sneer of his guilt-harden'd mate,
To nerve his trembling hand, or steel his sinking heart, avail
His eyes are fix'd in stern amaze, his lips are ghastly pale.
Why does the Prefect tremble thus? has he—the ruler crown'd
Of all earth's lesser sov’reignties—has mighty Ceasar frown'd ?
Or does some bold rebellious hand, against his sway conspire,
And kindle in the restless land, sedition's raging fire ?
Or sees he, as Belshazzar saw, upon his palace wall,
Written in characters of flame, his sentence and his fa!l ?

No, all is tranquil—round their lord, obsequious servants stand,
To guard his pride and luxury—to wait on his command ;
And favor, from imperial hands, upholds his borrow'd power,
Nor mystic fingers have foretold destruction's coming hour;
· But yet, behold! his anxious eye by terror charm’d, remains
Fix'd on a captive at his feet—a captive, and in chains.
Word of the living God, how bright its vast achievements are !
Beyond the deeds of human might, or conqueror's prowess far;
With force mysterious it can arm a mortal's feeble breath,
With life still springing up to life, or death producing death ;*
It open'd Lydia's yielding heart, to hear her Saviour's call,
And makes a Roman tremble now, before a fetter'd Paul.

Yet 'twas an evanescent pang, and Felix’ terrors cease,
And to his heart the guilty man has fondly whisper'd, peace ;
The dazzling glory of a court shall chase these strange alarms,
And o'er him rule unrivall'd still, Drusilla's worthless charms;
“ To-morrow come-in happier hour, these awful truths debate"-
A long, a sad to-morrow comes--but tells those truths too late!

A. H.

* 2 Cor. ii, 16.

Dublin : Published by the Proprietors, T. R. and R. DUNCKLEY, at the New Irish PulpIT OFFICE, 1, St. ANDREW-ST. ; John ROBERTSON, W. Curry, Jun. and Co. ; R. M. Tims, W. CARSON, D. R. BLEAKLEY. London, SIMPKIN and MARSHALL; Edinburgh, White and Co. ; Cork Tract Repository ; Derry, CAMPBELL ; and all Booksellers.

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We preach Christ crucified-
“Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God."-1 Cor. 1.23. 24.

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(Chaplain to the Earl of Charleville.)

Matthew, i. part of 21.
“ Call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins."

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Jesus the Saviour of mankind! What people,” Israel ! A shepherd to the lost words are these, worthy of an angel's and wandering sheep of that long loved mouth : an everlasting gospel which house. Nay more,

the Saviour of the “another angel” might well be proud to world," so testifies the Samaritan bepublish, to fly with in the face of heaven liever. “ A propitiation not for our sins and “preach it unto them that dwell only, but also for the sins of the whole upon the earth, and to every nation, and world, so adds the beloved disciple, kindred, and tongue, and people.” “ Salvation to the ends of the earth,”

Jesus! How sweet it sounds! Our repeats the evangelical Prophet, “ for the Joshua, the leader, guide, commander, kingdoms of this world are become the who gives his people rest. Jehovah— kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ, Jesus ; Emmanuel; God incarnate ; God and he shall reign for ever and ever!” with us : on our behalf ; for our pro- This is the voice of prophecy, where tection.

shall we find its fulfilment ?

Let us A Saviour! from sin and curse and examine—the population of the world terrible destruction, to deliver from the is computed at about 730 millions. (I do bondage of corruption, the present power, not vouch for the accuracy of the calcu. the future penalty, the terrors of con- lation, but the round numbers will sufscience and the wrath of God.

“ His fice the purpose of my argument) Seven




hundred and thirty millions of immortal earth, treading under foot the Holy City beings, fashioned by the same hand, sus- itself, and quenching the light of the tained by the same care, fed by the same churches, planted and watered by an bounty, bought with the same precious Apostle. blood, and destined like ourselves, to Again; there are about one hundred to eternal happiness or misery—to dwell and twenty millions, who are called with God and Christ, and holy angels, Christians, and are such at least in outand the spirits of just men made perfect, ward profession, and no doubt the Lord or with Satan and his company in dark has his hidden ones in the midst of them ; and dreadful regions of punishment. but of the great mass, they are lying

of these 730 millions, 411 millions under the puerile superstitions and idoare stated to be lying in the grossness of latrous ceremonies of the Greek and Heathenism, Idolaters worshipping wood Latin churches. “ They are given over," and stone, given over to a reprobate as St. Paul testifies in his 2 Thes. ii. 11. mind, sitting in the shadow of death, “to a strong delusion, that they should upon whom the light of the sun of right believe a lie, that they all might be eousness has never risen, and are con- damned who believed not the truth but sequently, “ without hope and without had pleasure in unrighteousness." One God in the world,” even as St. Paul hundred and twenty millions furnishing describes the desperate condition of the the ranks of the Apostasy! Ephesians, before the Gospel But there may be said to be still fifty preached unto them.

