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for Preaching a Sermon at New-York, though my Innocence protected me not from unspeakable and intollerable Expence.

I am informed, may it please your Excellency, there are Orders and Directions given to sundry Officers in the Jerseys, for apprehending me, and a design of giving me fresh trouble at New-York.

If I were assured of the true cause of Your Lordships repeated Resentments against me, I doubt not but my lonocence, would not only effectually justify me, but remove those impressions imposed on. Your Lordship by some persons about you.

· And as to my Preaching, being found at the Tryal, against no Law, nor any ways inconsistent with Her Majesty's Instructions produced there, and considering the solemn Obligations I am under, both to God, and the Souls of men, to embrace all opportunities for exercising those Ministerial Gifts vouchsased from Heaven; to whom I do appeal, I have no other end, besides the Glory of God, and the Eternal Good of Precious Souls: I must assure my sell Your Lordship insists not on this now as a Crime, especially in New York Government, where all Protestants are upon an equal level of Liberty, and no legal Establishment for any particular Perswasion.

I hear I am Charged with the Jersey Paper, Call’d, Forget and Forgive; tho' the proving a Negative in my just Vindication be an hard Task, and not an usual undertaking; yet doubt not but the thing it self, the matter it contains being foreign 10 me, and no way concerned me: the time of its publication, being so soon spread abroad after my arrival; I am well assured, none dare legally accuse me, while the Authors smile at Your Lordships mistake and imposition, whose Informers deserve to the stigmatized with the severest marks of Your Lordships Displeasure; and the Authors will find a time to confront my sworn Accusers of Perjury; and besides that, I never saw it till about the last of February: We have suffered greatly in our Reputations, and particularly by being branded with the Character of Jesuits; tho' my universal known Reputation in Europe and America, makes me easy under such inviduous imputations: I have been represented to Your Lordship as being factious in the Government, both of Virginia and Maryland: I have peaceably lived in Virginia, and I brought from Maryland a Certificate of my past Reputation, signed by some of the best Quality on the most Contiguous County, ready to be produced at the Tryal, if there had been occasion for it: A Copy of which I presume to Inclose for Your Lordships perusal and satisfaction.


I beg leave to represent to Your Lordship my just concern at the sundry Precepts for apprehending me, both in York and Jerseys, as one of the greatest Criminals; whereby I am prevented in performing my own Ministerial Duties to many in Your Lordships Government of my own Perswasion, who desire it. I shall patiently expect Your Lordships Commands and Directions, in giving me an opportunity for Vindicating of my self in what is charged against me, and being always ready to comply with any Qualification enjoined and required by Law.

I beg leave of Your Lordship to Subscribe myself Your Er

cellency's Most Humble and most Obedient Servant.

Francis Makemie.





Mr. Commissary Von Reck,

Who Conducted the First Transport of Saltz

BURGERS to Georgia :


Reverend Mr. Bolzius,

One of their MINISTERS.

Giving an Account of their VOYAGE to, and happy SETTLEMENT in


Published by the Direction of
The SOCIETY for Promoting


LONDON: Printed by M. DOWNING, in Bartholomew-Close.


[blocks in formation]

Force's Collection of Historical Tracts.

Vol. IV.--No. 5.

[graphic][merged small][merged small]

HE SOCIETY for Promoting CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, and the Members chosen by them to be TRUSTEES

for the poor persecuted Saltzburgers, having some time ago, promised to publish an Extract of the JOURNALS of Mr. Commissary Von Reck, who in the Year 1733-4. conducted the first Transport of Saltzburgers to Georgia; and of the Reverend Mr. Bolzius, one of their Ministers (recommended to the Society, by the Reverend Mr. Professor Frank at Hall, as an excellent and pious Person, zealously affected to every good Work) do accordingly publish these Sheets; which being written Originally in the German Language, the Reader will be pleased to dispense with some Inaccuracies in the English Translation, which Defect will be made up by the Truth and Faithfulness of the Narrative.

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