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feet, to the terrour of you all: Nor doe you thinke, that wee only inveigh against the great ones of the world, for thus doing; for wee know, that the greatest of the Princes of this world, hath the very same spirit, wherewith the basest Peasant, hath laid himselfe open in the view of all the world, and the basest Peasant, hath the same spirit, with the greatest of the Princes

of this world. (°) These wee say, are the two wito Ephet. 2, 1, nesses, if you can receive it ^p) and what dishonour Rom 3 9 to is it to trade so much by meanes of witnesses, and 19.' yet know not what a true witnesse is, which if you

p Matt. 11.14. did, you durst not attempt the things yee doe,

whereby you cast reproach upon all the world, in that you professe your selves a choice people pickt out of it, and yet you goe on with such practises as you doe, maintaining them as your only glory. Our Lord gives you in charge, not

to sweare at all, [q] but it is your dignity to bring to 3d'.' men to your seats of Justice, with nothing but

oaths in their mouths; why doe you not ballance the Scriptures in this point? It hath beene said of old, thou shale not commit Adultery, but I say unto you, hee that looketh on

a Woman to lust after her, hath committed Adul28 Bl*' tery with her in his heart already. [r] So also, it

hath been said of old, thou shalt not forsweare thy selfe, but I say unto you, sweare not at all: So that if it bee Adultery to looke to lust, it is also forswearing of a mans selfe, to sweare at all; if one be Adulterie, the other is Perjury; if one be admitted in some cases, the other also ; so that in preaching the Toleration, nay the duty of an oath, you preach the toleration, yea, the dutie of adulterie it selfe: So that our Lord plainely evinceth unto all mens consciences, not only the guilt, but the folly and madnesse of the oath of man, to shew how farre it is from investing into place, or demonstrating causes. So that hee that concludeth upon honour and power, received from the oath of man, or upon knowledge, and boldnesse to judge, in a cause from that Testimonie, without the which hee could not have it, is as vaine in his thoughts, as if hee should hereupon conclude, I have now altered the frame of Heaven, which is no lesse stable then the Throne of the great God, or demolished the earth, which is as firme as his Foot-stoole for ever, or made a fraction in the orders of Ierusalem, that choice and peculiar Citie of the great King, whose institutions no mortall breath can intrench upon, or to professe his authority and skill to be such, whereby hee can make a haire of his head


black or white, viz- cause his age to wax old as a garment, or renew it with the Eagle at his plea- 5'

sure, [*] hereby doth man in this point of swearing, profe^se his folly to be such, that he is become not onely vaine in his imaginations, but to that pride and usurpation therein, as to intrude himselfe into the Prerogative Royall of his Maker, so that howsoevpr ye boast of the Ordinances of God, yet bee tels you, there is no more then yea yea, and nay nay in them; for that which is once nay is ever nay, in the ordination of Christ; and what is once yea, is ever yea with him, and according to his account (howsoever man reckoneth, whose accounts shall be called over againe) what is once the curse, is ever the curse, and that which is once the Principality and power of Christ, is ever the principalitie and power of Christ; as that which is once the principalitie and power of darknesse is ever the same, what hands soever it commeth into: for manifestation, measure your Kingdome whether it be eternall, and your jurisdiction whether it be eternall, and your jurisdiction whether it be illimited, for hee hath given him the Heathen for his inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for his possession, M and a Kingdome of lesse extent hee professeth

• t P*rtZ Q ft

not, nor can he approve or acknowledge any that do; no more then light can approve of darknesse, or the Lord lehovah of the lord Baal, tie wise therefore and bethinke your selves, while it is called to day, harden not your hearts, [u] as though you would make youru'

