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last,—that is, as well in those who wrote out of all nations, upon horses, and in after, as before their return from the chariots, and in litters, and upon mules, Babylonish captivity.

and upon swift beasts, to my holy moun2. You will bear in mind, that as no tain Jerusalem, saith the Lord, as the record exists of the ten tribes of Israel children of Israel bring an offering in a having ever been brought back ; that clean vessel into the house of the Lord.” rather they are considered as mingled, Then shall “ all flesh see the salvation of (not lost) amidst the tribes of the earth, God,” and “the earth be filled with the so there is distinct and positive mention knowledge of his glory, as the waters of the future reunion, of Ephraim and cover the sea." Judah, like the two sticks in the hand of

It has been already observed, that since Ezekiel ; and of their being conjoined in the days of the Apostle, we see no such fraternal affection, “Judah no longer thing as national conversions. The work vexing Israel,” nor “the Jews having no of adding souls to the Lord goes on dealings with the Samaritans.”

quietly, silently, one of a city, two of 3. You will perceive that while the a family,” as the Lord is pleased to give inspired writers of the New Testament, efficacy to his word. The stones are freely quote from their spiritual blessings, shaping in the quarry, and the materials giving full participation in them to “all being collected for the erection of his the Israel of God," seeing that all the house. But when we see the Jews them. promises of God are yea and amen in selves go forth as Missionaries of the Christ Jesus," and sure to all the cross, preaching the faith which once seed,” there remain behind blessings they destroyed ;" when “the Spirit of purely temporal, to which we lay no grace and supplication has been poured claim, no more than to their threatened out” on themselves, and they shall seek punishments, which we have seen to turn others to the Lord, then “shall literally fulfilled.

ten men take hold of the skirt of him 4. You will find the events connected that is a Jew, saying, we will go with with the second Advent of our Saviour you for we have heard that God is with God; the blessed hope of the Church, you.” Then “ the wilderness and the and his glorious appearing, intimately solitary place shall be glad for them, and associated with their future fortunes, as the desert shall rejoice and blossom as speaks the Prophet Micah, “ I will surely the rose.” assemble of Jacob all of thee : I will How admirably do we see them quaput them together as the sheep of Bozrah lified for their task as preachers to the as the flock in the midst of their fold, nations. No need of a second pentethey shall make great noise by reason of costal miracle, as regards the gift of the multitude of men. The Breaker is tongues ! Gathered out of all lands, come up before them, they have broken knowing all languages, familiar with up, and have passed through the gates, customs, manners, modes of thought and and are gone out by it; and their King feeling, inured to hardship and selfshall pass before them, and the Lord on denial, witnesses themselves of the power the head of them.” (ii. 12-13.)

of converting grace, testifying what they 5. And you will see how in the wise know, not as proselyting to their own fulfilment of God's designs, “ that he opinions, but declaring “words of life,” might have mercy upon all,” the final in sobriety and truth ; we may well exand general conversion of the world is pect great results to follow. That “ the reserved for them, who are to evangelize earth shall be made to bring forth in one the earth. “ The receiving of them day, and a nation be born at once.” will be, as life from the dead.” “ When Contemplate the issue of this wondrous the remnant of Jacob shall be in the dispensation. What glory will accrue to midst of many people as a dew from the God? How much peace on earth, and Lord, as the showers upon the grass that good will towards men ! How all the tarrieth not for man, nor waited for the attributes of Jehovah shall shine forth in sons of men. When as the Lord saith more resplendent lustre before men and by the mouth of his prophet Isaiah, angels !

they shall declare my glory among the Then shall be fully manifested the Gentiles ; and they shall bring all your riches of his forbearance, and patience, brethren for an offering unto the Lord, 'and long-suffering towards his prodigal

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children now brought home, together Every motive calculated to operate on with his electing love, wherewith he had the heart, commends this subject to your loved them from the beginning ; cared notice. Whatever moves the will, exfor, watched over, humbled, proved and cites the affections, strengthens faith, or chastened them, to do them good at the quickens hope, will be found intimately latter end.

bound up with Israel's glory. The Then the efficacy of that precious honor of Messiah, the extension of his “ fountain opened for sin and unclean- | kingdom, the time when the will of God ness for all the house of David, and for shall be done on earth, even as it it in all the inhabitants of Jerusalem” shall | heaven,” depends on their prosperity. be seen and admired. The value of the We heard of, and thanked God for blood, the prevailing power of the in- fifty villages in distant India, coming to tercession of the Saviour truly known ; the knowledge of the truth, and being his ability to save to the uttermost, solemnly baptized unto the Lord, through and the spotless garment of his righte- his blessing upon Christian Missionary ousness clothed in which the bride, the exertion ; how much more should we Lamb's wife, hath made herself ready. prize the calling in of the natural

