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life, they must much more bring it forth in taking away all means of life, witnesse your prohibition that no powder should be sold unto us for our money, and that in a time when you could not think your selves safe in all your own selfe-provision and worldly furniture, except you disarmed a company of poor Indians, whom Aaron your Leviticall Sacrificer hath made naked (r) as he doth all those (?) BT al'uwhich triumph in a Calfe, though the most costly bUdfiyntkedand beautifull that the Jewels and Earrings of nessof the Inlearning (either in language or art) can possibly dian8- whom bring forth (*); your own amazements upon meer ^howin^thiS' rumours may tcstilie the truth thereof; so then we spiritual naare judged by your law before our cause be heard Redness which or our selves brought forth under the liberties of it, |h° JJJ " Jj, which thing is well pleasing to us to have our con- vitical Prieat. dition conformed to Moses the man of God, who nood brings was dead in Pharaos account before he was brought mn" ,"e*r,'h forth (h); and so it was with Christ our Lord (in be that are exthe dayes of Herod also) who is our life (') at ercised in aaeh which you strike and makes all things, yea death it /Iwjxod 32 selfe lively, and advantageous unto us [k]: we can- (h) ForinPAanot but wonder that you should read the Scrip- TM,A»edict and^ ^

tures and not find them fulfilled in and amongst the'y'w'ere yourselves, when as they appear so apparently, slain before that he that runs may read them; what think you they were of Herod, when the Lord had delivered Peter out ^Collot 3.4 of prison, and released him of those bonds, and iP/W. 1.90,91 brought him from that thraldome which he had so Rom- 8-.28cruelly imposed upon him (to gain the favor of the iatnerity'of1'1" Jews) and that by a power supereminent transcend- that wicked ing the bounds of his authority [i] and by a wis- Herod. dome surpassing the depth of his counsell and throughout * policy to find out, together with the souldiers and champions, he presently goes down to Casarea, and Herod is angry with them of Tyrus and Sydon ( Thumomathon] A heavy friend, or hath a secret grudge or perturbation of mind manil fested in an out-reaching and circumventing policy to subdue them unto himselfe that he might rule over them, finding himselfe fall short of power and policy to subject the Word of God in the messenger of it, to satisfie his own lust in his lordship over it, he pursues with all eagernesse to make himself a God by raigning over the bodies and estates of men, yea though they be but such as Tyrus and Sydon can afford unto him to


make subjects of, and when they come to him with one accord to make offer of themselves in yeelding to his affectionate and politicall project, he sitting on the Judgement seat in his royall apparel, making his Oration of what power he hath to protect them, what wisdome and counsell to minister justice and righteousnesse unto them (which office belongs only unto the Lord); the people with a shout crying out, the voice of God, and not of man, the truth and substance of which cry, is, This is the Ordinance of God and not of man, immediately the Angel of the Lord smites him; and he that ever acknowledged himself to be a worm, and no man upon the earth TM '' "consumes and eats up all his pomp and glory

even as those whom you account the shame and contempt of the people shal through that Angel of the covenant waste, and bring to naught all those Rhetoricall (though earthly) Orations that are made amongst you by your so learned, studious, and experienced Clerks; Take for illustration of your estate (as above) the speech of your Alderman, Oliver, in case of committing Francis Huchinson to prison, one of your Church members wondring that Brother Winthrop would do it, before the Church had dealt with him (Brother saith he] why, he is( thy God, man. Lend your eye yet further to paralell your practice personated in Pilate [n] and the people, to 40 when Pilate offers Jesus to the people to be judged,