selves Meribba, nothing but strife and contention against the Lord; rather kisse the Sonne, if it be possible, lest his wrath kindle, and you perish from the way for ever: Oh blessed onely they that hope in him, (w) so that hee which professeth on this wise, it is yea, I am a Pastor, but it w was nay; at such a time I was none at all; hee renounceth that spirit of the true Pastor, yea, the only Feeder of Israel, but professeth that spirit only that pusheth the weake with the home, and pudleth with his feet the waters where the flocke of God should drink. [*] He with whom it is yea, I am a Ruler, but it was nay, when I was none, re- J9 20 21 nounceth that spirit of him that rules in Righteousnesse, (T) professing the spirit of him that rules y Isaiah 32. l. according to the god of this world, that Prince of the power of the ayre, who is now working so effectually in the children of disobedience; (*) so also, z EPhet- a. ahe with whom it is yea, I am a Captain or chiefe


slaughter-man: (") but it was nay, time was, I was a As the word none at a|^ ienounCeth that victory, and slaughter b Heb. 2. 10. made by the Captaine, and High Priest of our proc Revel. 13.8. fession, (b) who as he is a Lambe slain from the d 1 Sam. 17. beginning, (cj his victory and slaughter, must be of e \ John 3.12. the same antiquity, professing himselfe to be a f Matt. 1.21. chiefe slaughter-man, or superfluous Giant, made fi ^tfilg" TvJn in ,he Hoast of the Philistims, standing in readifn^theChal- nesse to come out, to defie the Hoasts of the ever denn tongue living God, (d) yea, it is evident, whatsoever is more for Devil. tnen ea vea anj nay nav not selting each upon his

10. base, whereon it standeth lor ever without controule:

i Uay 15.18. but can remove, create, or make void offices and

k Acts 7.44, ogicerSi at their pleasure, is of that evill one, (*)

1 Acta 7. 43. n°t of Jesus the Salvation of his people, (r) but of

* Understand Shedim, (B) that Waster and Destroyer of man

the»e things ^m^ foT ever. # Know therefore, that it is the oath

the true in- of God, which confirmes, and makes good his Cotent, that is, a- venant and promise to a thousand generations, ['']

k ridaime11' and it iS the oat1i of ma"' that iS' the b°"d 8nd amongst us, in the liberties he hath given to us, wee doubt not but you shall find him Judge amongst us, beyond and above any cause, or thing you can propose unto us ; and let that suffice you, and know, that you cannot maintaine a jurisdiction, but you must reject all inroads upon other mens priviledges, and so doe wee; in the mean time wee shall as wee thinke good be calling over, againe some matters you have had up, and had the handling of amongst you, to see what justice or equity we find halll beene exercised in them, and rerlresse them accordingly, for wee professe right unto all men, and doe no violence at all, as you in your prescript threaten to doe to us, for we have learned how to discipline our children or servants without offering violence unto them; even so doe wee know how to deale with our deboist, rude, yea, inhumane neighbours (or if you will Nabals) without doing violence; but rather rendring unto them that which is their due: Nor shall ^MwL'Lwe deprive a witnesse of his modest testimony, for sets had lately the nut-cryes and clamours of such a one, as ill- done,t0 eonbred apostatized Arnald, that fellonious Hogge- £°3 ^8d ,nKil/cr, being the partie to be testified against, or justific such for the oath of any interested in the cause, [■] nor who otherwise shall we be forward to come so farre to find you v°d °J° PJ°" work [n] upon your request, till we know you to felonious acts, beare another mind, then others of your Neigh- even tnese bours doe, with whom we have had to doe in this made "subiects, Countrey, whose pretended and devised Lawes, whose shame we have stooped under to the robbing and spoyl- they would not ing of our goods, the lively-hood of our wives and ^TM" ^t «children, thinking they had laboured, though groap- ther deprive ing in great darknesse, to bring forth the truth in sufficient wit

to the things obligation of that league and agreement made with of the King- hell and death for ever: Be ye assured, it is not dom of God, ibe Tabernacle of witnesse, ['] which you have that'his office amongst you, brought in by Jesus into the possesin that sence sion of the Gentiles, [k] but it is Siccuth your