And the power of the Holy Ghost children, that more “ labourers may be shall be alike magnified in their conver- found for the fields now white for the sion from sin and unbelief, breaking down harvest.” the stony hearts, giving them hearts of I call upon you by your zeal for the flesh; taking away all iniquity, burying glory of God, and by the love you bear their sins in the depths of the sea, and to the souls of perishing millions that making of them, “a willing people,” in you lay this cause to heart, and “ first the day of Christ's power and kingdom : giving yourselves to the Lord,” then enlightening, comforting, sanctifying, seek to do good in every way you can to saving!

his people. How will He rejoice in that day, that Think of the danger incurred already good shepherd, “who sought out his by our past neglect; remember those sheep out of all the places where they awful passages of just retribution upon had been scattered in the cloudy and Israel's foes, “ I am very sore displeased dark dark," who has now brought them with the heathen that are at ease, for I home, laying them on his shoulders, was but a little displeased, and they carrying them in his bosom. He who helped forward the affliction," and " I wept over Jerusalem, when he drew nigh will feed them, that oppress thee, with unto the city-touched with its ap- their own blood as with sweet wine.”proaching calamity, shall then be, - Ireland has had no share in their biter wall of fire unto her and the glory in the persecutions-nor has she been numbermidst of her," " he shall rest in his love, ed amongst the ten kingdoms of the he will joy over her with singing."

Alas we The holy ones, who are said to have have still enough to answer for, in the taken flight from the sanctuary, the way of superstition and opposition to the night previous to its destruction shall truth. Yet England who was the first now clap their hands rejoicing not over to ill treat them, confiscating their proone sinner that repenteth, but over mil. perty, and banishing their persons from lions and millions of fallen men re. her shores, is now also foremost in encovered and brought back, to make our deavours to bring them to Christ. The happy family in heaven and earth.- London Society for promoting their While all the courts of the temple re- conversion, has been carrying on its sound with loud Hosannahs to the Son operations for two and thirty years. More of David.

beast, Thank God for this.

than forty Missionaries are employed, of Apostles, Prophets, Martyrs, the an- whom 23 are themselves converts from cestors of this holy and happy nation Judaism; and about 3000 altogether have shall join to swell the song of praise, been rescued from unbelief, and baptized “to Him that loved them and washed into Jesus for the remission of sins. them from their sins in his own blood, The Society employs no means, but and hath made them kings and priests such as are strictly scriptural and reaunto God," and " they shall reign on sonable. You agree with the principles the earth.”

of the Bible Society. The Jewish


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Society circulates the Scriptures, both | with the music of our own land. А oi the Old and New Testament in the plot of ground also has been purchased language of their fathers, the sacred on Mount Zion; building materials coltongue of the Jews; and they are willing lected, and a church is to be proceeded to hear, receive, and read the history of with immediately, with suitable residences Jesus of Nazareth, whom their fathers for the Missionaries. This is Britain's crucified, when written in Hebrew.- greatest honor, her brightest victory ! Upon the same common feeling of the She has now done what Europe comnatural heart, which clings to its early bined, attempted and failed in; in vain associations, we know that our fellow the armies of the Crusades planted the countrymen in Kerry and else where, earthly symbol of the cross, in vain they the Irish speaking population, will clasp left for a time a mortal King at Jeru. their Bible to their hearts, and cling to salem. Now, will Christ himself be its possession in spite of former pre- proclaimed, by our pure and scriptural judices and priestly denunciation.

Church ? Now, will Christ be exalted, I know you love Missionary preaching, an ensign to the people,” and the and you have generously, from time to Decree' declared. “ I have set

my time, contributed to assist that most in- King on my holy hill of Zion !" even teresting of all our religious Societies, “ Jesus of Nazareth the King of the the Established Church Home Mission ; Jews." now the London Jewish Society is equally

The Jews are said to be of most desirous of preaching the Gospel, but tenacious memory ; to this day, the she begins with the “ Jew first.'

epochs of their dispersion and sufferings If I thought any other inducement need are recorded in their almanacks, and be presented to win your co-operation, brooded over in their minds, let us hope and engage your hearts, I would add they may be equally affected by beneflts, that “ every thing is carried on in strict and that in the day when signal distress conformity with the doctrine, discipline, shall come upon the nations, and all the and ceremonies of our own Church.

tribes of the earth shall mourn, that In conclusion, I present you with the England and her Church may be found further gratification, of doing good, after sharers in their prayers and their blessings. the very manner in which St. Paul him- Many providences also concur, to set self lays it before the Church of Rome, before us now “an open door to ap(xv. 26-27) “ It hath pleased them of proach them. But there is no time to Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain be lost. Rousing from the sleep of cencontribution for the poor Saints which turies they are in danger of falling into are at Jerusalem. It hath pleased them infidelity. The transition is small from verily, and their debtors they are. For superstition to scepticism, and in reif the Gentiles have been made par- jecting the fables of the Talmud, we takes of their spiritual things, their duty may fear lest some deny Moses and the is also to minister unto them in carnal Prophets, and make shipwreck even of things.” There are at this day, “ Saints,” the faith they have. Many are said to yea poor Saints” at Jerusalem. I do be waiting, but the accomplishment of not mean the corrupt and superstitious a few more years, when if they find themdevotees who perform their pilgrimages selves disappointed, they will renounce to the holy sepulchre, a “ bodily exercise their hopes of Messiah altogether! which profiteth nothing.” But worship- Now then is the time, for the Church pers after the form of our own Catholic to awake to duty, and put forth all her and Apostolic Church ; ministered unto energies. Now is your season of opporby a clergyman regularly ordained by tunity, to do good especially to this the Bishop of London, and who have ancient “ household of faith”