they professe they have such a law that puts no man to death, they are all for mercy and forgivenesse when they are out of the Judgement hall; but let Pilate enter in thither, then nothing but crucifie him, crucifie him, be their accusation and witnesses never so false; even so in your dealings with men, in way of your Jewish brotherhood, your law is all for mercy, to redresse, to reforme, and for the preservation both of soul and body ; do but enter into the common hal, then as Pilate asked, am I a Jew? so do yee: do I sit or speak here as a brother? I trow not; I am now in a higher sphere then that [though they be acknowledged Coheirs with Christ] can attain unto; therefore if witnesse be brought in and oath taken, though never so untrue, your consciences are purged by law, and your power must have tribute paid unto it; so far, as mens names to be branded with infamy (estates) depriving women and children of things necessary, and the precious lives of men can extend themselves to contribute any thing thereunto, so that they professed mercy and clemency of your law to exercise censures only for amendment of life, and recovery comes unto this issue

to to send both soul and body down unto Sheoll for ever, without redresse and all hope of recovery. But your hour, and the power of darknesse, is known what it is, either to have mens persons in admiration, because of advantage ["] or else to seek all occasions against them to brand ° u' T•them with all manner of reproach and ignominy; but for the truth taught dayly in the Temple, you know not how to stretch out your hand or exercise your ministery against it, least it become leprous, and you take it back again with losse, when it appears dryed and withered: and wherefore reason ye amongst your selves, saying we exercise the power of our ministrations against none but such as are Delinquents, whereby we clear the innocent, and establish peace in our borders; (we demand) what think you of those two witnesses prophesying in sackcloth a thousand two hundred and three- VZachi score dayes, [i•] those two Olive trees and Candlesticks standing before the God of the earth? are these guilty and vile persons out of whose hands by the power of your ministery, you are delivering and releasing the world? then indeed are your wayes justifiable: But if these be the just, chosen, and peculiar friends of God, yea, such as without which his truth and righteousnesse are not justified, his wisdome and holynesse maintained and upheld in the world, in point of salvation by Christ; then are your ways wicked and to be abhorred; for in your professed course, you are they by whom they are slain and put to death, and all your glory is to keep their Corps unburied in your streets, and yet you know not what you are doing, no more then you know what these witnesses a That is, br are whom you are altogether ignorant of; for what light

your libraries never saw them (and you see notth*' find in 1 1I- \„rL v J otnpr ,n6n,

but by their eyes) q for these are two, and never works.

more, nor yet lesse, yea ever the same, they are r/#oi. 39.1,2.

Olive trees, else no witnesses, and also Caudle- » XThlc]1hcom

sticks, else both the former fail, yea, are not at all: Kingdom and

we must tell you what these are, else we cannot Priesthood set

declare how ye kill them : for it is not our intent to fort,h u,n"\?"

* , , 'r , ... in Joshua the

open unto you the house ol the treasures, the sil- hig„ prie8t 4, ver and the gold, the spices and the precious oint- Znrobabel in ment, nor the house of our armor (r) because ye tl"!,rI»"?, take all as execrable, and put all to a prophane use, to re.edifie the that cometh from us: But these two witnesses are the Temple; as in life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ ['] or (in the ,ffffw?rth,-1.

, ., ,\t 1,1 thirdandfourth

true language of heaven also) the strength and the chapters.


weaknesse of Christ: for he was crucified through 'weaknesse, but liveth by the power of God ['], This is the Word of the Lord in Zorobabel, not by an army, nor by power (and so deprives him of all strength) but by a spirit that the greatest mountain or loftiest hill in the world cannot stand before, but becomes a plain, which with facility and ea-e he passeth upon: hence it is that he doth not only lay the top, or the head stone of all, but also the lowest in the foundation, and then onely is the voice of shouting heard, Grace, grace, in the house for ever: and then doth the day of smal things become the day of joy and triumph, yea of parting the rich spoils and prey of all the world: for then he that doth but turn and lift up his eyes, he cannot look besides that great flying book of the Curse that is gone forth over the

n ec whole earth [u] without these two witnesses joy ntly

uttering themselves in every particular Scripture undertaken to be divulged by any, no evidence nor testimony of Gotl is given or brought in at all, but a meer refuge of lyes, for the souls of men to betake themselves unto (w) without these w ''two pipes of the Olive trees, emptying into the

