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the same spirit, and is about, or else waits for an opportunity for the like design.

Thou art intreated therefore not to looke upon this 2Ve«tise, as simply matter of History, but as matter of mysterie also: For as it tvas acted to make manifest the operations and workings of a differing spirit, to that end it is published also: so that if it be narrowly looked into, not only a savour of that mysterie of iniquity will appeare (which always works effectually to the same end and purpose, namely, to extinguish and put out the light of divine truth, Wheresoever, or in whomsoever it appears) but thou wilt find some Foot-steps also of that great mysterie of God, whose bright beams of light where ever made manifest, declare the men of the world to sit in the shadow oj death. Though the mysterie of iniquity works not always in the same manner and forme, nay seldome any long time together, without taking a new face, and using the art of transformation of it selfe into one an other shape, and herein lies the policie of Sathan, that when some time hath been spent (yea it may be an age) in hopes and expectation of glorious times of peace, ease, and exaltation, from the mouths of lying Prophets, who alwayes drive the peace, power, and principality of the Kingdome of God, some certaine time before them, or at the least before the common people (as they call them) as though they themselves were the oncly men, that for the present were admitted into the counsells and secrets of the Kingdome of God, and the people to take it upon their report, where, and when, the appearance of it shall be.

But when the world by due proof, finds their predictions to fail, and sees troups of its ancestors go down to the grave, not having the possession put into their hand, it then works effectually for a transformation, to cast its worship of God into another form, wherin it hopes in shorter time for to attain him, in which state it cannot rest to wait, unlesse it hath the strongest partie, according to the power of the arm of flesh on its side, and therefore must of necessity labour diligently as for life, to borrow a coercive power from the civil Magistrate, to be transferred, turned over, and put into their hands, whereby they may subdue others, and compell them to follow their way, and to acknowledge their worship to be onely divine, yea the onely God of the world, for there is but one divinitie, which they have now made and set up unto themselves, or else that the Civil Magistrate will be pleased to detain and keep his own power upon this condition (binding him unto themselves) that

he he shall not fail, to bind the hands and tongues, yea and hearts also (if they can but search and know what is in them) that none shall be permitted to intermeddle, or any way to disturb them: But that they may peaceably worshili, tvery man in his garden, and under such a green tree, as he shal choose unto himself, being fearfull of trouble and disquiet, not knowing better, but that the crosse of Christ is terrible, as though the Sonne of God had not taken away the terror and angry face of it, putting no lesse disparagement upon him, but as though the sting were in death still, being ignorant of this, how that by death he overcomes death, even untill now.

The reason why the civil Magistrate is so sought after, and (as I may justly say) troubled, if not tortured, in the depopulation of Kingdoms, and losse of true-hearted Subjects by the church, in htr formalities, and perfunctory worships, is this, a naturall heart conceives the condition of the Church of Christ, to be like a common weal or Kingdome, which cannot be well, unlesse every individuall within such naturall and terrene confines, agree in one, for the will being and glory of each particular in the whole, so that the humble submission of every Subject becomes one, in that one heart and Spirit of the King, who submits to the deniall of himself (in any thing) for the preservation of the whole, and that one heart, courage, and magnanimity of the King, is in every individuall of the Kingdome, to go forth for the honour, peace and preservation, of that their one Lord; and so it is in the true Church rightly considered in its relation with the King of Saints, truly considered in Spirituall, and not in terrene respects; but that naturall spirit that works in a naturall changeable and vanishing Church, judgeth of its peace according to the consent of all within the compasse of such naturall bounds and terrene confines as it self resides fy abides in; and therefore the false prophet is said to be the Tail, because which way the honorable person looks, or the head of the place where he is (according to man) he alwayes steers the body of the people, yea though it be but the body of the beast that way, that he may have strength according to sence on his side, not knowing how to live or walk according to the power of faith; therefore'must either have all (if it be possible) or at least the greatest both for authority and number on his side; for he sees not the blessing of the Divine presence that goes with the ark of God though among many adversaries in a wildernesse ; therefore will he take up nothing but the Tabernacle of Molech (or as the