that the daily service of our Book of Prayer. make mention of the Lord, keep not At present they meet in an “upper room, silence, and give him no rest till he and morning and evening, prayer and establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise are offered up, in the very Liturgies praise in the earth.” we make use of ourselves, translated into Beloved,“ Pray for the peace of Hebrew for the use of the converted | Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love Jews. The Psalms of David are sung her." Amen! Amen! by them, in the language of their fathers,

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children now brought home, together Every motive calculate
with his electing love, wherewith he had the heart, commends t!
loved them from the beginning ; cared notice. Whatever
for, watched over, humbled, proved and cites the affections
chastened them, to do them good at the quickens hope,
latter end.

bound up w
Then the efficacy of that precious honor of M
“ fountain opened for sin and unclean- | kingdom,
ness for all the house of David, and for shall be
all the inhabitants of Jerusalem” shall heaven
be seen and admired. The value of the W
blood, the prevailing power of the in- fifts
tercession of the Saviour truly known ;

th bis ability to save to the uttermost, and the spotless garment of his righteousness clothed in which the bride, tb Lamb's wife, hath made herself ready

And the power of the Holy F shall be alike magnified in their c sion from sin and unbelief, breakir

up to see, the stony hearts, giving them

us been free! flesh; taking away all iniqui' their sins in the depths of making of them, “a willi

ine?" replied the ruin

grey, the day of Christ's powe

myself may prove a cast away? enlightening, comfor saving!

pranch, my place is giv'n to thee; How will He re

graft of that wild olive tree ! good shepherd, sheep out of all had been sca

of grace is sunk in night, our time of mercy spent, dark dark," home, lav carrying

idly on our fall,—but, sinner, warned be, wept or

who spared not his chosen seed, may send his wrath on thee! pro

Our day of grace is sunk in night, thy noon is in it's prime,
Oh! turn and seek thy Saviour's face in this accepted time !
So Gentile, may Jerusalem a lesson prove to thee,
And in the New Jerusalem thy home for ever be.”


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* We have much pleasure in announcing for an early number, Two Sermons by the Rev. WILLIAM CLEAVER, of Delgany ;--also," several Sermons connected with the Religions Societies.

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reflection, with the strugglings of a nature ure fallen, corrupt, and beset with sin. and beings O my brethren ! it is faith, faith only, bling for the which looks “not to the things which

to the tomb, the are seen but to those that are not seen," van friend and brother: that can shed a bright and a cheering wy, when the thoughts are light even into the dark recesses of this w only to the earth, and we con- gloomy pit, and gather out of its very vanplate the vacancy which death makes dust)and corruption, matter, not only for in the domestic circle—when we experi- consolation, but even for holy rejoicing rience that sense of desolation, which and triumph.—Let the eye be raised comes over the heart, as it is felt that the from the grave and fixed on Jesus, and place of the father, the beloved relative, should it be the grave of a believer, we the endeared friend is left unoccupied, have the Scripture warrant to assure us when we look down into the grave and that for such “ to die is gain,” “ to be consider the work so degrading to our absent from the body is to be present nature, which is about to take place with the Lord” and what stronger exhorthere :—but an occasion of triumph, tation can be given to those assembled when, raising the eye from the dark round this grave, grave, we look upwards with the vision without hope.” which faith gives, and see that rest which is Brethren, my business is not to speak prepared for the people of God—see not of the dead_their Lord has already spoonly “ the earthly house of this taberna- ken with them cleansed by the blood of cle” laid aside, but the Christian pilgrim his Son they have entered into life—or “clothed upon with his house which is dying, impenitent, unbelieving, unacfrom heaven"—the body with its corrup- quainted savingly with Jesus, they are tions, its many infirmities put off; but beyond the reach of human exhortation the spirit passing unfettered, freed from and of human prayer_beyond the offer those many weaknesses and imperfec- of that salvation which we are in the tions mental and moral, which it carries Scriptures directed to preach without exalong with it, through its union with a ception to every living creature. The busibody that original sin had doomed to ness of a Christian Minister, my brethren, dust, and which has in consequence is with the living, with those who stand been filled in its brief passage from time yet upon that earth to which Christ to eternity with pain, sickness and sorrow, descended from the bosom of the Father, and, what is a still more sad matter for in order to seek and to save them that

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not to sorrow as men


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