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OR Innocency Vindicated, being unjustly Accused, and sorely Censured, by that

Seven-headed Church-Government



That Servant so Imperious in his Masters

Absence Revived, and now thus re-acting in


The Combate of the United Colonies, not onely against some of the Natives and Subjects, but against the

Authority also of the Kingdoms of England, with their execution of Laws, in the name and Authority of the servant, (or of themselves) and not in the Name and Authority of the Lord, or fountain of the Government.

Wherein is declared an Act of a great people and Country of the Indians in those parts, both Princes and People (unanimously) in their voluntary Submission and

Subjection unto the Protection and Government of Old England (from the Fame they hear thereof) together with the true manner and forme of it, as it appears -under their own hands and seals, being stirred up, and provoked thereto, by the Combate and courses above-said.

Throughout which Treatise is secretly intermingled, that great Opposition, which is in the goings forth of those two grand Spirits, that are, and ever have been, extant in the World (through the sons of men) from the beginning and foundation thereof.

Imprimatur, Aug. 3d. 1646. Diligently perused, approved,

and Licensed to the Presse, according to Order by publike Authority.


Printed by John Ma-cock, and are to be sold by Luke Fawnk, at his shop in Paula Church-yard, at the sign of the Parrot. 16 4 6.

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the Earl of Warwick, Lord

High Admirall of England, and Governour

in chiefe of the English Plantations in America,

and upon the coasts thereof, and to the rest of

that Honourable Committee, joyned in Commission

with his Excellencie, For the wel ordering,

government, and safety of For

rain Plantations.

Right Honorable,

kCcording to the Fame we have heard of you, so have we found in you, a spirit of tendernesse and compassion towards the oppressed, which ever springs from the courage and fortitude of a heart resolute to suppresse the Oppressor, be his power and policie what it may, whilst men unsensible of the cause of the Needy, ever stand in readinesse to side with the strongest partie, and so. (as occasion serves) to become one with the cruell, venting the same spirit, which for advantage can easily transform it selfe, so as if power comply with the just mans cause, the vizard of hypocrisie is soon put on by such, either to become dumb &, silent, or else to speak so, as may best advantage it selfe, let the cause be what it will. Your wisdom and noble care in those weighty affairs committed to your trust, commands and binds us over to make a more particular and full relation (then formerly we have done) of what hath passed betwixt some other Colonies in N E Vv-e N G L A N D,

and and our selves; that if it be possible to find any leisure hours in a crowd of so great imployments, your Honours might be pleased to take a more full view of things; in the mean time we stand humbly ingaged, as we have done; and ever shall in any service, that what we are, or have, can tender to the honour and peace of our Native Countrey, or to any true-hearted well-Wisher thereof; and if no other service (we can) may be acceptable, yet of this imployment none shall prevent us (whilst our God gives us hearts) daily to pray for you.


Your Honours most humble Servants, the
Inhabitants of Shaw-omet, whose
names are often expressed in this

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Courteous Reader.

Oe not thinke that we delight to lay open the infirmitie and weaknesse of men (except our weaknesses and infirmities, as the Son of God sustained them) any further, nor to other end, but as they serve to discover and lay open that one spirit of the God of this world, which now works effectually in the children of disobedience, which spirit in all its severall wayes of operation, may be gathered up, and centred in, that son of perdition, yea, in that seven-headed, and ten horned beast, whose power and policie like unto that deluge in the old world, hath so long overspread the face of the earth, swallowing up in death every living thing that hath its motion upon the earth, after or according to the flesh.

Nor can any be offended justly with us, (no not our adversaries themselves) for making this true Narration of things that have passed amongst us, of which this Treatice truly speaks; For actions performed wherein men have cause to glory, the further they spread, the more satisfactory to the agents; nor are actions of such publick nature seldom performed, but to such end and purpose, for if they be good, they ought not only to be reall and essentiall in them amongst whom they are acted and done, but also presidentiall and exemplary unto others where ever the Fame of them, may come; and if they be evill, then a whorish Fore-head must needs accompany them, being done in the light of the Sun, and then can no wise man be offended, that a way-marke is cast up to give notice of such desperate, and dangerous wayes, unlesse himselfe be of


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