bowl of the Candlesticks, no unction nor oyl at all is found in them, and that being wanting the light of the sanctuary is gone out, so that the light appearing amongst you is onely the light of Baalam whose eye was open, which you may read either Shethum, or Sethum*, for that opening is nothing x Which sig- else but the shutting up of the holy things of God,

oponed'or so tnat in seeing ye see noti [y] Dut communicate shut, as in only in the light of that beast who puts the witNumb. 24. 3, nesses to death z as Baalam did in the sight of that Vita 6. 9 10. dumm beast of his, whose eyes were so opened as z Revel. 1*1. 7. to see the Angell before him »: So that while a Num. 22. you think it is our wisdome to stoop unto you for T^iat is before li"nt we never come amongst you, but see our Balam, so thai selves in a regiment of gross and palpable dark

the beast and nessc, and discern you very plainly how you scraBatam have ble u ihe wal, finiJ h j f lqu ,

the same light - r

& look. and cannot D, as also how you toil your selves to

bOen. 19.11. climb up into the sheepfold another way yea so many other wayes, and have no sight nor discerning of the door at all, by the which whosever entreth becomes a c Joh. 10. 1 *rue feeder of the flock, yea none entreth in thereat 2, 3. but the true shepherd himselfe. * Most impious it is

to put to death two such noble witnesses that have power to

shut shut heaven that it rain nut in the dayes of their prophesying, to turn waters into blood, and to smite the earth with all manner of plagues as oft as they wil d, d Revet. 11. 6. whom that spirit that is amongst you kils on thisf,B*'nS Ol.loof wise. The life and power of the Son of God as nosses before above e, which is infinite, not admitting of circum- noted, or his scription or contenent, for the heaven of heavens Pow<!r and.

» . i • » i j j kingly autho

cannot contain him;f yet have ye not dared to rity. grasp and inviron that power in the heavens, and n KingiS.Vl therefore have resolved and concluded, that hee2CAron-2-6, only rules upon the earth in these dayes, by his Deputies, Lieutenants, and Visegerents, whereby you limit, (B) and so destroy the holy one of Israel, e aa' ' for, give him, that in one time or place, which afterwards, or else where yee deny unto him, and you * which is hi« make a nullitie of him unto your selves, and in so JjJJJereia ho doing, you kill the other witnesse, namely the death deprives himor weaknesse of the Lord Jesus, (h) for you must8elfe of tt" have man to be honourable, learned, wise, expe- „ «trength'of' rienced, and of good report, else they may not rule the anne of amongst you ; yea, and these things are of man, and flesn: by man, as, Peeres in that they only officiate so, as k jj«e/11 «! man may disanull and take it away againe, witnesse 9, in. your change of officers, constantly speaking for us J That U, if herein; thus have you slaine also, the Death, or God^nd'tho the weaknesse of Christ, who professeth himselfe weaknesse &. to be a worme and no man, ['] the shame and frailty of man

contempt of the people, and these faithfull and "^not b° .' ii- r . . ao alaine, aa to

true witnesses thus slaine, you must of necessitie bo «tii kept aa deny buriall, and keepe them both in your streets, dead in sight

[k] in open view, otherwise all your pompe and of *!!' ^"J1.

i ri L J Mi 1 . r r i could not the

glory lals to the dust ['J whence it came, and onp0worand

which it feeds, [m] nor can send your presents one Kiory of 'he to an other, of your acts of Justice, power to pro- y^turg' (*" tect; wealth, honour, and friends, wherewith you unto the power gratifie one another: And where these are thus and glory of slaine, and their corps lye in open view, none of^n^e1\n0^s,,ibthe Gentiles, peoples, tongues, and kindreds, suf- set up, and fering their corps to be put in grave, [n] there is made known, that great Citie which spiritually is called Sodom, "j^j \^\ and Egypt, where our Lord is crucified: But after 9, io, ii. '' three dayes and an halfe the spirit of life, from God, shall enter into them, and they shall stand up, upon their


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