theserthin0s King' or the Tabernacle of Molech, the Star of

stand firme your God Remphan, figures that you have made to

and good, and your selves, [i] which you have taken up, and are

iotJ*. not denT bearing so stoutly upon your shoulders. Now to

any humane tel l wnat a» oath, according to God is, that the

ordinance of Scriptures are delivered upon no other ground or

man in this termes of certaintie, where ever they are divulged,

world, so it be ... . , ' . . ,. .' ."j

kept in iu is a t"ing out of your jurisdiction, you cannot disboundsand cerne or judge of it; therefore according to our proper Place' Word above, wee leave it as a Parable to you, as a°Captaine of a" tlie noly Word of our God is, as your convertlio Temple, sation in all points, as in this, daily declareth ; in a that is, exer- word when wee have to doe in your jurisdiction, armes foTthe wee know what it is to submit to the wise dispenhelpe of the pensations of our God; when you have to doe house of God,

will ever with the Priests and souldiers, lay hands on Peter and John, to put them in bold, at the least if they preach Christ. But Cornetius is no Captain of that kind or kindred, for he is a Gentile of Casarea, and of the band called the Italian Band.


the rights and euuitie of things: But finding them ,nefL °fth?ir

," , i j- i i- i testimony, at

to be a company ol grosse and dissembling hypo- the guilty percrites, that under the pretence of Law, and Reli- »",» request, gion, have done nothing else but gone about to J^co'llit,in establish themselves in wayes to maintaine, their the Massachuowne vicious lusts, we renounce their diabolicall «'»1to imploy practice, being such as have denied in their pub- an!rnm'at°eJr^ of licke Courts, that the Lawes of our native Coun- ours living trey should bee named amongst them; yea, those peaceably toancient Statute Lawes, casting us into most base, fe'm1otres^0fmrrB hasty, and insufferable places of imprisonment, for them, out of speaking according to the language of them, in the11!1 their juriimeane while breaking open our houses in a violent dictl0ns

way way of Hostility, abusing our wives, and our little ones, to take from us the volumes wherein they are preserved, thinking thereby to keep us ignorant of the courses they are resolved to runne, that so the visiosity of their owne wils might be a Law unto them; yea, they have indeavoured, and that in publicke expressions; that a man being accused by them, should not have liberty to answer for himselfe in open Court: dealings of like nature wee find, in the place whereof you stile us your Neighbours, on whose unbridled malice, we find a higher then you putting a curbe, and yet in your account and reckoning we are the parties that are still doing the wrong, and must beare the guilt in your most mature sentence, in whomsoever the spot ariseth, and abideth; but the God of vengeance, unto whom our cause is referred, never having our Protector, and Judge to seeke, will shew himselfe in our deliverance out of the hands of you all; yea, all the bouse of that Ishbosheth, [o] o That is, man aiul Merib-bosheth, p nor will he fayle us to utter ° MouTMof ancj iualie knovvne his strength wherein we stand, shame. to serve in our age, and to minister in our course,

qf,«<teJ3 31 t0 ^ and to morrowi and on tne third day can 32, 33,34. 'none deprive us of perfection, [q] for hee hath taught us to know what it is to walke to day, and to morrow, and the day following also, when a perishing estate cannot rise out of hrusahm, though she be the only one, yea none but she, that kils the Prophets, and stones them that are sent unto her: Behold ye that are looking after, and foretelling so much of the comming of Christ, driving the day before you still for certaine years; which some, you say, shall attaine unto, and unto the day of death for the rest, ye blind Guids, as yoar Fathers have ever done, so doe ye: Behold, we say, when he appeareth, your house which you so glory in, shall be left unto you desolate, it shall be turned into nothing but desolation, and confusion, for Babel is its name, [r] nor shall you r That is, as see him to your comfort, in the glory of his Kingnincs'°Confa- dome,* until! you can say (blessed is he that comsion. meth in the name of the Lord) ['] when the au

»Afat. 21.5. to thority and power of man, appeareth to be the AfoH.23. 37 building of Babel unto you, and the name and 38, 39. 'authority of God only to be that wherein the blessing consists, and that in such wise also, as is nothing but a way reproach in the eyes of all the world; that a King should ride into his chiefe Citie, so strangly furnished upon an Asse, borrowed, her furniture old over-worne Garments, and


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