Overwhelming millions more who have escaped the consideration, at which the mind shrinks snare ; they have" come out of Babylon” back into itself. They know not Him, and protest against her corruptions ; they in whom " they live, and move, and “ touch not the unclean thing," and rehave their being,” though “ he is not fuse “ to worship the beast, or to receive far off from every one of them.” They his mark in their right hand or in their know not that they are sinners by nature foreheads.” Oh if profession and pracand by practice, and liable to wrath and tice coincided ; if orthodoxy included condemnation. They know not the " holiness to the Lord,” what a spectacle precious Saviour who “died to redeem a church of 6fty millions, sincere and them from all iniquity.”. They are devoted worshippers of Christ, would ignorant of Him, whom to know " is life present to a dark and benighted world ! eternal ;" even Jesus Christ, “ the way, But how many of these have but "a the truth and the life.”

name to live and are dead.” How many One hundred and forty millions more possess but “ the form without the power are said to be victims to the delusion of godliness ;” and when you deduct of the Arabian Imposter, followers of from this fifty millions of the sons of the Mahomet! Unconsciously fulfilling that reformation, those who have fallen into prophecy in the Book of Daniel (ch. viii. open infidelity, neology, rationalism, 9.) in which he speaks of “the little antinomianism, and the multiform way horn” springing up in one quarter of the of error in doctrine and practice, we dominions of “the he goat, which is the may well be reminded of the pathetic King of Grecia," " and out of one of exclamation of our Lord, “ when the them came forth a little horn, which Son of Man cometh shall he find faith waxed exceeding great toward the south, on the earth.” and toward the east, and toward the To sum up our account, a number pleasant land, and it waxed great, even which is variously stated as ranging from to the host of heaven ; and it cast down three to nine millions must be added. some of the host and of the stars to the Suppose we take them at six millions of ground, and stamped upon them ; yea, souls-what are they? They are not he magnified himself even to the prince idolaters. They worship Jehovah, the of the host and by him the daily sacrifice great Being who made heaven and earth, was taken away, and the place of his and all things. They are not Deists, in sanctuary was cast down."

the modern acceptation of the phrase, “ Sad and painful thought ! One hun led only by the light of nature ; (how. dred and forty millions of men involved weak and glimmering is that light ;) to in the meshes of this cruel superstition, them has been committed the word of occupying the fairest portions of the revelation, in the lively oracles of God.



They are not followers of the false to see her more and more 6 consumed Prophet of Mecca, they believe in Moses by the spirit of his mouth.” and the true Prophets, “ holy men of And though the whole house of Israel old, who spake as they were moved by say, “ Our bones are dried, and our the Holy Ghost.” They expect a Messiah hope is lost we are cut off for our yet to come, to be the Saviour of his parts.” God saith, “ Behold, O my people, but alas, the vail is upon their people, I will open your graves and cause hearts ; their eyes are shut, their minds you to come up out of your graves, and are darkened, they know not Jesus ; they bring you into the land of Israel.' For, bow not before that only name which is saith the Apostle, “all Israel shall be given in heaven and earth, whereby they saved, as it is written, there shall come must be saved ; they call not upon him, out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall they will not have this man to reign over turn away ungodliness from Jacob.”them ; they are in open rebellion against Reason may speculate and unbelief entheir King; they are Jews !

quire, “ how shall these things be ??. Look back again at our statement. But “ thus saith the Lord of Hosts : if So many hundred millions involved in it be marvellous in the eyes of the Heathen

darkness ; so many ranged remnant of this people in these days, under the standard of the crescent ; so should it also be marvellous in mine many still in spiritual Babylon, partakers eyes ! saith the Lord of Hosts.”—Zechof her abominations ; so many denying ariah, viii. 6. the faith and fallen from their first love.

My beloved, these are the sayings of And the whole House of Israel, six the Most High, but their accomplishment millions of living men “ the seed of is still future, “ Though the vision tarry, Abraham," " the friend of God,” denying, wait for it, it will surely come.” Only rejecting and blaspheming " the Christ wait, and watch, and pray. This is the of God.” Where, we ask, where is the subject which I promised to bring before accomplishment of prophecy ; is this the you, and to which I now desire your fulfilment of our hopes ? Like Cleopas attention. I know of none more calof old “

we trusted that it had been He culated to affect your hearts, to impress which should have redeemed Israel." itself upon your understandings, or to

But the heathen shall be converted.- awaken grateful, admiring and adoring It is written, “ Ask of me and I shall views of our God; to lead us farther give thee the heathen for thine inheri- and farther into the mysteries of retance, and the uttermost parts of the demption, or make us break forth, in earth for thy possession." And Hab- rapturous exclamation, at the grand rebakuk declares (ii. 14) the time must sult, “ O, the depth of the riches, both of come when “the earth shall be filled the wisdom and knowledge of God, how with the knowledge of the glory of the unsearchable are his judgments and his Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” ways past finding out.” May the Spirit

The day itself may not be far distant himself rest upon us, and guide us into when the power of the great Imposter of all truth. May he rouse the careless and the East, shall be a broken without unconcerned to the matter of their own hand,” when “ the Euphrates, by which individual safety. May he impart more many understand the Turkish Empire, light, and joy, and peace to such of you “shall be dried up to prepare the way of as are God's dear children ; strengthen the Kings of the east.”

us for present duty, and quicken all to Assuredly Babylon shall be thrown greater zeal, patience and love, in the down, razed to the ground, never to be service of their Lord ! rebuilt, cast as a mill-stone into the sea. The grand development we say is She may be for a season lifted up, the future, yet certain. Now a question great ones of the earth may partake of naturally arises as to the order of the her spells and her fascinations. “ God ' events, or the mode of their accomplishmay put it in their hearts to fulfil his will ment. The heathen are to be brought and to agree and give their kingdom in ; the Jews are to be converted. to the beast, until the words of God the Scriptures which reveal the facts, shall be fulfilled.” Those words are speak of their fulfilment in succession ? “ whom the Lord shall destroy with the They do. brightness of his coming,” as we hope In the beginning, “the grace of God


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