word word is) beare the booth of the King, that is, what manner of house soever, authority and civil power erecteth, for worship, he is ready to take up, and bear upon his shoulders, so that Antichrist hath as many wayes of worship, as there is or hath been forms of Religion in the world, and in that the seed of the serpent crusheth the heel, (or as the word is) the print of the foot-soal of Christ or seed oj the woman, for wherever the foot' steps of our Lord have gone, the wisdome of the serpent in reforming its religion casts it into a form, and so denies the power of godlinesse, tying the Lord lesus to appeare in the very same print and character again, whereas the Saints wait for his power in what way or form he pleaseth to make it known and manifest in, and unto them; therefore the visions and apparitions of God in the holy Scriptures, are never twice in the same form (all circumstances considered) yea if our Saviour appear one time walking upon the Sea, as though all things must of necessity bear up their Lord, he appeares again under the hands of Herod, Pontius Pilate, and the lews, thrust down into the heart of the earth, as Jonah into the midst of the sea, as though all things conspired together to annihilate &/. bring him to nought, and in the one and the other appeares an aptitude even in the Disciples themselves to mistake, and in this the world is altogether mistaken, in that he walketh upon and raiseth himself up out of wayes they know not how such things can be to make manifest his power and authority to be that of the sonne of God, who rules in the midst of his enemies, and

one of Egypt, Babylon * Rahab, Palestina, Tyre Rahab is and Ethiopia, is brought forth, so that it may be I»?f51 9 10. sald tms man was noln there, even as the truth of

the Gospel hath been brought forth in these parts, which our Iewish Rejormers of religion by putting Christ to death, could never have thought of or apprehended, nor will they (were it never so plainly told unto them) believe it, so that in this Treatise you may plainly see, how the mystery of iniquity already works, even in New England which thought it self the root of Reformation of all the world, even as Babylon alwayes in the entrance of her compulsive contraction, artijiciall and self-seeking, conjecturall reformation, sets her self up as a Queen, and thinks never to see widdow-hood or sorrow any more, if she can but with all her art and learning keep the Magistrates conscience in bonds, to use all his power and civil policie for her wealth, to get riches and honour, to Lord it over mens consciences, and peace that she may sit in safety and at


rest to inlarge her barns and take her pleasure in the things of this life, never dreaming that even in that night of grosse darknesse her soul shall be snatched away from tier, and then whose'shall all those things be, whereof she hath framed such a service of God to her self, that must all leave her at death; even such as for the most part, if not all (by her own acknowledgement) fail, and never passe along with her into the Kingdom, and then must she either have a new God, or else find out a new way of submission unto him, whom she hath seemed so zealously to serve; such is that spirit of the mystery of iniquity, the goings forth wherof hath forced this Treatise lo come to the light and view of the world, as a warning to all Christians, to take heed of being beguiled by a voluntary humility in worshipping of Angels, messengers or ministers, who labour to make men subject to the rudiments of the world in outward observations, as touch not, tast not, handle not, rearing up a fabrick of ordinance in Divine worship; of such things which all perish in the use, Neglecting the body which is Christ, by satisfying of the wisdom of the flesh in these things, through which the Spirit of the Serpent multiplies it self into that threefold spirit which comes out of the mouth of the Dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false Prophet, imitating that Kingly, Priestly, and Propheticall spirit that is by Iesus Christ, beguiling the world with its uncleannesse in adulterating the word of God by bringing it into carnall copulation with earthly, transitory, momentary, fading and vanishing things; wo is unto them because thereof, who like unto frogs, will never appear, hold up their heads, nor utter a voyce, but where the heat and lustre of the Civil Magistrate, brings forth a pleasant, fruitfull and prosperous estate and condition, in the things that onely concern this present


Again, if thou look narrowly into this Treatise, there is a possibility to perceive in it, some glimpse of the light of that spirit of that openeth and unfoldeth the mystery of God, especially when it taketh up any Scriptures; look diligently upon what hinge it turneth, and you shall see a doore open, another way, yea a nearer & shorter cut to the Kingdom of God, then the common ministery of this world driveth at, and think it not strange if lesus appeare in such places, and at such time, where, and when, thedooresare not onely shut, but fast bolted unto the world, as a thing impossible, that his real and substantiall {though spirituall) body should come in, such a way, and so


unlookcd for, being that in Sotlom and Egypt our Lord is crucified, and put to death; yet let me advise thee, as once our Lord did, handle them, carefully and skilfully, ponder, poise, and feel the weight of them; taste, try and consider, whether the reality and substantiality of Christ be not there; sure lam that if the ministerie or service of a Christian spirit lay hands on them, and put it self into them, even as a graft is put into the stock, it shall find a plain proof argument, and demonstration undenyable, of the apparition & revelation of the Son of God, returned from death to life, never to die any more, unto whom I leave thee (in the communication of whose Resurrection the second death can never exercise power) with my harty wishes for al those that have learned the truth as it is in Jesus, fy know that elsewhere no truth (that is Christia7i) can be found, for that only abideth for ever, and is eternized in all the lineaments and whole proportion of it, and happy is he that hath so learned Christ, Amen.

S. G.

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