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conscience be allowed to all persons and that- such Liberty of espetially as shall be conformable to the rights of cTu^cTofEnthe Church of England be perticulerly counte- gland perticunanced and incuraged And for as much as pur- ler|y encurasuant to the Laws and Customs of our Colony of ge the Massathusets Bay and of our other Colony and Provinces aforementioned divers marriages have been made & performed by the Magestrates of our said Territory our Royall will and pleasure M

• i i /• 11 i • i w . i Marriagescon

IS hereby to confirme all the said Marriages and to firmed

direct that they be held good and valued in the same manner to all intents and purposes whatsoever as if they had been made and contracted according to the Laws established within our kingdome of England And wee do hereby require and command all officers 8t ministers civill and Millitary Officers civil and all other inhabitants of our said Territory and ^l11!1*^'!1'

„.. . ... .... j...-' inhabitants to

Dominion to be obedient Aiding and Assisting unto be obedient you the said Sr. Edmund Andros in the execution aiding and asof this our commission and of the power and au- 8""nS thority herein mentioned and upon your death or powerstoth absence out of our said Territory unto the Com- commander in mander in chief to whome we do therefore by these cheifeuponthe presents give and grant to all and singular the GoTrsdoatn powers and authorities aforesaid to be exercised and enjoyed by him during our pleasure or untill your arrivall within our said Territory and Dominion And if in case of such death or absence, \y-nere there be no person upon the place appointed by commandr. in us to be commander in Chief our will and pleasure cheifeappointis that the then present Council of our said Terri- ed tUe. Pre8ent

.. • i i r i i i j • • councill to

tory aforesaid do take upon them the administra- govern, tion of the Goverment and exercise this Commission and the Severall powers and authorities herein contained and that the first counciller who shall be FiTM1 <=ounat time of your death or absence residing within ^°* t0 Prothe same do preside in our said Councill with such power and preheminances as any Forine president hath used and enjoyed within our said Territory or any other our plaintations in America untill our pleasure is further known or your arrivall aforesaid. SJlttl Lastly our will and pleasure is that our commission Commission bearing date the seaven and twentieth 37th Sepr. 85.

Day to cease from £)ay 0f September in the first yeare of our Reigne th£liCati°n °f constituting our trusty and well beloved Joseph Dudley Simon Broadstreet William Stoughton Esqrs. and others to be our president and councill of our Territory and Dominion of New-England doe from the publication of these presents cease and become voide And that You the said Sr. EdMund Andros shall and may hold execute and enjoy the office and place of our Captain Generall and Governor inCheifin and over our Territory and Dominion aforesaid with all its Rights members and Appurtenances whatsoever, Together with all and Singular the powers and authorities hereby granted unto you for and during our will and pleasure In Witness whereof wee have caused these our Letters to be made patterns Witness our selfe at Westminster the third day of June in the second yeare of our Reigne.

Per Breve De Privato Sigillo







PEOPLE there Vindicated



Cast upon them by

In his Pretended ANSWER to the


Published by the Inhabitants of BOSTON, and the Country adjacent, on the Day when they secured their late Oppressors, who acted by an Illegal and Arbitrary Commission from the late King JAMES.




Sir Edmond Androsse and his Accomplices.

Who also acted by an Illegal and Arbitrary Commission from the late King JAMES, during his Government in NEWENGLAND.

By several Gentlemen who were of his Council.

Printed in the Year 1691.


Re-printed and sold by ISAIAH THOMAS, near the Mill-bridge. M,DCC,LXXIII.

Vol. IV.—No. 9. 28

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